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Situation analysis in Gaza


As Integrity Action will have an international call for proposals, the cooperation with
started by undertaking a short assignment related to Grant Check and Development
Check in order to use these two tools and approaches in Gaza. The assignment was to
identify a shortlist of suitable candidates whom we could encourage to apply and your
views on whether and how these tools could be of use in Gaza in the forthcoming

Grand Check is a free, open-access, user-friendly website that gives donors, grantees
and beneficiaries full insight into funding flows and where their money goes. It also
gives grantees visibility and helps them meet high standards of transparency
providing useful mapping and reporting for both donors and grantees, it is used as a
powerful compliance tool, especially if it is made a requirement by a donor or by the
national body responsible for registering and regulating NGOs. Grant Check can be
used to help improve efficiency, trust and collaboration between NGOs and their key
stakeholders, including government in the education sector and in activities such as
workshop, training, advocacy, and pilot projects that could be the basis for follow-up
funding proposals to donors.

Development Check is a different but complementary tool. Its an online tool for
citizen feedback on the transparency, participation and effectiveness of development
projects. While it is used to report problems, we emphasize the importance of closing
the loop on these problems, in other words fixing them. The ability to help to fix the
problems (and to capture all the relevant information) requires some training.

Situation analysis in Gaza:

I think the concern about integrity and transparency is very important to Gaza
specially in this crisis resulted from siege and aggression it was exposed to, and
according to my observations,

There is a political and legislative barrier restrict the adoption and

transparency policy in Gaza according to the political division.
The court of anticorruption is working in the west bank while it is not in the
Gaza strip
Unwillingness of international community to cooperate with the governments
of Hamas increases the complexity of the situation.
Since there is low coordination which is not adequate real between donors
and local NGOs "different resources of donation to the same organization, it is
important to integrate the civil society in the effort of anticorruption actions.
Ministry of planning does not screen the different working donor NGOs, to
coordinate planned activities.
The evaluation reports does not reflect the exact situation, and the poor reports
are not used effectively.

I think it is not the first time to work on such issues in the Gaza strip, where AMAN
conducted several activities in this field, and the impact of its work was the
establishment of " the national time for integrity in regards to the budget of the
government and working NGO.
This team was a result of cooperation between AMAN and different local NGOs
working in different fields. I see that you can build on these efforts specially these
organization have good experience in this field, these organizations can be trained on
both Development and grant check to disseminate their experience to other working
NGOs in Gaza. It is better to build on the existing efforts than to fresh start, since that
will take long time and lead to duplication of efforts.


To coordinate with AMAN to make clear idea about the challenges they faced.
To coordinate with the organization s they worked with, and those I recruited
to estimate its willingness to go on in this track.
To conduct a workshop for different NGOs to introduce the purpose of
Integrity Act, and the nature of its work.
To discuss the NGOs about the challenges they may face during
the implementation of grant, and development check from the perspective of
different stakeholders.
List of NGOs:

N Name of Contact Information Tel,mail Field of Work

o NGO person
1- Basma Yehia Mobile: 59 9305421, 2824908 Culture
society for Idrees
culture and
2- Youth Abd Telefax: 2889662 Youth
Empowerme ALFatah Mobile: 0599479305
nt Center ALAshqar
3- Baitona For Abed El.R. 970-8-2855999 Community
Community Muzanen 970-8-2870755
Development 970-59-9522915
(BCD) www.baitona.Ps

4- Jabalia Hussein Tel: 2481807,8-2481807, 2484040 , Individual

Rehabilitatio Abu 2484040
n Society Mansour Jawal:05999403805

5- Al Ataa' Ibtisam Gaza-Beit HanounEl Zyton St Community

Charitable ALZanin Tel.Fax: 00972-08-2482130

6- Save youth Emad Ali Youth

future Darweesh

8- Cutler and Maryam 0598272933 Culture

Free thought Zaqut
10 Women's Amal Tel: +9728-2877311 / 2877312 Ext Gender
- Affairs Syam 113
Center (Director) Fax: +972-2877313
Gaza Cell: +972599 872 664

11 The Society lily Zahi Gaza- Naser Lababidi st -Alsaeed Community

- for women Saba building
graduate (Chairman) +972 59 9 94143

12 Union of Mohamme Address: Palestine, Gaza, Alnasser St. Agriculture

- Agricultural d Bakrey Western to the Al Nasser child
Work Hospital, Telfax: (970-8) 2879959-
Committee 2853075
, E-mail: www.uawc-
Mobil; 00970599417566

13 Civitas Maher Issa Gaza City - South Remal Avenue - al- Civil Society
- Institute Amin Square - a-lAmin Building - 1st
TeleFax: 00970 8
Mobile: 00970 59 9416910
List of Nominees

No Name Field of Contact Information

1 Hussein Abu Mansour Rehabilitation 05999403805

2 Reem Abu Jaber Children 082839939

3 Saad Ziada Agriculture 0597828384
4 Nahed Abu Eyada Medical relief 0597019584
5 Samah ALSafadi Accounting 0598885112
6 Hanaa Abu Ayada Engineering 0592700148
7 Hala Othman Engineering 0599606798

Prepared by Haneen Rizik ALSammak