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The first computer language developed was

Q1. Q9.
What is the size of Floppy Diskette which is used Who among the following developed World Wide Web
normally ? (WWW) which gave a new type of information
(a)7/3 exhibition ?
(b) 5 (a)Bob Cohen
(c) 4 (b)Tim Berners Lee
(d) 3 (c)Robert Morris
(d)Michel Derstuses
Which of the following circuit is used as Memory device Q10.
in computers ? Which among the following is a distinctive feature by
(a)Rectifier which a CD ROM drive is classified in a personal
(b)Flip Flop computer ?
(c)Comparator (a)Software bundle
(d)Attenuator (b)Data transfer rate
(c)Memory capacity
Q3. (d)Storage period
Which of the following is not a role assigned to Science
and Technology Entrepreneurship Parks ? Q11.
(a)Training What is Tele text ?
(b)Testing and Calibration (a)Flashing of telephone conversation on TV screen.
(c)Technology development (b)Printing the text of the message on the telex machine.
(d)Raising funds for entrepreneurs (c)Connecting the local telephone with outstation
telephones without STD codes.
Q4. (d)Flashing of the text of news and information on the
Which of the following is not reckoned as a Value added TV screen
telecommunication service?
(a)Electronic Mail Q12.
(b)STD Processing of a data file to reduce its size for storage on
(c) FAX disk is termed :
(d) Radio Paging Service (a)Amplification
Q5. (c)Compression
The basic application of an AND gate in computers is for (d)Rarefaction
(a)addition Q13.
(b)subtraction Which of the following mobile telephone network is not
(c)multiplication based on GSM technology ?
(d)division (a)Idea
(b)BPL Mobile
Q6. (c)Airtel
Who developed the concept of email? (d)Reliance Info communication
(a)Bill Gates
(b)Arthur C. Clark Q14.
(c)Ray Tomlinson A compact disc (CD) is a data storage system of the type
(d)Sabir Bhatia (a)magnetic
Q7. (c)electrical
What is an organisations introductory web page called? (d)electromechanical
(b) Vortal Q15.
(c) Homepage Who developed the concept World Wide Web ?
(d) Web site (a)Tim Berners Lee
Q8. (c)Arthur Clarke


(d)AT&T Bell Lab
Q16. Who is called the Father of Computer ?
IC in computers stands for (a)Charles Babbage
(a)Integrated Charge (b)Stephen Hawking
(b)Integrated Current (c)W.G. Grace
(c)Integrated Circuits (d)john Lennon
(d)Internal Circuits
Q17. What is click jacking ?
WLL stands for (a)Malicious technique of tricking Web user into
(a) Walking Land Line revealing confidential information
(b) Walking Loop Line (b)A device that sends and receives data in a bit second
(c) Wireless Land Line (c)A form of Computer Engineering
(d) Wireless in Local Loop (d)A digital process that is used to display an image on
A computer virus is Q26.
(a)a chemical that attacks silicon. Where was Indias first computer installed?
(b)a microorganism that destroys integrated circuits. (a)Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
(c) data that the computer fails to handle. (b)Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
(d) a special kind of computer programme (c)Indian Iron& Steel Co. Ltd. Bumpur
(d)Indian Statistical Institute Calcutta
Which one of the following companies announced Q27.
sometime back the launch of Indias first personal What is the commonly used unit for measuring the
computer with one terabyte hard drive capacity? speed of data transmission ?
(a)Infosys Technologies (a)Mega Hertz
(b) Wipro (b)Characters per second
(c) HCL Info systems (c)Bits per second
(d)IBM (d)Nano seconds

Q20. Q28.
Processors speed of a computer is measured in In which of the following areas a spreadsheet software is
(a)BPS more useful?
(b)MIPS (a)Psychology
(c)Baud (b) Publishing
(d)Hertz (c)Statistics
(d)Message sending
C language is a Q29.
(a) Low level language A Group Ware is a
(b)High level language (a)Hardware
(c)Machine level language (b) Network
(d)Assembly level language (c) Software
(d) Firmware
Window 7 the latest Operating system from Microsoft Q30.
Corporation has Indian languages fonts. A communication network which is used by large
(a)14 organizations over regional national or global area is
(b) 26 called
(c) 37 (a)LAN
(d) 49 (b) WAN
(c) MAN
Q23. (d) VAN
In a 14 TV or computer monitor the dimension of 14
stands for Q31.
(a)the length of the screen Microsoft Offices personal information manager is
(b)the breadth of the screen (a)Outlook
(c)the diagonal of the screen (b)Internet Explorer
(d)the maximum length of the screen (c)Organizer


(d) Access Where is the proposed Microsoft Software Development
Centre in India to come up?
Q32. (a)Bangalore
WIKILEAKS a whistleblowers website is an international (b) New Delhi
organisation based in (c) Hyderabad
(a)U.S.A. (d) Pune
(b) U.K.
(c) Sweden Q41.
(d) Norway IC Chips for computer are usually made of
Q33. (b) Lead
The symbols used in an assembly language are (c) Chromium
(a)Codes (d) Gold
(c)Assembler Q42.
(d)Machine codes To read a CD-ROM disc you need a
(a)laser beam
Q34. (b)magnetic needle
The NOSHADE attribute in HTML (c)sound card
(a)defines the thickness of the line (d)graphics card
(b)displays the line in red
(c)displays the line in dark grey Q43.
(d)displays the example in red The device that converts digital signals to analog signals
at the start of long distance transmissions is
Q35. (a)peripheral
Where are programs and data to be used by the (b) modem
computer available? (c) telephone
(a)Processing Unit (d) antenna
(c)Storage Q44.
(d)Input Information in a combination of graphics text sound
video and animation is called
Q36. (a)Multi program
In HTML B and B tags display the enclosed tend in (b)Multifaceted
(a)black colour (c)Multimedia
(b)background (d)Multi process
(d)bright Q45.
The name modem is derived from
Q37. (a)modem demarkator
Which of the following is not a hardware ? (b)modulator demand
(a)Processor chip (c)modem demodulator
(b)Printer (d)modulator demodulator
(d)java Q46.
How much data does a standard floppy disk hold?
Q38. (a)512KB
Which one of the following is a system software ? (b) 44MB
(a)Database programs (c) 20 MB
(b)Word processors (d) 1GB
(d)Compilers Q47.
LAN stands for
Q39. (a) Land Area Network
Who introduced MMX technology? (b)Local Area Network
(a)IBM (c)Local Access Network
(b) Apple (d) Local Area Netware
(c) Microsoft
(d) Intel Q48.
Correct expansion of the term http in Internet address
Q40. is


(a) higher text transfer protocol Q57.
(b)higher transfer text protocol When a group of computers is connected together in a
(c)hybrid text transfer protocol small area without the help of telephone lines it is called
(d)hypertext transfer protocol :
(a)Remote Communication Network (RCN)(b)Local
Q49. Area Network (LAN)(c)Wide Area Network
The term PC means (WAN)(d)Value Added Network (VAN)
(a)Private Computer
(b)Personal Computer
(c)Professional Computer
(d)Personal Calculatory
Q50. Fifth generation computers do not have :
1024 bytes equals : (a)Speech recognition
(a)1 TB (b)Artificial intelligence
(b) 1 GB (c)Very large scale integration
(c) 1 MB (d)Vacuum tubes
(d) 1 KB
Q51. Where does a computer add compare and shuffle data ?
The term PCET refers to (a)Memory chip
(a)Personal Computer External Technology (b)CPU chip
(b)Personal Computer Extended Technology (c)Floppy disk
(c)Personal Computer Expanded Technology (d)Hard disk
(d)Personal Computer Embedded Technology
Q52. The letter G used in 2G Spectrum stands for
ENIAC was (a)Governance
(a)an electronic calculator (b)Global
(b)an electronic computer (c)Generation
(c)an memory device (d) Google
(d)an engine
Q53. A is a high speed network that connect local networks in
One byte consists of a city of town
(a)one bit (a)LAN
(b)four bits (b) MAN
(c)eight bits (c) WAN
(d)ten bits (d) TAN

Q54. Q62.
The first operational electronic digital computer is PDA stands for
(a)ENIAC (a)Personal Digital Assistant
(b)EDVAC (b)Personal Development Agency
(c)EDSAC (c)Personal Data Authority
(d)UNIVAC (d)Personal Data Array

Q55. Q63.
DTP stands for The device that converts computer output for
(a)Daily Text Printing transmission over telephone lines is called
(b) Desktop Publishing (a)interface
(c)Desktop Printing (b)interpreter
(d)Daily Text Publishing (c)modem
(d)IO port
Which of the following is not a computer network? Q64.
(a)Wide area network Abug in a programme is a
(b)Local area network (a)Statement
(c)Personal network (b) Error
(d)Metropolitan area network (c)Signature


A Bit refers to
Q65. (a)Binary informatics
DOS is a (b)Bilingual information
(a)Direct Operating System (c)Binary terminator
(b)Dual Operating System (d)Binary digit
(c)Disk Operating System
(d)Dialup Operating System Q74.
allows users to access accounts and pay bills
Q66. (a)Distance Learning
One Byte is equal to (b)Online Banking
(a)8 bits (c)E Commerce
(b) 12 bits (d)Multimedia
(c) 16 bits
(d) 20 bits Q75.
Pick the odd one out :
Q67. (a) java clients
Small and cheap computers built into several home (b) Worms
appliances are of which type? (c) Trojan Horse
(a) Mainframes (d) Virus
(b)Mini computers
(c)Micro computers Q76.
(d)None of the above The rate at which scanning is repeated in a CRT is called
Q68. (a) refresh rate
What is the process of defining tables called ? (b) resolution
(a)Data definition (c) pitch
(b)Data Normalisation (d) bandwidth
(c)Index definition
(d)Data administration Q77.
A translator for the assembly language to machine
Q69. language is
Which of the following is an example of a database (a)assembler
manager? (b) compiler
(a) Organizer (c) interpreter
(b) Paradox (d) linker
(c) Quattro Pro
(d) Corel Draw Q78.
Where is Indias super computer PARAM located ?
Q70. (a) Chennai
What are the signals that inform the operating system (b) Pune
that some activity has taken place called ? (c) Bengluru
(a)Informers (d) Kolkata
(b) Interrupts
(c) Events Q79.
(d) Handlers Expansion of RDBMS is
(a)Repairable Database Management System
Q71. (b) Relational Database Management System
Alta Vista is a (c)Relational Database Memory System
(a) Programme (d)Recurring Database Memory System
(b) Software
(c)Browser Q80.
(d)Search Engine Which is a program that places programs into memory
and prepares them for execution ?
Q72. (a)Assembler
ATM is the abbreviation for (b) Compiler
(a)Automatic Teller Machine (c) Loader
(b)Automated Teller Machine (d) Macro processor
(c)Authentic Teller Machine
(d)Authorised Teller Machine Q81.
Programs stored in a ROM are called
Q73. (a)Software


(b) Freeware (c)running an application program called Booting
(c) Firmware (d)physically kicking the computer
(d) None of these
Q82. An attribute that uniquely identifies the rows of a table
A bug in a programme is a an is known as the key ?
(a)Statement (a)primary
(b) Error (b) candidate
(c)Syntax (c) composite
(d)Both (d) foreign

Q83. Q91.
Icons are commands ? In Windows Icons such as Add Remove programs Add
(a)typed New Hardware Modems etc. are found in :
(b)verbal (a)Task Bar
(c) picture (b) Control Panel
(d)imaginary (c)Network Neighborhood
(d)My Computer
Which one of the following is an MSDOS external Q92.
command ? DVD is :
(a)DIR (a)Dynamic Video Disk
(b)copy (b)Digital Video Disk
(c) FORMAT (c)Dynamic Versatile Disk
(d)PROMPT (d)Digital Versatile Disk

Q85. Q93.
An address consists of ? Find the odd man out :
(a)an offset (a)Internet Explorer
(b)a base register (b)Netscape
(c) index register (c)Mozilla
(d)All of the above (d)Excel

Q86. Q94.
A is an input device which is used for converting In MS Excel provide a visual representation of the values
pictures maps and drawings into digital form for storage in a worksheet ?
in computers ? (a)Charts
(a)OCR (b) Formulae
(b) OMR (c) Templates
(c) MICR (d) Views
(d) digitizer
Q87. Speed of processor chip is measured in
In C language the formatting character should be (a)Mbps
preceded by the symbol : (b)MHz
(a)+ (c)Bits second
(b)/ (d)Byte second
(c) %
(d) - Q96.
Which command is not used to switch off the computer ?
Q88. (a)Turn off
Which of the following is not a secondary storage unit? (b) Log off
(a)RAM (c)Shut Down
(b) DVD (d) hibernate
(d)Magnetic tape Q97.
Synonym of Internet is
Q89. (a)Gopher
Booting the System means (b) Intranet
(a)loading the operating system (c) Cyberspace
(b)dismissing the computer (d)World Wide Web (WWW)


Sun Labs java Car uses technology to keep your car
Q98. networked with the world outside ?
The most crucial portion of any computer is the (a)embedded
(a)10 Unit (b) spam
(b) Hard Disk (c) smart Screen
(c) CPU (d) access Point
(d) Memory
Q99. Who is the founder of Facebook which is currently the
In MS Word multiple words lines or paragraphs can be No. 1 social networking website in India ?
selected by using key ? (a)Bill Gates
(a)Shift (b)Martin Cooper
(b)Function F5 (c)Orkut Buyuklcokten
(c)Alt (d)Mark Zuckerberg
Q100. In programming repeating some statements is usually
Pick the odd one out : called
(a)Floppy Disk (a)Compiling
(b)ROM (b)Structure
(c) DVD (c)Looping
(d)Hard Disk (d)Control structure

Q101. Q109.
In Word Processing moving lexi from one place to Which of the following is not an operating system ?
another within a document is called as (a)Multi user Single tasking
(a)Clip Art (b)Single user Single tasking
(b)Search and Replace (c)Single user Multitasking
(c)Cut and Paste (d)Multi user Multitasking
(d)Block Operation
Q102. The telephone line is connected through the on the
What MSDOS command is used to create a subdirectory computer ?
? (a) USB
(a)DIRMK (b) Modem
(b) AKDIR (c) Ethernet
(c) CHDIR (d) PS2
Q103. In HTML tags consists of keywords enclosed within
Which of the following is an impact printer ? (a)angular brackets
(a)Inkjet printer (b)parentheses
(b)Bubble jet printer (c)square brackets
(c)Laser printer (d)flower brackets
(d) Daisy wheel printer
Q104. Which printer cannot print more than one character at
The first computer mouse was built by a time
(a)Douglas Engelbart (a) Daisywheel
(b)William English (b) Laser
(c)Oaniel Coogher (c) Dot matrix
(d)Robert Zawacki (d) Line

Q105. Q113.
What is USB ? The waste generated by end life personal computers is
(a)Ultimate Service Bit known as
(b)Universal Sent Bit (a)PC waste
(c)Universal Serial Bus (b)Physical waste
(d)Urgent Sent Bit (c)Computer waste
(d)E waste


Q114. Q122.
A computer programming language often used by To find and load a file that has been saved on a
children is computer which of the given options is used ?
(a) LOGO (a)Select the close command
(b) PILOT (b)Select the new command
(c) BASIC (c)Select the save command
(d) JAVA (d)Select the open command

Q115. Q123.
A portable personal computer small enough to fit on Dot Matrix Printers when compared to Laser Printers
your lap is called a are
(a)Notebook computer (a)Quieter
(b)PDA (b)Faster
(c)Mainframe computer (c)Less expensive
(d)Workstation (d) More expensive

Q116. Q124.
Assembler is a program that translates the program CRM in the context of software applications means.
from (a)Customers Relatives Meet
(a)high level to assembly (b)Channel Route Market
(b)assembly to machine (c)Customer Relationship Management
(c)machine to low level (d)Customer Retention Manager
(d)low level to high level
Q117. A Supercomputer would be used for which one of the
Identify the DBMS among the following following applications?
(a)MS Access (a)Business Computing
(b)MS Power- Point (b)Desktop Publishing
(c) PLSQL (c)Weather Forecasting
(d) MS Excel (d)Computer Aided Designing

Q118. Q126.
The database in which records are organised in a How many types of recipients are there in an email
treelike structure is system?
(a)Network database (a) Three
(b)Hierarchical database (b) Four
(c)Relational database (c) One
(d)Object-oriented database (d) Two

Q119. Q127.
The term PC means : Which one of the following is used as secondary storage
(a)Private Computer system in computer ?
(b)Personal Calculator (a)RAM
(c)Professional Calculator (b) EPROM
(d)Personal Computer (c) Floppy
(d) ROM
By default to run an application through mouse which Q128.
one of the following has to be done ? The UNIX operating system is suitable for :
(a)Right click (a)Multi user
(b)Left click (b)Real Time Processing
(c)Single click (c)Distributed Processing
(d)Double dick (d)Single user

Q121. Q129.
One kilobit is equal to bits The IBMDOS is a
(a) 512 (a)Single user operating system
(b) 1000 (b)Multiuser operating system
(c) 1024 (c)Batch operating system
(d) 1042 (d)Timesharing operating system


The new technology which is emerging in the field of Q137.
computer is Which one of the following converts assembly language
(a)IC technology into machine language ?
(b)Parallel processing system (a) Algorithm
(c)Semiconductor technology (b)Interpreter
(d)Transistor technology (c) Compiler
Which is not an extension of a picture file on a computer Q138.
? How many bytes are equal to one kilobyte ?
(a) .jpeg (a) 1050
(b) .png (b)1000
(c) .gif (c) 976
(d) .mdb (d)1024

Q132. Q139.
Which measure of memory is the largest ? Which application in Microsoft office is feasible for
(a)MB Megabyte preparing presentations?
(b)GB Gigabyte (a)Microsoft Excel
(c)TB Terabyte (b)Microsoft Word
(d)KB Kilobyte (c)Microsoft Power Point
(d)Microsoft Publishers
The term used to describe a person who spends plenty Q140.
of time online exploring the Internet is The language which was used to build Internet Pages in
(a) Net addict the beginning of Internet Technology is
(b) Net guru (a) XML
(c)Cybernet (b) HTML
(d) Cyberphile (c) DHTML
(d) ASP
The second most used language on the world wide web Q141.
is The most advanced form Of Read Only Memory (ROM) is
(a) German (a)PROM
(b) French (b)RAM
(c) Chinese (c)Cache Memory
(d) English (d)E-PROM

Q135. Q142.
Different computers are connected to a LAN by a cable A computer program that translates one program
and a instruction one at a time into machine language is called
(a)modem an
(b)interface card (a) Interpreter
(c)special wires (b) Compiler
(d)telephone lines (c) Simulator
(d) Commander
Which one of the following was the top exporter Q143.
company of software in 2001 in India ? An aspect of Input Output controller of data logic is
(a) Infosys called
(b) TCS (a)General Buffering
(c) Sun (b)Zero Buffering
(d) Wipro
(d)Data Buffering

What does BIOS stand for ?
(a)Basic Internal Output System
(b)Basic Intra Operating System


(c)Basic Internal Organ System
(d)Basic Input Output System

The process of combining strings is known as

Which component is mainly responsible for doing calculation in computer ?
(a)Random access memory
(b)Control unit
(c)Arithmetic logic unit
(d)Hard disk

Hard copies can be obtained from
(a) Scanner
(b) Speaker
(d) Recorder

Telnet stands for
(a)Telephone Network
(b)Television Network
(c)Teletype Network
(d)Telefax Network

What is the full form of ALU ?
(a)Alternative Logic Unit
(b)Arithmetic Logic Unit
(c)Arithmetic Least Unit
(d)Arithmetic Local Unit

The popular search engine Google derives its name from the word Google. What does the word mean?
(a)To search
(b)To index
(c)To crawl
(d)The numeral one followed by a hundred zeros

1a 2b 3d 4c 5c 6c 7d 8c 9b 10 b 11 d 12 c 13 d 14
b 15 b 16 c 17 d 18 d 19 c 20 b 21 b 22 d 23 c 24 a 25 a 26 d 27 c 28
c 29 c 30 b 31 a 32 a 33 b 34 b 35 c 36 c 37 d 38 d 39 d 40 c 41 a 42
a 43 b 44 c 45 d 46 b 47 b 48 d 49 b 50 d 51 b 52 b 53 c 54 a 55 b 56
c 57 b 58 d 59 b 60 c 61 b 62 a 63 c 64 b 65 c 66 a 67 c 68 c 69 a 70
d 71 d 72 b 73 d 74 c 75 c 76 a 77 a 78 b 79 b 80 c 81 c 82 b 83 c 84
c 85 d 86 d 87 c 88 a 89 a 90 a 91 b 92 d 93 d 94 a 95 b 96 d 97 c 98
c 99 d 100 b 101 c 102 b 103 d 104 a 105 c 106 a 107 d 108 c 109 a 110 b 111 a 112
a 113 d 114 a 115 a 116 b 117 c 118 b 119 b 120 d 121 c 122 d 123 c 124 c 125 c 126


a 127 b 128 a 129 a 130 d 131 d 132 c 133 a 134 c 135 b 136 b 137 d 138 d 139 c 140
b 141 d 142 a 143 c 144 d 145 d 146 c 147 c 148 a 149 b 150 d