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He is intelligent, having sound knowledge about all the plant system

Professional Knowledge

He is having sound professional knowledge in all the subjects of plant operation.

Creative & innovative qualities

He is creative in his ideas, uses them in solving plant problems. He uses his innovative ideas in solving
plant problems

Analytical & practical ability

He is having excellent analytical and practical ability. He uses his analytical & practical ability for solving
plant problems

Decision making ability

He is having good decision making skill. He uses his decision making skill in effectively managing crew

Communication skills

He is having excellent oral skill. He uses his oral skill for communication instruction to crew manpower

Communication skills-written

He has learn't over the time excellent writing skills for making good report on plant systems & activities


He is having good capability to carry out job effectively adhering to procedures


He takes initiative in solving problems. He takes routine round of plant areas & gives suggestion for
modification for improvements

Accomplishment of planned work

He does planned work effectively as per procedure. He takes care of all the safety aspects while carrying
out the jobs

Quality of work

His works are of quality & leaves least room for his higher ups to do further correction. He does work
perfectly adhering to all the safety precaution

He is productive for the section. Due to his sound knowledge & experience he is able in sharing almost
all the jobs

Intensity of efforts put in

He puts his sincere effort for solving plant problems

Administrative judgment

He is good in taking administrative judgment of plant development

Organizing ability

He is having excellent capability in organizing manpower & material for effectively carrying out jobs

Ability to assess

He is having excellent assessing capacity.


He is having excellent leadership capability

Mentoring ability

He is having excellent mentoring capability

Commitment to organization

He is having excellent organizing capability

Attitude towards work

He is having excellent attitude towards work


He is having self-reliance property. He can independently carry out the entire job, guiding his manpower
in effectively carrying out the job

Team spirit

He is having good team spirit; his presence increases team spirit among crew manpower which helps in
effectively carrying out all operational activity

Professional discipline
He is highly disciplined. He is punctual in his attendance. He maintains his error reports up to date by
applying leave timely. He takes minimum leave.


He is punctual in his attendance. He maintains his error reports up to date by applying leave timely. He
takes minimum leave.


He is easily accessible to all. His subordinates easily assesses him whenever it is needed for clearing their

He has realistically achieved his targets set during previous year.

I fully agree with the remarks made by the officer. He is punctual, highly dependable, having good
organizing capacity to carry out the job without any errors


As a in charge of operation Services group over the years he has handled his responsibility excellently
for ensuring smooth & safe operation of plant. He also guided UGP group working under him in
effectively carrying out their intended functions