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Vision Mission Values


To provide the highest international standards of patient care with unrelenting attention to
medical excellence and patient safety. To offer unparalleled passion and commitment in assuring
the best possible health for those we serve.


Building a compelling healthcare reputation that positions the Al Noor family of

professionals at the heart of patient choice.
Striving to be sensitive to emerging trends and the changing needs of our patient groups,
ensuring that we are patient-centered.
Providing a pleasant environment where safe and effective delivery of services takes
Providing evidence-based clinical practice delivered in a consistent and integrated way.
Being the employer of choice for healthcare while ensuring all staff at Al Noor are
committed to providing services in alignment with our values.
Pioneering new standards by continually evaluating the needs of the communities and
patients we serve and adding new services and technologies to have the most effective
impact on quality of care and outcomes for our patients.
Incorporating information technologies and service monitoring that support healthcare
decision-making and maximizing quality of patient care.



We are honest in all we say and do. We are consistent with our vision, values and
mission, we adhere to our codes of ethics, and we are transparent with each other, with
our patients, and with the public about our actions and practices.

We are passionate about inspiring and creating improvement in all we do. Our ideas are
valuable assets that are carefully managed and help us achieve excellence in patient care.
We aspire to make important contributions to the future of healthcare world-wide.

We believe in teamwork and honor and support each others roles, requests,
contributions, and success. We are loyal to one another and take collective responsibility
for our decisions. We look for opportunities to help each other, and to ask for help, to
achieve our common vision and goals.

We are personally responsible for all we do and say, as well as what we choose not to do
and not to say. We are accountable for what we see and hear in the workplace and we
take the proper action if it harms patients or violates our professional ethics or standards
of care. We are accountable to fulll the mandate of our roles and to meet the expectation
of our patients to receive compassionate and high quality healthcare.

We are committed to achieving our goals. We understand that plans are not outcomes and
that promises are not achievements. We set demanding and quantiable targets and use
data to measure and describe our results. We nd every opportunity to produce evidence-
based, optimal quality outcomes for our patients and to strengthen and grow our business.

We are dedicated to provide the highest quality of care for our patients. We benchmark
against international high performance organizations and are committed to do our best to
achieve peak results. We are driven by the knowledge that our performance affects the
quality and quantity of life. We believe that the only acceptable standard of our
performance is excellence.

To be the hospital of choice for our client and community


To be the health services of high quality, friendly and honest, with acceptable prices.
To be a workplace where people can rely on to live and grow.
To be a responsible corporate entity for the community.
To be a sustainable organization who progresses for the future of its patients.


Our Vision
"Leader of Excellence in Health Care"

Our Mission
"Provide High Quality Healthcare services in an Ethical Environment"

Our Values

Up to Standards
Social Responsibility
Mission, Vision and Values

The mission of AKUH is embodied in a summary statement which is as follows:

To provide exemplary care to patients;

To develop and test innovations in care, education and research;
To support the teaching and research missions of the Faculty of Health Sciences;
To contribute to the development of a system of health care encompassing primary, secondary,
and tertiary care, and not geographically confined to the existing Hospital facility;
To provide access for needy patients who may not, on account of financial difficulties, be able to
afford normal Hospital charges, and to reach out to those who might not otherwise present
themselves at the Hospital;
To develop new services in response to public expectations as resources permit on an
economically viable and sustainable basis; and
To carry out programmes and assigned missions in a manner that would demonstrate the ability
of the institution to attain self-support in a developing nation environment.

"AKUH will be recognised as one of the best health care institutions in Pakistan and the
developing world". We will achieve this:

By providing compassionate, ethical, accessible and high Quality care that meets or exceeds the
needs and expectations of our patients, their families and others whom we serve.
By providing an outstanding work environment that fosters motivation and commitment in our
By enabling leadership in education and research that improves the health of the people in the

As an international institution in achieving its mission, AKUH operates on the core principles of: