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This procedure shall be followed by all SBM, Chevron and sub contractors employed to work onboard


To carry out helicopter operations in a safe and efficient manner and prevent injury to personnel or
damage to the unit. To stay within SBM company policy and procedures.

Arrival procedure

1. Medic / Radio Operator will be advised by the helicopter company when the helicopter has left the
heliport and advise the HLO.
2. HLO or Radio Operator will gather weather information in preparation to pass to the helicopter
3. Medic / Radio Operator will maintain radio watch and acknowledge when the unit takes over
communications from the heliport.
4. Medic / Radio Operator will advise HLO of ETA of helicopter and inform standby boat of
incoming helicopter.
5. HLO will inform the helideck crew of flight ETA. Crew must be at helideck and in position at least
10 minutes before the flight is due.
6. HLO will carry out the following checks at least 15 - 30 minutes before helicopter arrival :

Walk round the perimeter of the helideck and ensure no loose items, rubbish in gutters
Check tension of helideck net. (If used)
Ensure there is pressure in the fire main to the helideck monitors and hydrants.
Check fire fighting equipment visually.

If there are any problems at all that may affect the safety of the helicopter operations the HLO must
inform the O.I.M then the Medic / Radio operator who in turn must then inform the helicopter pilot.

7. HLO or Medic / Radio operator will inform helicopter pilot if the helideck is clear or not.

Control of personnel joining KUITO

1. Once the helicopter has landed on deck, the HLO will wait for the thumbs up from the pilot and
that the anti collision light is off indicating it is safe to approach the helicopter.
2. Helideck crew will unload any freight and baggage and leave at the exit door of the helicopter.
3. HLO will indicate to personnel to disembark the helicopter and pick up their own baggage.
4. A member of the helideck crew will lead the personnel off the helideck keeping clear of the rotors.
5. Once disembarked and clear of the helideck, personnel will remove their lifejackets and pass to
personnel embarking the helicopter.
6. Newly arrived personnel will be led to the heli admin where they will remain until the Safety
Officer / HLO has finished operations with the helicopter

Control of personnel leaving KUITO

1. Personnel will not make their way onto the helideck until the HLO has authorised it.
2. A member of the helideck crew will lead the offsigning personnel on to the helideck avoiding tail
rotors and known danger areas
3. HLO will visually check that each person has their lifejacket fitted properly.
4. Personnel will carry their own bags onto the helideck and leave them where the helideck crew then
load them into seat to take the hold of the Helicopter & the HLO will instruct you of which seat to
5. Personnel will then board the helicopter and follow the instructions of the pilot and helicopter
Departure procedure

1. Once all passengers / baggage and freight have been loaded onto the helicopter, the helideck crew
will leave the helideck and the HLO will complete the final checks around the helicopter.
2. HLO will walk off the helideck and inform the pilot that the deck is clear and give the pilot the
thumbs up signal.
3. Once the helicopter has departed the helideck crew will remain in position for at least another 5
minutes in the event the helicopter has to return to the deck for any reason.
4. Medic / Radio operator will maintain radio watch until the pilot switches channel and has good
communication with the heliport control tower.

Helicopter on approach when unit alarm sounds.

1. HLO or Medic / Radio operator will inform the helicopter pilot and request that he does not land
and that he stand off at a safe distance.
2. On completion of the alarm status, HLO or Medic / Radio operator will advise the pilot when the
deck is clear and heli-crew are back in position.

Helicopter on deck when alarm sounds

1. Medic / Radio operator will inform HLO of alarm status.

2. HLO / Radio operator will inform the helicopter pilot and request that he leave the deck and stand
off at a safe distance.
3. On completion of alarm status, HLO or Medic / Radio operator will advise the pilot when the deck
is clear and the heli-crew are back in position.