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Test Report T4441-02-02lssue 2

riann Lih tffi it-tft:,: ?,lo3"DN BHD.

23 June 2009

Approved by: Prepared by:

elley Brddl-Capota
Head Protection - Lab Manager Head Protection - Administrator

a) Reports are issued pursuant to the ICS standard Terms and Conditions agreemenl

b) The contents of this test report are confidential, Reproduction of the report is prohibited except infull,
unless approved inwriting by ICS Laboratories, Inc.

c) Unless otherwise indicated, the test results contained in this report apply only to the samples tested and not to
lots or batches from which they were taken.

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AF3.3-la (04-June-04)

ruS G-r
lilGil"momronrns -L'

Issued to: Jiann Lih Safety Products (M) SDN. BHD. Date: 23 June 2009
Lot I32, Jalan Empat, Kompleks Perabut Olak Report: 74441-02-02
Lempit, Jalan Dengk1l,42700 Banting Selangor Darul Issue: 2
Ehsan, Malaysia Page: I of3

Contract testing to ANSI Z,89.1-2003 "American National Standard for Industrial Head Protection".

Type l, Class C, G &E

v Sample(s):
HM2-PT Industrial Safew
etv Helmets:
Description Qtv Date Code Material Received ICS ID
Yellow Shell w/ Pinlock Suspension 32
sl09 PE
2l Mav 2009 lA-2xx
Yellow Shell w/ Ratchet Suspension I 22 June 2009 N/A

Testing protocols in accord with good laboratory practice were employed unless otherwise specified, for all

Testing procedures as specified within Section 9 of ANSI 2,89.1-2003 were followed.

Testing was perforrned at room temperature 23"C + 2"C (73.4oF + 3.6"F) per ANSI Z,89.1 -2003.

Variant with ratchet suspension not assessed. Client claims that the pinlock and ratchet varia4ts are of the
same material and design. Theoretically the performance of the HM2-PT hard hat with ratchet suspension
should not be different from performance of the HM2-PT hard hat with pinlock suspension which was fully
assessed to the test procedures defined in ANSI Z,89.1 -2003.

Assessment Summary:

Date tested: 27 May 2009

Requirements Compliant Non Compliant

6 Instruction and Marking Not assessed
7 Performance Requirements
7.1 Requirements for Trnre I and Tyre II
7 .1.1 Flammability X
7 .1.2 Force Transmission X
7 .1.3 Apex Penetration X
7 .1.4 Flectrical Insulation Requirement
7 .1.4.1 Electrical Insulation Requirement - Class G X Electrical Insulation Requirement - Class E X

Sample as assessed do meetthe requirements of ANSI 289.1 2009 for Tlpe I, Class C, G & E as assessed.
IIIGlranonaronrns Certificate 1722"01

Issued to: Jiann Lih Safety Products (M) SDN. BHD. Date: 23 June 2009
Lot 132, Jalan Empat, Kompleks Perabut Olak Report: T4441-02-02
Lempit, Jalan Dengkil,42700 Banting Selangor Darul Issue: 2
Ehsan, Malaysia Page: 2 of3


7.1.1 Flammabi
Sample Afterflame (sec)
Pass Fail
tA-212 0.0 X
Specification: <5

7.1.2 Force Transmission

Sample Velocity Force Specified Value
Conditioning (m/s) (N) Pass Fail
ID cN)
1A-201 5.49 2303 X
tA-202 5.47 2239 X
rA-243 5.5 r 2t96 X
tA-204 5.49 2t3t X
14-205 5.51 2004 X
tA-206 5.51 2r78
< 4450
tA-207 49" + 2"C 5.55 2139 X
l4-208 5.52 2t90 X
rA-209 5.52 2t98 X
1A-210 5.52 2067 X
tA-ztt 5.47 2178 X
tA-212 s.52 2217 X
Average 2003 < 3780 X
tA-213 5.50 2739 X
tA-214 5.54 2707 X
tA-215 5.5 1 2688 X
lA-216 5.50 2867 X
lA-217 5.50 2473 X
lA-218 5.49 2737 X
< 4450
tA-2t9 -18 + 2"C 5.52 27 55 X
tA-220 5.49 3458 X
tA-22r 5.5 r 267 s X
rA-222 5.52 2801 X
rA-223 5.50 27 t7 X
lA-224 5.51 2559 X
Average 2552 s 3780 X
Specification: 5.50 t 0.05 m/s
Note: Drop Height: 60.7 inches

ruS G-a
lllGlranonaronrns -\_ts

Issued to: Jiann Lih SafetyProducts (M) SDN. BHD. Date: 23 June 2009
Lot 132, Jalan Empat, Kompleks Perabut Olak Report: T4441-02-02
Lempit, Jalan Dengkll,42700 Banting Selangor Darul Issue: 2
Ehsan, Malaysia Page: 3 of3

7.1.3 x en etrati on
Sample Velocity Electrical Contact
Conditioning (m/s) Pass Fail
ID (Yes/ No)
tA-225 6.99 No X
tA-226 49" + 2"C 6.98 No X
tA-227 6.93 No X
tA-228 6.94 No X
tA-229 -18 + 2"C 6.99 No X
tA-230 7.00 No X
Specification: 7.0+ 0.1 m/s No Electrical Contact Allowed
Note: Drop Height: 98.3 inches

7.1.4 EI ectricalIIlnsulation Reo uirements assG&E

Sample Burn Through
Leakage (mA) Pass Fail
ID (Yes/ No)
tA-20t 0.3 No X
tA-213 0.3 No X
Specification: ClassG: <3mA No Burn Through Allowed

tA-202 3.2 No X
tA-2t4 3.3 No X
Specification: ClassE:<9mA No Burn Through Allowed
Note: Class G - 2200 volts, 60 Hz, lminute
Class E - 20,000 volts, 60H2,3 minutes, 30,000 volts no burn through.

Sample Photographs:

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