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WALMART - Characteristic of Wal-Mart advertising is

the use of actual Wal-Mart stores and

- Created by Sam Walton in 1962
employees in its commercials
- 3 policy goals respect for the individual,
d.) Branching out into New Sectors of
service to customers & striving for
- Corporate management strategy selling
II. Competitive Strategy
high quality and brand name products at
- Dominate every sector where it does
the lowest price.
business. It measures success in terms of
- reduces costs by the use of advanced
sails and dominance over competitors.
electronic technology and warehousing
- A typical Wal-Mart model is to build more
- also negotiates deals for merchandise
stores, make existing stores bigger, and to
directly from manufacturers, eliminating
expand into other sectors of retail.
the middleman
- "Sundown Rule" reasonably answer a
- Involving itself with local community
customers or supplier request or question
services, and providing scholarships. Its
within 24 hours.
emphasis is on children and environmental
- "Ten Foot Rule" states that store
employees must greet, smile, and attend
- After the Second World War, the style of
to a customer in a store when within 10
retailing in the US evolved into discount
feet of them.
- Centered on small-towns first, and then WEAKNESSES
tried to move to large cities.
1. Extensive labor relation's problems
- Its core retail business can be divided into
2. Community relations' problems
four retail divisions: Wal-Mart stores,
super centers, Sam's Club warehouses and
neighborhood markets.
- The management strategies of Wal-Mart
emphasize its workforce and its corporate
culture; that being a morally conservative,
religious, and family-oriented business
- Store employees are called "associates."

I. Strategic Goals
a.) Dominate the Retail Market Everywhere
- Essence of successful discount retailing to
cut the price on an item as much as
possible, lowering the markup, and earn
profit on the increased volume of sales.
b.) Growth by expansion in the US and
- The latest expansion strategy is for the
company to gain entry into a nation by
corporate takeover of a national retailer
c.) Create Positive Brand and Name