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Nikki: Good morning everyone! [Repeat if response is not loud]

Welcome to the first-ever National Youth Summit of the Philippine Statistics

Authority! Im Nicole and I will be your host for todays activities.

The PSA National Youth Summit is a chance for us young people to have our voices
heard when it comes to concerns relevant which are to us. This is also a platform for
us learn and take nuggets of wisdom from our key PSA officials and for us to
collaborate and share ideas.

So with that, I hope you have your game face on and be ready for an exciting and
meaningful two days ahead!

Opening Prayer

To formally start our program, may I ask everyone to please stand up as I call on
Ms. Mary Frances Tuble for our opening prayer to be followed by the Philippine
National Anthem.

Opening Remarks

You may all sit down.

Now, before we proceed, Id like to say that you all look amazing wearing bright red
shirts from my view up here. Its like a sea of red in here.

So, you might be wondering, bakit nga ba red? Of all the colors, why red?

Red symbolizes a lot of things, but it is obvious that it is an intense, emotional color.
It is most noted for representing passion, determination, and love and we believe
that these three [passion, determination, and love] are remarkable qualities of us
young people and our generation. As the youth, we are passionate in everything we
do, determined to be the best that we can be, and pour out love in everything

Would you guys agree that we are passionate? Determined? And loving?

And now to proceed with our program, let us all welcome Dir. Reynor Imperial of
the Planning and Management Service for the Opening Remarks with a big round
of applause.

Welcome Address

Thank you very much, Sir Reynor.

Now, lets also hear a few words of welcome from the Regional Director of PSA
RSSO IV-A, RD Charito Armonia. Let us all give her a big round of applause.

Overview of the Summit and House Rules

Thank you very much, RD Chato.

Let us all invite Dir. Reynor Imperial to the stage once again to deliver the overview
of the summit and the house rules that we all need to follow during our stay. Lets
give him a big round of applause.

Activity 1

Thank you very much, Sir Reynor.