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People vs Regala that what he used as basis was the stain in the uniform of Desilos He

April 27,1982 | Makiasar, J|Section 14

was certain that the cause of death was a sharp pointed instrument
PETITIONER: People of the Philippiens o Judge Aungustia, municipal judge of Masbate declared that he knew
RESPONDENTS: Rudy Regala and Delfin Flores Regala, Regala was brought several times to the judge and he was
accused of several crimes involving peace and order Defense asked
SUMMARY: Regala and Flores were arrested on charges of murder. The prosecution said
that this testimony be crossed out for being immaterial (not
that Regala stabbed Sergeant Desilos with a sharp object, which was confirmed by autopsy
reports. Defense provided alibis, that the accused was nowhere near the scene of the granted)
crime. They also contend that the accused were not given a fair trial, because they had After cross examination and the presentation of the evidence
taken into account the perversity of the offender (that he had committed the crimes of o Defense moved, by way of demurrer, for the dismissal of the case
malicious mischief and slight physical injuries before), and that there was undue prejudice alleging:
against the accused. The SC ruled that there was an impartial trial by an impartial judge,
Prosecution failed to establish the guilt of accused Flores
because there was no evidence of bias or prejudice. Also, an information filed must contain
all the charges against the accused. Failure to object cannot cure this deficiency, because it There was variance between the date of the commission of
is violative of the right of the accused to be informed of the nature and the cause of the crime as alleged in the information and that proved by
accusation against him. Final conviction was homicide aggravated by insult to public the evidence
authorities and recidivism (initially, it was murder). o Prosecuting fiscal said that the alleged variance was not substantial
(information has "that on or about 13th of June")
DOCTRINE: o Defense presented evidence and 8 witnesses
Right of accused to impartial trial-Trial Judge not biased or prejudiced against accused Abayon: accused Regala was in the canteen at around 12:20
after his criminal conviction was brought out during the trial, Judge considered am
extensively accuseds evidence. Abayon brought a certain Almirol home - as they
Right of accused to be informed of the nature and cause of accusation against him- passed by the gate, Desilos was not there anymore
Crime of assault, although established by the evidence of the prosecution without
objection of the accused, cannot cure defects in information
He did not see any fatal weapon
FACTS: Almirol said that when she saw the PC officer killed, Regala
Regala and Flores were charged with the crime of murder with assault upon an was nowhere near
agent of a person in authority. Defendants pleaded not guilty.
Prosecution presented five witnesses to establish the case against the Mendoza: accused Regala was still at the canteen at 2am
defendants Accused testified
o Tidon and Evangelista said they were at the scene of the crime o They said that they were not at the spot of the crime during the
o They claim that they saw the accused Regala stab the victim Sgt. Juan commission of the murder
Desilos Jr. which was done while Desilos was regulating traffic o Regala said that he was arrested with Roger Ampuan
o Tidon claims to know Regala by appearance only before the incident They were brought to the PC compound
Evangelista said that he saw Desilos, who was in a PC uniform, get Sgt. Gotis pointed to accused as companion of Ampuan in
stabbed by Regala using a sharp pointed knife. He also said that the stabbing Desilos
incident occurred around 1am
o Dr. Delos Santos testified that the probable cause of Desilos' death They were released the same day
was cardiac hemorrhage - injury caused by a sharp blunt instrument o He was arrested again by Gotis
When cross examined, he said that it was only the first time that he He was maltreated - ordered to admit the crime
saw the alleged weapon used - it was not brought to the lab He said Boxed, kicked, made to squat
o Accused said that when he talked to Evangelista, one of the
prosecution witnesses, the latter said that he did not see the former RATIO:
during the commission of the crime impartial trial - impartial judge
o Appellant has not pointed, and the court did not find, any part or
stage of the trial betraying the trial Judge's hostility, bias, and
o He said that his body was battered because of the maltreatment he
prejudice against the appellant after prosecution brought out the fact
suffered from the PC
that the accused has a previous criminal conviction
Another witness, Floresta, corroborated accused-appellant's defense of alibi
o In fact, prosecution brought out accused-appellant's conviction of
Delfin, was convicted of murder already before he is released due to parole
malicious mischief and slight physical injuries only through their last
Rebuttal to the testimonies
o Laguerta
o Contrary to the claim of the counsel, the judge gave due consideration
o Gotis to the evidence shown and examined extensively the testimonies all
Regala was never maltreated the 8 witnesses of the defense
HE said that he was able to confiscate a knife from Regala
Trial Judge gave more weight to the testimonies of the prosecution- thus the Trial court correctly rejected defense of alibi and denial
conviction o Such defenses cannot prevail over affirmative testimonies
Here - automatic review of the SC of a death penalty case o Appellant has not shown any evidence of evil motive on the part of
o (Delfin was already convicted as an accessory - he did not interpose
the prosecution witnesses to testify in the manner they did
any appeal
Counsel de officio contends that the trial court erred in failing to give the two o It is a recognized principle that on the matter of credibility of
accused a fair trial witnesses, the observation of the trial court must be accorded respect
o He said that the Court, in giving overemphasis on the perversity of the and great weight - in terms of demeanor
offender (committed against a public officer, during a fiesta), directly The witnesses for the prosecution seemed trustworthy
caused undue prejudice against the accused because of his previous o There were minor inconsistencies - better left to the appreciation of
criminal record as manifested by some portions of the decision of the the trial court which ruled that the inconsistencies were not sufficient
judge to destroy the probity of Tidon
o (in the decision, it was mentioned that it was very possible for the o According to jurisprudence, it is a common phenomenon to find
inconsistencies especially on minor details
two, who happen to be former criminals, to commit the crime )
Verdict of killing QUALIFIED by treachery and evident premeditation
o In essence, counsel questions if due process was given to Regala Right
o In this case, both the qualifying circumstances cannot be appreciated
to an impartial trial
Treachery is never presumed
Sol. Gen. Opposes the claim of the counsel By prosecution's own evidence, it is said that appellant was
o He said that the decision was based on proper appreciation of
enraged because his companion Flores was pushed - thus
Regala was never maltreated there was no evident premeditation; it was just mere
o He said that he was able to confiscate a knife from Regala o Trial retaliation
Judge gave more weight to the testimonies of the prosecution - thus Verdict of adding "with assault upon an agent of a person in authority"
the o The information filed did not allege the essential elements of
ISSUES: Whether or not there was a violation of due process - impartial trial? -NO assault. It was not alleged that the accused knew the victim as an
agent of authority.
RULING: The judgment appealed from his hereby affirmed
o Lack of objection cannot cure this deficiency. To do so would be
convicting the accused of a crime not properly alleged in the body of
the information in violation of his constitutional right to be informed
of the nature and cause of the accusation against him
o Homicide aggravated by
In contempt or with insult to the public authorities OR in
disregard of the respect due to the offended party due to his
Due to slight physical injuries