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M Billingham & Co Ltd Little Cottage Street Brierley Hill West Midlands DY5 1RG
tel +44 (0)1384 482828 fax +44 (0)1384 482399

Martin Billingham
When it was introduced in 1978, the Billingham Bag set a new
standard in the photographic world. It was conceived by people
who knew about photography; it was designed to meet the
needs of professional photographers; and it was manufactured
by skilled craftsmen, using the most appropriate and highest
quality materials available. The Billingham Bag met with instant
approval from photographers around the world and rapidly
became an indispensable accessory for both professionals and
discerning amateurs.
Like all successful innovations, the Billingham Bag has its Billingham bags are different - not just for the sake of appearance,
imitators. However, although there are other bags similarly styled but as a result of the careful consideration we give to the bag's
to ours, the similarity is often just cosmetic. For example, when function and performance. For example, our bags are deeper
making a Billingham bag, we use the natural characteristics of than most. This increased depth gives more security from
canvas, together with our knowledge of how to cut and stitch it, pickpockets and prying eyes; pockets can be deeper, and
to provide the bag's stiffening and shape. personal items can be stored on top of equipment. Our
experience dictates that a bag should be designed so that it will
Our first, purpose-designed soft camera bag is still in production, hold its shape naturally over years of use.
virtually unchanged from the original design. Like all Billingham
products, it has a distinctly English character, echoing the Our products are made to withstand the rigours of traditional
craftsmanship and traditional materials that are incorporated in English weather. This means that our canvas is waterproof, the
every model in our range. Indeed, these qualities have been lining is non-absorbent, and the seams are bound with
widely recognised: Billingham bags have travelled far beyond waterproof tape. We go to great lengths to make sure that the
their traditional photographic market - and far beyond the shores way the bag is put together maintains that inherent
of Britain - used by businessmen, travellers, technicians and waterproofing. All overlapping seams are tiled, sewing needle
professionals in many fields to carry valuable and vulnerable sizes are kept as small as possible, and just to be sure that the
equipment around the globe. holes they make won't let water in, we use thread that contains
cotton: this swells when it gets wet, effectively sealing the hole.
We use every possible measure to protect your equipment
and to keep it dry.

On the one hand, our approach is traditional - we only use

materials whose qualities we understand, and whose
performance we can predict and rely upon. On the other hand,
we are committed to developing and improving our products - for
example, we use computer-aided design to bring speed and
accuracy to our development work. Where there is a clear benefit
to be gained, we will use new materials, we will refine our
designs, and we will consult with our users to anticipate and meet
new demands. Recently, we have redesigned our Quick Release
System - we modified the profile of the brass stud and adjusted
the shape of the hole, so that they slip together more easily and
stay firmly fixed, reducing wear and ensuring a long working life.
Billingham is a company that has led the market by creating
innovative products of outstanding quality and will continue to do
so in the future.

550 ............................... 9-11

Design and production by Zappia & Zappia Design. Portrait photography by Snowdon. Product photography by Stephen Vernon-Clarke. Printed in the UK.

By their very design, Billingham bags

have a very fluid nature and will
accommodate a wide variety of
photographic equipment. To give a
reasonable guide, all dimensions 225, 335, 445 & 555 .......12-15
shown are based on the original
patterns used in the manufacture of
the bags.The imperial dimensions
25 Rucksack ......................17
shown are approximate equivalents to
the original metric sizing used in the
pattern making.

106, 206 & 306 .............18-19

The accompanying camera and lens
icons are suggestions of content and
not intended to be read as definitive.
For example, in most cases it would
Hadley ......................... 20-21
be possible to change the SLR with
motor drive for a medium format
Packington ........................ 22
Further details are available on our
web site

Every care has been taken to ensure S3 .................................... 23

that the descriptions and
specifications were correct at the time
of going to press. Whilst we make
every effort to reproduce the colours L2 .................................... 25
of the products correctly, slight
variations may occur due to the
limitations of the printing process.
Beta ............................ 26-27

Pouches & Pockets ........28-29

Simplies & SuperFlex ......... 30

M.Billingham & Co reserve the right

to change colours and specification
without notice. Accessories ....................... 31

All Billingham products are based on the same unvarying

philosophy: start with a straightforward, practical design, based
on a sound knowledge and understanding of the user's needs.
We choose the very best materials and use them in a way that
takes maximum advantage of their natural properties, then
manufacture the product to precise quality standards. That's why
Billingham bags have solid brass fittings, top-grain, top quality
leather and the best quality canvas, thread and linings in
abundance. Incidentally, it's also why you will rarely find a
second-hand Billingham bag for sale - they don't wear out easily,
and their owners are loath to part with them.

Most of the materials we use are exclusive to us in some way or

other: it may be simply their colour, or because of the special
manufacturing process they go through and the finishes we
apply. When we can't find the exact material we need, we have
it made specially. As well as working closely with our suppliers
to improve each aspect of a materials performance, we also
co-operate with them to ensure that every delivery of materials
into our workshop meets our exacting quality specifications. Black/Tan

The protection provided by a soft bag comes about through the

careful use of closed-cell foams and the inherent pliability of the
soft canvas. Our SuperFlex inserts keep cameras and lenses
protected and separated from each other. We have designed
them in such a way that they simply move out of the way when
pushed, allowing the bag to mould itself to the wearer's shape.
Stiffening and shape are given to the bag by the way we cut and
stitch the material - we don't use stiffeners or inserts that may
cause problems in the long term. We cut the panels of our bags
in a particular way so that the grain of the material can cope
naturally with the stresses inflicted on it by the weight of cameras
and the passage of time. Not only are our bags strong and
durable, they are also genuinely soft and will mould snugly to
your body.

The Billingham Canvas used in our camera bags has traditionally

been waterproofed, just like the original Macintoshes, with
natural rubber. More recently however, we have replaced this Nytex Black/Black
with StormBlock, which incorporates a new type of waterproof
layer developed by us, sandwiched between two layers of
canvas. This resulting material, while being equally waterproof, is
thinner and lighter than our traditional canvas - reducing the
weight of the bags, without sacrificing performance. It also has Nytex Stone/Tan
better resistance to sunlight and ozone.

For most camera bags, our StormBlock canvas provides all the
protection that's needed. Where the bag will be subjected to
heavy wear, however, we would recommend our Nytex material. SoftWeave Black/Black
This is an incredibly hard-wearing, 1000 denier texturised
nylon, waterproofed with polyurethane - it's tough, robust,
and is designed to keep your equipment safe under the worst
conditions.Whether you choose canvas or nylon, the waterproof
layer is built-in and will not need re-proofing. SoftWeave Khaki/Tan

Left Camera Bag assembly in the Billingham

workshop. Above right Rolls of canvas,
tubed for protection, awaiting cutting.
Camera Bag Linings Zips

For the lining of our bags, we chose a smooth AntiFray material - Conventional zip fasteners are not really strong enough for
we believe it is important that no tiny material fibres from the everyday use in a camera bag; so we use 8mm zips, where the
lining should find their way into cameras and lenses. The material coil teeth are woven into the supporting tape, rather than sewn in
is also specially treated to help prevent wicking (the process of the usual way. Not only is the resultant fastener stronger than a
water being sucked through the fibres, like a candle wick, to conventional zip, it is also flatter and hence less prone to
permeate the material). abrasion. The pullers too, are stronger than normal: this helps to
prevent them creeping and slipping.
Hand Stitching
We use only the best, top-grain leather in our bags. This is the
top most part of the hide and it is vegetable tanned and aniline The very first Billingham camera bag was made out of leather and
dyed by hand. Finally a light coating of wax or, in the case of was completely hand made, even down to the brass lock. It
bridle leather, fat is applied. The process used to treat our hides is included over 1,000 individual hand stitches. These were made
designed to bring out the richness of the natural grain and is in no using an awl, needles, thread and beeswax. Although we use
way intended to hide marks or healed scars which appear sewing machines for a lot of the processes these days, we still
naturally. resort to traditional hand stitching on those occasions when a
machine can't cope with the thickness of the material or the
6 Not only are there many different types of leather, each separate complexity of the construction.
part of a single hide has individual properties: some parts are
strong along the grain, others are soft and supple enough to bend Shock Absorbing Foams
round corners. We use different parts of the hide throughout
each bag, choosing the characteristics of the leather to suit the We use closed-cell foams from the world's leading manufacturers
function of each individual component. to protect your valuable equipment. These foams are
manufactured using inert chemicals, which will not affect
Brass photographic emulsion or delicate camera equipment. Each piece
of foam is precision-cut to ensure consistent quality and to
All our fittings are either cast or machined from solid brass. We provide protection against knocks, as well as insulation against
choose brass for several reasons: the first, and most obvious, is heat and cold. Because these are closed-cell foams they won't
that it will not rust. As time passes, brass may tarnish and develop soak up or retain moisture; they even have positive buoyancy - so
a patina, which acts as a protective layer, preventing deterioration - an empty Billingham bag will float!
compare this with steel which, even when heavily plated, can
develop rust spots that eat into the material. Unlike plastic fittings, Shoulder Web
brass doesn't become noticeably brittle when the temperature
drops, and it doesn't crack when you accidentally tread on it. Our To ensure maximum performance from our shoulder straps, we
brass fittings are hand-finished, so you wont find any sharp use a variety of materials in their manufacture. We have
corners or rough edges on them - and that means that they are pioneered the use of spun-polyester in our shoulder straps - this
less likely to wear their way through the leather and canvas. is a military specification material, similar to that used as
parachute webbing on the Space Shuttle (it's made by the same
According to the finish required, the fittings are lacquered, or people). Spun-polyester stays flat, wears extremely well, does
nickel plated. not absorb water as quickly as cotton and will not rot.

Rivets & Studs

Our attention to detail extends to even the smallest items. Where

rivets are used to strengthen stress points, we ensure they are
also made from solid brass. The brass studs used in our unique
Quick-Release System (another Billingham innovation) have a
carefully shaped profile so that they will release easily when you
want them to, but will stay safely fastened when you don't.

Even such seemingly insignificant items as press studs are

carefully chosen. Where a strong, semi-permanent fixing is
needed, for example on our tough leather handles, we use a stud 1 Hides of leather awaiting cutting.
with strong ring springs. Where easy access is the requirement, 2 Hand finished brass buckles before
final inspection and incorporation into
we use S-spring studs: these are easier to undo, but still provide Billingham bags. 3 Computer generated
a secure closure. cardboard patterns.
1 2

" When photographers
discover my name,
theyre always keen to
tell me how pleased
they are with our bags
and how well they
Harry Billingham

550 in Khaki/Tan
The 550 is a versatile bag with more
than enough room to cope with the
most demanding of assignments.
550 The 550 was the first soft camera bag
manufactured in Britain. Its continuing success,
both as a spacious camera bag, and as a general
travel bag have meant that, apart from a few
very minor improvements, it remains much the
same as when it was first introduced. With its
many pockets, you have the option of stowing
items for easy access or maximum protection -
a truly versatile bag.

Optional Accessories Features

SP20, SuperFlex, Additional End 1 As well as the two full height 2 A long, straight zip fastening 3 Extra storage is provided by a
Pockets, Luggage Tally, Tripod zippered pockets, the 550 also has with double pullers closes the zippered, external back pocket
Straps, Simplies two gusseted pockets with press compartment, and additional and there are also two detachable
stud fastenings. The large main protection is provided by the end pockets. 4 The wide adjust-
compartment features SuperFlex large rain flap which has buckle able shoulder sling with SP20
partitioning, combining versatility fastening, two thick top-grain shoulder pad makes it easy to
with maximum protection. leather straps and an embossed carry and metal feet protect the
leather grip. base when you put the bag down.


NIKON F100 PLUS MB-15 MOTOR DRIVE; AF-S NIKKOR 80-200 1:2.8 D; AF NIKKOR 24-120MM 1:3.5--5.6D; AF NIKKOR 35-70MM 1:2.8 D;
550 550
External Dimensions External Dimensions with end
W460 x D280 x H300 mm pockets attached
W18 x D11 x H113/4 ins W600 x D280 x H300 mm
Internal Dimensions W231/2 x D11 x H113/4 ins
W450 x D150 x H260 mm
W17 1/2 x D6 x H101/4 ins
Weight 2.6kgs.
The 550 comes complete with
8 -15, 9-15, 9-18 SuperFlex plus Flap.

1 2 3 4

335 in Nytex Stone/Tan

The TukTop feature helps to
provide easy access to the
interior, and the grab handles
allow the bag to be carried in
the open position.
445 in Black/Black 13
The leather bound rain flap
protects the main compartments
and front panels from the

225 in Olive/Tan
The leather shoulder pad helps
to distribute the weight, whilst
the Neoprene backing offers an
non-slip grip.
225, 335, 445 & 555 We believe that photographers often find a bag
with the ideal combination of features, but it's
either too small or too large for their needs.
That's why we've introduced this range. The 225,
335, 445 and 555 all share the same features, the
only difference being their size. Now both
professionals and amateurs can easily find a
model that matches the size of their outfit,
without having to compromise - from the
compact 225 to the roomy 445 and 555 - bags
that can take a hammerhead flashgun standing

Optional Accessories Features

225, 335 The main compartment is framed 2 Additional protection against the 3 No matter how heavily you load
SP15, Delta End Pockets, internally with 4-ply Nytex binding - elements is provided by the the front pocket, the Delta sling is
SuperFlex, Waist Strap this maintains the bag's shape and leather-bound rain flap with twin designed to prevent the bag from
Attachment, Back Pack Harness, helps to channel rainwater away top-grain leather tabs and Quick tipping and to reduce any rolling
Luggage Tally, Tripod Straps, from seams. The sides and base are Release System fastenings. motion as you move.
Simplies padded with closed-cell foam. Double grab handles allow the bag 4 The bags all feature our Five
1 The TukTop allows the main zip, to be picked up instantly whether Loop Fixing system so that you
445, 555 with its double pullers, to be tucked the rain flap is open or closed. The can attach the Billingham Back
SP20, Delta End Pockets, out of the way when opened. zippered front pocket houses two Pack Harness or Tripod Straps.
SuperFlex,Waist Strap padded internal pockets.
Attachment, Back Pack Harness,
Luggage Tally, Tripod Straps,


225 335 445 555
External Dimensions External Dimensions External Dimensions External Dimensions
W320 x D220 x H230mm W370 x D220 x H265 mm W420 x D220 x H315 mm W470 x D220 x H315 mm
W121/2 x D8 5/8 x H9 ins W14 1/2 x D8 5/8 x H101/2 ins W161/2 x D85/8 x H121/4 ins W18 1/2 x D8 5/8 x H121/4 ins
Internal Dimensions Internal Dimensions Internal Dimensions Internal Dimensions
W305 x D150 x H190mm W355 x D150 x H220 mm W405 x D150 x H275 mm W455 x D150 x H275 mm
W12 x D6 x H7 1/2 ins W14 x D6 x H8 1/2 ins W16 x D6 x H10 3/4 ins W18 x D6 x H10 3/4 ins
Weight 1.6kgs. Weight 1.9kgs. Weight 2.2kgs. Weight 2.5kgs.
The 225 comes complete with an The 335 comes complete with The 445 comes complete with The 555 comes complete with
8-15 SuperFlex plus Flap. 8-15, 9-18 SuperFlex plus Flap. 9-15, 9-18 SuperFlex plus Flap. 8 -15, 9-15, 9-18 SuperFlex plus Flap.

1 2 3 4
" It's very satisfying to
work with materials
that you know are the
best. It means that you
can take a pride in
your work, and you
know that no-one else
can make a better
Wayne Shaw
25 Rucksack Whether you're tackling rough terrain, an
arduous journey, or just carrying a lot of
equipment, the new Billingham 25 Rucksack
makes the job easier. Leaving both arms free, it
gives you maximum freedom of movement, as
well as keeping you well balanced, and
providing the ultimate protection to your gear.
25 Rucksack In the 25 and similar compact sized rucksacks,
External Dimensions the correct ergonomic carrying position is across
W340 x D240 x H400 mm
W131/4 x D91/4 x H153/4 ins the shoulders, hence the absence of a waistbelt.
Internal Dimensions
W290 x D130 x H340 mm
W111/2 x D5 x H131/4 ins
Weight 1.7kgs.

1 2 3 4

Optional Accessories Features

AVEA Pockets, Small Dividers, 1 25mm closed-cell foam provides opening flap has an inside pocket 3 Shoulder straps and back panel
Large Dividers, Luggage Tally, a protective envelope to the for papers and a roomy, zippered have high-loft mesh lining.
Tripod Straps, Simplies rucksack's contents, while the fully outer pocket for waterproofs and 4 Attachment points are provided
adjustable interior with Velcro similar items. 2 There are double for extra pockets to be added.
fastenings can be adapted to suit cord pullers and elasticated flap Accepts AVEA pockets.
any outfit. The full size, front- covers on all zip pockets for
additional bad weather protection.
106, 206 & 306 These are the first of a new generation of
Billingham bags, and rapidly proving to be some
of our most popular models. Constructed from
Billingham SoftWeave canvas, they are
lightweight, and hard-wearing. Less deep, front
to back, they can be carried closer to the body
and because of the unique Billingham PressTop
design, which uses specially shaped panels and
lightweight carbon fibre, they are extremely
functional and ideal for any serious photographer.

Optional Accessories Features

SP20, SuperFlex, AVEA Pockets, Special lightweight canvas 1 Leather and carbon fibre In addition, double grab handles at
Waist Strap Attachment, Back Pack combines Billingham StormBlock strengthen the opening of the the rear, both inside and out, allow
Harness, Luggage Tally, Tripod waterproofing with a soft but PressTop. 2 One or both of the the bag to be picked up open or
Straps, Simplies hard-wearing SoftWeave polyester zip extensions can slide up the closed. The main compartment has
cloth. The bags have a cavernous, shoulder sling, opening the main internal flat pockets for filters and
zippered opening with the special compartment. 3 This action other small items, SuperFlex
Billingham PressTop opening forms a wide rectangular opening. partitioning and a thick, closed-cell
system. 4 With the PressTop opened and foam base. Adjustable shoulder
retained in position, the contents sling with SP20 shoulder pad.
of the bag are easily accessible.


106 206 306
External Dimensions External Dimensions External Dimensions
W280 x D180 x H230 mm W320 x D180 x H230 mm W370 x D180 x H230 mm
W11 x D7 x H9 ins W12 1/2 x D7 x H9 ins W14 1/2 x D7 x H9 ins
Internal Dimensions Internal Dimensions Internal Dimensions
W255 x D150 x H215 mm W300 x D150 x H215 mm W355 x D150 x H215 mm
W10 x D6 x H81/2 ins W12 x D6 x H81/2 ins W14 x D6 x H81/2 ins
Weight 1.2kgs. Weight 1.6kgs. Weight 2.0kgs.

1 2 3 4
Hadley The Photo Hadley is an immensely popular bag.
One day, it can be a roomy, well-equipped
camera bag; the next it can double as a business
case. The Original and Large Hadleys are big
enough to take A4 files or a laptop computer.
The range now includes Small and Large
versions, as well as the Hadley Original bag.
The latest addition to this range is the Hadley
Pro - the same size as the Hadley Original, but
featuring a zippered back pocket with protective
rain flap, carrying handle and the facility to
accept the AVEA range of pockets.

Optional Accessories Features

Hadley Series The one piece main flap extends System allows rapid access, while The insert is completely
SP15, Replacement Straps, from the back of the bag, reducing buckles provide precise adjustment. detachable and allows the Hadley
Additional Removable Insert, the number of seams and 2 The fully-adjustable camera insert to double-up as a weekend bag.
Small Dividers, Large Dividers, enhancing the bag's weather includes two large and two small 3 The Hadley Pro has webbing
Waist Strap Attachment, resistance. 1 Bellowed front dividers (these are also available and leather top mounted carry
Luggage Tally, Simplies pockets, with press studded separately); it is lined with material handle. 4 It also features a
expansion, are covered by that mates with the Velcro tabs on zippered external back pocket,
Hadley Pro individual flaps with press stud the dividers, allowing them to be and accepts AVEA pockets.
SP15, AVEA Pockets, closure. Our Quick Release securely attached in any position.
Replacement Straps, Additional
Removable Insert, Small Dividers,
Large Dividers, Waist Strap
Attachment, Luggage Tally,


Hadley Small Hadley Original Hadley Large Hadley Pro
External Dimensions External Dimensions External Dimensions External Dimensions
W290 x D120 x H210 mm W350 x D120 x H250 mm W380 x D120 x H300 mm W350 x D120 x H250 mm
W111/2 x D4 3/4 x H8 1/4 ins W13 3/4 x D4 3/4 x H9 3/4 ins W15 x D4 3/4 x H113/4 ins W13 3/4 x D4 3/4 x H9 3/4 ins
Internal Dimensions Internal Dimensions Internal Dimensions Internal Dimensions
W260 x D70 x H185 mm W320 x D70 x H225 mm W360 x D70 x H255 mm W320 x D70 x H225 mm
W10 1/4 x D2 3/4 x H71/4 ins W121/2 x D23/4 x H8 3/4 ins W141/4 x D2 3/4 x H10 ins W121/2 x D23/4 x H8 3/4 ins
Weight 0.7kgs. Weight 0.85kgs. Weight 1.45kgs. Weight 0.85kgs.

1 2 3 4
Packington First conceived in the late 70's, the Packington's
design has stood the test of time, and it's still one
of our most popular models. Not only is it the
stylish and comfortable way to carry cameras,
laptops or video cameras, it also doubles as a
roomy travel bag - the ideal companion to
accompany you on a voyage around the world in
eighty days, or journeying from pole to pole.
External Dimensions
W425 x D160 x H315 mm
W16 3/8 x D61/4 x H121/4 ins
Internal Dimensions of Photo insert
W340 x D120 x H240 mm
W131/4 x D4 3/4 x H91/4 ins
Weight 1.7kgs.

Optional Accessories Features

SP20, Additional Removable Roomy zippered front pockets which has been designed to leave
Insert, Large Dividers, completely protected by a large room for additional expedition
Small Dividers, Back Pack rain flap with the Billingham Quick clutter. The zippered, external
Harness, Luggage Tally, Tripod Release System. The entire front back pocket provides storage for
Straps, Simplies. pocket is made from a single piece documents. Adjustable waist strap
of canvas, darted to help give attaches securely with our Quick
additional volume. Zippered main Release System to prevent the
compartment contains a bag swinging and for extra
detachable, padded Photo insert, security.
S3 The S3 offers a high degree of shock protection
and full weatherproofing in a very compact space.
Its perfect for Leicas, Contax and other rangefinder
cameras. Its equally suitable for the photographer
who only wants to carry the essentials, as well as
being the ideal bag for a small camera outfit and
other highly valuable items.
External Dimensions
W280 x D125 x H190 mm
W11 x D4 7/8 x H7 1/2 ins
Internal Dimensions
W250 x D100 x H155 mm
W9 3/4 x D3 7/8 x H61/8 ins
Weight 1.4kgs.

Optional Accessories Features

SP15, Large Dividers, Full Billingham specification fastenings, includes three vertical
Small Dividers, Luggage Tally, including waterproof canvas, top- dividers and a horizontal flap.
Simplies grain leather and solid cast brass The TukTop zip close feature
fittings. 6mm closed-cell foam provides a combination of easy
provides protection on the sides access with excellent protection
with 25mm thick base layer to for equipment. Open front and
protect against heavy handed put- zip back pocket, additional zip
downs and travel vibration. Fully pocket in the main flap to
adjustable, removable partitioning accommodate small documents.
system with touch and close Fully adjustable shoulder sling.
" Everyone in this
company knows that
Billingham Bags are the
best there are. My aim
is to make sure that the
way we treat our
customers, and respond
to them, matches the
quality of our products."
Jackie Hyde
L2 Designing a camera bag without zips has given
us the opportunity to create a robust,
weatherproof bag where all the contents are
easily accessible. It's the ideal bag for housing a
small SLR or rangefinder camera system.

External Dimensions
W275 x D150 x H195 mm
W103/4 x D6 x H7 3/4 ins
Internal Dimensions
W250 x D110 x H150 mm
W9 3/4 x D43/8 x H6 ins
Weight 0.7kgs.

Optional Accessories Features

SP15, AVEA Pockets, Easy access top with Quick Release and gusseted front pocket
Large Dividers, Small Dividers, System features large side gussets completely covered by rain flap.
Waist Strap Attachment, that fold inwards for extra weather Fully adjustable, Velcro-tabbed
Luggage Tally, Simplies protection. Interior back pocket partitions. Accepts AVEA pockets.
Beta The Beta Camera Pouches have been designed to
provide maximum protection for todays highly
complex electronic camera equipment. Ideal for
taking a 35mm SLR with zoom lens attached, they
can be carried either on a belt or used with the
adjustable shoulder sling provided. The durable,
waterproof outer fabric ensures that the elements
wont penetrate the face material, while internally,
a double foam layer provides shock protection
for your equipment.

26 Optional Accessories Features

SP15, AVEA Pockets, Luggage Protected from the elements by a equipment if you need to. 3 Rear
Tally, Simplies combination of coatings on the loop enables pouch to be attached
outer canvas, together with an to a belt 4 A simple, but effective
impervious, waterproof StormBlock loop system allows additional AVEA
layer and a non-wicking liner. side pockets to be attached to both
Special binding tape on the inside sides of Beta pouches. These self-
prevents rain water ingress through contained pouches are in turn easily
the seams. 1 The zip is carried on mounted onto a belt if needed and
a partial cone-section skirt, which can provide extra room to carry
places the zip below and away from lenses, light meter, films etc. A fully
the top flexible internal divider. adjustable and detachable 40mm
2 A divider is provided to allow wide shoulder sling is provided.
your Beta pouch to stack items of
Beta 03 Beta 06 Beta 09 Beta 12 Beta 15
Internal Dimensions Internal Dimensions Internal Dimensions Internal Dimensions Internal Dimensions
W135 x D95 x H165 mm W110 x D120 x H165 mm W175 x D120 x H260 mm W150 x D125 x H175 mm W150 x D145 x H255 mm
W5 3/8x D3 3/4 x H6 1/2 ins W4 3/8 x D4 3/4 x H61/2 ins W63/4 x D4 3/4 x H101/4 ins W6 x D4 7/8 x H63/4 ins W6 x D5 3/4 x H10 ins
Weight 0.58kgs Weight 0.66kgs Weight 0.77kgs Weight 0.68kgs Weight 0.76kgs.

Typical load Pentax MZ-10 with Typical load Minolta Dynax 9 with Typical load Canon EOS 5 with Typical load Nikon F5 with f3.5- Typical load Nikon F5 with f4.5-
f5.6, 28-200 or Canon EOS 300 f3.5-5.6, 28-80.(lens forward). motor drive f3.5-5.6, 28 -105 plus 5.6, 80-200. (lens forward). 5.6 135-400 Sigma (lens down).
with f3.5-5.6, 28-80 (lens down). Sigma f4-5.6, 75-300.
1 2 3 4
Pouches & Pockets

AVEA 3 AVEA 5 AVEA 6 Delta Pocket

External Dimensions External Dimensions External Dimensions External Dimensions
W80 x D40 x H150 mm W125 x D65 x H180mm W125 x D65 x H180 mm W135 x D60 x H205mm
W3 x D11/2 x H6ins W47/8x D21/2 x H7 ins W47/8 x D21/2 x H7 ins W53/8 x D23/8 x H8 ins
Weight 0.1kgs. Weight 0.2kgs. Weight 0.2kgs. Weight 0.2kgs.

AVEA Pockets are a range of Delta pockets are an ideal way to behind the flap and close the
padded pockets featuring a expand your Billingham 225, 335, studs without pressing on the
drawstring neck and twin leather 445 or 555 camera bag - you pouches contents. You can also
fixing straps that enable them to simply snap them in place behind attach them to your belt to carry a
be attached to a number of the Delta sling. They are padded, snapshot camera, battery pack or
Billingham bags. They can also be have a drawcord neck and an film etc.
fixed to a belt if preferred. ingenious fastening system which
allows you to slip your fingers
Compact Airline Pola
External Dimensions External Dimensions External Dimensions
W155 x D65 x H210 mm W155 x D65 x H245 mm W180 x D80 x H210 mm
W61/8 x D21/2 x H81/4 ins W61/8 x D21/2 x H9 1/2 ins W7 x D3 x H81/4 ins
Weight 0.3kgs. Weight 0.5kgs. Weight 0.3kgs.

The perfect companion on any fittings, these bags feature our
journey. Lots of securely zipped Quick Release System front flap
pockets to store passports, keys and come complete with shoulder
and credit cards with a padded sling and belt loops. Choose the
main compartment for small Compact for small binoculars, the
cameras. Made from waterproof Airline to take your holiday tickets
canvas and trimmed with top- and the Pola for bulkier books and
grain leather and solid brass cameras.
Simplies These simple little pouches are
ideal to put your lenses, sunglasses,
films or pens in and are excellent
for keeping dust or sand at bay.
They are available in seven sizes,
the first number relates to the base
diameter, the second to the height.

Diameter Height cms (inches)

cms (inches) 14 (51/2) 16 (6 1/4) 17 (6 5/8) 19.5 (7 1/2) 22 (81/2) 27 (101/2)
7 (2 3/4) 70/140
8 (3 1/8) 80/170
9 (3 1/2) 90/195
10 (3 7/8) 100/160 100/220 100/270
13 (5) 130/170

SuperFlex At the heart of the Billingham's
defence system against bumps and
SuperFlex is constructed using a
smooth, non-abrasive AntiFray
compartments, one square to take
a lens and the remaining space,
knocks is our SuperFlex partition material which covers non- depending on its size, might hold
system. When the bag moves, the absorbent closed-cell foam. another lens or perhaps a flashgun
SuperFlex inserts will adjust with The compartments separate and or other accessory. Choosing the
that movement, making it more protect your camera equipment correct size is easy. All you need
comfortable to work with. They will while inside the bag. Additional or are two dimensions, the physical
also let your equipment move out replacement SuperFlex containers diameter and height of your lens
of the way before any damage is can be ordered to match your in centimetres.Should you need
caused, making SuperFlex a basic particular equipment configurations. them, additional bases and flaps
but effective first stage protector. SuperFlex is divided into two are also available.

Diameter Height cms (inches)

cms (inches) 12 (4 5/8) 15 (5 3/4) 18 (6 7/8) 21 (8)
6 (2 3/8) 6-12
7 (2 3/4) 7-15
8 (3 1/8) 8-15 8-18
9 (3 1/2) 9-15 9-18 9-21
10 (3 7/8) 10-15 10-18 10-21
11 (4 1/4) 11-15 11-18 11-21
12 (4 5/8) 12-21

Luggage Tally Hadley Straps

Crafted in the same top-grain Pair of replacement main flap
leather as the bags. straps. Fits all Hadley models.
Tan/Brass or Black/Nickel. Tan or Black.

Waist Strap Attachment
Wraps around the waist and attaches to opposite sides of the bag to give
extra security and comfort. Tan/Khaki/Brass or Black/Black/Nickel.

Shoulder Pads
For bags that dont include them or replacements for those that do, the
leather and neoprene shoulder pads fix to the web shoulder strap for
comfort and grip. Tan/Brass or Black/Nickel.

Hadley Removable Insert

Removable insert for Hadley bags,
available for all models. Please
state size when ordering.

Tripod Straps
A pair of thick, strong tan leather
Back Pack Harness straps, cut and finished by hand,
Designed to attach to the five loops on 225, 335, 445, 555, 206 and with large, solid brass buckles, to
Packington, it enables these bags to be carried in an upright position secure a tripod to a Billingham Bag.
on the back. Tan/Khaki/Brass or Black/Black/Nickel. Tan/Brass or Black/Nickel.