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Introduction to Plant Maintenance

1- Course Summary
Welcome to the training on SAP Plant Maintenance module. As you have come
to learn Plant Maintenance so I would assume that you have some idea about
SAP as an ERP, and you are aware of the basic working of SAP.
Plant maintenance is one of the logistics module of SAP. And it automates the
process of maintenance, it records the problem and solution. Can schedule the
routine maintenance, maintains the location of equipment with its history, cost
of maintenance in terms of labour and parts. Will help you to reduce the failure
points in your plant overall. It is fully integrated with MM, FICO, QM, and PP.
In the course I will show the SAP organization structure and the PM organization
structure. Then we will cover the business process transactions starting from
master data, and covering the different aspects of the module. The course is
mostly focused on the business process of PM and its integration with MM,
FICO and QM, including the various functions in PM module.
After covering the business processes, I will provide a list of PM transactions,
guidelines on how to find the different tables and cover some configuration, will
also advise how to find configuration node from any transaction etc.
2 - SAP Organization Structure
I have only taken the relevant SAP organization structure, comprising of the
Controlling Area, Company Code, Plant, SLOC and the Purchasing Organization.
Which is represented below:

Controlling Area

Company Code
Purchasing Org

Plant 1000
Toyota Motors

SLOC 0001

3 - PM Organization Structure
For the purposes of PM, we need to add some organization structure. At least
one of the plants of the company need to be assigned as a Planning Plant. This
assignment of Planning Plant, is done in SPRO:
From the plants created in the system for the company code, one or more
plants are designated as planning plants. Basically planning plant is where all the
maintenance planning activities are performed.
Depending on the situation this can be a centralized activity, in which case one
plant is designated as planning plant. And if this de-centralized function, then
each plant where maintenance will be carried out can be designated as a
planning plant.
For our purpose we will assign one plant as the planning plant.

Plant 1000 Planning Plant

Toyota Motors 1000 Toyota

This definition is done in configuration via transaction code SPRO as follows;

SPRO and then

Press Enter

Press Enter on
Open the Enterprise

Open the

Under PM open the

Maintain node

Click on New

Put the plant number to

be used as planning Plant
and save
In addition to the Planning Plant Assignment, we also need to define the actual
Maintenance Plant where the actual maintenance activities take place, and
where all the functional locations and equipments etc. will be located. So if
there more than one maintenance plants then they will all be assigned as
maintenance plants and these need to be assigned to Planning Plants.
Assignment of Maintenance plant to Planning Plant also takes place in
configuration as below:

Under Definition
and then PM

Open the Assign


Assign the
Planning Plant to
the Maint. Plant
as needed
Assignment of Maintenance Plants / Functional Locations / Equipments:

Planning Plant
1000 Toyota

Maint Plant
1000 Toyota

Location A


4 - Plant Maintenance Module
SAP Plant Maintenance module can broadly be divided into three main
functions, namely:
1. Master Data
2. Planning
3. Execution


Master Data Planning Execution

1- Functional 1- Single Cycle Plan

1- Scheduling of
Location 2- Maintenance
2- Work Center Strategy
2- Notification
3- Equipment 3- Multiple Counter
3- Order Creation
4- Task List Plan