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ESD 502 Analog CMOS VLSI Design

Course Name ESD 502: Introduction to CMOS

Fabrication and Analog CMOS VLSI
Course Proposer Name(s)
Course Instructor Name(s) Chetan D. Parikh
Course Type (Select one) Core
All course types except Special Topics go through the
process for Academic Senate approval
Credits 4
Grading Scheme 4-point scale

Area of Specialization (if applicable) Electronic System Design

CS Computer Science
DBIS Database and Information Systems
NC&E Networking & Communication and
Embedded Systems
SE Software Engineering
Semester Term: I
Academic Year: 2015-16
Pre-Requisites (where applicable, specify exact course names)

An undergraduate course in basic electric circuits

Course Description
This introductory course aims to provide the necessarily background to give the students the
ability to understand, analyze and design CMOS analog circuits in VLSI-based embedded

The main aim of the course will be to learn how to analyze and build CMOS amplifiers that
are the building blocks of almost all VLSI mixed-signal systems. At every stage of the
course the students are expected to design, on paper as well as simulation, the circuits
discussed in the class. An important aspect of the course will be projects in which the
students are expected to design various types of amplifiers.

This course will be useful for those interested in analog and mixed-signal VLSI design, and
in embedded mixed-signal hardware. The course is a pre-requisite for Mixed-signal VLSI
design, and RF CMOS Circuit Design.

Course Content
1. MOS Transistor: Physics and models
2. Single-stage Amplifiers
3. Differential Amplifiers
4. Current Mirrors
5. Frequency response of amplifiers
6. Operational amplifiers
7. Stability and frequency compensation of amplifiers
In-semester tests (5): 50%
Spice projects (3): 20%
Creative assignment (1): 10%
Final exam: 20%

Text Book / References

Text book: B. Razavi, Design of analog CMOS integrated circuits.
CMOS: Design, Layout and Simulation, by Baker, Boyce and Li
Analog Integrated Circuit Design, by Johns and Martin
CMOS Analog Circuit Design, by Allen and Holberg
Prep Term: July; Term I: Aug Nov; Term II: Jan Apr; Term III: Jun July;