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Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

IHS is the leading provider of technical standards, codes, government/military standards and
specifications, and related documents. The collections listed here are available for subscription or
can be purchased from the IHS Standards Store or require a call for quote.
IHS Standards Expert provides immediate access to more than 1.6 million standards and other
documents from over 370 standards developing organizations (SDOs) and industry leaders
worldwide. In addition, there are over 350,000 U.S. military standardization documents, all in full-
text PDF format, and available via the Internet on PCs, Laptops or enabled mobile devices.
Key capabilities of IHS Standards Expert include:
Robust Searching: 24/7 global access, intuitive search, filtering options, and full-text
Personalized Data: Create favorites, save searches, set custom lists.
Automatic Monitoring: Set alerts and remain up-to-date on changes to the standards that
matter most to you.
Document Management: Link to related documents and integrate internal documents.
Project Management: Collaborate and share access to common standards with
geographically dispersed teams.
Multi-language Interface and Search: Now available in Chinese (Mandarin or
Simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Latin
American), Russian, Spanish (European or Latin American).
Mobile Device Support: users can access the tools in IHS Standards Expert from their
Safari browser on their iPad or iPhone. Note that this is not an "app," and that
iPad/iPhone compatibility does not support access to secure PDF documents that require the
FileOpen plug-in.

Commercial and Corporate Standards AASHTO American Association of State

Highway and Transportation Officials
IHS Standards Expert offers access to
Active & Historical
standards and other documents from the
Handbook Manual
organizations below. This list is subject to
Highway Design
change based on contract changes/revisions,
Load Resistance Factor Design
and should be used as a reference only. For
AASHTO Advantage
specific product offerings, please contact your
AASHTO Custom Block
IHS Account Representative.
A demo of IHS Standards Expert can be AATCC American Association of Textile
provided to demonstrate the full depth of Chemists and Colorists
content available from IHS.
ABMA American Bearing Manufacturers
AA Aluminum Association Association
AAMI Association for the Advancement ABS American Bureau of Shipping
of Medical Instrumentation
ACI American Concrete Institute
Dialysis (w/Active-Historical)
Active Only
Historical Only

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Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

ADS Advancing UK Aerospace Defense Production & Plant Engineering

and Security Industries (formerly SBAC) Marine Engineering, Mining &
Handling & Packaging
AENOR (Non-US Standards Service) Land Transportation
Spanish Association for Standardization
AGA American Gas Association
and Certification
AENOR Collection - Active Operations & Engineering
AENOR Collection - Active w/Historical O&E Measurement
INDIVIDUAL SECTIONS: Policy & Analysis Collection
Engineering Components & Equipment Reports
Production & Plant Engineering
AGMA American Gear Manufacturers
Document & Science
Quality, Management & Metrology
Test, Photography & Precision AHAM Association of Home Appliance
Engineering Manufacturers
Textiles, Cosmetic, Leisure & AHRI Air Conditioning, Heating and
Agriculture Refrigeration Institute
Land Transportation
Medical AIA/NAS Aerospace Industries Association
Safety & Environmental / National Aerospace Standards
Chemical Engineering (Non-Member)
Materials Handling & Packaging (Member)
Marine Engineering, Mining & AIA/NAS Historical Collection (1997
Construction forward)
Aerospace & Data Processing AIA/NAS & 3D Models
Metal Products & Metallurgy (Non-Member)
Wood, Glass, Ceramics, Rubber, (Member)
Plastics, & Other Materials
(See also: Military Specifications and
Food & Drink
Standards Section)
Petroleum Products, Paint, Coatings & AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics
Adhesives and Astronautics
AENOR IEC (Active Historical) AIChE American Institute of Chemical
AENOR ISO (Active/Historical) Engineers

INDIVIDUAL SECTIONS AIIM Association for Information and

Petroleum Products, Paint, Coatings Image Management
& Adhesives AISC American Institute of Steel
Chemical Engineering Construction
Quality, Management, & Metrology ALI American Ladder Institute
Metal Products & Metallurgy AMCA Air Movement Control
Safety & Environmental
Aerospace & Data Processing
Engineering Components & ANS American Nuclear Society
Equipment Historical (1986 Forward)

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Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

ANSI American National Standards MISCELLANEOUS:

Institute Research Reports
Construction Complete Data Sheets Collection
Historical (1986 Forward)
Basic Petroleum Data Book (Current
Electrical and Electronic Only)
General Basic Petroleum Data Book (Active-
Information Systems Historical)
Mechanical Imports & Exports of Crude Oil &
Miscellaneous Petroleum Products (Current Only)
Nuclear Imports & Exports of Crude Oil &
Photography (includes AIIM) Petroleum Products(Active-Historical)
AOCS American Oil Chemists Society Inventories of Natural Gas Liquids &
(Retail Only) Liquefied Refinery Gases(Current Only)
Inventories of Natural Gas Liquids &
API American Petroleum Institute Liquefied Refinery Gases(Active-
Historical (1986 Forward) Historical)
API (ISO) Adopted Standards Sales of Natural Gas Liquids &
INDIVIDUAL SECTIONS: Liquefied Refinery Gases(Current Only)
Sales of Natural Gas Liquids &
Transportation, Marketing, and Safety
Liquefied Refinery Gases (Active-
Exploration and Production
w/Historical Joint Association Survey (Current
Refining Only)
Joint Association Survey (Active-
Environmental and Safety
w/Historical Quarterly Well Completion Report
Inspection Measurement (Current Only)
Quarterly Well Completion Report
Measurement Complete
w/Historical Monthly Statistical Report (Current
MEASUREMENT SECTIONS: Monthly Statistical Report (Active-
Exploration and Production Historical)
w/Historical API Select
Marketing API Select (w/Historical - 1986
w/Historical forward)
Pipeline API Custom Blocks
Marine ARINC Aeronautical Radio, Inc.
w/Historical (Active)
Refining Historical
w/Historical ASA Acoustical Society of America
Gas Processing Plants
ASABE American Society of Agricultural
& Biological Engineers

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Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

ASCE American Society of Civil Section II - Part A: Ferrous

Engineers Material Specifications (Active /
Historical Historical)
ASD-STAN (formerly AECMA - Section II - Part B: Non-Ferrous
European Association of Aerospace Material Specifications (Active
Industries) Only)
Section II - Part B: Non-Ferrous
ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Material Specifications (Active /
Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Historical)
Engineers Complete (Active)
Section II - Part C: Specification
for Welding Rods, Electrodes &
ASME / BPVC ASME Boiler and Filler Material (Active Only)
Pressure Vessel Code Section II - Part C: Specification
ASME / BPVC Advantage for Welding Rods, Electrodes &
Complete with ASME Referenced Filler Material (Active / Historical)
Standards Section II - Part D: Customary
Complete without ASME Referenced (Active Only)
Standards Section II - Part D: Customary
ASME / BPVC Related Press Books (Active / Historical)
ASME DoD Adopted Standards
Section II - Part D: Metric (Active
ASME Pressure Vessels Only)
(Includes II, IID, VIII, Referenced Section II - Part D: Metric (Active /
Standards & Interpretations) Historical)
ASME Non-Nuclear Section III: Rules for Construction of
(Includes I, II, IID, IID M, V, VIII, IX, Nuclear Power Plant Components
X, Code Cases-Boiler & Pressure Active Only
Vessels, Referenced ASME Standards & Active / Historical (1998 Current)
ASME Nuclear
Subsection NCA (Active Only)
(Includes III-V, IX, XI, Code Cases-
Active / Historical
Nuclear, Referenced ASME Standards
Subsection NB (Active Only)
& Interpretations)
Active / Historical
INDIVIDUAL SECTIONS Subsection NC (Active Only)
Section I: Power Boilers Active / Historical
Active Only Subsection ND (Active Only)
Active / Historical (1998 Current) Active / Historical
Section I: Power Boilers (Spanish) Subsection NE (Active Only)
Active / Historical
Section II: Material Specifications
Subsection NF (Active Only)
(Part A-C)
Active / Historical
Active Only
Subsection NG (Active Only)
Active / Historical (1998 Current)
Active / Historical
Section II - Part A: Ferrous
Subsection NH (Active Only)
Material Specifications (Active Active / Historical

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Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

Subsection Appendices (Active Division 3- Rules for Construction

Only) of Pressure Vessels Alternative
Active / Historical Rules for Construction of High
Division 2 - Code for Concrete Pressure Vessels (Active Only)
Reactor Vessels and Containments Active / Historical (1998
(Active Only) Current)
Active / Historical Section IX: Welding & Brazing
Division 3 - Containment Systems Qualificataions
& transport Packaging for Spent Active Only
Nuclear Fuel & High Level Active / Historical (1998 Current)
Radioactive Waste (Active Only)
Active / Historical Section X: Fiberglass Reinforced
Division 5 High Temperature Plastic Pressure Vessels
Reactors (Active Only) Active Only
Active / Historical Active / Historical (1998 Current)
Section XI: Rules for In Service
Section IV: Heating Boilers Inspection of Nuclear Power Plant
Active Only Components
Active / Historical (1998 Current) Active Only
Section V: Nondestructive Active / Historical (1998 Current)
Examination Section XII: Construction/Service
Active Only Transport Tanks
Active / Historical (1998 Current) Active Only
Section VI: Recommended Rules for Active / Historical (1998 Current)
Care of & Operation of Heating Boilers Code Cases:
Active Only Boiler & Pressure Vessels
Active / Historical (1998 Current) (Active Only)
Section VII: Recommended Active / Historical (1998
Guidelines for Care of Power Boilers Current)
Active Only Nuclear Components (Active
Active / Historical (1998 Current) Only)
Section VIII: Pressure Vessels Active / Historical (1998
Active Only Current)
Active / Historical (1998 Current) ASME Boiler & Pressure Interpretations
Division 1 - Rules for Construction ASME Boiler & Pressure Referenced
of Pressure Vessels (Active Only) Standards
Active / Historical (1998
Current) ASME International Historical
1986 Forward (Does not include BPVC)
Division 2- Rules for Construction
ASME Collection
of Pressure Vessels Alternative
Active / Historical (1998 Performance Test Codes
Current) Standards
B18 Fastener Series

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Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

Drawings & Terminology 01.05: Steel - Bars, Forgings,

Drawings Requirements Manual Bearing, Chain, Springs - Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines
ASQ American Society for Quality
01.06: Coated Steel Products -
ASSE/SAFE American Society of Active
Safety Engineers Active w/Historical & Redlines
ASSE/SAN American Society of 01.07: Ships and Marine
Sanitary Engineering Technology - Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines
ASTM International
01.08: Fasteners; Rolling Element
ASTM Collection
Bearings - Active
Historical ASTM International - 1986
Active w/Historical &
DoD Adopted - ASTM
Section 02: Nonferrous Metal
Products (Active)
ASTM Construction
Active w/Historical & Redlines
ASTM General Test Methods
Individual Volumes
ASTM Metals 02.01: Copper and Copper Alloys -
ASTM Miscellaneous Active
ASTM Paint Active w/Historical & Redlines
ASTM Petroleum Products 02.02: Aluminum and Magnesium
Alloys - Active
ASTM Plastics
Active w/Historical & Redlines
ASTM Rubber
02.03: Electrical Conductors
ASTM Transportation Portal Active
ASTM Spanish Translations Active w/Historical & Redlines
INDIVIDUAL VOLUMES 02.04: Nonferrous Metal - Nickel,
Section 01: Iron & Steel Products Cobalt, Led, Tin, Zinc, Cadmium,
(Active) Presious, Reactive, Refractory
Metals & Alloys; Material for
Active w/Historical & Redlines
Thermostats, Electrical Heating &
Individual Volumes Resistance Contacts & Connectors
01.01: Steel - Piping, Tubing, Active w/Historical & Redlines
Fittings - Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines 02.05: Metallic & Inorganic
Coatings; Metal powders & Metal
01.02: Ferrous Casting; Ferroalloys Powder Products Active
- Active Active w/Historical & Redlines
Active w/Historical & Redlines
Section 03: Metals Test Methods &
01.03: Title: Steel - Plate, Sheet,
Analytical Procedures (Active)
Strip, Wire; Stainless Steel Bar -
Active Active w/Historical & Redlines
Active w/Historical & Redlines Individual Volumes
01.04: Steel - Structural, 03.01: Metals - Mechanical
Reinforcing, Pressure Vessel, Testing; Elevated & Low
Railway Active Temperature Tests; Metallography
Active w/Historical & Redlines Active

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Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

Active w/Historical & Redlines Active

03.02: Corrosion of Metals; Wear & Active w/Historical & Redlines
Erosion Active 04.08: Soil and Rock (I): D420 - D
Active w/Historical & Redlines 5876 Active
03.03: Nondestructive Testing - Active w/Historical & Redlines
Active 04.09: Soil and Rock (II): D 5877 -
Active w/Historical & Redlines latest - Active
03.04: Magnetic Properties - Active Active w/Historical & Redlines
Active w/Historical & Redlines 04.10: Wood - Active
03.05: Analytical Chemistry for Active w/Historical & Redlines
Metals, Ores & Related Materials 04.11: Building Constructions (I):
E32-Lastest -Active E72 - E 1670 - Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines Active w/Historical & Redlines
03.06: Molecular Spectroscopy; 04.12: Building Constructions (II):
Surface Analysis Active E 1671 - latest, Sustainability,
Active w/Historical & Redlines
Property Management Systems,
Section 4: Construction (Active) Technology and Underground
Active w/Historical & Redlines Utilities - Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines
Individual Volumes
04.01: Cement, Lime, Gypsum 04.13: Geosynthetics - Active
Active Active w/Historical & Redlines
Active w/Historical & Redlines Section 5: Petroleum Products,
04.02: Concrete and Aggregates - Lubricants, and Fossil Fuels (Active)
Active Active w/Historical & Redlines
Active w/Historical & Redlines
Individual Volumes
04.03: Road and Paving Materials,
05.01: Petroleum Products and
Vehicle-Pavement Systems - Active
Lubricants (I): D 56 - D 3348 -
Active w/Historical & Redlines
04.04: Roofing and Waterproofing Active w/Historical & Redlines
- Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines 05.02: Petroleum Products and
Lubricants (II): D 3427 - D 5763 -
04.05: Chemical-Resistant Non-
metallic materials, Vitrified Clay
Active w/Historical & Redlines
pipe, Concrete Pipe Fiber-
Reinforced Cement Products, 05.03: Petroleum Products and
Mortars and Grouts, Masonry, Lubricants (III): D 5769 - D 6729 -
Precast Concrete - Active Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines Active w/Historical & Redlines
04.06: Thermal Insulation, Building 05.04: Petroleum Products and
and Environmental Acoustics - Lubricants (IV): D 6730 - latest -
Active Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines Active w/Historical & Redlines
04.07: Building Seals and Sealants,
Fire Standards, Dimension Stone -

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Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

05.05: Combustion Characteristics; 5083 - Active

Manufactured Carbon and Graphite Active w/Historical & Redlines
Products: Catalysts - Active 08.03: Plastics (III): D 5117 -
Active w/Historical & Redlines latest - Active
05.06: Gaseous Fuels; Coal and Active w/Historical & Redlines
Coke - Active 08.04: Plastic Pipe and Building
Active w/Historical & Redlines Products - Active
Section 6: Paints, Related Active w/Historical & Redlines
Coatings, and Aromatics (Active)
Active w/Historical & Redlines Section 9: Rubber (Active)
Active w/Historical & Redlines
Individual Volumes
Individual Volumes
06.01: Paint - Tests for Chemical,
09.01: Rubber, Natural and
Physical, and Optical Properties,
Synthetic - General Test Methods;
Appearance - Active
Carbon Black - Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines
Active w/Historical & Redlines
06.02: Paint - Products and
09.02: Rubber Products, Industrial
Applications, Protective Coatings,
- Specifications and Related Test
Pipeline Coatings - Active
Methods; Gaskets; Tires -Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines
Active w/Historical & Redlines
06.03: Plastics (III): Pigments,
Drying Oils, Polymers, Resins, Section 10: Electrical Insulation
Naval Stores, Cellulosic Esters, and and Electronics (Active)
Ink Vehicles - Active Active w/Historical & Redlines
Active w/Historical & Redlines
Individual Volumes
06.04: Solvents, Aromatic
10.01: Electrical Insulation (I): D
Hydrocarbons - Active
69 - D 2484 - Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines
Active w/Historical & Redlines
Section 7: Textiles(Active) 10.02: Electrical Insulation (II): D
Active w/Historical & Redlines 2518 - latest Active
Individual Volumes Active w/Historical & Redlines
07.01: Textiles (I): D 76 - D 4391 10.03: Electrical Insulating Liquids
- Active and Gases; Electrical Protective
Active w/Historical & Redlines Equipment Active
07.02: Textiles (II): D 4393 - Active w/Historical & Redlines
latest - Active 10.04: Declarable Substance in
Active w/Historical & Redlines Material - Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines
Section 8: Plastics (Active)
Active w/Historical & Redlines Section 11: Water and Environmental
Technology (Active)
Individual Volumes
Active w/Historical & Redlines
08.01: Plastics (I): D 256 - D 3159
- Active Individual Volumes
Active w/Historical & Redlines 11.01: Water (I) - Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines
08.02: Plastics (II): D 3222 - D

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 8

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

11.02: Water (II)- Active Section 14: General Methods &

Active w/Historical & Redlines Instrumentation (Active)
11.03: Occupational Health and Active w/Historical & Redlines
Safety; Protective Clothing - Active Individual Volumes
Active w/Historical & Redlines 14.01: Healthcare Informatics -
11.04: Waste Management - Active Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines Active w/Historical & Redlines
11.05: Pesticides; Environmental 14.02: General Test Methods;
Assessment; Hazardous Forensic Psychophysiology;
Substances and Oil Spill Response Forensic Sciences; Terminology;
- Active Conformity Assessment; Statistical
Active w/Historical & Redlines Methods; Forensic Engineering -
11.06: Biological Effects and Active
Environmental Fate; Biotechnology Active w/Historical & Redlines
- Active 14.03: Temperature Measurement
Active w/Historical & Redlines - Active
11.07: Atmospheric Analysis - Active w/Historical & Redlines
Active 14.04: Laboratory Apparatus;
Active w/Historical & Redlines Degradation of Materials; SI;
Section 12: Nuclear, Solar, and Oxygen - Active
Geothermal Energy (Active) Active w/Historical & Redlines
Active w/Historical & Redlines
Section 15: General Products,
Individual Volumes Chemical Specialties & End Use
12.01: Nuclear Energy (I) - Active Products (Active)
Active w/Historical & Redlines Active w/Historical & Redlines
12.02: Nuclear Energy (II), Solar,
Individual Volumes
and Geothermal Energy - Active
15.01: Refractories, Activated
Active w/Historical & Redlines
Carbon; Advanced Ceramics -
Section 13: Medical Devices and Active
Services (Active) Active w/Historical & Redlines
Active w/Historical & Redlines 15.02: Glass; Ceramic Whitewares
Individual Volumes - Active
13.01: Medical & Surgical Materials Active w/Historical & Redlines
& Devices; Anesthetic & 15.03: Space Simulation;
Respiratory Equipment; Aerospace and Aircraft; Composite
Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Materials - Active
Products - Active Active w/Historical & Redlines
Active w/Historical & Redlines
15.04: Soaps and Other
13.02: Emergency Medical Services; Detergents; Polishes; Leather;
Search & Rescue - Active Resilient Floor Coverings - Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines Active w/Historical & Redlines

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 9

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

15.05: Engine Coolants; Journal of ASTM International (JAI)

Halogenated Organic Solvents and Journal of Forensic Sciences (JOFS)
Fire Extinguishing Agents; Journal of Testing and Evaluation
Industrial and Specialty Chemicals (JOTE)
- Active Materials Performance &
Active w/Historical & Redlines Characterization (MPC)
Individual Section 1 -15 as listed
15.06: Adhesives - Active
above under ASTM International
Active w/Historical & Redlines
15.07: Sports Equipment and ATIS Alliance for Telecommunications
Facilities; Pedestrian/Walkway Industry Association - Complete Collection
Safety and Footwear; Amusement ATIS Custom Blocks
Rides and Devices; Snow Skiing -
Active w/Historical & Redlines Emergency Services
15.08: Sensory Evaluation;
Next Generation Networks
Vacuum Cleaners; Security
Quality of Services
Systems & Equipment - Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines
15.09: Paper; Business Imaging AWPA American Wood Protection
Products - Active Association
Active w/Historical & Redlines
AWS American Welding Society
15.10: Packaging; Flexible Barrier Historical AWS (1986 forward)
Packaging - Active Active/Historical Combo Collection
Active w/Historical & Redlines Active/Historical Core Collection
15.11: Consumer Products; Light Active/Historical Lite Collection
Sport Aircraft; Unmanned Aircraft AWS Custom Blocks
Systems; Normal and Utility DoD Adopted AWS
Category Airplane Electrical Wiring DoD Adopted AWS Lite
Systems; Unmanned Maritime
Vehicle Systems (UMVS)- Active AWWA American Water Works
Active w/Historical & Redlines Association Complete (includes Standards
15.12: Livestock, Meat, & Poultry and Manuals)
Evaluation Systems; Food Service
Equipment - Active
Active w/Historical & Redlines Standard Methods for the Examination
of Water and Wastewater, 22nd
ASTM Digital Library 1991 Forward Edition co-published by AWWA,
American Public Health Association
(APHA) and Water Environment
STPs Library
Manuals Library Federation (WEF)
Journals Library B11 B11 Standards (formerly AMT
JOURNAL LIBRARY SECTIONS The Association for Manufacturing
Advances in Civil Engineering (AECM) Technology)
Cement, Concrete & Aggregates (CCA)
Geotechnical Testing Journal (GTJ)

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 10

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

Battelle Battelle MMPDS - Metallic CEN European Committee for

Materials Properties Standardization

BHMA Builders Hardware CENELEC European Committee for

Manufacturers Association Electrotechnical Standardization

BICSI Building Industry Consulting CEPT Conference Europeanne des

Service International - Manuals & Administrations des Postes et des
Standards Collection Telecommunications
BOCA Building Officials & Code CFR Code of Federal Regulations
Administrators International, Inc. Title 14 Aeronautics and Space
British Defense Standards (see MOD UK) Title 21 Chapter I Food and Drugs
Title 21 Food and Drugs
BSI British Standards Institution Title 29 Labor
(Active & Historical) Title 40 Protection of Environment
Title 49 Transportation
Historical) CGA/Canada Canadian Gas
Chemicals and Additives Association (Retail only)
Civil Engineering and Building CGA/Gas Compressed Gas Association
Documentation and Quality Assurance
Domestic, Office and Institutional CGSB Canadian General Standards
Electronic Components of Assessed Board
Electronics and Aerospace Building Materials
Engineering Components and Food
Equipment French Edition
Health and Safety Furniture
Materials Miscellaneous
Metrology, Packaging and Print Paper, Printing and Office Supplies
Process and Heavy Engineering Petroleum, Chemicals and Solid Fuels
Production and Plant Textiles and Clothing
Tools, Manufacturing and Testing
BSI 25
Set of 25 BSI Standards segment CIE International Commission on
offerings. Active/Historical segments Illumination
provide standards that can be used for
CLSI Clinical and Laboratory Standards
the classification of materials,
manufacturing and supply of products,
testing and analysis, terminology CSA CSA Group (English & French)
normalization, and provision of CSA (French Only)
services. CSA Historical
CAA Civil Aviation Authority (UK) INDIVIDUAL SECTIONS (English &
CEA Consumer Electronics Association - French)
Active with Historical Business & Environmental
Management Systems
CEI Comitato Elettrotecnico Italiano - Communications / Information
Active plus Historical (2009 forward) Construction

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 11

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

Electrical / Electronic INDIVIDUAL SECTIONS not part of DIN

Energy Complete:
Life Sciences VDI - Guidelines of the Association of
Natural Gas Engineers
LN - German Aircraft and Aerospace
CSA America Gas Equipment Standards
CSA America Historical Collection DVS - Guidelines of the German
(1986 forward) Society for Welding & Allied Process
VG - Standards of the Federal Office of
CSI Construction Specifications
Defense Technology & Procurement
WL - German Material Performance
2004 Version (2010 Version not included)
CTI Cooling Technology Institute
DNV Det Norske Veritas (Offshore
DIN Deutsches Institut fr Normung
Service Specifications, Offshore
e.V (German and English Languages
Standards, Recommended Practices)
Available as Active or Active/Historical)
INDIVIDUAL SECTIONS DS Danish Standards Complete
Agriculture, Food Technology, Active
Housekeeping Historical
Aircraft and Space Vehicle Engineering DS Custom Blocks
Chemical Engineering Mining, Paint EUDIRECTIVES PACKAGES
Construction, Civil Engineering DS EN Atex Explosive Atomsphere
Electrical Engineering DS EN Construction Products
Electronics DS EN Explosives For Civil Use
Environment Health Protection, Safety DS EN Machinery Safety
Fluid Systems and Components DS EN Simple Pressure Vessels
Information Technology/Office DS EN Personal Protective
Equipment Equipment
Machine Tools Automation DS EN Pressure Equipment
Mechanical Systems and Components
Metallurgy Term, Org & Mgmt, Trans
Metrology and Measurement, Testing, (ICS Class: DS01, DS03)
Energy, Image Technology Health Tech, Math & Sci
Natural Sciences, Health Care (ICS Class: DS07, DS11)
Technology Enviro, Health & Safety (ICS Class:
Packaging, Textile and Leather, DS13)
Clothing Measure & Testing
Paper Industries, Ceramics and Glass (ICS Class: DS17, DS19)
Standardization, Terminology, Quality Mech Sys & Comp, Prec
Documentation (ICS Class: DS21, DS39)
Telecommunications Fluid Systems & Comp (ICS Class:
Vehicle Engineering, Materials DS23)
Handling Manufacturing Eng (ICS Class: DS25)
Welding, Surface Treatment Energy & Heat Trans Eng
(ICS Class: DS27)

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 12

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

Electrical Eng (ICS Class: DS29) Aircraft Noise

Electronics (ICS Class: DS31) Composites
Image Tech, Telecom (ICS Class: Dynamics
DS33, DS35, DS37) Fatigue
Road Veh & Rail Eng Fluid Mechanics
(ICS Class: DS43, DS45) Heat Transfer
Aircraft Veh, Marine Struct (ICS Class: Mechanisms
DS47, DS49) Performance
Matl Handl, Pack & Dist Physical Data - (Chemical Engineering)
(ICS Class: DS53, DS55) Stress and Strength
Text, Cloth & Leather Structures
(ICS Class: DS59, DS61) Transonic Aerodynamics
Ag & Food Tech (ICS Class: DS65, Tribology
DS67) Vibration and Acoustic Fatigue
Chem Tech & Mil Eng Wind Engineering
(ICS Class: DS71, DS95)
ESDU Packages
Min, Petro & Related Tech
Aerodynamics Design
(ICS Class: DS73, DS75)
Metallurgy (ICS Class: DS77)
Wood, Glass, Cer, Rub, Plas Ind
(ICS Class: DS79, DS81, DS83, DS85)
Nuclear Engineering
Paint & Color Inds (ICS Class: DS87)
Process Engineering Technology
Const Mats, Civil Eng
Structures Design
(ICS Class: DS91, DS93)
Dom & Comml Equip (ICS Class: Aerospace Materials Data
DS97) MMDH - Metallic Materials Data
ECIA Electronic Components Industry
MMPDS - Metallic Materials Properties
Association (Active with Historical)
Development and Standardization
ECMA International (Retail only)
Engineering Reference Materials
EEMUA Engineering Equipment & Bruhn: Analysis and Design of Flight
Material Users Association Vehicle Structures
NACA Collection
EIA Electronic Industries Alliance
NASA Collection
Active with Historical (1986 forward)
SAE Technical Papers
DoD Adopted EIA
EI Energy Institute (formerly IP)
ETSI European Telecommunications
ESD Electrostatic Discharge Association Standards Institute
(Active Collection)
Eurocode (Dansk)
Historical Collection
EUROFILE European Harmonized
ESDU Complete includes validated
Standards Service
aerostructural, mechanical, and process
engineering data, design methods and INDIVIDUAL SECTIONS
software for: Administration/Test & Measurement
Aerodynamics Construction & Civil Engineering

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 13

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

Electrical & Electronics FAA Federal Aviation Administration

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (Includes FARs & CFR Content)
Electrical Telecommunications, IT, Complete
Transportation & Aerospace Specifications and Standards
Miscellaneous Orders
Process & Manufacturing FCI Fluid Controls Institute
Telecommunications FM Approvals
EUROCAE European Organization for FSF Flight Safety Foundation
Civil Aviation Equipment GA Gypsum Association
GEIA Government Electronics &
Information Technology Association
(Danish Standards Adopted EN
GOST Gosudarstvennye Standarty
State Standards Complete (Russian and
Automotive & Rail Engineering Agriculture & Food Technology
Building Installations & Civil Aircraft & Space Vehicles, Shipbuilding
Engineering & Marine Structures
Buildings & Structures Chemical Technology
Chemicals, Coatings and Food & Construction Materials Building, Civil
Drink Engineering
Clothing, Textiles, Domestic and Domestic & Commercial Equipment
Institutional Equipment Electrical Engineering
Communications Engineering Electronics
Energy & Heat Transfer Engineering
Documentation, Metrology, Test, QA
Environment, Health & Safety
& Precisions Industries
Fluid Systems & Components
Electronic Components Healthcare Technology, Math &
Engineering Components & Equip Science
Health & Safety and Environmental Information & Image Technology,
Protection Telecommunications
Information Technology Equipment Manufacturing Engineering
And Systems Material Handling, Packaging &
Medical Distribution
Metallurgy Measurement & Testing
Process Engineering, Marine Mechanical Systems & Components
Engineering and Packaging & Metallurgy
Mining & Minerals
Non-metal Materials
Process Plant & Equipment
Paint & Color Industries
Production Equipment & Plant Petroleum & Related Technologies
Rubber, Plastics & Other Materials Road Vehicle & Railway Engineering
Miscellaneous/Legislative Documents Terminology & Standardization,
Draft Publications & Standards Organization & Management,
Historical Documents Transportation
Textiles, Clothing & Leather
European Computer and
Communications Documents GPA Gas Processors Association

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 14

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

HI Hydraulics Institute, Inc. (Active Commentaries

with Historical)
ICEA Insulated Cable Engineers
HPS Health Physics Society Association
IAPMO International Association of Complete
Plumbing and Mechanicals Officials Communications Division (Active or
Collection Active / Historical)
2003 (Plumbing, Mechanical & Solar Energy Division (Active or Active /
Energy) Historical)
2006 (Plumbing, Mechanical & Solar IEC International Electrotechnical
Energy) Commission
2006 Swimming Pool, Spa & Hot Tub Historical (1986 Forward)
Code Academic Historical
2007/2008/2011 California, City Of LA,
County of LA - Plumbing and
Mechanical & Amendments
Aerospace & Defense
2009 (Plumbing, Mechanical & Solar
Energy) Appliances (Electrical and Electronic)
2009 Swimming Pool, Spa & Hot Tub Automotive
Code Industrial Automation
2012 (Plumbing, Mechanical & Solar Information Tech, Audio, Video, and
Energy) Multimedia (ITAVM)
2012 Swimming Pool, Spa & Hot Tub Medical Equipment & Systems
Code Petrochemical
Power & Utilities
ICAO International Civil Aviation
ICAO Essential
IEC Documents Databases:
ICAO Annexes Plus
60617 Act
ICAO Manuals, Procedures & Guidance
Legal, Assembly & Council 60417 Act
60061 Act
ICBO International Conference of IEEE Institute of Electrical and
Building Officials Electronics Engineers (Active)
ICC International Code Council - Historical - 1986 Forward
International Building Codes Active / Historical
2000 ICC I-CODES (Includes ICC 1997 DoD Adopted IEEE
2003 ICC I-CODES Applications Active
2006 ICC I-CODES Active Collection Applications Active / Historical
2006 ICC I-CODES With Communications Active
Commentaries Communications Active /
2009 ICC I-CODES Active Collection Historical
2009 ICC I-CODES With Computers and Electronics Active
Commentaries Computers and Electronics Active
2012 ICC I-CODES Active Collection / Historical
2012 ICC I-CODES With Computers and Electronics Active
Commentaries Computers and Electronics Active
2015 ICC I-CODES Active Collection / Historical
2009, 2012, 2015 ICC I-CODES With

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 15

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

Electromagnetic Compatibility Active Electronic Assembly (Non-Member)

Electromagnetic Compatibility General (Member)
Active / Historical General (Non-Member)
Foundation for Smart Grid Active Design (Member)
Foundation for Smart Grid Active Design (Non-Member)
/ Historical Historical (Member)
Instruments / Terminology Active Historical (Non-Member)
Instruments / Terminology Active Complete Active and Historical
/ Historical (Member)
Complete Active and Historical (Non-
Nuclear Engineering Active
Nuclear Engineering Active /
ISA Instrumentation, Systems &
Automation Society (Active & Historical)
Power Protective Relaying Active
Power Protective Relaying Active
Active with ISA TR20.00.01 Forms
/ Historical TR20.00.01 with Forms
Power Transforms (Distribution & ISEA International Safety Equipment
Regulating) Active Association
Power Transforms (Distribution &
ISO International Organization for
Regulating) Active / Historical
Power Switchgear Circuits & Fuses
Active Academic
Power Switchgear Circuits & Fuses Aerospace & Data Processing
Active / Historical
Power Transmissions & Distribution Aerospace/Fuels/Energy/Transp
Active ortation
Power Transmissions & Distribution Chemical Engineering
Active / Historical Chemicals

IESNA Illuminating Engineering Society Chemistry/Coatings/Constructio
of North America n/Metals
IEST Institute of Environmental Documentation & Science
Sciences and Technology DoD Adopted ISO
Engineering Components & Equip
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force Food & Drink
IMO International Maritime Information/Image Technology
Organization ISO/IEC Information Technology
INCITS International Committee for Land Transportation
Information Technology Standards Marine Engineering, Mining &
INFCM - InfoCOMM AV Standards Construction
Material Handling & Packaging
IPC Association Connecting Electronic Mechanical/Machinery
Industries Medical
Member Medical/Consumer Goods
Non-Member Metal Products & Metallurgy
Printed Circuit Boards (Member) Petroleum Products, Paints, Coatings &
Printed Circuit Boards (Non-Member) Adhesives
Electronic Assembly (Member) Production & Plant Engineering

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 16

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

Quality Mgmt. & Metrology MSS Manufacturers Standardization

Quality/Measurements/Safety/ Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry
Testing/Environment Active with Historical
Safety & Environmental
NACE International
Test, Photographic & Precision
Engineering NBBI National Board of Boiler and
Textiles, Domestic, Leisure & Pressure Vessel Inspectors
Agriculture National Board Inspectors Code (Most
Current Version)
ITI Information Technology Industry
National Board Inspectors Code (Active
Council (Retail only)
/ Historical Collection)
ITU International Telecommunications National Board Inspector Code in HTML
Union w/Advanced Features
ITU-R Radio Communication Sector NCSA National Code Services
ITU-T Telecommunication Sector Association California Fire Code
JAA Joint Aviation Authorities NCSL National Conference of Standards
Historical JAA Requirement Labs (Retail only)
JEDEC Solid State Technology NECA National Electrical Contractors
Association Association
Active with Historical (1986 forward)
NEMA Historical National Electrical
JSA Japanese Standards Association
Manufacturers Association (1986 Forward)
Active/Historical w/Redlines
Electrical/Electronic NETA International Electrical Testing
Fluid Systems/Fasteners/Heat Transfer Association (Active/Historical)
Instruments Active Only
Metallic Materials Network Rail Company Standards
Miscellaneous Historical
Nonmetallic Materials
Power Transmissions and Hardware NFPA / Fire National Fire Protection
Production Equipment and Services Association Complete
Active / Historical w/Redlines
JSAE Society of Automotive Engineers Historical Collection (1986 forward)
of Japan (English) Fire Codes
JTC1 ISO/IEC Information Technology Active / Historical w/Redlines
Documents Handbooks
Active / Historical w/Redlines
MPI Master Painters Institute
MPIF Metal Powder Industries NFPA / Fluid National Fluid Power
Federation Association
INDIVIDUAL SEGMENTS NFRC National Fenestration Rating
Standards Test Methods Council Inc.
Self-Lubricating Bearings
Structural Parts NIBS/NCS National Institute of
Injection Molded Parts Building Sciences / National CAD Standard
Steel Parts NISO National Information Standards

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 17

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

NRC National Research Council Canada Piping Engineering

2010 Canadian Construction Codes - Pipe Support Details
Complete Process Control
2005 Canadian Construction Codes - Piping
Complete (includes PIP08, PIP09, PIP10, PIP11)
2010 & 2005 Canadian Construction Piping & Instrumentation Diagram
Codes - Complete Documentation
Alberta Building & Fire Code 2006 Refractory
Quebec Construction (2008) & Valve Descriptions
Plumbing (2009) Codes Vessel
NRC French-language Documents
PPI Plastics Pipe Institute Inc.
2005 Canadian Construction Codes -
Complete PTI Post-Tensioning Institute
2010 Canadian Construction Codes -
RTCA Radio Technical Commission for
Aeronautics (Non-Member
2010 & 2005 Canadian Construction
Codes - Complete
RTCA (Non-Member Active Only)
Quebec Construction (2008) &
RTCA (Member Active/Historical)
Plumbing (2009) Codes
RTCA (Member Active Only)
NSF International
RWMA Resistance Welder
PAPTAC Pulp and Paper Technical
Manufacturers Association (Retail only)
Association of Canada
SA Standards Australia (Retail only)
Petrochemical Referenced Standards
Petrochemical Active/Historical SAE International
Referenced Standards SAE Historical - Aerospace Standards
(AS & AMS)
Petrochemical Active/Historical
Referenced Standards (without ASME SAE Historical - Ground Vehicle "J"
BPVC) Reports
Petrochemical AWS Referenced SAE - AMS, AS, GV & Manuals
Standards Collection
Petrochemical Active/Historical SAE Aerospace Materials Specifications
Referenced SAE Standards (AMS)
Petrochemical Active/Historical SAE Aerospace Standards (AS)
Referenced UL Standards SAE DoD Adopted
PFI Pipe Fabrication Institute SAE Ground Vehicle Standards (J"
PIA Parachute Industry Association
SAE Manuals
PIP Process Industries Practices SAE Technical Reports
SAE Custom Blocks
(AS/AMS/ARP/AIR Standards)
Coatings SAIA Scaffold & Access Industry
Electrical Association
SBCCI Southern Building Code Conference
International Codes
1997 International Codes
Piping Material Specifications

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 18

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

1999 International Codes TIA Complete (Active Only)

Telecommunication Engineers (Retail only) TR-8: Mobile and Personal Radio Point-
To-Point Communications Systems
SES Standards Engineering Society
SMACNA Sheet Metal and Air TR-8 Active Only)
Conditioning Contractors National
TR-14: Point-to-Point Communications
Association, Inc.
Systems (Active/Historical)
SMPTE Society of Motion Picture and TR-14 Active Only)
Television Engineers TR-30: Multi-Media Access, Protocols
SN Standards Norway (Retail only) and Interfaces (Active/Historical)
TR-30 Active Only)
SNV Swiss National Standards -
TR-34: Satellite Equipment & Systems
Buildings & Installations
TR-41: User Premises
Chemicals & Additives
Telecommunication Requirements
Civil & Transport Engineering
Documentation, Metrology, Test, QA &
TR-41 Active Only)
Precision Industries
Electronics & Aerospace TR-42: Telecommunications Cabling
Engineering Components, Tools & Systems (Active/Historical)
Production Equipment TR-42 Active Only)
Health & Safety and Medical TR-45: Mobile and Personal
Materials Communications Systems
Packaging, Domestic & Misc. Industries (Active/Historical)
Process Engineering TR-45 Active Only)
SNZ Standards New Zealand - TR-47: Terrestrial Mobile Multimedia
Complete Multicast (Active/Historical)
Building & Civil Engineering
TIA 102 Series: Land Mobile
Electric & Electronic
Communication Radio Standards
General & Materials
(APCO Project 25) (Active/Historical)
Mechanical & Transportation
TIA-102 Active Only)
Information Technology,
Telecommunications & Radio UL Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
Collection (w/Directories
SSPC Society for Protective Coatings
UL Historical (1997 forward)
State Building Codes UL & UL/IEC Collection (w/Directories)
CABC - California
FLBDG Florida
OHIBC - Ohio
UL - Electrical
NYSBC - New York
UL - Non-electrical
TAPPI The American Pulp & Paper UL & UL/IEC - Electrical
Institute DoD Adopted UL
TIA Telecommunications Industry
Association Complete (Active/Historical -
1986 forward)

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 19

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards


SEGMENTS API Select Complete w/Historical
2005 Canadian Fire Code Collection Contains over 250 of the most active and
2010 Canadian Fire Code Collection used API documents including manuals
2005/2010 Canadian Fire Code (Manual of Petroleum Measurement
Collection Standards), specifications, recommended
2005 Canadian Building Code practices, bulletins, standards and other
Collection publications used within the Petrochemical
2010 Canadian Building Code industry.
Petrochemical Standards Collection
2005/2010 Canadian Building Code
Approximately 1,700 documents from 30
SDOs including ASTM, ASME, ASME Boiler
2005/2010 Canadian Building & Fire
Pressure Vessel Code, API, NFPA, NACE,
Code Collection
MSS, IEEE, and many others.
UNI Italian National Standards (Retail
Utilities Standards Collection
Approximately 1,100 documents from 20
UOP Universal Oil Products - SDOs including ACI, API, ASHRAE, ASTM,
Laboratory Test Methods for Petroleum & ASME, IEEE, NFPA, NEMA, and several
Its Products others.
VDE German Association for Electrical,
Electronic and Information Technologies MILITARY SPECIFICATIONS AND
(Active/Historical) STANDARDS
Group 0+1 Basic Safety Asects & Army Documents Complete
Power Installations Army Documents Regulations
Group 2 Energy Conductors Army Documents - Pamphlets
Group 3 Insulating Materials
Group 4 Measuring, Control, Testing DoD Directives Active & Historical
Group 5 Machines, Converters DoD Standardization Service
Group 6 Electrical Accessories, Complete
Switchgear Light (Renewals Only)
Group 7 Electrical Appliances & Basic (Renewals Only)
Equipment Essential (Renewals Only)
Group 8 Information Technology
Group 08 Complete
DS2 Assemblies
Construction Industry DS4 General
Electrical Engineering Industry DS5 Mechanical
Electrical Installation of Buildings DS6 Procedures
Electrical Installations and Equipment Historical Complete
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Historical 1990 forward
Functional Safety
DoD Adopted Industry Standards
Medical Equipment
Collection #1 (Excludes AWS, IEEE &
Power Supply Companies
Protection in Areas Potentially
Collection #2 (Excludes AWS, CSA
Endangered by Explosive Material
America, IEEE, IPC & SAE)
Specialist in Information Technology

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 20

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

Supplemental #1 NIDS/DODDS Combination

Supplemental #2
DoD Adopted - AIA/NAS (Member) Delphi Interior Systems Collection
DoD Adopted - AIA/NAS (Non- Historical Collection
DoD Adopted - ASTM Bulk Chemicals
DoD Adopted - ASME Coatings
DoD Adopted - AWS Fasteners
DoD Adopted - AWS Lite Metals & Finishes
DoD Adopted - EIA Plastics & Textiles
Test Methods
DoD Adopted - IEEE
DoD Adopted - IPC
FMVSS Federal Motor Vehicle Safety
DoD Adopted - ISO
DoD Adopted - SAE
FORD Master Collection
FAA Federal Aviation Administration FORD Historical Collection
FAA Complete FORD - Engineering CAD & Drafting
(Specifications/Standards & Orders) Standards
FAA Orders FORD - Engineering Material
FAA Specifications/Standards Specifications Collection
FCR Federal Construction Regulations FORD - Lab Test Methods Collection
FORD Approved Source List
MOD UK Defense Specifications FORD Global Manufacturing Standards
Complete FORD Non-Production Material
Defense Standards Current Standards
Defense Specifications FORD Worldwide Fasteners Standards
Defense Contract Quality Assurance Handbook
(DEFCON/QA) FORD Guidelines
Aviation Publication and Specifications FORD NAAO Standards Parts (NSP)
(AVP) FORD Engineering Material
Specifications & Lab Test Methods
NASA Documents
Ford Approved Source List Collection
NAVAL Instructions & Directives FORD ASL - Metals/Electrical (Vol. 1,
Complete (w/Active & Historical) 2, 17)
FORD ASL Chemicals/Petroleum
AIA/NAS plus Military Specs & Stds FORD ASL Plastics/Elastomers (Vol. 5,
Essential 6, 7)
AIA/NAS plus Military Drawings FORD ASL Textiles/Leather/Paper (Vol.
8, 9, 13, 14)
DoD Standardization Service w/NIDS FORD ASL Non-Metallics (Vol. 10, 11,
& DODDS 12)
Drawing Requirements Manual FORD ASL Paints (Vol. 15, 16)
FORD ASL Performance Specifications
H-Series Handbooks (H2, H4/H8, H6) (Vol. 18, 19)

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 21

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

FORD Engineering Material HVAC & Thermal (GMW & GMNA)

Specifications Collection Interiors (GMW)
Metals/Electrical (Vol. 1, 2, 17) Noise &Vibrations (GMW)
Chemical/Petroleum Products (Vol. 3, Noise &Vibrations (GMW & GMNA)
4) Powertrain (GMNA)
Plastics/Elastomers (Vol. 5, 6, 7) (GMW Powertrain Standards
Textiles/Leather/Paper (Vol. 8, 9, 13, available only in the GMW & GMNA
14) Vehicle Specs & Processes
Non-Metallics (Vol. 10, 11, 12) Standards Collection
Paints (Vol. 15, 16) GMW - Engineering Materials Specs &
Performance Specifications (Vol. 18, Processes Standards
GMW & GMNA - Engineering Materials
FORD Laboratory Test Methods Specs & Processes Standards
Lab Test Methods Chemical (Vol. 1) Adhesives (GMW & GMNA)
Lab Test Methods Physical (Vol. 2, 3, Fuels & Lubes (GMW)
4, 5) Fuels & Lubes (GMW & GMNA)
Lab Test Methods Physical (Vol. 6, 7, Metals (GMW)
8) Metals (GMW & GMNA)
Paints & Coatings (GMW)
GM COLLECTIONS Paints & Coatings (GMW & GMNA)
GM Worldwide (GMW) Engineering Plastics, Rubbers & Elastomers
Standards (Engineering Vehicle & (GMW)
Materials) Plastics, Rubbers & Elastomers
GMW & GMNA (GM North America) - (GMW & GMNA)
Historical Collection Textiles (GMW)
Textiles (GMW & GMNA)
GMW & GMNA Engineering Standards
North Americas 998s Regional
(Engineering Vehicle & Materials)
Material Specifications (GMW)
GMW Engineering Vehicle Specs &
Process Collection GMSA GM South America Collection
GMW & GMNA Engineering Vehicle GMSA Historical Collection
Specs & Process Collection GMSA - Engineering Material
SECTION COLLECTIONS Specifications Collection
Body Structures & Closures (GMW) GMSA - Electrochemical, Metallurgical,
Body Structures & Closures (GMW Paint (Groups EQ, ME, TI)
& GMNA) GMSA - Elastomers, Fuels & Lubricants
Chassis (GMW) (Groups CL, EL)
Chassis (GMW & GMNA)
GMSA - Sealers & Adhesives (GROUP
Electrical (GMW)
Electrical (GMW & GMNA)
Exteriors (GMW) GMSA - Polymers, Foams & Textiles
Exteriors (GMW & GMNA) (GROUP PE)
Fasteners (GMW) GMSA - Laboratory Test Methods
Fasteners (GMW & GMNA) Collection
HVAC & Thermal (GMW)

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 22

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

INDIVIDUAL SECTIONS GME Test Specifications for Parts

Test Methods Mechanical and Aggregates
Components Development, GME and GMI General
Electrochemical, Metallurgical, Specifications
Chemical & Paint
GME Test Methods Collection
(Groups DM, EQ, ME, QG, TI)
GME Test Specifications and
Test Methods Fuels & Lubricants, & Test Methods
Powertrain (Groups CL, LM) GME and GMI Test Methods
Test Methods Sealers & Adhesives; GME Laboratory Test Procedures (LTP)
Elastomers, Polymers, Foams & Collection
Textiles (Groups AI, EL, PE) GME and GMI LTP - Body and
Road Test Procedures Collection Electric
Road Test Durability (Group GME LTP - Powertrain
DU) GME Road Test Procedures (RTP)
Road Test Evaluation (Group Collection
AV) GME and GMI RTP General, Body
Road Test Chassis & Powertrain and Electric
GME and GMI RTP Chassis
(Groups AR, CR, FR, MC, MT,
GME and GMI RTP - Powertrain
Road Test General (Groups AB, GME ME Paint and Corrosion Protection
LC, DV, RG, DP/VA, SV) Indirect Material Specifications - Book
of B Numbers Collection
GM Europe (GME) Engineering Material
Specifications Collection
GME Fuels and Lubricants B
GME Historical Collection Number
INDIVIDUAL SECTIONS GME Materials for Body and Paint
GME Metals Shop and Assembly - B Number
GME Nonmetallic Material
GME Cleaning and Corrosion
GME Miscellaneous Materials
Preventing Agents B Number
GME Plastics 1 (Styrenic Materials;
Miscellaneous) GME Chemicals B Number
GME Plastics 2 (Polyamides, GME Miscellaneous B Number
Polyolefins) GME ME Paint and Corrosion Protection
GME Plastics (Polyurethanes and Direct Material Specifications - Book of
Elastomers) L Numbers Collection
GME Materials of Body Equipment
(Leathers; Vauxhall Specific; Airbag) GME Corrosion Preventative and
GME Materials of Body Equipment Shipping Protection L Number
(Deadeners, Insulation, Foam) GME Materials for Body and Paint
GME Materials of Body Equipment Shop and Assembly - L Number
(Foils, Carpet) GME Miscellaneous L Number
GME Materials of Body Equipment
(Fabrics, General) GM Korea Complete - Active & Historical
GME Materials of Body Equipment GM Korea Historical Collection
GM Korea Collection
GME Systems and Component Test
Specifications Collection

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 23

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards


GM Korea Engineering - General Isuzu Adhesive/Sealer
Specification & Miscellaneous Isuzu Coating
GM Korea Engineering - Materials Isuzu Fuels/Lubricants & Coolant
Specifications Isuzu Metal
GM Korea Engineering - Test Isuzu Miscellaneous
Methods Isuzu Plastics & Rubbers
GM Korea Engineering - Test Isuzu General Collection
Procedures Isuzu General (Section A, B, E, &
HOLDEN COLLECTION Isuzu General (Section H & K)
Holden Standards Collection
Isuzu Engineering Standards - Parts
Historical Collection
Section Collection
Holden Additives & Special
Isuzu Parts
(Section A, B, F, G, H, & R)
Holden - Adhesives & Cements
Isuzu Parts (Section C)
Holden - Component Specifications -
Isuzu Parts (Section D & E)
Isuzu - Engineering Standards
Holden - Component Specifications -
Parts (Section J)
Isuzu Parts (Section S, T & V)
Holden - Corrosion & Rust
Isuzu Engineering Procedures
Holden - Dyes, Inks & Special Primers
Navistar (Formerly International
Holden - Elastomers
Truck and Engine Corporation)
Holden - Fabrics & Sheeting
Holden - Finish Specifications
Holden - Foam Plastics & Rubber AVIATION
Holden - Fuels IHS Standards Expert plus AV-DATA
Holden - Gasket Materials & Coatings AV-DATA Package (includes ICAO
Holden - Lubricants content)
Holden - Miscellaneous
EASA European Aviation Safety
Holden - Molding Compounds,
Extrusions & Components-Plastic
Holden - Non Ferrous Alloys EuroCAE European Organization for
Holden - Paint Civil Aviation Equipment
Holden - Performance Specifications FAA Federal Aviation Administration
Holden - Sealers & Caulking (Includes FARs & CFR)
Compounds FSF Flight Safety Foundation
Holden - Steel & Cast Irons
ICAO Essential International Civil
Holden - Tapes, Labels & Transfers
Aviation Organization (Includes
Holden - Test Methods
Annexes Plus, Manuals, Procedures &
Guidance, and Historical)
Isuzu Engineering Standards ICAO Annexes Plus
Collection ICAO Documents 8585 + 7910
Isuzu Historical Collection (Individual Subscription)
Isuzu - Materials and Test Methods

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 24

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

ICAO Documents 8585 + 7910 BSI British Standards Institution

(Add-On to other ICAO CGSB Canadian General Standards
Subscription) Board
ICAO Legal, Assemby & Council CSA Canadian Standards
ICAO Manuals, Procedures & Association
Guidance DIN Deutsches Institut fr Normung
Transport Canada ICBO International Conference of
Building Officials
AV-DATA United Kingdom Civil
ICC International Code Council
Aviation Authority
IESNA Illuminating Engineering
AV-DATA Historical - Joint Society of North America
Aviation Regulations
ISO International Organization for
CONSTRUCTION Standardization
AEC Referenced Standards NACE International
AEC Referenced Standards NEMA National Electrical
(Excludes ASTM) Manufacturers Association
AEC Referenced Standards
NFPA National Fire Protection
(Excludes AWS & CSA)
Construction Codes and Standards from RWMA Resistance Welder
U.S. and International Organizations Manufacturers Association
SBCCI Southern Building Code
AASHTO American Association of
Congress International
State Highway and Transportation
Officials SSPC Society for Protective
ACI Americans Concrete Institute
ANSI American National Standards European Computer and Communications
Institute Documents (CEPT Conference of
API American Petroleum Institute European Postal and Telecommunications;
AHRI Air-Conditioning, Heating, and ETSI European Telecommunications
Refrigeration Institute Standards Institute; Ecma International)
ASCE American Society of Civil ETSI European Telecommunications
Engineers Standards Institute
ASHRAE American Society of Telecom Worldwide Standards Collection
Heating, Refrigerating and Air TIA Wiring Standards Collection
Conditioning Engineers DCWC Data Center and Wiring
ASME International Standards
ASSE American Society of Sanitary Mobile/Wireless Standards
Engineering International / European Computer &
ASTM International Communications Document Service
AWS American Welding Society (Includes ITU, ISO/IEC/JTC1, ECMA, CEPT
BOCA Building Officials & Code
Administrators International, Inc. Premises Wiring and Safety Standards

2016 IHS Markit Confidential 25

Tech Spec
Standards Collections
Engineering Specifications, Codes and Standards

MEDICAL MedicalStandards General, Active

ASTM International Section 13: Medical Implantable & In Vitro Diagnostic (BSI
Devices & Services EN, BSI/EN/ISO)
Medical Standards Library ASTM Active AAMI Association for the
& Historical Advancement of Medical
Medical Standards Library ASTM Instrumentation Collection
AAMI Biological
Medical Standards Library IEC Active & AAMI Dialysis
Historical AAMI Sterilization
Medical Standards Library IEC Active
Medical Industry European (EU) Directives
MedicalStandards General (BSI EN,
MedicalStandards Active Implantable
MedicalStandards In Vitro Diagnostic
MedicalStandards Active Implantable
& In Vitro Diagnostic (BSI EN,

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