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NAME : Rani Farida Sundani

NPM : A2B015042

ICT : Scrabble Games for Teaching Vacabulary Matery

Scrabble is a game that counts on the users vocabulary mastery and tactical moving
in order to collect highest score at the end of the game. The users must use tricky strategy
when they are putting the tiles on the board in limited time. Usually the time used for each
person is 25 minutes so whole game would need 50 minutes.

This game can be used for Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High
School, and University Students. But on this paper, I would like to use this game for teaching
vocabulary mastery and know how is their vocabulary mastery.
For the first, teacher divided the students into some gropus consisting of 2 students.
Then are asked to open the scrabble application and put their name on name square. The first
otplayer would get 7 tiles and they have to arrange a words by the alphabet tiles they ge.
The word is counted based on the number on the surface of the tiles. Then the
students are asked to write the word, look for the meaning and make a sentence by using the
word. After the first player finishes, the second player could start putting their tiles and do the
same steps.