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0 ORY BOOS FOR WHNED Dear Mothers and Fathers; Our children are the greatest entrust to us Our dream ix to see that our entrusted children have the most beautiful behaviory and to bring them im discipline by using actiwities. Parenty should guide children with their help and exchange ideay with his / her chad. Every page should be examined carefully. We recommend yow to study the book with your child in aw order one by one. "My First Arabic Book’; have aimed to teach Arabic perfectly. The methody in thi book are the best for chddren to learwArabic. Iworder to use thiy book efficiently we should follow the instructions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ® 2B 8)e>2 Published by: IBS Publications Kugkcamlica Mahallesi, Libadiye Caddesi No:48/6 Uskidar, tstanbul, Turkey ‘Tek: (90-216)545 71 71 Fax: (90-216)545 5577 E-mail: Web site: 2009/1 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any ‘means, electronie,mechanical photocopying.recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the copyright owner. 119) INSTRUCTIONS TO THE TEACHER 1. This is a workbook for children aged 3 - 5 years, i.e. for preschool going, children. 2. The activities in the book are arranged accordingly. The first activities are for recognizing pictures. Then step by step the child learns to associate pictures with their hurufs and fifially the child recognizes the hurufs. N/B: (A child first recognizes pictures then hurufs). 3. The teacher can scheme her work according to the book. For e.g. Monday her lesson plan shows reading (Oc). she should follow the following instructions. (i) The teacher draws on the blackboard (Cy). (ii) She teaches the children to read on the black board while also pointing to other ( «»° ) harfs on the charts and flash cards. (iii) Then asks children to point harf( es ) onthe charts and flash cards. (v) _ Theteacher then demonstrates colouring (es ) on the blackboard. (vi) Lastly she gives these work books (My first Arabic Book) to the childrento colour harf( ) and the picture of the apple. N/B: _ All this depends on the child's ability. He can only colour {The big ( ) «ind the picture of the apple } or colour and write harf ( < ) in the same lesson. 4 The teacher should train the child on how to use the book. i.e. she should not allow the child to colour or write the activities ahead of her lesson plans. This way the teacher's lesson plans, will correspond the child's activity. N/B: This depends on the teacher's choice on how to use the book, if It is for revision or individual teaching, then the teacher decides. 5. There is a wall chart being provided together with the books. Itisa guide for the teacher and children. The teacher revises the wall chart with the children every morning from ( g-l ). This helps the children to recognize the pictures, then associate them with the hurufs. There is also asmall chart atthe back of each book. Read and Colour Alif 6 4nt Sus Arnabun Ta © o ° “o ; s7iGe Tuffaahatun Nee Nae Nee Nae Nee Match the following hurufs Match the following hurufs ): Q9 ): Jeem 6 4% Jee Jamalun Kha Khubzun Diikun any os eons, Match the following hurufs Match the following hurufs Dhaal a JY Dhailun ony, 35 b5 Zahratun . So wy BIG Sayyaratun Classroom (JyoG Read and Colour Soya B Gul JL Bonde IPD Twallaasatun Sabburatun ES | = 644 “a4 ary o ” wie SIG Kitaabun Qalamun of g dalle Kutstyyun Maaidatun 29 Circle the requested harf jE 4 2% EL 2 On} Slooeto wlose 30 Sheen Swaad 2 EPICS Sunduuqun GB ow os i eee” 1 ee! s, ’ wae? Nee” Twaa IGS Twayrun we Sey Match the following pictures to their hurufs Prick the fish with the corresponding harf on each boy Dhwa SE Dhwarfun Ain Ainun ; } é Ghain Fa Famun see! — Circle the starting harf of the picture Fruits: JG Mawzatun 6) 99 20% Tuffaahatun ors as Cu ( Ga. Burtuqaalatun ors es Gr (- eS ( ess o 7 ek Anaanaasun (wlolo Manjaa - Ie oA 50 OO Qaaf | | } | d6 . 1 1: : Kaaf — | | wd Laam 6 ole Lisaanun ot Meem Noon LEY Najmun Toys Std 4 édée! SEER P off. 354 Kuratun 5Ib6 Qitwaarun oot oe ‘Ya J Darraajatun $5 61 Match the hurufs to their pictures ne Zo i G: GF WO 62 Waw ) ao Wajhun = 67 68 Match the hurufs to their pictures 71 ON (: GE wD reo Cc % No & y= Kixtta! vw Body: ( Jismun ) J 69 f, , J :2 Rijlun om 15 Ra‘asun 2 i bat Was] Udhunun GOI] anfun 5 ae ‘ oon w®1@ ou] Asnaanun o 9 ae Sha‘arun 73 Join the dots and write the hurufs in the blocks a® 75 Prick the fish with the corresponding harf on the girl ey 3 77 Colour the following shapes correctly end saul Aswadu_ (Black) sal Ahmaru (Red) £0874 035) Azraqu (Blue) 2 43] 5uee! Akhdhwaru (Green) 9 4,7 Abyadhu (White) enean aa IG vel Asfaru (Yellow) 78 79 Fill in the missing hurufs e%y Sooo ooo pooor | 80 81 Help each mother reach her children 82 83 Fill in the missing hurufs on the train 85 ~ Me. op Join the hurufs to form the fish Ud L uw Us Uw VII Sy 2 G Ce 2 € e, J & ~ a™ ¥ Y se © a» y Fill the missing hurufs a IA 4 6 2 relly 87 Match the following pictures to thelr hurufs Match the following pictures to their hurufs wy CO) aw) 89 cy tis oe Ee AHA we ee te EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE