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Turn. Do the following in any order: Move Rocket/Freighter, Free Actions, 1 Operation.

Operation Summary Details

Income Get 2 WT
Must have < 3 cards in hand
Minimum bid 0, open auction (no turn order)
Research / Auction top white card from
Can match high bid (auctioneer wins ties, decides if not
Auction any deck
Bid goes to auctioneer (bank if auctioneer wins)
Sell white card from hand or Get 5 WT for white card
Free Market
black card from stack Get cards VP value in WTs for black card
Place white cards from hand Pay mass in WTs
into LEO Can create rocket stack
ISRU Refuel:
1 + Hydration ISRU = Water refueled (or 10 Dirt)
Factory Refuel:
Refuel Add fuel to rocket
20 dirt / 8 water
Atmospheric Scooping:
8 water
Choose card with ISRU site hydration
Roll 1d6: if site size, successful
Prospect Evaluate and claim site(s) If unsuccessful, site is permanently busted
Raygun: prospect any/all adjacent non-atmospheric sites
Buggy: re-roll once OR prospect sites connected by road
Decommission robonaut and refinery at claimed site
Industrialize Create a factory Lower Exploitation track for that spectral type
Decommissioned cards do not need to match type of site
ET Production Produce black card at factory Card must match spectral type of site

Free Actions: before/after operation and/or movement (except for Jettison Cargo)

Free Action Summary Details

Cargo Transfer Move cards between collocated stacks Can also form a new stack
This is how to create Outpost stacks
Home Orbit Refueling Pay WTs to add fuel to LEO rocket
Liquidate Fuel Turn from LEO rocket into WTs
Jettison Fuel Remove fuel from rocket Adjust wet mass
Jettison Cargo Remove cargo from rocket Allowed mid-move
Does not alter net thrust
Can create outpost stack
Decommission Return cards from board to hand Cannot (generally) decommission crew
Discard Discard cards to bottom of patent decks
Build or Disband Colony Create or remove colony from board Build colony (1 per factory):
Decommission crew at factory
Place colony dome (2 VP)
Disband colony:
Remove colony dome
Place crew card as outpost from hand
Claim Glory or Ventures Claim VP condition cards
Withdraw pieces Remove piece from board Only if no cards and no fuel present
Thrust / Movement

Dry Mass = total mass of all rocket components

Wet Mass = Dry Mass plus fuel (cannot be less than Dry Mass)

When refueling or adjusting dry mass, move fuel marker using red arrows
When spending fuel for movement, move fuel marker using black arrows

Rocket Movement

Step Details
1. Choose thruster Each rocket can only use one thruster per turn
2. Starting Net Thrust = value from thruster Value in lower left corner of triangle
3. Modify for afterburn If thruster has afterburn cost at top, spend cost for +1 net thrust
4. Modify for wet mass +2 to -2 based on rocket size class (after adjusting for afterburn)
5. Modify for heliocentric zone Only if thruster has solar icon
6. Modify for beamed power Only if thruster has push icon
7. Result is Net Thrust = TMP (Thrust Net thrust will not change even if rocket composition changes mid-
Movement Points) move
8. Cost for Burn is taken from Thruster Value in lower right corner of triangle
9. Move Move through Pivots and Burns until TMPs are used up; then Coast as
far as desired (including Landing).

Movement Costs

Map Space Option Uses TMP? Uses Fuel?

Hohmann Intersections (no circle) Enter N N
Leave as 1st move of turn N N
Leave, moving straight N N
Leave, changing direction (Pivot) 2 TMPs 2 Burns
Lagrange Intersection (circle) Enter N N
Leave N N
Lagrange Intersection with burn Enter Yes Yes
Leave N N
Lander (lander shaped magenta) Enter (cannot end movement here) Yes Yes
Leave N N

Lander Enter (cannot end movement here) Yes rounded up
Leave N N

Site (hexagon) Land or liftoff with net thrust > site size N N
Land through aerobrake (hazard) N N
Land or liftoff with factory (hazard); N N
cannot move to/from lander burn
Liftoff from aerostat site N N
Zig zag (outer system) Enter N N
Leave as 1st move of turn N N
Leave mid-move 2 TMPs 2 Burns