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Sails on Lavender Bay

Terms & Conditions


Please the form below to agree to the booking terms and conditions and to authorise your deposit to be
processed. For any queries or questions please contact

Lunch functions must finish by 4.30pm and dinner functions must finish by 11.30pm unless a prior arrangement
has been made.


Sails on Lavender Bay requires that final guest numbers be confirmed 48 hours prior to the function date. This
number can be decreased or increased however; the number confirmed at 48 hours prior is the minimum amount
that will be charged. Any increase to this minimum number must be paid for at the completion of the function.

Final payment must be made prior to the function or on the date of the function. Please note that personal
cheques are not accepted as balance payment for the event. All prices are given as a guide only and vary
according to the number of guests, date of the function and overall catering requirements. Our recommended
method of payment is an electronic funds transfer into our bank account. Payments and deposits made by credit
card will incur a 2% surcharge.


The client is responsible for any external hiring of equipment and is to be paid for by the client. While Sails on
Lavender Bay will treat all external equipment with care, no responsibility is taken for any damage to external
equipment. Prices quoted do not include any floral or table decorations, music or entertainment. However, we
can gladly assist you in recommending professionals to contact. The restaurant is equipped with a cordless
microphone and a sound system that supports iPod devices.

The client will be charged for any damage that occurs to the restaurant, the property or its staff. Please also note
that in line with Australian legislation relating to responsible service of alcohol, staff and management reserve the
right to terminate a function, refuse service to any guest deemed intoxicated, or take responsible action to assist
any intoxicated guest from the premises.

Any cancellations must be made in writing and receipt confirmed. Deposit amounts are not refundable.
Cancellations made less than 1 month prior to the function date will not be entitled to any refunds.

Sails on Lavender reserves the right to remove from the premises any person behaving in an irresponsible
manner. Sails on Lavender Bay assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage to any property belonging to
the client or their guests.

There is a 5% service charge/gratuity on the final bill. Functions on Sundays and Public Holidays will incur an
additional 10% surcharge. Please note there may be a minimum spend set for exclusive functions.
The booking is not confirmed until this form has been completed, signed and returned and
we contact you via telephone or email to confirm receipt.

Guest Checklist
We have read and understood the terms and conditions on the previous page.
We have chosen the menu package we would like for the meal.
We have confirmed the provisional number of guests.
We understand that we will be charged for the confirmed number of guests (confirmed 48 hours prior to
the function)
We understand that there is an 8% service charge for tables of 10 or more.
We understand that functions on Sundays or Public Holidays will incur an additional 10% surcharge
We understand that there may be a 4% price increase for functions that are booked over 6 months in

I agree to the above terms and conditions.

Reservation Name:

Contact Phone Number:


Date of Function: Time:

Number of Guests:

Menu Selection: $85 2 courses / $95 3 courses / $110 canapes & 3 courses /
(please circle) $110 tasting menu / $175 tasting menu with matching wine

Special Requests:


Minimum Spend (exclusive functions only):


Credit Card Type:

Credit Card Number: Expiry Date:

CVV Number:

I authorise Sails Restaurant to debit the above credit card $ as a deposit for my booking.
(A deposit of $50 per guest or 50% of the minimum spend is required to confirm the booking)

Signature of Cardholder: