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40. Foreign policy is composed of the goals sought, 46. ---- some cancers, the best therapy is a
values set, decisions made and actions taken ---- combination ---- surgery, radiation, and
states and the national governments acting ---- chemotherapy.
their behalf.
A) With / through B) About / in
A) by / on B) about / for C) For / of D) At / within
C) at / from D) over / between E) On / to
E) in / among
47. The modern era of Shakespeare scholarship
41. A priori knowledge ---- Western philosophy is has been marked ---- an enormous amount of
knowledge that is independent ---- all particular investigation ---- the authorship, text, and
experiences, as opposed to a posteriori knowledge, chronology of his plays.
which derives from experience alone.
A) from / at B) by / into
A) at / for B) in / of C) down / over D) out / of
C) through / by D) beside / towards E) in / for
E) with / from
48. In addition to its preoccupation ---- the legacy
42. To protect whales and dolphins ---- the coast of neorealism, Italian cinema also shifted ----
of Hawaii, a court in California has temporarily internationalism during the 1970s.
banned the US navy from using powerful sonar
equipment ---- a military exercise in the area. A) with / towards B) to / over
C) for / at D) of / in
A) at / over B) in / on E) about / by
C) before / through D) off / during
E) within / with 49. The food industry is vulnerable to the charge
that it contributes to mortality ---- actively
43. As it had in World War I, Argentina seeking to increase consumption of unhealthy
proclaimed neutrality ---- the outbreak of World foods ---- which profits depend.
War II, but in the closing phase it declared war --
-- the Axis powers. A) at / for B) by / on
C) against / into D) with / from
A) over / after B) for / with E) in / at
C) at / on D) about / through
E) from / above 50. Losing weight is not only ---- anticipating
swimsuit season or squeezing into skinny jeans,
44. About 20 to 40 per cent of pancreatic cancer but it also means fighting a serious illness ---- the
cases are cured ---- chemotherapy followed ---- obese.
radiation therapy or surgery.
A) by / against B) in / within
A) about / over B) from / to C) about / for D) beyond / upon
C) with / by D) of / into E) at / towards
E) at / through
51. ---- the 47th anniversary of Winston
45. The objective ---- a proper diet is to achieve Churchills death, historians are reassessing the
and maintain a desirable body composition and a complex figure who carried Britain ---- its
large capacity ---- physical and mental work. darkest times.

A) through / through B) on / within A) From / with B) At / of

C) at / across D) of / for C) To / for D) On / through
E) after / between E) About / in


52. The degree ---- age-related wrinkling varies 58. ---- 1992 and 1998, total lung cancer deaths in
considerably ---- person to person, partly due to the United States declined 1.6% per year, but
the amount of exposure to the sun. almost all of this decline was due to a decrease ----
2.7% annually for men.
A) of / from B) for / between
C) to / among D) about / by A) During / in B) Through / at
E) towards / with C) Over / about D) Among / under
E) Between / of
53. When Sarpsborg was burned down ---- the
Nordic Seven-Year War, Frederick II gave 59. People with an avoidant personality are
permission for the inhabitants to move ---- a place oversensitive ---- rejection, and they have a strong
near the Glomma River. desire ---- affection and acceptance.

A) after / away B) at / by A) with / in B) to / for

C) in / over D) during / to C) about / over D) through / with
E) through / from E) for / about

54. Chinas rapid growth ---- trade is seen as a

plus for the Southeast Asian nations because it 60. People who wish to improve their athletic
helps to spur development ---- the region. performance need to be aware that it can be
achieved ---- physical conditioning combined ----
A) of / without B) by / about high energy food intakes.
C) upon / over D) at / under
A) by / with B) with / for
E) in / across
C) in / by D) through / to
E) of / into
55. As Antarctic glaciers collapse ---- the sea,
scientists struggle to find out what that means ----
the rise of sea levels. 61. Almost 2 million people die ---- tuberculosis
(TB) each year, mostly in developing countries
A) against / in B) over / to lacking access ---- fast, accurate testing
C) around / along D) on / for technology.
E) from / behind
A) from / at B) about / with
56. In February 1996, ---- a meeting in Bermuda, C) of / to D) by / in
international partners in the Human Genome E) with / through
Project agreed to formalize the conditions of data
access, including release of the sequence into 62. Two factors that contribute ---- the Eastern
public databases ---- 24 hours. Sierras wildflower diversity are its local habitat
diversity and the fact that it is the meeting point -
A) at / within B) from / in --- three floristic regions.
C) in / by D) during / to
A) over / from B) for / in
E) on / through
C) into / at D) on / about
E) to / for
57. The United States government is about to
start monitoring the air ---- major cities for
biological weapons ---- looking for bacteria and 63. ---- the same time as modern humans pushed
viruses in the air filtres that now monitor into Europe, some of the same group that had
pollution. paused ---- the Middle East spread east into
Central Asia.
A) of / on B) at / towards
C) out of / with D) in / by A) Of / for B) About / in
E) from / through C) With / at D) During / to
E) On / through


64. ---- an average of five credit cards per person, 70. Scientists estimate that an individual bone has
the people in the United States buy more ---- a one ---- three per cent lifetime risk of fracture,
credit than the people in any other country in the based on data ---- a variety of species.
A) by / of B) for / on
A) By / from B) For / of C) to / from D) from / over
C) To / with D) With / on E) of / about
E) At / by
71. The great majority of osteoporotic hip
65. The Bush Administrations restoration of fractures in the US occur in adults ---- 50 and
diplomatic relations with Libya ---- more than a result from minimal ---- moderate trauma,
quarter of a century of often violent usually a fall from standing height or less.
confrontation is largely the result of several years
---- painstaking and mostly secret diplomacy. A) of / between B) at / through
C) towards / up to D) over / to
A) for / by B) in / over E) by / out of
C) after / of D) through / through
E) at / with 72. We humans, like all warm-blooded animals,
can keep our core body temperatures pretty
66. Psychological studies show that Belgian and constant regardless ---- the physical conditions in
French workers place greater importance ---- the world ---- us.
personal independence than do workers ---- many
other countries. A) to / through B) with / for
C) about / inside D) on / over
A) in / of B) on / in E) of / around
C) about / by D) to / for
E) of / within 73. Compared with the United States after 9/11,
India has reacted ---- the Mumbai attacks ----
67. Ancient Pompeii, destroyed in A.D. 79 ---- an restraint.
eruption of Vesuvius, lay buried ---- rock and ash
until the 18th century. A) over / from B) for / in
C) by / to D) to / with
A) by / under B) at / for E) at / over
C) with / below D) in / on
E) through / over

68. Today, spam mail constitutes more than 90

percent ---- all e-mail traffic all ---- the world.

A) with / through B) to / across

C) at / around D) by / within
E) of / over

69. Some types of microscopic organisms, called

hyperthermophilic bacteria, can survive ----
extremely high temperatures, sometimes even ----

A) under / for B) on / with

C) in / by D) at / above
E) within / as


GRAMMAR SORULARI 6. David Dickinsons new play is a fairy-tale

romance, a pregnant woman searches for
1. it a mistake to think that all bacteria are the father of her child during a torrential
harmful, for, without some species, we for rainstorm.
A) who
A) is / had not survived B) by whom
B) would be / could not survive C) that
C) will be / have not survived D) in which
D) has been / would not have survived E) whose
E) had been / did not survive
7. The true ecologist need not be a specialist at all,
2. Over the last few years, consumer interest in his views should reflect the practical wisdom
organic agriculture up dramatically, and of ordinary people.
demand currently ahead of supply.
A) for
A) has shot / is B) where
B) shot / was C) whether
C) had shot / had been D) in case
D) is shooting / has been E) that
E) was shooting / would be
8. half of the budget of the US National
3. Orwell at that moment that when the Institute on Ageing is spent on research into
white man tyrant it is his own freedom that Alzheimers disease.
he destroys.
A) As much as
A) perceived / would turn B) More of
B) has perceived / turned C) Rather than
C) had perceived / has turned D) Other
D) would perceive / will turn E) The most
E) perceived / turns
9. Great natural disasters cause widespread
4. The singer's passionate belief that traditional death massive social disruption and
societies around the world against the outbreaks of epidemic disease.
modern onslaught fierce criticism.
A) much / as
A) were protected / will attract B) so much / that
B) have been protected / had attracted C) not only / but also
C) are being protected / was attracting D) as / as
D) ought to be protected / has attracted E) no sooner / than
E) would have been protected / would attract
10. Though they had government backing
5. All the reports handed in last week, but a potential home market, the company
some of them still me. poured billions of dollars into the project and lost
A) should have been / haven't reached
B) were / didn't reach A) with / less
C) have been / won't reach B) neither / nor
D) had been / didn't reach C) some / any
E) would have been / don't reach D) no / without
E) few / more


11. More importantly, Dobson's book is a 16. The ridicule that _ upon him by leading
reminder of powerful and radical green scientists of the day to the novelty of his
thinking can be. thinking.

A) ever so A) is being heaped / would testify

B) how far B) has been heaped / testified
C) wherever C) had heaped / has testified
D) much more D) was heaping / had testified
E) just how E) was heaped / testifies

12. This poem is generally supposed in the 17. When I as a fully licensed geneticist in
fifteenth century, but some people date it even 1961, I thought I knew everything there was
earlier. about genetics.

A) being composed A) had been graduated / to be known

B) to be composed B) graduated / to know
C) having been composed C) was graduated / to have known
D) to have composed D) have been graduated / known
E) to have been composed E) have graduated / to have been known

13. He that the forests to their natural 18. Perhaps these people are ignorant to
inhabitants, that is, to all varieties of living things. realise serious a threat these fertilisers are
to their health.
A) suggests / be returned
B) suggested / to be returned A) more / than
C) has suggested / to have been returned B) so / why
D) had suggested / are being returned C) as much / as
E) would have suggested / return D) too / just how
E) not only / but also
14. With the help of satellite images, the
Indonesian government that it is the timber 19. I would have thought that only naive
companies which the mass destruction of worker could be deceived by assurances.
their rain forests.
A) the more / neither
A) will show / would have caused B) a most / each
B) would have shown / had caused C) the most / such
C) had shown / were causing D) a much / any
D) shows / had been causing E) most / same
E) has shown / are causing
20. The motive was aesthetic and social
15. By the late 1980s, a surge of prosperity they sought to bring good design within the reach
across Southeast Asia, but in some countries of of the ordinary man.
the region the economic structure
sufficiently to the benefit from this trend. A) so / in that
B) both / because
A) would sweep / could not have developed C) just as / that
B) would have swept / has not developed D) as much / as
C) was sweeping / had not developed E) too / therefore
D) has swept / was not developed
E) could have swept / was not developing


21. I sent an e-mail to everyone in the department, 26. Few things ----- unnerved the Spanish
asking for articles for this special issue, but conquerors of the New World ----- the prospect of
there has been no response. death on Aztec sacrificial stone.

A) so long A) as / as
B) on time B) so / as
C) until then C) not only / but also
D) even later D) neither / nor
E) so far E) so / that

22. The crisis is particularly serious a whole 27. Some anthropologists think that man today is
series of related issues ranging from ----- honest ----- he was hundreds and thousands
unemployment to health benefits are involved. of years ago.

A) so as A) much / as
B) as well as B) the less / than
C) in order that C) the least / of
D) as for D) little / as
E) since E) less / than

23. Diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline 28. Until the eighteenth century comparative
engines ----- the fact that a larger proportion of linguistic studies did not progress ----- beyond the
the fuel used is burned. stage where ancient Greek and Roman
grammarians had left them.
A) consequently
B) following A) so much as
C) owing to B) too much
D) contrary to C) either
E) so that D) very much
E) just in case
24. The great bulk of industrial work nowadays
involves the use of machines, and it is certain that 29. Julius Caesar ----- a great historian if the
mechanization will proceed ----- in the future. making of history ----- him the time and the
inclination to write it.
A) as well as
B) on the other hand A) could be / could have allowed
C) just as B) would be / allowed
D) ever since C) had been / would have allowed
E) further still D) would have been / could allow
E) could have been / had allowed
25. Let's take the ferry to Bandrma from where
it's only a short drive to Bursa, ----- driving all 30. Early in 1940, when Europe was already at
the way from Istanbul to Bursa. war, Hitler ----- the sale of uranium from the
Czech mines he ----- over.
A) as well as
B) more than A) has banned / has taken
C) besides B) had banned / took
D) instead of C) banned / had taken
E) except for D) bans / was taking
E) was banning / had been taking


31. Physics, as it ----- at the end of the nineteenth 37. Beethovens seventeen string quartettes hold
century ----- to as classical physics. the same position in chamber music his
symphonies hold in the orchestral repertoire.
A) has been known / might be referred
B) is known / has been A) as / that
C) had been known / had been referred B) much / as
D) was known / is referred C) quite / whether
E) might have been known / was referred D) just / what
E) thus / than
32. Sometimes people select certain foods that
they believe ----- their physical appearance and 38. More than invention of the last eighty
avoid those they believe ----- detrimental. years or so, television has been the most harmful
to family life.
A) have improved / would have been
B) are improving / were A) some other
C) improve / might be B) another
D) improved / had been C) the other
E) would have improved / have been D) any more
E) any other
33. Much health education in recent years -----
towards the view that heavy drinker ----- subject 39. Our sales are down again this month, .
for amusement but for practical help.
A) and they also are
A) has been directed / is not B) and so are theirs
B) had been directed / was not C) and neither are theirs
C) was being directed / wouldn't be D) but theirs aren't either
D) is directed / won't be E) but they are too
E) is being directed / hasn't been
40. Several important ports, export timber,
34. It is not unusual for advertising campaigns --- are situated on the shores of the White Sea.
-- even before the new products ----- onto the
market. A) most of which
B) that many of them
A) to have been launched / have come C) those which
B) being launched / will come D) whichever of them
C) to be launched / come E) of which they
D) having been launched / are coming
E) to have been launched / will have come 41. Once the occupying forces , many
seemingly innocent people were accused of
35. Galileo originated the method of controlled with the enemy.
experiment ----- now forms the basis of scientific
investigation A) were leaving / to have been collaborated
. B) were leaving / to have been collaborated
A) what C) have left / being collaborating
B) who D) will leave / collaborating
C) where E) had left / having collaborating
D) whom
E) which 42. Although the metropolitan theatres a
monopoly there for a long time, recently several
36. The problem with antiseptics is that private theatres .
killing germs they kill the surrounding
tissues. A) would hold / are being opened
A) far / from B) had hold / had been opened
B) so far as / too C) were holding / will be opened
C) as much as / both D) held / have been opened
D) besides / as well E) have held / were opened
E) as well as / also

43. In 1906 at Boazkoy several thousand 48. Bennett's novel the old Wives's Tale is the one
cuneiform tablets and most of them he is likely to be best known by posterity.
now on exhibit in the Anatolian civilizations
museum in Ankara. A) whose
B) for whom
A) have been discovered / were C) by which
B) were discovered / are D) in which
C) have been discovered / had been E) that
D) would have been discovered / are being
E) had discovered / have been 49. The members of the special commission on
crime, some of ----- were appointed by the mayor,
44. One oil company in particular claims its still meet on a regular basis.
beast to balance economic progress with
environmental care and social responsibility. A) that
B) whose
A) to be done C) whom
B) having done D) who
C) doing E) which
D) having been done
E) to have to 50. ----- the Civil War, those years turned out to
be a golden era for the magazine industry.
45. Had it not been for the variety and flexibility
of its trades, Huddersfield, like so many of the A) Despite
other textile towns, into a decline in the 20th B) Obviously
century. C) Although
D) Pertaining to
A) was going E) Nevertheless
B) had gone
C) would have gone 51. Unfortunately, ----- stamping out the drugs'
D) would go trade, these programmes are simply forcing drug
E) had been gone growers to move into more inaccessible regions.

46. the letters written by so many parents, A) besides

the headmaster agreed not to expel the boys. B) rather than
C) in addition to
A) In response to D) due to
B) With reference to E) as for
C) In case of
D) Apart from 52. Indeed, the situation is such that the chairman
E) Pertaining to has finally promised to implement ----- the
committee recommends.
47. Henry VII's foreign policy was unheroic and
unspectacular, did he go to war and that A) whoever
was when he invaded France. B) however
C) if ever
A) this once D) as ever
B) never before E) whatever
C) once again
D) only once 53. Unfortunately, ----- current productivity
E) once more growth looks impressive, the rise in profits over
the coming years is likely to prove disappointing.

A) since
B) just as
C) even though
D) if
E) which

59. As acquisition opportunities within the EU ----

54. Following four Mars mission losses, an - less, western European energy companies ----- to
independent report paints a very clear picture of turn eastwards in the hunt for expansion
----- what ails the US space programme, ----- what opportunities.
must be done to fix it
A) grow / are being forced
A) whether / though B) will grow / would have been forced
B) either / or C) are growing / would be forced
C) how/and D) have grown / had been forced
D) thus/that E) grew / have been forced
E) not only / but also
60. If Britain ----- the euro, say in 2004, the
55. This part of Africa is growing greener again -- stability pact ----- highly important.
------ that families who fled to wetter coastal
regions are starting to go home. A) will be joining / is becoming
B) has joined / will have become
A) so far C) will have joined / will become
B) to such an extent D) would join / has become
C) even so E) were to join / would become
D) as a result
E) even more 61. Whatever else ----- the British empire for so
long, it was not Britain's education system.
56. While the parades for the opening of
parliament ---, the president ----- a sobering A) was sustained
message for his countrymen. B) has sustained
C) sustains
A) had rehearsed / prepared D) sustained
B) have been rehearsed / has prepared E) to have sustained
C) were being rehearsed / was preparing
D) are rehearsing / is preparing 62. He insisted that mountaineering ----- a sport
E) had been rehearsed / would prepare for him, but a passion that ----- his whole life.

57. Though we still ----- a long way to go, a lot ---- A) hadn't been / would dominate
- in developing new medical procedures to deal B) isn't / has dominated
with diseased tissue. C) hasn't been / is dominating
D) wouldn't be / is dominating
A) had had / had been accomplished E) wasn't / had dominated
B) had / has been accomplished
C) have had / was accomplished 63. The judges of the international tribunal at
D) are having / was being accomplished The Hague -----, on 1st February 2002, that
E) have / is being accomplished charges relating to all three wars ----- together.

58. Soon, customs officers ----- to use X-ray A) would agree / had been heard
technology ----- cavities in vehicles for drugs. B) have agreed / have been heard
C) were agreed / will be heard
A) have been able / having scanned D) agreed / would be heard
B) are able / scanning E) had agreed / were heard
C) were able / to be scanned
D) will be able /to scan 64. When he moved from Ethiopia where he -----,
E) would have been able / to have scanned to England, his experiences ----- quite unlike
those of his contemporaries at school.

A) had been born / were

B) is born / will be
C) would be born / would be
D) has been born / are
E) was born / will be

70. The evolution of a parliamentary democracy -

65. If she ----- to the interview in a more positive ---- came about over a long period of time and ----
state of mind, she ----- a better impression. - then the process was a rough one.

A) will go / would make A) simply / as

B) goes / has made B) only / even
C) had gone / might have made C) hardly / since
D) would go / had made D) just / up to
E) has gone / makes E) really / so

66. Little is known about life on the ocean floor -- 71. The post is mine ----- I agree to stay with the
--- scientists have only recently developed the firm for at least three years.
technology for exploring it.
A) in case
A) yet B) conditionally
B) as C) if
C) though D) whether
D) whereas E) accordingly
E) while
72. The micro air vehicles they are working on
67. Of the company's three accountants, only one are ----- small that it will be almost impossible to
is useful; ----- deserve to be sent away. detect them with radar.

A) they both A) too

B) all the others B) as
C) both the others C) such
D) each one D) so
E) each of them E) more

68. The young sociologist ----- article was 73. ---- James assures me that he's telling the
published in the "National Geographic" had truth, I'm pretty sure that he's actually telling a
traveled 1700 miles across Australia's western lie.
A) On the contrary
A) whose B) Just as
B) who C) So as
C) that D) Whenever
D) which E) As if
E) whom
74. With the help of a fifth of the white voters Mr
69. The impression I got was that the director has Jackson was elected mayor of Atlanta in 1973,
completely given up ----- hopes he may at one and ---- became the first black mayor of a major
time have cherished. southern city.

A) as many A) nevertheless
B) such B) thus
C) every C) even so
D) any D) yet
E) so many E) otherwise


75. It seems, from the Chinese experience, that an 80. Presumably, the main concern of the
authoritarian state can open its economy to Japanese central bank at present ---- to avoid ----
international forces ---- either collapsing or for any large-scale financial collapse.
becoming more democratic.
A) will be / having blamed
A) without B) has been / having been blamed
B) including C) was / to be blamed
C) so as D) is / being blamed
D) therefore E) would be / to have been blamed
E) whether
81. Professional tennis, which got its start in 1926
76. In the US the weakening of the dollar is when the French player Suzanne Lenglen -------
making foreign wines pricier and domestic ones, - 50,000 US dollars for a tour, only ------- full
---, more attractive. recognition in 1968.

A) on account A) had been paid / has received

B) in addition B) was paid / received
C) on condition C) has been paid / would receive
D) in competition D) is paid / receives
E) in comparison E) would be paid / had received

77. Much to everyone's surprise, the steel 82. Once the director ------- just how much was at
workers' union actually supported the takeover, stake, he ------- immediate steps to deal with the
and managed to secure further pension rights for dispute.
its members ----.
A) realizes / will take
A) in the process B) has realized / had taken
B) as it happened C) had realized / took
C) in its place D) realized / takes
D) in accord E) would realize / has taken
E) on a level
83. The once radical notion that birds ------- from
78. Since there ---- nothing in the way of pay rises dinosaurs ------- stronger and stronger since
or bonuses for two to three years, the new taxes -- palaeontologists first started taking it seriously a
-- a great deal of distress. couple of decades ago.

A) had been / caused A) descended / has grown

B) has been / had caused B) have descended / grew
C) will be / would have caused C) had descended / had grown
D) would have been / are going to cause D) descend / is growing
E) will have been / are causing E) are descending / was growing

79. Over the past three years, the US economy ---- 84. Throughout his term in office, President
badly hurt by unforeseen events, but housing ---- Clinton ------- by allegations relating to the
to move up to set sales records in both 2001 and Whitewater real estate deal in which he and his
2002. wife, Hillary Clinton, ------- prior to the 1992
A) would be / would have continued
B) had been / has continued A) is dogged / are involved
C) has been / continued B) had been dogged / were involved
D) was / continues C) was dogged / had been involved
E) is being / would continue D) has been dogged / have been involved
E) was being dogged / may have been involved


85. More than 29 million Africans are now 90. They hope that by surrounding city centres
infected with HIV, and the disease is killing ------- and likely terrorist targets with "soft walls", they
Africans ------- all the continent's wars combined. ---- it impossible for hijacked planes ----
anywhere near them.
A) so many / as
B) either / or A) will make / to get
C) more / than B) make / having got
D) not only / but also C) make /to have got
E) both / and D) have made / to be got
E) are making / getting
86. He did ------- better in the interview ------- any
of the other applicants. 91. New DNA evidence hints that "African Eve",
the 150,000 year-old female ancestor of every
A) much / as person on Earth, ---- in Tanzania or Ethiopia.
B) rather / than
C) as / for A) has lived
D) still / with B) is used to living
E) far / from C) may have lived
D) would live
87. Geographical Information System tools E) would be living
provide specialised functions for spatial data
input, processing, analysis and output, ------- 92. Socrates ---- that we ---- with the
Database Management System tools provide improvement of our souls.
more advanced functions for storing and
managing large spatial databases. A) must have said / would be concerned
B) had said / had to be concerned
A) that C) was saying / should have been concerned
B) due to D) has said / had been concerned
C) while E) said / should be concerned
D) whether
E) in that 33. ---- they are accessible by boat only, these
islands are still largely undeveloped.
88. Photosynthesis is the process ------- green
plants manufacture carbohydrates, using the A) Even
energy of sunlight. B) As if
C) Although
A) as when D) Conseguently
B) on which E) Since
C) where
D) by which 94. The most devastating human impact on
E) since environments can be seen on islands ---- settlers
have introduced new animals and plants.
89. China's economic boom ---- a growing need
for energy that ---- only foreign supplies. A) which
B) to whom
A) will produce / used to satisfy C) what
B) produced / had satisfied D) to which
C) is producing / could satisfy E) whom
D) has produced / can satisfy
E) would produce / would have satisfied 95. Human activity has destroyed ---- plant
species that collective action is essential for the
conservation of those that remain.
A) more
B) so many
C) many more
D) the most
E) as many

96. ---- providing luxury on every imaginable 101. The big test ---- over the next few weeks
level, a five- star hotel should also have the ability when the government ---- to introduce a plan to
to take you by suprise. include drug coverage in Medicare.

A) With a view to A) is coming/ will be expected

B) In excess of B) comes/ was expected
C) Consequent on C) has come/ is expecting
D) In need of D) will come / is expected
E) In addition to E) would come / would be expected

97. Ancient Peruvian textiles have survived in an 102. Seafarers' records ---- back to 1590 ---- it
excellent state of preservation ---- the dry possible to visualize the behaviour of one of the
conditions of much of the country. planet's most mysterious phenomena: its
magnetic field.
A) with regard to
B) in comparison with A) dating / have made
C) in case of B) to date / would make
D) owing to C) being dated/ had made
E) in opposition to D) to be dated / are making
E) to have been dated / will make
98. Exciting new research is transforming
industrial robotics, offering the promise of whole 103. ---- helmets had been revived for soldiers
new generation of ----intelligent machines. and extended to many workers, safety head
coverings for athletes almost inevitably followed.
A) more
B) much A) While
C) any B) Before
D) mostly C) Although
E) too D) Once
E) Until
99. He is hoping that, by the time he ---- for the
grant, his book on Egyptiant, silverwork ----. 104. The United States spends ---- on armed
forces ---- all other countries combined do.
A) has to apply/ will have been published
B) had applied/ had been published A) so much / that
C) was to apply / has been published B) both/and
D) will be applying / would have been published C) not only/ but also
E) would have applied / will be published D) neither / nor
E) more / than
100. Is seems that, even if big western companies
--- to help develop lifesaving GM ( genetically 105. Over this period, according to a report
modified ) seeds for the underdeveloped countries, recently issued by the Hispanic Studies Center in
only South Africa ---- to accept them. Los Angeles, Mexicans received 14.5 billion US
dollars from relatives working in the United
A) will be willing / is ready States, which is almost ---- Mexico earned from
B) has been willing / will be ready foreign oil sales.
C) had been willing / would be ready
D) would be willing / was ready A) as
E) were willing / would be ready B) just as
C) as well as
D) as much as
E) as far as


106. The origin of sex is ---- much of a puzzle ---- 112. In Kuwait, foreign companies are presently
its prevalence. taxed at 55 per cent of profits, whereas the
Kuwaitis themselves pay ---- or ---- tax depending
A) too / for on their status.
B) so/so
C) as / as A) less / least
D) that/ such as B) little / no
E) very / more like C) more / less
D) few / fewer
107. In business, every trend contains the seeds of E) less / none
---- counter-trend.
113. Slow-motion photography can reveal things
A) itself that happen ---- fast for the human eye to see.
B) its own
C) any one A) more
D)any B) as
E) one's own C) than
D) too
108. If you ---- a car, you ---- its performance, not E) such
its appearance.
114. He ---- in a line of work that was dependent
A) were buying / had been considering solely on his ability to win the trust of others, and
B) were buying / would have considered one in which very close relationships ----
C) bought / had considered necessary.
D) have bought / would have been considered
E) are buying / should be considering A) was engaged / were
B) would have been engaged / will be
109. China, which ---- much of Mongolia from the C) will be engaged / could be
end of the seventieth century until the early D) had been engaged / are
twentieth century, still ---- the oil, coal, uranium, E) is engaged / would be
and empty grasslands of its former possessions.
115. The term "radical", in politics, refers to
A) was ruling / has coveted anyone with opinions ---- extreme ---- the main
B) had ruled / may have coveted current of a country's major political party or
C) has ruled / coveted parties.
D) ruled / covets
E) rules / is coveting A) so / as
B) more / than
110. The choices we make and the lives we lead --- C) only / that
- by the values we ----. D) not only / but also
E) either / or
A) would be influenced/ are holding
B) are influenced / hold 116. The auditing of accounts means the official
C) had been influenced/were holding inspection of a company's accounts by a qualified
D) must have influenced / had hold accountant, and this ---- by law each year.
E) have been influenced / were holding
A) had been required
111. Following World War II, job prospects for B) requires
young people ---- greatly which allowed them ---- C) is required
more prosperous than their parents. D) required
E) would have been required
A) had improved / to have felt
B) have improved / feeling
C) improved / to feel
D) were improving / having felt
E) would have improved / having to feel


117. Applicants ---- the ability to work well in a 122. Of all the arts it ---- to classical music that
multicultural environment and ---- to work to Germany ---- the greatest contribution.
tight deadlines.
A) had been / made
A) have had / had been able B) is / has made
B) should have / be able C) has been / had made
C) must have / were able D) was / will have made
D) will have / had had E) might be / would have made
E) could have / have had
123. Management must learn to determine
118. Old Danish, one of the languages of the market conditions in the countries ---- it is doing
Vikings who ---- in parts of Britain during the 9th business.
to 11 centuries, ---- a strong influence on the
development of English. A) where
B) what
A) have settled / had had C) as for
B) had settled / would have D) of which
C) settle / has E) so that
D) settled / had
E) would settle / will have 124. ---- the growth in e-mail and fax
transmissions, many communications are still
119. One day humans ---- on Mars if US best handled by face-to-face or voice-to-voice
President Bush's recently announced plans ---- to contact.
A) Contrary to
A) could be walking / come B) In spite of
B) would walk / had come C) By means of
C) can be walking /will come D) Since
D) would have walked / come E) As regards
E) will be walking / might come
125. ---- by making an internal analysis can a
120. Many parts of rural America ---- to reflect company set the overall rationale for its
the values and traditions of the European international activities.
immigrants who ---- in the country during the
nineteenth century. A) Still
B) While
A) continued / have arrived C) Only
B) have continued / would have arrived D) Until
C) continue / arrived E) Just as
D) would have continued / were arriving
E) will continue / would arrive 126. ---- an organization depends on collaborative
arrangements, ---- likely it is to lose control over
121. With few exceptions, most totalitarian decisions.
governments ---- more liberal since 1989 when
the Berlin Wall ----. A) Not only / but also
B) Neither / nor
A) became / falls C) Either / or
B) are becoming / would fall D) When / then
C) were becoming / has fallen E) The more / the more
D) had become / was falling
E) have become / fell


127. A corporations formulation of its 132. ---- little respect the British people may feel
international strategy will greatly determine ---- for the monarchy, they are still not likely to
it will benefit more from protectionism or from change to a republic.
some other means for countering international
competition. A) As far as
B) Whatever
A) so C) Such a
B) as D) However
C) unless E) Just as
D) whether
E) whereby 133. All of the worlds major national parks are
included on the map, ---- are most of the
128. Having read so many contemporary important reserves of lesser statu.
American writers, I ---- to feel impatient with the
kind of fiction that ---- in England. A) as
B) as well
A) was beginning / will have been written C) such
B) had begun / has been written D) which
C) have begun / would have been written E) that
D) would begin / is being written
E) began / was being written 134. His latest novel is about people who take
their work seriously, ---- thats being a mother, a
129. Cross-border shopping is a fundamental nurse or a soldier.
right under EU law and ---- as a form of tax
evasion. A) even so
B) as if
A) must not have been regarded C) unless
B) had not been regarded D) besides
C) should not be regarded E) whether
D) would not have been regarded
E) was not being regarded 135. Heviz is Europes largest warm-water lake
and visitors can swim there even in winter, ----
130. He certainly ---- party members last helps extend the tourist season.
weekend when he announced that he ---- to regain
his party chairmanship. A) thus
B) which
A) has shocked / had not sought C) nor
B) would have shocked / will not seek D) too
C) had shocked / would not have sought E) so
D) was to shock / is not seeking
E) shocked / would not seek 136. Investigations by modern doctors ---- that
Catherine the Great of Russia ---- from syphilis.
131. The 1980s ---- a surge of new interest ---- the
definition of intelligence. A) have suggested / has suffered
B) suggest / suffered
A) have brought / to be expanding C) had suggested / was suffering
B) had brought / having expanded D) may have suggested / would have suffered
C) were bringing / to have expanded E) suggested / suffers
D) brought / in expanding
E) would have brought / to expand


137. This morning it ---- in the news that the 142. Contrary to perceptions outside Canada, the
great Italian tenor Pavarotti ---- of pancreatic majority of Canadians are descended from the
cancer soon after midnight. English, the Scots, and the Irish ---- from the
A) had been reported / died
B) is reported / would die A) rather than
C) is being reported / dies B) more than
D) was reported / had died C) such as
E) has been reported / could have died D) and so
E) also
138. The United States ---- expensive high-tech
solutions to the problem of land-mine clearance, 143. Because of the wide variety of ethnicity in
but simpler methods ---- more preferable. the United States, people speak English as ----
their native ---- their adopted tongue.
A) should pursue / were
B) pursues / had been A) rather / than
C) pursued / will have been B) either / or
D) would pursue / would have been C) more / than
E) has pursued / may be D) so much / as
E) well / as
139. The Worldwatch Institute reported last year
----approximately four of the five McDonalds 144. The British government ---- details of the
restaurants that opened every day in 2005 were next stage of its genetically modified cropfield
outside the United States. trials, thus ---- off a now familiar cycle of debate
and demonstration.
A) if
B) as A) has released / setting
C) while B) will release / to set
D) when C) would have released / having set
E) that D) is releasing / to have set
E) released / to be set
140. One of the worlds worst space flight
disasters occurred on 28 January 1986, ---- the 145. Training schemes in the United Kingdom ----
shuttle Challenger exploded soon after take-off, by the government as unemployment ----.
killing the crew of seven.
A) were encouraged / will have worsened
A) if B) would be encouraged / had been worsened
B) so that C) have been encouraged / has worsened
C) even if D) had been encouraged / may worsen
D) when E) are encouraged / would have worsened
E) just as
146. After the Germanic invasions, Celtic cultures,
141. The discovery in 2001 of a juvenile which in pre-Roman times ---- most of Western
dinosaurs spectacularly preserved fossil with Europe, ---- almost entirely to the British Isles.
feathers does indicate the dinosaur-bird
connection, ---- it also casts new light on the A) had covered / were confined
mystery of why nature invented feathers in the B) have been covering / have been confined
first place. C) had been covering / would be confined
D) have covered / could have been confined
A) whether E) were covering / had been confined
B) where
C) but
D) so
E) whereas


147. In child development, play and exploration 152. The price of crude oil ---- by 40% this year
are similar ---- they are both intrinsically due to the continuing risk of disruption in the
motivated behaviours and not directed by Middle East, which ---- for one-third of global
external goals. production.

A) on the other hand A) surges / accounted

B) whereas B) had surged / has accounted
C) otherwise C) has surged / accounts
D) after D) surged / had accounted
E) since E) will surge / could have accounted

148. At present, the European Union imports 153. At the end of 1998, Estonia ---- the strict
about one quarter of its gas and one third of its citizenship requirements that ---- the countrys
oil from Russia, ---- countries such as Slovakia, Russian minority from gaining citizenship.
Finland, Poland, Hungary, the Baltic states and
the Ukraine are totally or very heavily dependent A) relaxes / kept
on Russian energy. B) had relaxed / have kept
C) has relaxed / were keeping
A) even though D) relaxed / had kept
B) since E) will relax / are keeping
C) whether
D) while 154. An ideal anticancer drug ---- cancer cells
E) in case without harming normal cells, but no such drug -
149. Several species of birds in Vietnam vanished
during the war, ---- they began to reappear in the A) would destroy / exists
1980s and their gradual return has been B) destroyed / existed
encouraged by Vietnamese villagers. C) may have destroyed / has existed
D) has destroyed / had existed
A) but E) had destroyed / would exist
B) since
C) unless 155. The island groups in the Pacific are often
D) when called Oceania, ---- this name does not imply
E) if that they are the remains of a continent.

150. Countries are interested ---- in their absolute A) whether

economic welfare, ---- in how well they are B) but
performing compared to other countries. C) just as
D) whereby
A) both / as well as E) so that
B) as / as
C) so much / as 156. ---- most people who commit suicide are
D) more / but depressed, having depression correctly diagnosed
E) not only / but also and treated is the most important step towards
preventing suicide.

151. A structural formula is a chemical formula A) As long as

that shows how the atoms are bonded to ---- in a B) Although
molecule. C) Because
D) Even if
A) another E) Unless
B) others
C) the others
D) each other
E) every other


157. Algeria is particularly keen to increase its 162. Cabbage ---- as early as 2000 B.C., and the
gas exports ---- OPEC production quotas restrict commercial varieties now ---- Brussels sprouts,
its oil exports. common cabbage, sprouting broccoli, and
A) since
B) so that A) might have been cultivated / have included
C) as if B) had been cultivated / included
D) that C) would be cultivated / used to include
E) whereas D) would have been cultivated / can include
E) was cultivated / include
158. In the early twentieth century, the motor car
was one of the first major consumer products to 163. ---- not all negative thoughts and feelings are
be ---- mass produced ---- mass marketed. bad for health, specific emotional states,
especially stress and depression, have now been
A) such / as linked to heart trouble of all kinds.
B) more / than
C) so / as A) When
D) as / as B) Suppose that
E) both / and C) As if
D) Whenever
159. The bodys immune system attacks and E) Though
eliminates ---- bacteria and other foreign
substances ---- cancer cells. 164. The Danish poet and novelist Jeppe Aakjar
grew up in the Jutland farming area and ---- was
A) not only / but also well aware of the harsh conditions endured by
B) rather / than farm labourers in his country.
C) such / that
D) as well as / and A) on the contrary
E) just as / as B) even so
C) so
160. The ruins of ancient Troy ---- as breath- D) still
taking as those of Ephesus or Aphrodisias, but, E) nevertheless
for anyone who has ever read Homers Iliad or
Odyssey, they have a romance few places on 165. ---- the US and Brazil both occupy the
Earth ----. American continent, the northern location of the
former and the southern location of the latter
A) have not been / hoped to have matched plainly mark a real distinction and bring
B) had not been / would hope to match important policy consequences.
C) may not be / can hope to match
D) are not / hoped to match A) As long as
E) could not have been / hope to match B) Now that
C) Only if
161. Nineteenth-century military helmets ---- than D) After
they now appear, but even at their best they ---- E) Although
the way to the future of head protection.
166. ---- Windsor Castle, occupying ---- area of
A) have been better designed / do not point 287 hectares, is among the most beautiful royal
B) could be better designed / would not point residences in Europe.
C) are better designed / will not point A) The / an
D) may have been better designed / did not point B) This / such an
E) can be better designed / had not pointed C) An / the
D) The most / such
E) That / Some


167. Geometry is usually divided into pure 172. The private sector in the Gulf states employs
geometry, which roughly embraces the plane and mostly expatriate workers, ---- the majority of
solid geometry dealt with by Euclid, and nationals are employed in the public sector with
analytical or coordinate geometry, ---- problems higher wages and job protection.
are solved using algebraic methods.
A) so that
A) in that B) just as
B) in which C) while
C) by whom D) unless
D) which E) in case
E) whichever
173. A series of gas discoveries in recent years in
168. Recent excavations in Algeria ---- that the Western Desert of Egypt means that a range
Homerectus ---- there between 500,000 and of new export projects must be developed ---- the
750,000 years ago. country is to make full use of its new reserves.

A) have indicated / resided A) lest

B) had indicated / has resided B) although
C) indicated / would reside C) after
D) could have indicated / had been residing D) as if
E) indicate / had resided E) if

169. German Chancellor Merkel is under 174. Hundreds of deep fjords that cut into the
pressure from power companies, which ---- to coastline give Norway an overall oceanfront of ---
invest in new power generation projects unless - 12,000 miles.
they ---- exempt from tough emission
requirements. A) more than
B) just as
A) refused / have been C) the same as
B) refuse / are D) so far as
C) have refused / had been E) as well as
D) had refused / will be
E) were refusing / are to be 175. Made out of metal so that it conducts the
charge, the lightning rod is usually located ----
170. Although she ---- properly yet, the recipient high ---- possible because of lightnings tendency
of the worlds first face transplant ---- well, to strike the nearest object to it.
according to the first scientific report of the
operation. A) so / as
B) as / as
A) hadnt smiled / would have done C) more / than
B) didnt smile / will do D) both / and
C) doesnt smile / may have done E) not only / but also
D) couldnt have smiled / does
E) cant smile / is doing 176. There ---- various indications that the
current financial crisis ---- a damaging effect on
171. During the wars ---- followed the French technology companies.
Revolution, Belgium was occupied by France and
later annexed. A) are / is having
B) were / will have
A) whether C) had been / has had
B) who D) have been / would have had
C) when E) would have been / had had
D) that
E) as


177. Russia ---- earlier this week that it ---- all its 182. In the current financial crisis, Italy is alone
troops out of Georgia. among the big European countries in having ---- a
bank rescue fund ---- a stated figure for the sum
A) had announced / pulled it is ready to make available.
B) announces / would have pulled
C) announced / had pulled A) more / than
D) is announcing / has pulled B) neither / nor
E) has announced / was pulling C) such / as
D) so / that
178. With its superior firepower, NATO ---- any E) just / as
battle, but it ---- the war in Afghanistan.
183. Deep-sea diving can cause medical problems
A) had won / loses ---- air embolism and decompression sickness,
B) can win / is losing which can be fatal if not treated promptly.
C) has won / lost
D) would have won / had lost A) as regards
E) is winning / was losing B) as far as
C) also
179. Gang violence is deplorable and cannot be D) such as
tolerated, ---- simply cracking down on it is not E) just as
the solution.
184. More than 50 years ago, six European
A) so that nations ---- to submit their coal and steel
B) whereby industries to common management, so that no
C) but single country ---- the weapons of war to be used
D) when against another.
E) so long as
A) have agreed / had fabricated
180. The Caucasus is a strategically vital region -- B) agreed / could fabricate
-- could play a critical role in the European C) had agreed / have fabricated
Unions future energy security. D) agree / will fabricate
E) may have agreed / had been fabricating
A) whereas
B) who 185. North Korea still ---- a vast police state that -
C) as --- a network of concentration camps spanning
D) whereby the country.
E) that
A) was maintaining / has included
181. ---- inflation and unemployment rise sharply B) had maintained / would include
in Europe, the solidarity of the European Union C) is maintaining / had included
could break down in some damaging ways. D) maintains / includes
E) maintained / will include
A) If
B) As if 186. Most anthropologists think man ---- South
C) Unless America around 12,000 years ago, although some
D) Until ---- it much earlier.
E) Even though
A) has settled / may have put
B) settles / are putting
C) had settled / were putting
D) was settling / had put
E) settled / have put


187. Soil pollution is caused by the presence of 192. Modern humans, Homo sapiens, ---- in
toxic compounds, chemicals, salts, radioactive Africa around 200,000 years ago and by about
materials, or disease-causing agents ---- enter the 30,000 years ago they ---- all other forms of early
soil through industrial waste and pesticides. humans, such as Neanderthals and Homo erectus.

A) when A) have been evolving / replaced

B) whereby B) would evolve / are replacing
C) just as C) were evolving / have replaced
D) while D) evolved / had replaced
E) that E) had evolved / had been replacing

188. The search for new sources of energy is a 193. Tablet computers ---- some advantages for
continuing one, ---- the one provided by the fossil form-filling or updating your status on a social
fuels will eventually run out. network, but you ---- it hard to get any real work
A) since
B) so that A) are offering / must find
C) even if B) have been offering / should find
D) unless C) can offer / will have to find
E) whenever D) had offered / would have found
E) might offer / could find
189. In the Renaissance period, there was a wide
range of classical texts available to humanist 194. Geopolitics provides various ways of looking
scholars, ---- some of these texts had survived at the world and is highly visual, readily
only in fragments or were only available in Greek. embracing maps, tables, and photographs ----.

A) so long as A) from now on

B) before B) as a consequence
C) whether C) at most
D) in case D) instead
E) but E) sooner

190. Chinas art market is growing bigger all the 195. Little Caesar, often called the grandfather of
time, and it is doing ---- at the expense of America the gangster movie, was produced at the
and Britain. beginning of the sound era, and ---- it shows its
age in some areas, it is still an effective thriller.
A) so
B) as well A) even
C) as such B) because
D) just in case C) while
E) almost D) so
E) besides
191. In art history, primitivism is a notion crucial
to 20th-century art and modern thinking ---- a 196. ---- the role of the school in developing
specific movement or group of artists. students civic values, most proponents of
citizenship education agree that it should involve
A) in that a range of democratic values such as the sense of
B) instead of public responsibility.
C) the same as
D) rather than A) At least
E) whereas B) In spite of
C) In comparison to
D) With regard to
E) Rather than


197. Lead was used for centuries to make the 202. ---- the news is out about tomatoes being
pipes ---- water flowed from reservoirs to houses found for their cancer-fighting properties, the
and public buildings such as baths. question is how to get sufficient amounts every
A) through which
B) with which A) Much as
C) on which B) While
D) at which C) Now that
E) of which D) Just as
E) Even if
198. In some cases, we ---- sufficient data on old
events, not because of a lack of imagination but 203. On a sunny day, some patches of ground
because the appropriate technology ---- available warm up more quickly than others ---- the
at the time. differences in topography.

A) would not have / is not A) similar to

B) should not have / had not been B) on behalf of
C) did not have / has not been C) as well as
D) do not have / was not D) because of
E) could not have / will not be E) apart from

199. New York City ---- the first US ban on large- 204. One of the challenging decisions that
size sodas and other sugary drinks ---- in hospitals are to make when purchasing a
restaurants. technology-based system is ---- they want to focus
more on the doctor ---- the patient.
A) is approving / having been sold
B) approved / to be sold A) neither / nor
C) was approving / having sold B) whether / or
D) approves / to have been sold C) rather / than
E) has approved / being sold D) as well / as
E) both / and
200. ---- philosophers had started to put received
wisdom to the test of rational examination, 205. Unlike broadcast television, an interactive
another fundamental question rapidly became TV service provider ---- customers to choose
obvious: How can we know? which service to use at any given time, whether it
---- shopping, watching a film or playing games.
A) Once
B) Only if A) has allowed / might have been
C) Unless B) allows / is
D) In case C) allowed / would be
E) While D) would allow / should have been
E) is allowing / was
201. A symphony is like a castle with its own
grand structure, ---- a short song will have a 206. The tradition of sculpting in clay ---- as early
different and less complex form more like a as AD 800, and ultimately it ---- as the point of
cottage. departure for related works that were cast in
A) before
B) if A) should have developed / has served
C) although B) has developed / had served
D) whether C) may have developed / served
E) whereas D) would have developed / will serve
E) could have developed / will have served


207. Crystals are created ---- cooling and 212. The physics of elementary particles in the
crystallization take place at an appropriate depth 20th century ---- by the observation of particles
and with sufficient time. whose existence ---- by theorists decades earlier.

A) until A) has been distinguished / was predicted

B) though B) distinguished / is being predicted
C) so C) was distinguished / had been predicted
D) before D) is distinguished / has been predicted
E) when E) had been distinguished / was being predicted

208. ---- schools encourage children to read 213. At the end of the First World War, the
printed books more often, the library, in its leaders of victorious countries gathered at
traditional form, will eventually disappear. Versailles, and there, they ---- to decide what
penalties Germany, Austria and other allies ----.
A) Whenever
B) Whereas A) tried / would have to pay
C) Since B) had tried / must have paid
D) However C) were trying / were paying
E) Unless D) used to try / might have paid
E) could try / should have paid
209. Some popular diet books have misled
consumers with deceptive claims; ----, they fail to 214. ---- the types of individuals it seeks to attract,
provide an assessment of the results of their an organization ---- to consider what methods to
treatment plans for obesity. use to reach them.

A) furthermore A) To have established / could need

B) nevertheless B) Having established / needs
C) even so C) Establishing / had needed
D) otherwise D) Established / needed
E) on the contrary E) Being established / will need

210. The social sciences are a range of disciplines 215. ---- lead was widely known to be dangerous,
within the arts and humanities ---- principal by the early years of the 20th century, it could be
concerns are the study of various aspects of found in all manners of consumer products.
A) Since
A) what B) Once
B) whose C) Only when
C) that D) Even though
D) how E) Given that
E) when
216. Animals trapped in a stone called amber
are sometimes so well preserved that they look ---
211. Generally, social media platforms can be - they have just died.
thought of as virtual meeting places which
function to encourage the exchange of media A) so that
content among users who are ---- producers ---- B) in case
consumers. C) as though
D) even if
A) both / and E) now that
B) more / than
C) just / like
D) so / that
E) such / as


217. The European Commission has put forward

that policies to cut greenhouse gases will not work
---- individuals share the vision of a low-carbon

A) provided that
B) after
C) but
D) while
E) unless

218. When modern coastal fish-farming began 30

years ago, no one was doing things right, ---- for
the environment ---- the industrys long-term

A) whether / or
B) such / as
C) so / that
D) either / or
E) as / as

219. ---- deriving two-thirds of its power supply

from fossil fuels, power producers in India cannot
get enough pipeline space to distribute natural

A) Despite
B) Besides
C) As a result of
D) By means of
E) Rather than


Arkadalar YDS snavnda toplam 10 sorudan oluan iki adet cloze test bulunmaktadr. Snavn ilk blmnde
Grammar sorularnn hemen bitiminde yer almaktadr. (17-26). Bu soru tipi paragraf ierisinde be (5) boluk
braklarak sorulmaktadr. Cloze test ksmnda vocabulary, prep, tense, bala, bazen de phrasal verb

Cloze test sorular birbirinden bamsz deildir, hepsi bir btnn parasdr. lk bolukta yapacanz bir hata
dier sorular da etkileyebilir. Cloze test sorularnda yaplan en byk hata, birinci bolua gelindiinde
dorudan seeneklere gitmektir.

1- Genel Tarama Yntemi

1. Topic Sentence dediimiz 1inci cmleyi okuyup iyice anlyoruz.. lk boluk ayet birinci cmlede ise
okumaya devam ediyoruz.

2. Paragraf okumalarnda yaptmz gibi nemli ifadelerin altn izerek okumamz boluklara
taklmadan devam ettiriyoruz. Bu en fazla 1 dk srmelidir.

3. Okuma tamamlandktan sonra paragrafn ne ile ilgili olduunu az ok anlam oluyoruz.

4. Seeneklere giderek sorularn tiplerini analiz ediyoruz. Ve yanlarna yaznz.

5. Grammar sorularnn sorulduu boluklara hemen gidin ve key word taramas yapn ( so far, in 1978,
during 19th century etc.)

6. Grammar sorularnda key word varsa direkt iaretleyiniz. Key word yoksa paragrafn giriinden gelen
tensei takip ediniz, ancak zaman ifadesini deitiren yaplar karmaynz, but now gibi.

7. Daha sonra prep sorusu var ise o bolua giderek boluun nce nne sonra devamna bakarak sorulan
prepin hangi tarafa ait olduuna karar verin ve setiiniz prepi yerine koyarak okuyunuz.

8. Bir bala sorusu varsa, tam-cmle, yarm-cmle ve noktalama iaretlerinin sizi cevaba gtreceini

9. Kelime sorularn en sona brakmanz faydal olacaktr. Kelime sorularnda dikkat etmeniz gereken
konuyla ilgili olan kelimeye ynelmek ve carry out experiment make a decision gibi collocation
olan yaplar gz nnde bulundurunuz.

2-Seenek Analizi

Seeneklere bakarak hangi konuya ait soru sorulduunu anlamak ve bolua bu konu bilginizi gzden geirerek
bakmanz iinizi kolaylatracaktr. Sadece ilk cmleyi okuduktan sonra, seenek analizi yapp, boluklara
giderek cloze test sorular zlebilir, ancak unutmaynz ki bu teknik riskli olabilir.

SONU: Cloze test sorularnda paragrafn ne ile ilgili olduu ve seenek analizi nemli bir yer tutuyor. Bunlar
yaptktan sonra boluun ncesi ve devamn iyi analiz ederek sonuca ulaabiliriz.