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Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am-10:45pm Choral Rehearsal Room

Instructor: Dr. Philip Moody

Office: Room 357, Choral Suite, HHSOM
Office Hours: MW 12:00-2:00 or by appt.
Office Phone: 583-0507

Course Description
This course is designed to provide you with the basic elements of conducting, including basic
conducting gesture, beat patterns, preparatory beats, releases, integration of various musical
styles, fermatas, use of left hand, and beginning mixed meters. Throughout the course each
student will conduct for the class to gain the skills needed to begin a career as a conductor.

Required Text
Basic Conducting Techniques by Joseph A. Labuta

Required Materials
A baton is required for a portion of the semester
A binder to be used for class materials and observations/reflections

Additional Suggested Texts:

The Modern Conductor by Elizabeth A. H. Green
What They See is What You Get, Rodney Eichenberger & Andre Thomas (DVD)

February 8, 2012: During Class Time, Choral Rehearsal Room

Final Exam:
May 7, 2013: 8:00-11:00am, Choral Rehearsal Room

See attached schedule for details on chapters, assignments, and supplemental materials

Attendance and Participation: This is the largest part of your grade. It is imperative that you
attend each class and fully participate during our time together. We will be working through
repertoire and helping our fellow educators to participate in their conducting experience.
Participation also includes knowing the repertoire that is to be worked on, being able to sing any
part when asked and to have a general analysis of the piece in terms of structure, form, modal
shifts, or other unexpected compositional techniques found in the piece.

Written Observations: Throughout the course, you will be required to turn in a total of 5
observations. 1 must be from a performance that you did not participate in; the other 4 should be
from rehearsals (no more than 2 can be from an ensemble you are a part of). At least 3 (the
performance, and one of each rehearsal type) must be submitted at your Mid-Term.

Mid-Term and Final Exams:

Both the mid-term and final will consist of short answer questions asking you to synthesize
topics discussed during class and you will also be asked to turn in observations and other
assignments as requested during the semester. You will also be asked to conduct for the mid-term
and final and show that you have mastered the non-verbal art of conducting as appropriate to
your experience.

45% Attendance and Participation During Class
20% Mid-Term Exam
20% Final Exam
15% Written Observations

You receive an official grade for your conducting during the mid-term and final; however, each
student is also expected to conduct at least 6 additional times during the semester. At times prior
notice will be given in order for students to present particular techniques or other specific
information. Other times students will be asked on the spot to come and work through a
specific portion of that weeks assigned selection. This class podium time is simply part of your
participation and therefore is part of your attendance/participation grade.