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Block A, District Commercial Complex,

Tarnaka, Hyderabad-500 007.

SHORTFALL Notification - System Generated E-Communication

Ltr No. HMDAL138339/LRS/GTK/Plg/HMDA/2015-16 Date : 19/12/2016

SUB :- HMDA - Regularization of Plot No(s) 96 of unapproved layout(s) in Sy.No(s) 330/A,327/4,331/A of Anantharam Village,
Buvanagiri Mandal, Yadadri District Intimation for furnishing required documents / plans - Reg.

REF :- 1. Yours LRS Application No. HMDAL138339 filed under LRS Dt. 20/02/2016 for regularization of un-authorized plot.
2. OLD LRS Applications Processing - Work Allocation - Orders Issued - Proceeding No. 703/ITCell/HMDA/2015 dated

3. OLD LRS Applications Processing - Delegation of Powers - Orders Issued - Proceeding No. 0014/HMDA/ESTT/2016 dated
** ** ** ** **
With reference to your application for regularization of un-authorized plot No(s) 96 in Sy.No(s) 330/A,327/4,331/A of Anantharam Village,

Buvanagiri Mandal, Yadadri District in the name of Bijili Prakash , you are hereby informed to Upload the following particulars / plans /
Documents etc., in HMDA website on or before 03/01/2017
Shortfalls identified in Technical Scrutiny
The applicant has to Re-Upload all the following documents which are clearly visible. we require a neatly scanned documents..
1. Clear Site Location plan with owner signature, Architect stamp and signature. we require a Auto cad drawing.
2. Original Indemnity bond undertaking with Signature of first party ,witness signature and address.

3. Upload the clear Layout copy for the Survey num under reference.
4. Upload the Latest EC.

Shortfalls identified in Title Verification


1. Land in sy.No 326.327,330,331 Anantharam village Bhongir Mandal Nalgonda Dist. are covered by court cases as detailed below and
attracted under prohibited properties. Hence the applicant may be informed to clarify the same and to submit the relevant court orders for
consideration of LRS. BHONGIRI (2301)326E1-36.5(G)Covered By Court StayI.A. NO. 87 OF 20142014-06-23 00:00:00O.S.NO. 65 OF 2014

BHONGIRI (2301)327 A/7-15.75(G)Covered By Court StayI.A.NO. 87 OF 20142014-06-23 00:00:00O.S. NO. 65 0F 2014 BHONGIRI
(2301)330A/3-70.0(G)Covered By Court StayI.A.NO. 87 OF 20142014-06-23 00:00:00O.S. NO. 65 OF 2014 BHONGIRI (2301)330AA2-
3.14(A)Covered By Court StayIA NO. 81 OF 20152015-04-20 00:00:00OS NO. 27 OF 2015 BHONGIRI (2301)331UU-99.5(G)Covered By
Court StayI.A.NO. 87 0F 20142014-06-23 00:00:00 O.S.NO. 65 OF 2014

Note : 1.If the above shortfalls are not uploaded within stipulated time from the date of intimation, your application is liable for rejection.
2.System generated eList based on Scrutiny / Inspection remarks offered by HMDA Officers.