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Bonanza High School

Principles of Geometry
2017-2018: Course Expectations

Teacher: Ms. Hankins

Prep Period: 5th
Room: #107
Email Address:

Course Overview:

This one-year course provides a principle study of Euclidean Geometry and an

introduction to non-Euclidean Geometry. Emphasis is on the development of logical
reasoning, through techniques of proofs and constructions, geometric concepts, and
algebraic applications. Students with Individual Education Programs (IEPs) have
diverse needs and course accommodations and/or modifications may be required
based upon IEP identified need. Students will extend their ability to make mathematical
connections through problem solving. The use of mathematical tools and technology,
including calculators and computer software, is an integral part of this course. This
course fulfills one of the required mathematics credits for high school graduation.

Course Sequencing:

Unit 1 - Foundations of Geometry

Unit 2 - Transformations in the Plane
Unit 3 - Reasoning and Proof
Unit 4 - Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Unit 5 - Triangles and Triangle Congruence
Unit 6 - Quadrilaterals
Unit 7 - Similarity
Unit 8 - Right Triangles and Trigonometry
Unit 9 - Probability
Unit 10 - Circles
Unit 11 - Surface Area and Volume
Required Materials
Bonanza High School

Principles of Geometry
2017-2018: Course Expectations

In order to succeed you must be prepared! Upon entering the class each day you
must have the following:
1 Inch Binder #2 Pencils
5 - Tab Dividers Highlighter

Grading and Assessments

Grading Policy
Quarter grades will consist of class work, notebook checks,
Projects, group collaborations, quizzes, and tests.
A = 100% - 90%
B = 89% - 80%
C = 79% - 70%
D = 69% - 60%
F = 59% - 50%

Semester Grades will be assigned according to the following:

Quarter (1 or 3) Grade = 45%
Quarter (2 or 4) Grade = 45%
Semester Exam Grade = 10%


Assessments will be given at the end of each unit of study. A comprehensive

exam will be given at the end of the semester. Semester exams will be
weighted to compose up to 10% of a course grade.

Classroom Rules and Procedures

NO food or drink is allowed in class, with the exception of bottled water.

A hat or headgear in class must be removed.
The use of electronic items in class is permitted for educational, teacher
approved, purposes only.
All work is to be done in PENCIL.
All work is shown for every problem.
Please treat all students and teachers with courtesy and respect.
Bonanza High School

Principles of Geometry
2017-2018: Course Expectations

Late Work

Assignments not turned in or assessments not taken will count as zero unless they are
made up in a timely manner. I will accept late work, but please note that your success
in this class depends on consistent practice of the material being taught. It is in your
best interest that assignments are completed in a timely manner.

Extra Credit

Extra credit may be offered on quizzes and tests, as well as for makeup assignments or
enrichment. Extra credit will show a higher level of achievement or mastery of content.

Guidelines for Citizenship Grades

O - Outstanding
Student follows the established classroom rules and procedures; works
independently and contributes to a positive classroom climate.

S - Satisfactory
Student follows the established classroom rules and procedures, and follows
directions to complete work. However, the student will at times exhibit off-task behavior
(not paying attention, sleeping, etc.)

N Needs Improvement
Student does not follow the established classroom rules and procedures consistently,
and does not follow directions to complete work consistently. The student frequently
exhibits off-task behaviors (not paying attention, sleeping, etc.)

U - Unsatisfactory
Student consistently does not follow the established classroom rules and procedures,
and disrupts the educational process.

Attendance and Tardy Policies:

Bonanza High Schools attendance policy is in alignment with CCSD Regulation 5113.
Unexcused absences per student will be limited to ten (10) per semester. Any student
receiving eleven (11) or more unverified absences will lose credit in that course,
regardless of the grade earned. The loss of credit is based on CCSD Regulation 5113.
Bonanza High School

Principles of Geometry
2017-2018: Course Expectations

Explanations by the parent, legal guardian, or physician stating the reason the student
was absent within the meaning of sections Regulation 5113 V.A. 1-4 must be presented
to the teacher or principal designee not later than three days after the student returns to
school. Absences shall be approved for the purposes of attendance enforcement within
the meaning of the Nevada Revised Statutes. Attendance appeals are held by
appointment only.

Bonanza High Schools Tardy Policy: Each quarter, 1st tardy = warning, 2nd tardy =
parent contact, 3rd tardy = teacher detention, 4th tardy = counselors referral, and 5th and
subsequent tardies = deans referral.
Bonanza High School

Principles of Geometry
2017-2018: Course Expectations

Dear Parent of
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Please read the attached Course Expectations for Principles of Geometry.

Your signature indicates that you have read this document and you are aware of
The following information:

_ Course Overview/Sequencing
_ Materials Needed
_ Grading and Assessments
_ Classroom Rules Procedures
_ Late Work/Extra Credit
_ Attendance and Tardy Policy

Parent Signature __________________________ Date __________________

I understand that it is my responsibility to READ AND FOLLOW the Course

Expectations. I am also responsible for taking the Course Expectations to my
parents and getting this letter signed. I must return this letter to class by August
25, 2017.

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