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shipbuilding Industry

TaeguTec is a world leading provider of tooling solutions for the

shipbuilding industry. TaeguTec offers a diverse high end selection
of cutting tools to accommodate end users turning, milling, boring
and drilling applications in the production of large components
and engine parts for the shipbuilding sector. This market leading
expertise has been developed from the companys extensive
experience in the production of heavy industrial components.

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Shipbuilding industry

Power Solutions in the Shipbuilding Industry

The marine engine and its components are generally difficult to machine
with standard cutting conditions due to the extremely large dimensions.
Meeting the optimum cutting conditions with adequate rigidity and
machining performance is a major challenge when processing large parts.
However, TaeguTec has developed the solutions to meet the market needs.

2 Total Machining Solutions for the Shipbuilding Industry

A Propeller

B Shaft

C Engine

(Medium-speed Marine Engine)
-Cylinder Head
-Bed Plate + Frame + Block
C (Low-speed Marine Engine)

Main Parts

Crankcase Crankshaft Cylinder Head Propeller Shaft Additional Parts

Milling solutions for the shipbuilding industry

For Roughing & Finishing For Finishing

Many standard TaeguTec products are capable of solving most machining applications

For Roughing

SNEX 1204P-W SNEX 1204-W

8D 90-LINE


4S 60-LINE 8D 90-LINE
12D 45-LINE

4S 60-LINE

Special heavy drilling solutions

For Main Oil hole
Special T-Drill


TBTA for
Indexable T-Drill
large diameters

for high productivity

for deep hole drilling

4 Total Machining Solutions for the Shipbuilding Industry

shipbuilding Industry

Specialist Solutions
Specialist solutions for the shipbuilding industry
Special cutters
Tailor Made tooling that is professionally designed can deliver
improved productivity and efficiency. Machine power and
work piece shape has to be considered.

For Roughing

For Finishing

bearing cap seat

(Concave Cutter)

Boring solutions for the shipbuilding industry

For Finishing
Despite machining large diameters, tight tolerances and a high
accuracy levels are a necessity. The TaeguTec tooling program
enables end users to comfortably meet all its dimensional demands.

For Roughing

Special boring tool for

Crank bore machining

Milling & Drilling
Milling & Drilling solutions for crankshaft machining

For Pin & Journal Grooving

Turn-Mill machine tools are very popular for machining crankshafts

Drilling Solution





For Crank Throw


2S 90-LINE

SCKN 2708 HE SCKN 2107 HE

4S 60-LINE
for weight reduction of
Crank Throw (527mm)
4S 60-LINE

6 Total Machining Solutions for the Shipbuilding Industry

shipbuilding Industry

Heavy Duty Turning

Turning solutions for crankshaft production

For Flange & Journal Machining

Tailor Made solutions can deliver higher productivity and efficiency
as they considering machine power and work piece shape

For Outer & Inner Face

Inner Face Outer Face


Cylinder Head
Face Milling solutions

For Roughing & Finishing

For Roughing For Finishing


4D 45-LINE

4S 90-LINE


Boring & Reaming
Special holemaking tools
For Rough & Finish Boring
For Reaming
Various Boring Tools

8 Total Machining Solutions for the Shipbuilding Industry

shipbuilding Industry

Specialized Milling
Special milling cutters for propeller machining

For Face Milling

Tailor Made with professional design can deliver
higher productivity and efficiency considering machine
power and work piece shape

For Edge Milling

Shaft SNMD/ CNMD Double-Sided Chipbreaker Insert

Heavy Duty Turning

Turning solutions for shaft machining 19,25 HT 19,25 HD 19,25 HY 19,25 HZ
There is a wide selection of
standard tools available to improve productivity Bottom Side
for heavy duty turning applications. for Finishing

RCMX 25,32 RCMX 25,32-RA

50mm Insert 40mm Helix-Type

Convenient lever clamping Easy to handle 2 lever clamping

Optimum Chip-Breaker + Strong cutting edge Optimum Chip-Breaker + Strong cutting edge

LNMX 50 HY LNMX 50 HD LNMM 401224 R-HX

For Grooving
With sharper cutting edges and cutting forces,
TaeguTecs 40mm wide captive grooving insert
can achieve enhanced productivity.


10 Total Machining Solutions for the Shipbuilding Industry

shipbuilding Industry

Additional parts
Machining knowledge from decades of experience
TaeguTec manufactures various tailor made solutions for the shipbuilding sector that
can deliver higher productivity and efficiency rates that always consider the machine power,
type and work piece conditions.
Connecting Rod

Piston & Rod

Cylinder Liner

Piston Crown

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