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Republic of the Philippines

Department of the Interior and Local Government

National Police Commission
Malolos City Police Station
City of Malolos, Bulacan


FOR: Provincial Director, MCPPO

FROM: Chief of Police, MCPS

SUBJECT: Final Report RE: Rape with Homicide

DATE: January 27, 2017

I. References:
1. Spot Report this station, cite number MCPS-01-20-17 dated January 20, 2017, subject as
2. Progress Report this station, cite number MCPS-01-22-17 dated January 22, 2017,
subject as above.
II. Submitted is the Progress Report RE Rape with Homicide which transpired at Bulacan State
University, Malolos Bulacan wherein 1 (one) student was found dead at 1:30pm of January
20, 2017
III. Facts of the Case:
3. The victim was identified as Marielle Borja, 18 years old, student of Bulacan State
University currently taking up BS Tourism.
4. The suspects are Mr. Mark Joseph Menggay Gonzales and Mr. John Ericson Jevs
Vivar. Both are students of Bulacan State University currently taking up BS Criminology.
5. A love note written in a tissue paper containing the victims name was recovered in the
crime scene.
6. The weapon used was a rusty butterfly knife which was found at the crime scene.
IV. Sequence of Events:
7. Marielle came to school on January 20, 2017 to attend her classes scheduled at 7:00am
8. After taking her lunch, she went to APP room 114 to wait for her boyfriend, named
Samuel Libao.
9. At around 12:30pm, Menggay entered the room and attacked her and the victim lost
10. Menggay raped and killed her then called his companion, Jevs and they took turns
molesting the victims dead body.
11. The two then left the scene at about 1:15pm after the victims cellphone rang.
12. The roaming guard named Mr. Jag War found the victims dead body at about 1:30pm
and called Malolos City Police Station around 1:35pm and SPO2 Emily Tiamzon arrived
at the scene of the crime at about 1:50pm.
V. Discussion and Findings
13. Through further investigation, the suspects were identified as:
a) Mark Joseph Menggay Gonzales, 18 years of age, 55 in height, and 150lbs in
weight, fair complexion and brown eyes.
b) John Ericson Jevs Vivar, 18 years of age, 58 in height and 180lbs in weight,
white complexion and brown eyes.
14. According to the necropsy report, the victim sustained 39 stab wounds in the face and
multiple lacerations in the genital area due to the repeated and violent insertion of the
suspects penis.
15. DNA testing conducted on the recovered semen samples in the victims genitals matched
with the suspects.
16. The witness, Ms. Dixie Ann Rodriguez, positively identified the suspects as the culprits.
VI. Recommendations/Conclusions
17. Upon close investigation and study of the facts of the case, it is hereby recommended that
the suspects be charged with Rape with Homicide in consideration of the attending
18. It is recommended that the case be considered solved and closed.

SPO3 Mary Rose Maclang