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Saint Barnabas Health Care

Saint Barnabas Health Care System Assumes In-House
Control and Reduces E-Discovery Costs with Clearwell

Saint Barnabas Health Care System, New Jersey’s largest integrated

health care delivery system, provides treatment and services for more
Chall en ge s
than two million patients each year. The $2.4B company has 18,200
• Large volumes of ESI
employees and a medical staff of 4,600 physicians. As a result, the
• Limitationsto performing early
case analysis company’s email footprint is very large, with thousands of people using
• Complex review processes email on a daily basis. Companies as sizable as the Saint Barnabas
System generate large volumes of email and electronically stored
Solutio n information (ESI), which creates a growing challenge to manage and
• ClearwellE-Discovery Platform for control data while maintaining reasonable retention policies. For highly
processing, analysis and review regulated industries like healthcare, the larger concern quickly becomes
not just the overwhelming amount of data but, more importantly, the
Benefi ts information it contains.
• Rapid visibility into large amounts
of data Chief Compliance Officer Jonathan Barkhorn, Senior Vice President,
• Better management of internal Compliance for Saint Barnabas System, is someone who is called upon
to conduct internal reviews from the company’s data corpus. Mr. Bark-
• 90 percent cull-down rate for one case

• Integration with other systems

horn’s team has deployed the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform, which
enables early assessment by providing a window into company ESI and
allowing quick access to the content. This allows intelligent culling of
“E-discovery technology has come a data so that only relevant documents are sent on for further review when
long way in the last five years, and necessary, helping to reduce overall review costs.
Clearwell is a great example of
C HALL E NGES Before purchasing Clearwell, Mr.
how the industry has evolved. It can Healthcare and other highly regu- Barkhorn’s team had limited tech-
organize the data in ways that we lated industries that create large nology with which to analyze ESI
never previously conceptualized.” amounts of data face special reten- in-house or cull-down a data set,
Jonathan Barkhorn tion challenges. In the ordinary eliminate duplicates and organize
Senior Vice President, Compliance course, every large organization must potentially relevant data. Recently,
Saint Barnabas System institute litigation and investigation Mr. Barkhorn’s staff was tasked with
holds which result in the accumula- managing in-house, a preliminary
tion of millions of electronic files at a analysis of ESI for multiple custodi-
very high cost to the organization. ans involving 330GB of data.
“It is the way of the world now that we
have to deal with a huge inventory of
emails and other ESI when conduct-
ing an investigation. Ultimately this
results in significant costs when it
comes to e-discovery,” he said.
C l e a r w e l l S y s t e m s : C U S T O MER c a s e s t u d y : S a i n t B a r n a b a s H e a l t h C a r e S y s t e m

“Clearwell helps put us in the driver’s seat, which is important

because we often have the internal intelligence necessary to
judge relevance of certain data and make informed decisions.”
Jonathan Barkhorn
Senior Vice President, Compliance, Saint Barnabas System

Earlier technology solutions failed to reduction rate. This gives in-house Benefits

provide a way for reviewers to view control the ability to better manage Saint Barnabas System’s initial ap-
and interpret metadata, thus adding costs by responsibly minimizing the plication of Clearwell involved over
yet more time and complexity to the amount of data that must be further 300GB, and achieved a 90 percent
review process. Mr. Barkhorn’s team reviewed by paid consultants. The cull-down rate as a result. Clearwell
needed the ability to quickly view the product also provides an easy-to-use gave Saint Barnabas a window into
full dataset associated with a given interface, intuitive visuals and the large amounts of ESI in a way that
email, within parameters established agility to work through large volumes was previously almost unthinkable,
in conducting this review. With of data. “Clearwell helps put us in allowing them to better manage data
outside review costs averaging $200- the driver’s seat, which is important reviews. Further, Clearwell’s trans-
$300 per hour at a rate of approxi- because we often have the internal in- parent search capabilities enabled
mately 50-75 documents reviewed telligence necessary to judge relevance rapid search and analysis of data,
per hour, outsourcing for e-discovery of certain data and make informed saving time and outside review costs.
would have resulted in out of control decisions,” Mr. Barkhorn said. The product enabled a reasonable and
costs for the case. methodical approach to e-discovery.
Additionally, Clearwell was shown
So l u t io n to integrate well with other prod- Mr. Barkhorn’s team found that
Searching for a way to solve this ucts used for phases of e-discovery Clearwell took much of the guess-
growing problem, the Saint Barnabas downstream of processing, analysis work out of this review and pro-
System IT&S team deployed Clear- and first-pass review. Clearwell can vided context into email threads and
well. The group found the product to normalize the data upon export conversations under review, which
be a recognized e-discovery solution for smooth transition into another helped staff decipher who was talking
that had the ability to integrate with system, enabling an iterative and to whom and when. The product’s
the company’s existing systems and streamlined process. ability to integrate with other down-
those of the attorneys to whom they stream systems was also a key factor
“E-discovery technology has come a for Mr. Barkhorn’s team.
outsource work. Clearwell was up
long way in the last five years, and
and running almost immediately and “Clearwell is very intuitive, and gets
Clearwell is a great example of how
quickly indexed the company’s ESI reviewers into the mindset of how
the industry has evolved. It can orga-
from the native environment, includ- emails are used. With Clearwell, we
nize the data in ways that we never
ing on the email servers. can begin to efficiently interpret
previously conceptualized,”
Clearwell helped Saint Barnabas Sys- Mr. Barkhorn said. large volumes of ESI to help focus on
tem reduce review costs by keeping key pieces of information,”
their review in-house and enabling Mr. Barkhorn said.
data culling to the narrowest relevant
set at an approximate 90 percent

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