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Lancaster General Health

March 24,20L6

Dear Nursing Colleagues,

To ensure we are providing optimal care to our patients and to meet the future requirements of the Magnet Recognition
Program, LG Health/Penn Medicine is updating the job requirements for registered nurses who are employed under the
Lancaster General Hospital (LGH) license to include a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or higher. Your nursing leaders
have committed that a minimum of 80 percent of nurses working under the LGH license will have a BSN or higher by
Dec. 3L, 2019. A list of impacted cost centers is reference in the included FAQ document, Section A Question 5.

lf you have already taken the initiative to earn your BSN, thank you for your commitment to the safety and quality of
care of our patients. lf you have not yet begun your BSN degree, I ask you to join me on the journey of advancing your
education to a BSN or higher by Dec. 3L,2019. Registered nurses working under the LGH license who are 55 or older as
of Jan. L,20L6, will be grandfathered into the existing policy and not required to pursue their BSN.

Why have we set this objective?

ln2OlL, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), along with other nursing organizations, released a joint
statement appealing to all registered nurses to increase their education levels in order to improve the quality of patient
care and to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Hospitals wanting to earn the American Nurses Credentialing Center's coveted Magnet Recognition Program@ must have
a formal plan to ensure the vast majority of their nursing staff will have a BSN by 2020. This designation is important to us
as an institution because it signals that we are committed to high-quality patient care and excellence in nursing care.

To support that commitment, we have worked with the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences (PA College) to offer you
tuition assistance that enables you to upgrade your nursing credential to a BSN degree or higher 100 percent tuition-free.
I hope that you will embrace this exceptional opportunity to extend your professional knowledge and to improve your
career possibilities at LG Health/Penn Medicine.

lf you currently are a registered nurse under the age of 55 and without a BSN degree, I ask that you take advantage of the
opportunity to advance your knowledge and education, to upgrade your skills and to improve quality and safety for all of
our patients.

I have included a document that includes more details about the benefits of upgrading your credentials and how that
will improve the quality and safety of the care we provide. lt also includes a detailed list of questions and answers to
help you plan your credential upgrade and to get started. The PA College has also created a webpage
( specifically for this initiative to help guide you through the process.

lf you have questions that are not answered, please speak with your manager. lf you are as excited and eager as I am to
achieve this important objective, then get started right now and begin your enrollment process in the PA College.

Chief Nursing Officer

555 North Duke Street I PO Box 3555 | Lancaster, PA 17604-3555 | Office:717-544-5864 | Fax:717-291-9657
ff PennMedicine
Lancaster General Health

BSN 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

A. Understanding the decision behind and the goals of the BSN requirement
L. Why did LG Health/Penn Medicine decide to require BSN degrees at this time?
LG Health/Penn Medicine leadership has been tracking BSN rates for many years. Nurses were voluntarily
returning to school, and there was a steady increase in the proportion of BSN nurses for several years. However,
the rate of registered nurses voluntarily returning to school has remained stagnant for the last 18 months,
highlighting the need for a more definitive plan of action.

2. Why do I need a BSN degree?

The lnstitute of Medicine, in its 2011 Future of Nursing report, made eight recommendations to advance the
profession of nursing in light of healthcare reform. One of the recommendations was to increase the percentage
of a BSN-prepared nursing workforce to 80 percentby 2020. The ANCC Magnet@ Recognition Program has since
adopted this recommendation. Also, many research studies have proven that an increase in the educational
level of the nursing workforce is directly related to improved patient outcomes, so it is the right thing to do for
our patients and the community that depends on us for excellent nursing care.

3. I have a bachelor's degree already in a non-nursing field. ls that sufficient?

No, the requirement is a minimum of a bachelor's degree in nursing. lf you have a bachelor's degree in another
field, your best option would be to enroll in the PA College RN to MSN program. This is a faster pathway for you
and enables you to earn your master's degree rather than a second bachelor's degree.

RNs with a non-nursing bachelor's degree will take three specific BSN courses (Research in Health Care,
Nursing Leadership and Management, Nursing in a Global Society) and Statistics, then move directly into the
MSN program upon successfulcompletion. Students do not earn a BSN but learn content necessaryto enter
the MSN program.

4. Do nurses at other Penn Medicine facilities also have to return to school?

LG Health and ChesterCounty Hospitalarethe onlytwo Penn Medicine institutionsthatcontinueto hire
non-BSN nurses. All other Penn Medicine facilities hire only BSN nurses.

5. Which cost centers are included in the IGH license and are impacted by the BSN requirement?
The following is a list of cost centers as of March 22,2016. This list is subject to change. lf you have any
questions, please consult with your manager or HR Business Partner.
Cost Center: 3032 - Employee Health Cost Center: 3550 - 4 North
Cost Center: 3072 - Accred and Regulatory Cost Center: 3551 - 4 Lime
Cost Center: 3085 - Risk Management Cost Center: 3554 - 3 West
Cost Center: 3505 - Nursing Admin (Duke St) Cost Center: 3560 - 8 North
Cost Center: 3506 - lnfection Control Cost Center: - 7 North
Cost Center: 3507 - Perf lmprovement Cost Center: - 4 West
Cost Center:3509 - LG Health NPs Cost Center: - Supp Staff
Cost Center:3510 - Clinical Research Cost Center: - Trans Staff
Cost Center: 3520 - 8 Lime Cost Center: 4020 - 5 East
Cost Center: 3524 - 7 Lime Cost Center: 4025 - 5 West
Cost Center: 3525 - 7 West Cost Center: 4026 - 6 East
Cost Center:3530 -4 East ' Cost Center: 4027 -7 East Observation
. Cost Center:3535 - 5 North Cost Center: 4030 - 6 Lime

LG Health/Penn Medicine BSN 2020 Frequently Asked Questions Page 1

For internal use only Updated: March22,2016
Cost Center: 4040 - llCU Cost Center: 7226 -SOP Pain Ctr
Cost Center: 4055 - WBH Lactation Support Cost Center: 7230 - SOP Surg Ctr
Cost Center: 4060 - 5 Lime Cost Center: 7233 - SOP Med lnfusion Center
Cost Center: 4075 - SSU Cost Center: 7240 - SOP Cardiac Rehab
Cost Center: 4085 - 3 East Cost Center: 7260 - Neuroscience Admin
Cost Center: 4090 - MHU Cost Center: 7275 - OccMed
Cost Center: 4560 - ED Cost Center: 7292 - ABBCI Oncology lnfusion
Cost Center: 4551 - BHU Cost Center: 7515 - Anesthesia
Cost Center: 4565 - lV Team Cost Center: 7516 - Preanesthesia Clinic
Cost Center:4572 - LGH Endo Cost Center: 7575 - WLOC Cardiac Rehab
Cost Center: 4577 - LGH SS Main OR Cost Center: 7580 - Renal Dialysis
Cost Center: 4579 - OR Nursing Admin Cost Center: 7628 - WBH Nursing Admin
Cost Center:4580 - SS Main PACU Cost Center: 7630 - L&D
Cost Center: 4584 - Orthopedic Admin Cost Center: 7631 - SCU
Cost Center: 4585 - Ortho OR Cost Center: 7632 -friage
Cost Center: 4586 - SS Ortho PACU Cost Center: 7535 - Couplet Care
Cost Center: 4590 - Main Preop Cost Center: 7540 - NICU
Cost Center: 4592 - MOPU Cost Center: 7645 - GYN
Cost Center: 4595 - Trauma Services Cost Center: 7647 - LGHP F&MP
Cost Center: 5020 - SOP Blood Bank Cost Center: 7648 - Maternal Fetal Med
Cost Center:5508 - Card IVU Pre/Post Cost Center: 7655 - WBH Periop
Cost Center:5560 - Card IVU Procedural Cost Center: 7672 - Onc Clinical Support
Cost Center:6041 - Card Pre/Post Cost Center: 7573 - Mammo at Breast Center
Cost Center: 6045 - EP Lab Cost Center: 9039 - ABBCI Lab & Supp Serv
Cost Center: 6050 - Card Non-lnv Cost Center: 9046 - Clin lnteg Spec
Cost Center: 7028 - Care Connections Clin Cost Center: 9047 - ABBCI Cancer Clinic
Cost Center: 7223 - Hyperbaric Wound Center Cost Center: 9050 - Case Mgmt.
Cost Center: 7225 - ABBCI Rad Onc Cost Center: 9060 - Quality lmprovement

B. Timing. Planning and Enrollment:

1. How long do I have to decide if ! want to pursue my BSN at the PA College? What happens if I don't choose to
go back for my BSN? How long can I remain in my current role?
LG Health/Penn Medicine is hopeful that current non-BSN RNs will choose to complete their degree and practice
in our Magnet organization. Following the March announcement, we will provide a 60-day period for those
impacted by the BSN decision to develop their education plan, working with their unit manager and the PA

lf non-BSN nurses whose birthdate falls after Jan. 1, 1-961, choose to not attain a bachelor's or master's degree
in nursing by Dec. 3L,2079, they will not be guaranteed a registered nurse position at Lancaster General
Hospital. However, the non-BSN employee will be able to request an internal transfer within LG Health/Penn
Medicine. The health system will work individually with those interested in a transfer to evaluate the
best option.

2. How long do I have to enroll?

The PA College RN-BSN program can be completed in as little as 22 months. BSN degree requirements must be
completed by Dec. 3L,20L9. All non-BSN registered nurses are encouraged to meet with a PA College advisor to
begin enrollment and build a plan that meets their needs.

LG Health/Penn Medicine BSN 2020 Frequently Asked Questions Page2

For internal use only Updated: March 22,2016
3. lf I am a current employee returning to school, will LG Health/Penn Medicine accommodate my work
The Tuition Assistance Policy applies to all regular employees (0.5 FTE or greater). Each employee should work
with their immediate supervisor/manager regarding their work schedule. PA College offers the RN to BSN
program in a variety of formats, including hybrid (mix of day or evening classroom and online) and online
formats that can accommodate a variety of work schedules.

4. What if my current FTE is less than the minimum required for tuition assistance?
lf you are a non-BSN registered nurse working under the hospital license and your FTE is 0.4 or less, an
exemption to the Tuition Assistance Policy will be granted to take advantage of the 100 percent tuition

5. lf my FTE is currently 0.5 or greater, can I lower my FTE to less than the minimum required for tuition
lf your FTE currently qualifies you for the tuition assistance, you may only drop to a minimum of 0.5 FTE. Current
non-BSN registered nurses who have an FTE of 0.5 or greater will not receive an exemption if their FTE does not
meet the Tuition Assistance Policy requirements.

6. What if I can't get the classes I need?

PA College has increased its course offerings to meet the needs of LG Health/Penn Medicine employees.
Academic Advisors will work with students to create a plan of study which will outline the courses they need to
take to complete the program in the required time frame. This plan helps the student complete the course
registration process. The College offers yearlong course scheduling that helps ensure that students get the
courses they need. While not every course in the RN to BSN curriculum is offered each semester, students will
typically have multiple options in planning their courses.

7. What is the process to enroll? Will PA College help?

PA College admissions staff and/or RN to BSN faculty will have a frequent presence at LG Health/Penn Medicine
facilities to offer support with the admission and financial aid processes, transfer credit evaluations and
individualized enrollment support. To ease the process for LG Health/Penn Medicine employees returning to
school at the PA College, a dedicated web page ( is available with helpful
information, including a published schedule highlighting the various start dates and learning options. lt will be
made available on the Nursing StarNet Site.

C. Compensation and other financial questions:

1. Why does LG Health/Penn Medicine not pay nurses more to have an advanced nursing degree?
ln order to maintain competitive rates, LG Health/Penn Medicine sets the salary range for positions based on
market rates for similar roles at comparable organizations. By doing so, LG Health/Penn Medicine takes into
consideration the responsibilities and requirements of the position in setting rates but not the degree the
employee holds.
2. What is the approximate out-of-pocket expense I stand to incur?
The Tuition Assistance Policy provides eligible employees with L00 percent tuition reimbursement (less any
grants or scholarships you may be eligible to receive). The tuition reimbursement does not include the cost of
taxes, textbooks or other course supplies. Visit the PA College web page (
to calculate your estimated expenses. The PA College waives the application and graduation fees for all LG
Health/Penn Medicine employees.

LG Health/Penn Medicine BSN 2020 Frequently Asked Questions Page 3

For internal use only Updated: March 22, 2016
D. Exemptions:
L. By what date do I have to be 55 in order to be grandfathered in and not required to return to school?
Any non-BSN RN born ON or PRIOR to Jan. 1,196L, will be "grandfathered" and will not be required to return to
school for a BSN degree.

2. Willany exemptions be made?

Non-BSN registered nurses with a birthdate of Jan. L,196t, will be "grandfathered" into the previous job
requirements and will be exempt from the new policy. Other exemptions may be granted, rarely, on a
case-by-case basis.

3. Why was the age of 55 selected?

LG Health/Penn Medicine recognizes and values the experience and clinical expertise of our tenured nurses.
Though not required to return to school, they are highly encouraged to be a role model for their colleagues and
continue their education. We will look to these nurses to precept and mentor our new nurses, and be involved
in our nursing department's shared governance.

4. What if I am enrolled in a BSN program, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to complete the
degree requirements by Dec. 31-, 2Ot9?
Consideration will be made on a case-by-case basis.

E. Associate Nursing degrees:

t. Will tG Health/Penn Medicine continue to offer tuition reimbursement for AD nursing enrollees?
Yes. Eligible employees (0.5 FTE or greater) can stilltake advantage of the LG Health/Penn Medicine Tuition
Assistance Policy. Employees who attend PA College may receive 100 percent tuition assistance (less any grants
or scholarships received by the student). There is no credit limit for PA College students. Employees who were
enrolled in a non-PA College program at the time of the new Tuition Assistance Policy announcement will
continue to receive tuition assistance according to the old Tuition Assistance Policy.

2. lf I am a current employee taking courses for an Associate's Degree in Nursing, will I be hired by LG
Health/Penn Medicine when I graduate?
Any employee who is currently a student in an associate's degree program will be considered for employment
upon graduation, provided that the employee commits to continue schooling to achieve their BSN.

3. When will LG Health/Penn Medicine stop hiring AD students?

There has not been a date set yet to hire only BSN nurses. We will continue to hire a limited number of nurses
with associate degrees over the next several years. AD new hires will have to begin course work within one year
of employment and complete it within three years.

F. Hiring practices for future nurses:

1. Will LG Health/Penn Medicine change its hiring practices across the health system?
At this time, the BSN requirement is for all RNs working in departments included under the Lancaster General
Hospital license. Please refer to the list of impacted cost centers in Section A, Question 5 of the FAQ.

2. When we hire non-BSN nurses, wil! they be expected to start RN to BSN classes right away?
Effective immediately, newly hired registered nurses who do not have a BSN will be required to sign a
conditional employment agreement confirming that they will enroll in and complete a BSN degree by a
certain date.

LG Health/Penn Medicine BSN 2020 Frequently Asked Questions Page 4

For internal use only Updated: March22,2016