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...When your life is on the line,

2004 only the finest will do...
Knights Quality Philosophy:
a team of professionals...when only the best will do.
Quality people and design make the quality difference in Knights products.
Knights is a family of companies. For example, Knights
Manufacturing Company (KMC) was formed to meet
sportsmens demands for quality competition shooting products

about 12 years ago. Whereas Knights Armament Company
(KAC) has provided special purpose, rapid turn-around weapons

i n g
and related small arms products for Department of Defense needs
for the past 22 years. Since KAC continues to specialize in the
transition of evolving operational requirements into prototype

o v hardware, and then rapid follow-through production, KMCs

focus is supporting civilian shooters.

e M
This arrangement allows the KMC to focus on the needs of hunters
and target shooters. Knights in-house engineering division and

manufacturing capabilities support our customers both military
and commercial. This includes several well known firearms

companies. Marksmen and hunters have found Knights to be
One of the finest quality small arms manufacturers in the world.

Knights has a proven record in the commercial development
of the .308 caliber SR-25 series rifles, as well as the Modular
Weapon Systems for AR type rifles and carbines, other rifles and

shotguns. In fact, Knights changed the standard by which all
semiautomatic target rifles will be judged as a result of the
out of the box match accuracy guaranteed with each .308 SR-25
Match Rifle. This Knights Stoner Rifle fairly claims that its the only production semiautomatic match rifle
delivered with a sub-MOA factory qualification target fired with out of the box commercial match ammo.
This has been proven in over 4,000 Military & Civilian Mk 11 Mod 0 & SR-25 Rifles produced since 1993.

New Location in Titusville, Florida Knights is moving from Vero Beach, FL., to a new
and much larger facility in Titusville, Fl. Now more
than 200,000 square feet/454 acres of modern design,
testing and manufacturing space is staffed with the
most talented and knowledgeable gun people in the
industry. Engineering and production is backed up by
state of the art computer aided design and
manufacturing equipment. Over 200 employees are
dedicated to the principal of providing the finest
products possible and backing them up with
professional service and support...whatever is necessary
to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers
and the highest performance of our products.

Do you know a team oriented person looking for exciting challenges in the firearms design or manufacturing industry?
Please have them mail us their resume today. They can also e-mail to
Knight Products with U. S. Army Soldiers in Iraq.
Rail Adapter System (RAS) MWS Rail Forends, Forward Mounted Pistol Grips, and M203 Quick Detachable
(QD) Grenade Launcher Mounts are just a few of the KMC products that are both IN SERVICE and officially
Knights Manufacturing Company is moving from 7750 9th Street S.W. * Vero Beach, FL 32968 to:
701 Columbia Blvd. * Titusville, FL 32780 1
SR-15 Semi-Automatics Caliber .223 (5.56mm NATO)
SR-15s are post-ban guns with simulated
U.S. GI Model M16A4 Look-Alike flash suppressors. They are not assault rifles.

SR-15 M-5 Rifle. 20 barrel and long M5 RAS Forend just like the new Government Issue M16A4 Rifles. The SR-15 Stoner Rifle is
about as close to the actual M16 rifle issued to U.S. Servicemen that a civilian can own . The best choice for general purpose marksmanship,
while possessing the ability to easily attach the latest and future technology in shooting accessories...SR-15 M-5 Rifle...P/N: 98071

U.S. GI Model Mk 12 Mod 1 Look-Alike

with the same 2-Stage Match Trigger as on GI guns.

SR-15 Match Rifle. About as close to an actual Mk 12 Mod 1 SPR that you can own! This stainless steel heavy barrel offers free-
floating target grade precision and the adaptability of a unique free floating RAS Forend as used on Government Special Purpose
Rifles (SPR) . By adding additional KMC authentic GI accessories like our folding 600 Meter Rear and Front Sight that are standard on
Government Mk 12 Mod 1s, you are on your way to owning a realmartial collectable....SR-15 Match Rifle...P/N: 98070

SR-15s are post-ban guns with simulated flash

suppressors. They are not assault rifles.

SR-15 Carbine. A light and handy modular weapon of the finest quality. Standard with the KAC developed (and US Army adopted), M4
Rail Adapter System (RAS) Forend. Notice to Collectors: during 2004, the manufacture of SR-15s will relocate from Vero Beach Fl to our
new plant in Titusville, Fl and the receiver markings will change accodingly...SR-15 Carbine with Fixed-Buttstock...P/N: 98072

All SR-15s have the same superb SR-15 Model Match Rifle Carbine
2-Stage Match Trigger as the SR-25 Caliber .223 (5.56mm NATO) Fixed Stock

Barrel Length 20 Hvy. 20 Std. 16 Std.

Free Floating Barrel Yes No No
Flat-Top Upper Receiver Yes Yes Yes
Two-Stage Match Trigger Yes Yes Yes
Folding Back-Up Iron Sight No Yes Yes
Simulated Flash Suppressor No Yes Yes
Overall Length 38.25 38.25 34.50
Unloaded Weight 8.1 lbs. 7.6 lbs. 6.86 lbs.

P/N: 98032 Weapon shown here with optional Modular Weapon System (MWS) accessories.

Knights Manufacturing Company * Phone: (772) 778-3700 * Fax: (772) 569-2955 2

SR-25 Semi-Automatic Caliber .308 (7.62mm NATO)

KMCs exclusive Free-Floating Barrel Rail System

Handguard Model is P/N: 98168

Standard Fiberglass Handguard

Model is P/N: 98029

SR-25 Match Rifles. The heart of these world class .308 precision target rifles is their 24-inch free-floating barrels. Their 11.25
to 1 barrel twist optimizes the performance of out of the box Remington Match grade 168 gr. boat tail ammunition. SR-25
Match Rifles are the only production rifles guaranteed to shoot less than one M.O.A. The 100 yd. factory qualification target fired
with 5-rounds of match ammunition is shipped with each Match Rifle as testimony to its suburb accuracy.

KMCs Exclusive Free-Floating Barrel Rail System

Handguard Model is P/N: 98169

Standard Fiberglass Handguard

Model is P/N: 98030

SR-25 Lightweight Match Rifles. Offering 20-inch long sporting weight free floating barrels. These models are very possibly
your best choice for general-purpose hunting or 3-Gun Matches when accurate, full caliber, semi-automatic .308 caliber is required.
Two models: one with our original fiberglass handguard, and one available with an Army style Rail Adapter System (RAS) forend.
KMCs Exclusive Free-Floating Barrel Rail System
Handguard Model is P/N: 98170

SR-25 RAS Carbine. Available only with Free Floating Barrel Rail
20-Round Magazine 5 Rd....P/N: 98038 System (RAS) forend. SR-25 RAS Carbine...P/N: 98170
...P/N: 98036 10 Rd...P/N: 98037

SR-25 Model Match Lightweight Carbine

Caliber .308 (7.62 mm NATO) Match Rifle

Barrel Length 24Hvy. 20 Std. 16 Std.

Free Floating Barrel Yes Yes Yes
Flat-Top Upper Receiver Yes Yes Yes
Two-Stage Match Trigger Available Yes Yes Yes
Chrome Bolt & Carrier Yes Yes Yes
One 10-Round Magazine w/ Rifle Yes Yes Yes
Shell Deflector - Protects both the 5-Round Magazines Available Yes Yes Yes
receiver and left-handed shooters from ejected Overall Length 43.5 39.5 35.75
Match 2-Stage Trigger Mechanism cases...P/N: 98035
for .154 Hammer/Trigger Pins...P/N: 98032 Unloaded Weight 10.75 lbs. 9.5 lbs. 7.75 lbs.

Note: Item is shown with optional accessories.

Knights Manufacturing Company * Phone: (772) 778-3700 * Fax: (772) 569-2955 3
Precision Sighting Accessories

Sight Folds Down

600 Meter Folding Rear Sight - Click Folding 300m Sight - Peep insert may be
adjustable from 200 to 600 meters. removed to expose the 5mm diameter
Intermediate clicks allow for precise zero at Folding Front Sight for RAS Top Rails ghost ring aperture...P/N: 97082
known ranges....P/N: 98474 ...P/N: 99051

Integral folding 300 meter Sight

with Windage Adjustment.

Objective Diameter of 3.5-15X Scope shown

Modified Handguard
is 2.56 (65mm) and does not touch front rail.
P/N: 99363
required to fold Front
Folding Sight to the
rear as shown.

SR-25 (& AR-15) Tri-Mount Extended Rail & Rear Sight

Front Standing Sight Front Folding Sight Assembly...P/N: 98617
...P/N: 98041 ...P/N: 98039 For extra large objective target scopes that need to be mounted a bit higher and
SR-25 Front Sights mount to the barrels gas blocks MilStd top rail. a bit further forward on flat-top Ars for correct eye relief.

Std. Scope Rings 30mm Std. Scope Rings 1-inch Higher (1.40 High) Low Profile (.922 High)
...P/N: 98033 ...P/N: 98034 30mm Scope Rings..P/N: 23195 30mm Scope Rings..P/N: 20276
Precision Machined Steel Precision Machined Aluminum Precision Machined Steel Precision Machined Steel Mk 11 Mod 0 Push-Button/Folding
Std. Rings Mount Centerline of Scopes the correct 1.273 Front Sight...P/N: 20138
above receiver--Same as Iron Sights Requires Mk 11 Type SR-25 RAS to fold flat against the gas block.

New: SR-25 for 2004

Mk 11 Mod 0 Match Rifle Caliber .308 (7.62mm NATO)

Mk 11 Mod 0 Match Rifle...

P/N: 98169-R
Shown with optional accessories

Mk 11 Mod 0 Match Rifles. Own the Real Deal. The heart of these authentic Mk 11 Mod 0 U. S. Service Rifles are their world class .308
precision 20-inch free-floating target grade barrels. Their 11 to 1 barrel twist optimizes the performance of out of the box Match Grade 168
gr. & 175 gr. boat tail ammunition. Commercial P/N: 98169-R includes one 10-Round Magazine.

Knights Manufacturing Company * Phone: (772) 778-3700 * Fax: (772) 569-2955 4

Mk 11 Mod 0 Precision Rifle System

KAC proudly announces the U.S. Navys

adoption of a Stoner Rifle SR-25 model for use by
its elite SEAL Teams. The Navys official system
nomenclature is Rifle 7.62mm Mk 11 Mod 0, or
simply: Mark Eleven, Mod Zero. The systems
NSN is 1005-01-475-7980. The system includes the
KACs 7.62mm Sound Suppressor, Leupold Long
Range tactical 3.5-10x variable scope, 600 meter
back-up iron sights, system closed-cell foam
case, and other accessories.
The Mk 11 starts life as a Lightweight Match Free-
Floating RAS Rifle, P/N: 98169, with a special 20
inch military match grade 1:11 inch twist barrel.
This configuration maximizes the performance of
the new 175 gr. M118LR ammunition that delivers
a muzzle velocity of 2,571 fps in the 20-inch
barrel. The scopes ballistic cam is specially
calibrated for this ammunition and barrel
combination in one-hundred meter increments

SIMRAD Mount Pictured here

is not available

Pictured here with

Optional Sound Suppressor

Current Leather Sling is Tan in Color

Introducing the 7.62x51mm Mk 11 Mod 0, Mark Eleven Mod Zero
The U.S. Navys Newest Precision Rifle System

Knights Manufacturing Company * Phone: (772) 562-5697 * Fax: (772) 569-2955 5

...When your life is on the line,
only the finest will do...
Pictured on the left are U.S. Navy
SEAL Team members firing their
newly acquired Mk 11 Mod 0


KACs March, 2000 Mk 11 Mod 0 Contract Award is the result of several

years of rifle system testing and improvements to the original SR-25
Match Rifles produced here-to-fore. Improvements to the sound
suppressor, folding back-up sights, buffer system, extractor, ejector, rail
forend and magazines to name a few, are all incorporated in the new
Mk 11 Model. These improvements are also included in all subsequent
SR-25 rifle production.
8 9 10 X

for the S ie-Cut Closed
R-25 Rif C
le as wel ell Foam Inserts
l as p
and clean numerous optio rovide storage
ing equip nal access
ment. ories

Mk11 Type Push-Button

Folding Front Sight
...P/N: 20138

Foam Fitted 36 Carrying

Case...P/N: 20005

Rifle System package (P/N: 21035) also includes Match 2-Stage trigger, 2 ea. Pre-Ban 20-Rd. Magazines, 2 ea. 10-Rr.
Magazines, 600-Meter Folding Rear Sight, Push-Button Front Sight, Harris LM-S Bipod, MWS Bipod Rail Adapter, Custom
Die-Cut Closed Cell Foam-Fitted Carrying Case, Special Length Dewey Coated Rod and accessory Jag and Bore Brush
Adapter, SR-25 Bore Rod Guide for Dewey Coated Rod, SR-25 Field Cleaning Kit, Leupold Vari-X 3.5 x 40mm Matte
Scope with Mil-Dot Reticle, Leupold Scope Sun Shade, set of 3 Butler Creek Scope Caps, KMC 30-mm Steel Scope Rings,
Case Deflector, Leather Competition Sling, and Front QD Sling Swivel (some components are subject to change from
time to time).

Knights Manufacturing Company * Phone: (772) 562-5697 * Fax: (772) 569-2955 6

What is a Modular Weapon System (MWS) ?
KAC rail forends have four parallel Military Standard 1913 rails. One each above, below, and along the sides of the barrel. Rails allow mounting
performance enhancing accessories such as reflex sights, lasers, forward pistol grips, flashlights, bipods, etc.

M5 Rifle RAS Forend P/N: 98065.

First, M4 RAS


the Rails...

M5 RAS M4 RAS Forend P/N: 98064.

Lower-Rail Both M5 & M4 RAS Forends can be installed by the user.

RIS (USSOCOM Style) fits older CAR-15 type, GAU-5, and 9mm carbines with lightweight barrels. KAC P/N: 94297
M4 RAS (Army Style NSN: 1005-01-452-3527) fits newer M4/M4A1 type carbines. KAC P/N: 98064
M5 RAS (Army Style NSN: 1005-01-452-6771) fits newer M16A2, M16A3, M16A4 type rifles with 20 barrels. KAC P/N: 98065

...then add the accessories... 300-Meter Rear

Sight P/N: 97082
Modular Weapon Sling
Front Sight Tower Sling Swivel Adapter P/N: 98720
Mount P/N: 98724

RAS Forend is
perfect for mounting Aimpoint Off-Set
Lasers. Mount P/N: 98512
1 Flashlight Mount
P/N: 97363

Forward Pistol
Grip P/N: 97098A

6-Volt Flashlight Combo with Tactical Snap Stock Extension-

Tape Switch & Mount P/N: 21165 Sling P/N: 20265 Sling Mount P/N: 98506

...and the best of Modular Weapon Reflex Sight Mounts...

7 1.10

30mm Aimpoint Offset/Extended Sight

Mount...P/N: 98512
This Mount is also 1.57 high.
The Offsets optimum use is when the sight 30mm Aimpoint COMP Sight Low Profile Aimpoint Mount...P/N: 99430
must be mounted on the upper receiver rail, but Mount...P/N: 98073 This Low Aimpoint Mount is shown on the
extended forward (2.25) to suit either shooter A lightweight, heavy-duty design for G-36 H&K Carbine on back cover. It also
preferences or in combination with in straight-up mounting. mounts the Aimpoint to the RAS II bridge.
tandem night vision optical accessories.
Knights Manufacturing Company * Phone: (772) 778-3700 * Fax: (772) 569-2955 7
Modular Weapon System (MWS) Accessories
Scope Ring Adapter
AR 3-Way Safe (Short) P/N: 98063
Prevents firing,
loading, and
disassembly of AR
type .223 rifles.

Provides an
Bipod Mount
P/N: 98060 unprecedented level Scope Ring Adapter
of safety and security (Long) 98053
Note: P/N: 98060 does not
include sling swivel using a simple
padlock and our Scope Ring Adapters -
tough plastic Our adapters allow use of low, medium and high
Bipod/ Sling Mount Adapter - commercial rings on flat-top upper receivers or RAS
For mounting Harris Bipods on MWS. forend. Precision made from lightweight aluminum.
Has a QD Stud that doubles as a QD Long Adapter......P/N: 98053
sling mount when bipod is removed.
P/N: 99426 (with padlock) Short Adapter.....P/N: 98063
Bipod Sling Mount..........P/N: 98060
P/N: 99426X (without padlock)

M5 Rifle RAS...P/N: 98065 Forward Pistol Grip -

M4 Carbine RAS...P/N: 98064

Each RAS comes complete

Each RAS comes complete
with three 11-Rib HG Panels with three 11-Rib HG Panels

The M5 Rifle RAS converts AR-type .223 rifles with 20-inch MilSpec. The M4 Carbine RAS converts AR-type .223
M16A2 type (.840 diameter) barrels into the MWS configuration. Mounts to RAS Forends. Carbines with MilSpec.M4 type (.840
Improves handling, diameter) barrels into the MWS configuration.
Our rail system forends do not require your weapon to be modified. They controllability and sight
are very simply installed in place of the plastic handguards with simple tools. acquisition of any MWS. Also available is the USSOCOM style RIS that
P/N: 97098A adapters to small diameter .223 barrels and
Also, the lower rail assembly is easily removed for cleaning without tools. 9mm Carbines. The RIS is... P/N: 94297

6-Rib Panel on M4 Carbine RAS side rail

P/N: 97164
5-Rib P/N: 97166
6-Rib Panel
Panel P/N: 97167
P/N: 97168
Note: Factory RIS
and RAS comes standard 9-Rib Panel on RAS bottom rail
with three 11-rib panels.
Panel MWS Handguard Panels: Protects exposed MWS rail grooves when mounted accessories prevent use of standard long panels.
11-Rib P/N: 97169
Panel We also recommend covering all exposed bottom and side rails to help protect your hands from barrel heat.
P/N: 95047

when only the finest will do...

Knights Manufacturing Company * Phone: (772) 778-3700 * Fax: (772) 569-2955 8
Modular Weapon System (MWS) Accessories
QD Combo

P / N : 98721 P/N: 98720

MWS Forend Sling Swivels and Mounts MWS Sling Swivel
Mounts secure to the top, bottom, or side rails of the forend. (Stock is not included,
Mount with Hvy Duty Push-Button Sling Swivel...P/N: 98720 P / N : 98723 P / N : 98722 It is shown only for illustration)
Mount with QD Stud and QD Sling Swivel...P/N: 98721
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carbine Buttstock Sling Swivel Mount Combo - no modification to stock required.
Uncle Mikes 1 Std. QD Sling Swivel...P/N: 94058 Mount With Std. QD Swivel...P/N: 98723
Push-Button Special 1 Hvy Duty Swivel... P/N: 97079 Mount With Push-ButtonSwivel...P/N: 98722
QD Stud...P/N: 97030

Tactical Snap-Sling... P/N: 20265

Single-Point Tactical
Sling - Perfect Fit &
Function with our new
Receiver Plate Mount
pictured below...

w !
Single-Point Sling P/N: 23297
Simply the best slingwe have
found for our MWS sling mounting
FSTower Sling Mount Combo -
adapters. M buckles allow for ease of Packaged with Push-Button sling swivel
MWS sling swivel attachment...Snap Sling P/N: 20265 only...P/N: 98724

w !
Ambo Carbine Receiver Plate Sling Mount 1 Stock Extension Sling Mount
MWS 1 Flashlight Mount - allows for ...P/N: 22051. For telescoping buttstocks. Combo- Packaged with Push-Button sling
Push Button Sling Swivel (97079) or the Ball-Lock swivel only. Swivel rotates down or from
versatility in light mounting tactical applications on
Eyelet (21317) available separately.. side to side... P/N: 98506
RAS Forends...P/N: 97363

U. S. Mk 12 Mod 1 Free-Floating RAS based Kits

Each kit is complete with Handguard Nut, Barrel Nut, The Standard Mk 12 Mod 1 Free-Floating Barrel RAS
2 Nut Alignment Pins, & 3 Handguard Panels is the Long Model (11.27 in length)...P/N: 99266

Professional Gun Smith installation

Optional Low
Installation requires removal of Flash Profile Gas Block
Suppressor, Front Sight and Barrel Nut, ...P/N: 99204
so this FF RAS may not be appropriate
Mid-Length Free-Floating Barrel RAS
for some post ban weapons with
is 9.35 long...P/N: 20214
permanently attached muzzle devices.
Carbine-Length Free-Floating Barrel RAS
is 6.19 long...P/N: 20208

Knights Manufacturing Company * Phone: (772) 778-3700 * Fax: (772) 569-2955

Modular Weapon Systems & Accessories
H&K Rail Adapter System (RAS) & Mounts

Forward Pistol Grip

is an optional accessory
HK 30mm Ring Mount...P/N: 99048 HK Integral Rail Mount....P/N: 99049
Heckler & Koch MP5 Type 9mm Shown assembled to MP5 RAS in the This top mount accepts a variety of other
and 5.56mm Carbine Rail Adapter photographs above. sighting devices in addition to the Aimpoint
System (RAS) Assembly...P/N: 97198 Sight illustrated above.

New Model M-14 / M1A Rail

M14 RAS..P/N: 22121
Simple, Secure, Easy for you
to install.

Includes Rear Rail Base to

Perfect mount base for reflex Sighting Systems Support Target Scopes.
like Aimpoints & EO Techs Note: Rear Rail Base installs in place of Charger Guide

2004...Free-Floating RAS II
New Deal for 2004...

Front rail is same height

as upper receiver rail...

Free-Float your carbine barrel with the

simplicity & elegance of this super stable Lo-Profile Mount P/N: 99430 with
Mil-Spec Rail Forend Aimpoint mounted to RAS II Bridge.
RAS II for Carbines...P/N: 22243
A user installed Free-Floating Barrel Rail Forend System for flat-top uppers. Lower rail has a screw clamp that completely stabilizes
the removable lower rail for aggressive vertical grip action or more positive alignment.
Top rail covers only front 1.2 of upper receiver rail. Leaves plenty of rail for simultanious iron sight & scope mounting.
Aimpoint mounts to Bridge above barrel nut.
Knights Manufacturing Company * Phone: (772) 778-3700 * Fax: (772) 569-2955 10
H&K Rifle RAS & Accessories Shotgun RAS
H&K 91 RAS...P/N: 98068

Shotgun Rail Adapter System (RAS) - Mounts easily without

modification of the host shotgun. Provides a low profile mounting
surface for optional or reflex sights.
H&K 93 RAS Precision lightweight aluminum.
P/N: 98067 Remington M870 RAS...P/N: 99143

Scope &
Vertical Pistol Grip...P/N: 97098A Shown

Aimpoint Mount 600 Meter Rear Sight

Special Low Ring Set. (centerline of scope is .922 above top
of rail) 30 mm Scope Ring Set with 1-inch Spacers Folding Front Sight P/N: 99430 P/N: 99428
P/N: 20276 P/N: 99427

Flashlight Mount
P/N: 97363

Bipod Mount
P/N: 98060

G-36 Carbine RAS

SL-8 / G-36 Long Scope Base & Fold-Down P/N: 99327
600 Meter Rear Sight..P/N: 99429
MWS Sling Mount
P/N: 98720 Vertical Pistol Grip..P/N: 97098

H&K SL-8 / G-36 Rifle RAS and Accessories. Two 600 Meter Rear Sight options: P/N: 99428 has a short rail section that neatly accommodates
the SL-8 Aimpoint Mount P/N: 99430. The long rail version 600 Meter Rear Sight (P/N: 99429) designed for longer scopes that require two rings. The
Folding Front Sight is attached to the SL-8 receiver and therefore can be used without the RAS installed. The SL-8 RAS is identical to the G-36 Rifle
model RAS as P/N: 99326, the G-36 Carbine model RAS is P/N: 99327. In addition, the sights shown above attach to either the SL-6 or the G-36.

C l e a n i n g & M a i n t e n a n c e Products
Standard Dewey Coated Rod. Has a 38 working
length. Recommended for 7.62mm 24 Barrel
SR-25 Match Rifles. ...P/N: 21279
Note: Dewey Rods use Rod Guide P/N: 21281

Special 35.5Length Coated Dewey Rod .

Custom length for 7.62mm Mk 11 Mod 0 Rifle
System or SR-25 LW Match Rifles. Fits in
Carrying Case Lid as shown on SR-25 Accessory
We recommend using our Bore Rod Guide at all times Page ...P/N: 21278
Dewey Rods use Rod Guide P/N: 21281

Dewey 7.62mm Brass Jag... P/N: 21300

SR-25 Field Cleaning Kit - Kit Contends Periodically Change. Your kit
Essential tools and cleaning accessories may not contain exactly what is pictured
you would need in the field to clean and here.
maintain your SR-25. Includes a chamber
brush rod, bore brush, SR-25 Chamber
Brush, other special purpose brushes &
Dewey Bore Brush Adapter... P/N: 21301 adapter, Allen, Torx & Scope Ring
wrenches, pipe cleaners, Q-tips, etc., and
a Plastic Carrying case with adjustable
Stainless Steel Bore Rod - (not shown) dividers...P/N: 20073
33 one-piece (.204 dia.) stainless steel with
slotted patch holder for SR-15 or Fits in SR-25 Rifle Case Lid
shown on SR-25 Accessory Page.
SR-25 LW Match
...P/N: 98044 (Note: fits in case on Page 4)
Knights Manufacturing Company * Phone: (772) 778-3700 * Fax: (772) 569-2955 11