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Member Records - LDS Church

50 E North Temple, Room 1372

SLC UT 84150-5310

August 11, 2010

Dear Sirs:

I hereby request the removal of my membership records from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints. My name is Kenneth __________ Kimball and I was born in _______, ______ on _______
XX, 19XX. The last ward I know that had my records was in _________, Utah. At that time, nearly 25
years ago, it was called the ________ Xth ward.

I request that any prescribed waiting period be waived, and that this request be processed immediately,
and no later than 30 days from the date of this letter, as my decision is unalterable. If you feel you will
need more than 30 days to process this request, please forward to me the outline of the process and the
anticipated date of removal. I will then be able to review this to see if it is acceptable before making
the decision to hire an attorney. If the situation requires that I involve an attorney, I will ask that she
include a request in her filing that her fees be covered by your organization.

I do not recognize your presumed authority in any matter concerning me. I request that the term
'excommunication' not be used in any correspondence concerning this matter, as I am voluntarily
leaving the LDS church, and I do not wish to be the subject of any unnecessary conversation or
innuendo among LDS members. I wish my friends and family in the LDS church to know that I leave
not because of people or personalities, or "sin" on my part, but solely because I have come to the
conclusion, after years of study and experience that the premise of Mormonism is flawed.

After much soul searching, mediation and prayer I consider myself agnostic. My research has revealed
conflicts and contradictions in modern Christianity, those contradictions and conflicts compound
exponentially with a careful, studious look at the LDS religion. The most blatant of those are in the
origins of the LDS church itself, the origin of The Book of Mormon, the Book of Abraham, and many
other writings and claims, which I refute in their entirety.

I note that the LDS church has continually revised its teachings in order to align itself with modern
Christianity, it is my opinion that this is an attempt to draw in more potential converts and to appear to
be more mainstream in some areas while maintaining an extraordinarily “unique” position in others. I
believe that this fact alone belies the church's claim of being "guided by God in every footstep," and of
being "the only true and living church." I find many of the organization’s teachings to be harmful to
the mind, body and spirit.

I disagree wholeheartedly with how the church chooses to deal with most social issues and its political
involvement in such issues. It is a travesty to feign support for the government and its constitution
when the church is unable to respect and honor the founding fathers, whom I agree were inspired,
when they clearly called for a complete separation between church and state. It appears the church
resembles the Catholic Church, whom you characterize as the “great and abominable church..., which
was founded by the devil”, more and more each day.
For me, the final straw has been the church’s involvement in Proposition 8 in California. This not a
decision that I take lightly or without a great deal of contemplation, it is the result of me dealing openly
and honestly with who I am and my own spirituality. For these reasons, among many others too
numerous to list here, I hereby resign my memberships in the LDS church, effective immediately.


Kenneth Kimball