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Get the Girls, Get the Grades
Seth Rose

This book contains no personal or legal advice. This book is written for
entertainment purposes only. Seth Rose cannot be held liable for any actions
you take such as:

1.) Committing a criminal offense

2.) Impregnating a woman
3.) Causing bodily harm to yourself or to someone else

Dont be an idiot


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Table of Contents
Preface 4

Introduction 5


Independent or Greek 16

College Game 28

Alcohol: Everybodys Closest Friend 36

Seths Awesome Party Recipe 39

College Game In Action 41

A Few Last Words 56


Overview of Majors and Careers 67

Finding a Home Away From Home 72

BMOC Lifestyle 76

Conclusion 86

All I ask 88

Appendix 89


Theres an ongoing debate today on whether or not college is worth it. The
argument is that privileged, yuppy white kids are getting degrees in liberal
arts that wont provide them with a meaningful career after graduating
leaving them tens of thousands of dollars in debt, forcing them to work at
Starbucks for menial pay while either looking for something that pays above
minimum wage or to go back to graduate school where they will only
continue the cycle of higher education followed by a low paying job. Well
cant argue with that.

The argument is indeed valid. However, this is not the case for all
individuals. It varies on a case by case basis and depends on many factors
such as the students major, school, work ethic, intelligence etc. For the
most part, college IS worth it. Getting a degree will absolutely put one in a
better position to get a job that pays well and they enjoy, as opposed to
relying on your high school diploma to find you a job. Sure, billionaires like
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates dropped out of college and became amazing
successes. Sure, you can start your own business right out of high school.
However, most people who dont go to college are not successes. Getting a
degree and building valuable skills will put you in a position to earn more in

College is not just a time for partying. It is an opportunity to develop

yourself to the best you can be. It is a time to experiment, have fun, meet
new people and to find out who you really are. So when someone asks, Is
college worth it? the answer is: Hell yes motherfucker!


They say that college is the best four years of your life. I couldnt agree
more. College is an experience unlike any other. Sadly though, many young
men do not get to enjoy college for all that it is. They are doomed to a life of
videogames, Taco Bell and masturbating to unique porn videos.
Im sure youve seen or at least hear of classic college films like Animal
House and Van Wilder. While the events in those films are clearly
exaggerated, it is possible to take part in the crazy antics seen in those
films. However, to enjoy those things one must be a certain type of man,
with certain types of friends in a larger social circle. That type of man is the
Big Man On Campus (or BMOC).

To me, this ideal man works hard by day, and parties hard by night. Hes got
good grades and he gets laid. Hes got a good internship coming up all the
while having a great group of friends. Im going to tell you how to be that
man and so much more, but lets back up a bit. Who the Hell am I and how
did I get here? Lets back up a bit shall we

I hated high school. I wasnt cool, I had acne and I did nothing with my life.
Alright, well thats not fair. I did play videogames, masturbate excessively to
porn, and sit home on the weekends watching TV. Okay so I wasnt THAT
bad, Im exaggerating a bit. I was a nice guy, fun to be around and had
great friends. Things could have been worst. At least I wasnt a small child
working for blood diamonds in the Congo. It could have been better though.
I wanted to go to the parties the cool kids were going to. I wanted to be
popular in school. I wanted to get laid, or at the very least kiss a girl!

So I set out to change things. I just needed an opportunity to start over. You
know, get a new shot. College was the perfect storm. I would attend college
a few states over. I was the only kid from my high school going there so no
one would know the true me. I could totally reinvent myself. The summer
before starting college I remember going to the mall and getting new
clothes, shoes, and some accessories; stuff I would never have considered
wearing in high school. I wanted to be cool and since I wasnt cool in high
school I felt I couldnt wear these things.

Most of us live our lives through the perception of others. We believe society
has a certain perception of us and we must fulfill the role we are given. To
break that role not only would it be awkward, but I would be criticized by my
peers. I thought I could create a new perception of myself by moving away
and changing my wardrobe like I was on the FBIs Top 10 Most Wanted List.
Thats not how this shit works! I found that out the hard way.

I was finally at school and it was my first day of class. I was running late so
I had to throw everything together quickly. I sprayed some cologne on,
threw on some all-white Adidas sneakers and my new Burberry glasses. I
ran down the hall to the elevator. There werent too many Freshman in my
dorm so I was joined by two upperclassman. As soon as I walked in they
were hit with the musk of my cologne. They saw the glasses and the
sneakers. They had huge grins on their faces they tried to hide. Needless to
say I felt like shit. I walked out of the elevator and put my glasses away.

It was then that I realized that moving a few hundred miles away and
changing clothes didnt make me a different person. Sure, I could have tried
to create some new persona, but the best way to fulfill my desires was to
actually become the person I wanted to be through experiences and
behavioral changes. It was a long road indeed to get where I am today. I am
incredibly happy with where I am and who I am as a person. By the time I
graduated school I had become a pretty fucking cool guy.

So how is it that I went from being a dorky pizza face geek, to a cool guy
that got laid? To be honest, it wasnt that hard. It was a gradual process
though, so patience was required yes, but I never really had to overcome
any trials or tribulations like Job. I think the most important thing was
putting myself in a position where I could be myself. Yeah I just went
there. While you may think being yourself is terrible advice that your
parents gave you, its actually amazing advice. Im a firm believer that all
men have a version of themselves that is witty, fun, charming etc. Do you
ever notice that you act differently around your close friends than you do
around pretty girls? Theres a reason for this. Youre hiding who you really
are. To get the most out of college, and life for that matter you must bring
this version of yourself to the surface.

To do this you must put yourself in a position where youre comfortable

enough to be this person. I did this by joining a fraternity. It allowed me to
make amazing friendships, better than anything I experienced in high
school. I took up multiple leadership positions and became a leader of my
peers when I was nothing of the sort a few years prior. I found out I was
actually good with girls when I had never even kissed a girl in high school.

(A quick note: I dont expect everyone who reads this to join a frat so Ill do
my best to not shove Greek Life down your throats and do the best I can to
make this applicable to the broadest range of people possible.)

I strongly believe that barring a severe physical deformity or some sort of

mental illness, any guy can have an awesome college experience. If you

have the right mindset and put yourself in a position to succeed I have no
doubt that you can become a Big Man On Campus.

The Great College Myth

I was a starry eyed optimist when I came to college. From the impressions
we are given it seems that everyone in college is getting laid all the time and
having crazy parties. While I never doubted the existence of such things, I
had yet to experience it within my first few weeks of school. It wasnt until
Halloween that I attended my first party.

Me and a few buddies decided to venture off campus in search for some
parties. I was the leader of the pack, so that gives you an idea of the people
I was rolling with. I got word of a party and we headed there. The lawn was
fenced off and people were playing pong outside. It was a site to behold. My
first party! (Sheds tears)

Well, we didnt really know what to do and I think all the booze was gone so
we went across the street to another party. The party can be described in
one word: Ratchet. Now this was probably just a normal house party, but
my perception of it was that it was glorious seeing as it was my first night
out in college. I remember there being lots of sexy girls and a keg. At one
point one of these sexy girls starts flirting with me hardcore. I froze. I
literally had no clue what to do. She got pissed off at me and stomped off
clearly frustrated with the absence of my dick inside her.

We left shortly after and returned back to the dorms. It was a fun night
indeed. While my weekends prior to that had consisted of shitty pizza, porn
and the occasional movie I finally had my first taste at the real college
experience. It opened my eyes as to what was really out there.

I would go on to go to, and host, many parties like this in the future at my
frat house and they were wild. Im talking hundreds, if not over a thousand
people at my house. Cases of Natural Light as far as the eyes could see.
Lights flashing and music bumping while little Freshman girls twerked their
tight asses. This is the shit you see in movies. I was fortunate to be able to
be a part of this. However, for the majority of students on a college campus
this is just a pipedream. Id venture to say at least 80% of people rarely get
to experience things like these. Most guys spend their whole four years who
I spent my first year: Class, fap, eat repeat.

This lifestyle is not hard to achieve. By simply making the right choices,
knowing the right people, and putting yourself in situations where stuff like

this can happen it inevitably will. The most effective way to achieve this is to
be part of a social circle where this stuff happens. Most people in college are
relegated to being part of a small, tightly knit social circle. They all know one
another either through high school, class, student organizations or work.
When they party, they party together at one of their apartments or houses.
If one of them gets laid, which is probably rare, it will be with someone
within this small group, and they will most likely end up dating them at the
insistence of their peers.

Compare that with people in fraternities who have dozens of close male
friends. On top of this, they network with sororities and are constantly
expanding their social network. As a result of economies of scale, these
groups can throw bigger and better parties. These parties attract hotter
women. Women like to fuck cool guys, and thus is the reason frat boys get

The average college student is a part of one of these small groups and thus
wont experience the life of someone whos part of this bigger social
network. As previously mentioned being in a fraternity fulfills this criteria.
Again, if you dont decide to join a fraternity it is still very feasible to achieve
this. I will go over how exactly to do this in the future, but essentially it will
require you to create your OWN social network. You will be the facilitator of
fun and the dictator of decisions. So how does one become this man? Glad
you asked.

Before We Start

For those who are not yet in college, I think its important to discuss where
you will attend college and what you will study. This is not to optimize your
odds of getting laid, but rather because it is important to consider your
financial situation presently and in the future and how it will affect your

If you have a dream school that you got into and couldnt imagine life
without going there, then go. But if youre on the fence about going to a big
state school a few hundred miles away or an in-state school, its probably
smarter to stay in state for the sake of saving money. Theres no need to go
to some fancy pants school that charges $50,000+ a year, especially
because most degrees theyre giving out are liberal arts which will not
compensate you a lot making paying tuition that much harder.

If youre reading this book it means you probably want to have a good social
experience during college, but also want to have a great job out of college.

In that case, its state schools all the way. Some state schools are better
than others. Schools like University of Michigan and Virginia are some of the
best public schools in the country. Youll have a great social life, but the
programs offered there in things like Business and Engineering are on par
with many elite private institutions. Do your research though. Think about it
a lot. I was very, very close to going to a different university than I ended
up going to because I just went with the flow. I thought that this school
seemed cool and I went with it. It was only at the last minute I received a
scholarship from another school and made me second guess my original
choice, and I ended up opting for the other school.

Dont worry about doing college visits before you get into the school either,
its a waste of time and money. Heres how to pick a school:

1.) Ask yourself what you want to get out of college: The two most
common answers are fun and a good job like Ive been saying. I have
no idea how you did on your standardized tests, what your GPA was,
and what clubs you were in. If you fucked around in high school and
your application is shit, then youre shit out of luck. On the other hand
if you raped your high school classes and the SATs/ACTs then you
have your pick of the litter.

2.) Check tuition prices: If tuition is not an issue than Pass Go and
Collect $200 (the rich truly do get richer) and move on to Step 3. If
money is an important factor, take into account that Student Debt is
very real. Two of my close friends had loans in college and Ill use
them as examples:
a. Scott was a Computer Science and Engineering major. He dicked
around a bit in college, but got his shit done and got a job as a
programmer right out of school without any frustration.
b. Bill was a Political Science major. He did well in school and his
plan is law school. The law field is a saturated market so hes
taking a big gamble. He works in a coffee shop as of now, with
tens of thousands of dollars in student debt staring him in the

All of us would rather be Scott. Fortunately, I learned Bill just received some
hefty scholarships to law school so wont have to worry too much about
money. For the sake of this example, assume that he did NOT receive any
scholarships. That is a big financial gamble to take.

Ill expand on picking majors shortly, but debt is a scary thing. If you want
to get a liberal arts degree, which is fine, be wary of going to a pricey school
unless mom and dad are footing the bill.

3.) Apply: Pick 5-10 schools that stand out to you as places you may
enjoy. Apply as early as possible as it will give you more time to make
a decision. You should get into most of your choices if you were smart
about where you applied. Now its time to really whittle down your
choices. I would start by going over costs again. Then look at these
schools by the strength of their programs. If you want to study
Finance, you should give preference to a school with a good Business
school, although you shouldnt pick the school solely because of this
factor as you may decide to switch majors after you get sodomized by
your accounting class.

4.) Visit: If youre from Florida and apply to university of Wisconsin, know
that snow does exist and isnt something that exists on TV. Climate is
a big factor, but isnt usually a big deal unless you must live in a
particular climate (e.g. Warm and Sunny). Also, some campuses are
not aesthetically pleasing and gloomy. While this isnt a huge factor,
being surrounded by ugliness can cause unhappiness (thats why we
date hot chicks). Id wait until you get accepted to visit a schools
campus. No point in spending a few hundred dollars on a visit when
you may not even get accepted.

5.) Finalize: Its time to seal the deal. Once your accepted and do all the
necessary paperwork and other stuff, theyll walk you through the

Most people are happy where they go to school. There are a few common
reasons why people do transfer schools though:

a. Too big: Going to a massive school can be overwhelming for

some. My Freshman roommate at one of the biggest schools in
the country, transferred to some tiny ass college in Rhode Island
Ive never heard of. This school just wasnt for him, plus it was
close to his home.

b. Too small: Some people go to schools that arent much bigger

than their high school for reasons that are beyond me. They
then transfer to bigger schools so that they can enjoy life.

c. Far from home: Many people get homesick their Freshman year
of school and opt to move closer to home. If they took this into
account in the first place, they wouldve never went to a school
so far away.

d. Change programs: When people go to a school because of a

particular program, when they end up changing majors there is
no point at attending that school any longer if it offers nothing
else of value. This is why I recommend choosing a school not
based on a particular program.

Consider these factors before finalizing a decision.

So now that youve picked your school, its a good time to think about what
you want to study. Its not necessary to lock yourself into a certain major,
but Im sure there are some subjects that pique your interest. If not, why
are you even going to college?

That party last night was awfully crazy
I wish we taped it
I danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked
Drink my beer and smoke my weed
But my good friends is all I need
Pass out at three, wake up at 10
Go out to eat, then do it again, man I love college..

-Asher Roth

Time for a keg stand motherfucker!! College, you gotta fucking love it. Beers
and Boobies!

Its real easy to forget about why you are actually in college. In fact, after
graduating I felt the most significant aspect was the social part. I grew
tremendously as a person and had a ton of amazing experiences. Oh yeah
and I went to class and stuff. Im going to tell you how to study and get
good grades in college, but that shit is boring! Its time to party, now lets
get into it!

Developing Your Social Circle

A cool social circle filled with fun, attractive and well connected people will
allow you to have an epic college experience. Getting into one, or better yet
building one is something you should strive for. Easier said than done. If
youre like me and you come to college from out of state, youre the only
person from your high school at the university, you get stuck in a shitty
dorm and to add insult to injury you have no social skills, how the fuck are
you supposed to achieve this? Well, youre going to have to make the most
of what youve got.

You will want to disregard the negatives and push them as far aside as
possible until you barely even realize that theyre there. If you didnt know
anybody at your school and youre like me youre going to have to start from
the bottom up.

Before you get to campus

Lets start at the very beginning. Before you even come to school, check to
see if there is a Facebook group for your graduating class. Lets say youre
going to be starting school in August 2014 at Florida State. Search Facebook
for Florida State Class of 2018. Guaranteed if you go to a decent sized
school there will be a few thousand people in this group. Even if theres a
smaller group there will be a few hundred people. Go on this group and start
friend requesting people, especially if they live near your hometown. Make
sure to friend cute girls and cool guys.

This may seem creepy, but its not. I did it, and had multiple people friend
requested me that I never even met. Kids coming to college want to meet as
many people as possible, specifically those that will add to their college
experience. Message them something like Cant wait to start in August!
What dorm are you living in? If they seem cool tell them you guys should
drink sometime or some type of hang out.

Be the facilitator. Most people in this world are followers. They need a
leader to guide them through life. When it comes to college, most kids are
easily manipulated. Tell them youre going to some party, theyre coming.
Your eating dinner at 7:12 PM at West Dining Hall, theyre coming. College
students, especially Freshman are always looking for something to do and if
you want to have a good social life, become the guy who is the go to for a
good time.

Another great way to pre-emptively enhance your social life is to check out
some fraternities before coming to campus. Even if your opposed to Greek
life, taking some time to look into fraternities will pay dividends as a
Freshman your first semester. Ill go into more detail later on, but frats are
itching to get new guys to join each year and target Freshman guys with
ideas of loose women and copious amounts of alcohol. Check out some frats
at your school, and pick a few you like. E-mail them or post on their
Facebook group and ask about their Rush schedule.

Rush week is essentially the first week or two of each semester in which
Fraternities will attempt to recruit new members, especially Freshman (Ill
touch on this more briefly). By jumping the gun and taking the initiative,
Fraternities will be glad to bring you around assuming youre not a total
weirdo. You can expect free food and activities during the day, and
potentially parties at night. When you move into your dorm, youll have stuff
planned you can invite guys along to during the day. And on the weekends,
youll have parties to invite all the guys and girls too. If youve got parties
hooked up the first few weeks, you will have it made.


That covers what to do before you get to school. Now its time to actually go
to school! Once move in day arrives, the game is on. Leave your door
open, ALL THE FUCKING TIME! Unless your roommate has a problem with
it, leave your door open unless your dick is hanging out. Even if youre shy
leaving your door open is an invitation for people to come to your room.
Again, people are always looking for something to do, even if it just means
shooting the shit with someone. Walk around your floor and if someones
door is open, go in. Were pretending this is the first day, so introduce
yourself and bullshit a bit with them. Tell them you two should party this
weekend. Theyll dig it.

Time to meet the RA aka the Robber of Alcohol sorry that was terrible. RAs
arent always that bad. In fact I had a buddy who was an RA who banged a
few girls in his hall. End well that did not, but thats another story. Just try
and get on your RAs good side, and pretend like youre a sweet little angel.
Tell them you want to smoke weed with them in your dorm some time. Just
kidding, dont do that. You can usually choose what dorm you want at most
schools, but that guarantees nothing. Again, make the most of what youve

Beyond the dorms

Common advice for getting laid and being cool in college is to go hard the
first two weeks in terms of socializing. I couldnt agree with this more, but
its easier said than done. When I came to college I was shy and awkward.
Despite my wardrobe changes I still wasnt cool and didnt magically get
social skills, so to suggest that someone like myself could meet a hundred
new strangers my first week is a pipedream. If you were social in high
school, youre in a great position to start strong. If you were like me, hope is
not lost. What you need to do is put yourself in a position to meet people.
Doing passive things like leaving your door open, to simply eating burgers at
a fraternity house do not require an intense exertion of oneself socially and
thus socializing is easier than you think. It is by putting yourself in positions
like this that will allow you to grow tremendously over the four or so years in

Do your best though to meet people outside your dorm. Theres numerous
places to meet people in your first few weeks, a time where everybody is
still in shell shock over being in college. Here are a few:

1.) Dining Halls: In the age of the Smartphone, it may seem a bit odd
to actually strike up a conversation with a stranger for the sake of
having a chat. Im sure you dont do it too often, and it will likely
take people by surprise. Yet, for many underclassmen that eat in
the dorms eating with a total stranger isnt as weird as it sounds,
especially if its busy. Grab a seat with someone, guy or girl, who
looks friendly and ask if you can take a seat. Start shooting the
shit, ask the regular questions, What dorm do you live in?, What
do you study? If theyre cool/hot tell them you should hang out
together sometime. Bonus points if you have an event planned that
you can invite them too.

2.) Class: Youd think people would mingle in class, but 98% of people
are glued to their cell phones or laptop before class. The easiest
way to strike up a conversation is to ask a question about the
syllabus, a homework assignment, or just how fucking
boring/hard/easy the class is. You could ask a cute girl to study
with you, but Ive never heard anyone getting laid from a study
session. It sounds nice to study with a cute girl at the library and
bang her in the 7th floor stacks, right between the section on
Spanish literature and Israeli culture at 1030PM at night on a
Wednesday okay this never happened. A frequent questions guys
always ask is How can I get with this girl in my class? Staying on
the omnipresent theme of being the facilitator, you want to convey
to this girl that you have an active and fun social life. Instead of
straight up asking her out for coffee, to study, or something else
lame have fun things going on you can invite her too. If youre of
age ask her to grab a beer with some friends. Not of age? Find a
cool house party and invite her to tag along. If a cute college girl is
presented with the options of a.) Coffee or b.) Alcohol, she will
almost always pick the latter.

3.) Clubs: Within the first week or so, most schools have some type of
fair where all the student organizations get together and encourage
students to join. This is a great opportunity to join some clubs. You
probably wont bang girls from the Young Republicans, but you
should always be networking. Always Be Networking. The more
people you know, the more doors open for social circles and parties.
Like study groups, no one really gets laid directly from a club. See

this more as a tool to meet cool people and find parties as opposed
to exploiting it for pussy.

That pretty much covers how and where you can meet cool guys and cute
girls in our first semester at school. If youre reading this and youre not a
freshman, no worries we have a ways to go. If you are a freshman and are
wondering how the fuck youre going to do all this when you were a loser in
high school, chill. Its not the end of the world if youre not the coolest guy in
school after a few months. It would be absurd to think that you can make
such a profound transformation in such a short period of time, but what I
will say is that you should be doing everything in your power to develop a
social network of sorts.

Never pass up an opportunity. If theres a club youre semi-interested in,

join it!

If theres a cute girl sitting in your class, take out your ear buds and chat
her up.

If you can honestly go through your first semester, or first year for that
matter and say that, being completely honest with yourself, you did your
best to come out of your shell and go above and beyond than thats all I or
yourself can ask of you. You have four years to enjoy college, patience
young padawan.

Independent or Greek

Usually in your first year youre going to have to make a decision: To go

Greek or not. Most students actually will not have to make a decision as
Greek life is not even in their realm of thought. There is a small percent of
people (ten percent or so) that are inevitably going to join Greek life and
another ten percent that arent. Youre probably somewhere in the middle. I
dont want to shove fraternities down your throat, but I cant recommend it
enough. At least think about it and give it a shot.

Lets assume for now that you do decide to join, or at least look into joining
a fraternity. Well, welcome to Greek life my friend.

In high school there are pretty distinct cliques. You got your rich kids, super
rich kids (credit to Frank Ocean), jocks, dorks, geeks, nerds, emos, goths,
potheads, lax bros, religious kids, troublemakers, wannabee troublemakers,
band geeks, cheerleaders, Asians (subcategorized into smart Asians and cool

Asians), Hispanic immigrants, sluts, hipsters, and of course the illustrious

theatre dorks. Am I missing any?

Now take those groups and multiply the number of people in each one by
10-20. These cliques now become small communities and there is no larger
community then the Greeks. If the Greeks were a high school clique they
would be a combination of lax bros, rich kids (with a few super rich kids
thrown in for good measure), and the cheerleaders. That would give you
your stereotypical frat boy and sorority girl. The thing is though that when
you have several thousand people in a fraternity/sorority at a University you
cant categorize everyone as fitting into a specific role like in high school. It
depends largely on the University, but in many fraternities at my campus,
and in my own fraternity we pulled guys from nearly every one of the high
school cliques.

If you looked at some of the guys in my frat you would have never guessed
that they were a frat boy. We had our stoners, geeks, Asians, gay guys etc.
You name it we probably had it; and that was the beauty of it! Sure, many
organizations will have 100 guys or girls who looked like they were cloned in
some lab, but thats rarely the case.

As much as Id like to jerk off to frats and sororities for the next twenty
pages (which I may end up doing) I want to create a timeline in the event
you do decide to join a fraternity. This timeline is going to span four years
and take you through everything that you may experience.

So you wanna be a frat boy?

When I first came to college, I knew what a fraternity was. Who didnt?
Come on now Id seen Old School and American Pie Presents: Beta House.
Damn, those movies made them look like fun. But to be in a frat you had to
be cool right? Everyone who ever joined a fraternity was born cool, always
dressed the way they do, and are totally the same person they were in high
school. You can see where Im going with this

To me fraternities presented an opportunity to better myself on all levels;

the most appealing was the social aspect. Unfortunately I had no idea where
to start. About 6-8 weeks into my first semester, things werent looking
bright. My social life sucked and I still hadnt even kissed a girl. Fuck me

Well, I was walking into the dining hall one day and there was a cool looking
guy promoting a fraternity on campus. I was a bit skeptical, but I took his

flyer. As of this writing it was a little over four years from today that this
happened and it is by far one of the best decisions I ever made.

Fortunately for you I am here to provide you with my insider knowledge.

Dont be like me and wait for a gift from the Greek Gods (that was clever
huh?) to deliver you an invitation for awesomeness; take action into your
own hands. I previously mentioned that as an incoming Freshman you
should research the fraternities on your campus, pick a few that stand out
and then contact them. Theyll be more than happy to have you to some of
their events. Most recruitment events take place the first week or two of
school; this is known as rush week.

Time to Rush

The first week or two of every year can be hectic. Many people are living in a
new place, they have to adjust to their class schedule, and most importantly
get ready to do schoolwork after summer. Greek organizations are not
exempt, and perhaps even more burdened with these drastic changes. It is
during Rush Week that fraternities will seek out potential new members to
join their ranks. For these two weeks fraternities will treat you like royalty
(the next eight to ten they will treat you like slaves, but Ill get to that
shortly). Free food, events, booze and sluts are on the agenda. If frats are
like NFL teams, then Freshmen are like college football players being scouted
for the draft.

During this time period you should not be overly burdened with school work
so enjoy this week or two. Check out as many fraternities as you can and
keep note of which ones you vibed well with. Remember, the guys that you
will be spending the next several years with the guys you meet if you so
decide to join. Theyre going to be your wingmen, your study buddies, your
drinking pals and so much more. Theres probably going to be a frat or two
that tickles your fancy. Maybe theres a guy you really clicked with, or a sick
party they had. You know you want to be a part of it, but youre afraid they
may not like you or youre going to somehow fuck it up. Dont worry, I got
you covered.

How to Get a Bid

A bid is a written invitation that a fraternity will present to a potential new

member extending their desire for the individual to join their chapter. If you
accept the bid, is does not guarantee that you join, rather it gives you the

opportunity to go through pledge ship, following which you will finally be

able to join.

In my fraternity we really werent too picky. Most fraternities arent. While

the guys there may seem like demi-gods, I can bet they werent always that
cool. They were average, but had potential. Many guys in my fraternity were
pretty dorky when they joined, but had a complete makeover in terms of
wardrobe and personality that made them fit the stereotypical frat boy role.
I dont approve of this, but it happens.

As long as you are not socially inept, have some sense of style, can hold a
conversation about interesting topics, and crack a few jokes youre good to
go. Heres a quick list of Dos and Donts:


1.) Wear nice clothes. You dont need to go out and buy an entirely
new wardrobe, but owning some fratty clothes will come a long
way. J Crew is solid for price and quality. Dont worry too much
about style now, Ill cover that a little later. Just dont look like a

2.) Have cool stories. Dont try and brag, youre a Freshman, but
make the impression that you have fun stuff going on in your life
and that youre not depending on the fraternity to give you a social
life. If you dont have anything going on, a white lie wont hurt.

3.) Come to several events. Dont be a one and done. Go to a few

events and get your face known, and get to know a few guys.
Which leads me to my next point:

4.) Know the bros. It helps to get to know some of the brothers so
that when the time comes to give out bids youll have a few guys
vouching for you.


1.) Wear Cargo Shorts. Dont ask, just dont wear them. Trust me.
When you join a fraternity youll know why.

2.) Come to every event. This makes you seem desperate. When
youre rushing you want to act like a hot girl. Everyone wants to get
you and there are multiple guys (i.e. frats) trying to holla at you.

3.) Be weird. You dont have to be cool, just be normal. If youre

weird though you can kiss your bid goodbye. I remember we had a
guy who came to one of our frat parties after attending a few
events. He came up to me and told me how he just used an
opener on some girls that was straight out of the Mystery Method.
They werent pleased. We politely told him that He wasnt a good
fit. Theres nothing wrong with hitting on girls, in fact its
encouraged. Just dont be a creeper.

This shouldnt be a high pressure situation. Just show your face and have a
few chats. Assuming you showed up enough to a few different frats, you will
likely get a bid somewhere. You now have the decision as to which
organization you wish to join. Once you make your decision you will be
initiated as a pledgemwahahaha.

The Pledge Survival Guide

Youve heard the stories. Pledges being forced to consume ungodly amounts
of shitty alcohol, doing endless pushups, touching dicks and the list goes
on. While I have no doubt that these types of things happened in the past,
and are probably happening as you read this, for the most part fraternities
do not engage in such acts.

I wont go into detail, but my fraternity did a wee bit of hazing. Wall sits,
pushups, drinking, more drinking, scavenger hunts and some other silly
stuff. I was fortunate to not have to go through any of this because of when
I joined, but thats another story.

Maybe it was because I was never a pledge that I cant appreciate the value
of pledge ship, but I just really never understood it. One reason that I would
condone hazing is that a lot of kids think theyre the shit and need to learn
their place; hazing does that. Despite hazing some kids with attitudes, they
still were shitheads regardless of how many jumping jacks they did.

If you do decide to join a frat, I cant say for certain if they will haze you or
not, but be prepared. Luckily, I got you covered.

Pledge periods run anywhere from 6-10 weeks, although many fraternities
are known to do it longer despite it being against university policy. The point
of pledging in the eyes of the active members is five-fold:

1.) To build strong bonds of brotherhood among pledges,

2.) to put them in their place by breaking them down,
3.)for entertainment purposes,
4.)to clean shit up and do favors,
5.) make being a brother something worth striving for.

If youre going to be a pledge, the idea is that you will be put through
rigorous tests to prove your worth while simultaneously building you up. I
cant say that people come out of pledging better than before, but no one
ever comes out worse.

Im honestly making a big deal out of this. Its really not that bad, at all. The
biggest pain in the ass though is the time commitment it will require. If you
rush as a Freshman, you will definitely be spending a lot of time at the frat
house. It is crucial that you get all your class work done during this time.
Time management is a valuable skill to learn at this point.

After your pledge ship, you will become imitated as a full fledge member.
Congrats bro, now chug that natty light!

The Life of a Frat Boy

Im not going to try and group all fraternities together because that is just
simply not possible. Instead, Ill take this opportunity to walk you through
my time in college and how it pertained to being in a fraternity.

I cant say enough how drastically my life altered from the time I moved out
of the dorms freshman year to moving in my frat house. My entire freshman
year I made out with three girls and that was the furthest I got. Within my
first week at my frat house I had made out with three girls. Thats one year
vs. one week.

So what caused this drastic change? Did I intensely study the art of
seduction of summer break? Probably. In fact, I had studied PUA stuff for
years, and it amounted to nothing. Im not saying it has no value, but its
not necessary to get girls, especially in college. The reason I was able to get
these girls is simply because I was living in a frat house, where people
congregated, partied and drank. Cute girls came to our house and as the
facilitators of fun we were lusted after. You see, being in a fraternity gives

you Social Status, a highly sought after trait in men. This is why rich and
famous people get so much pussy.

Another reason is that when youre in your own house you feel 10 times
more comfortable than in another environment. When you walk into the bar
who are the most comfortable people their? Its the bouncers, bartenders,
barbacks, the DJ etc. Essentially the people who are there all the time. Its
like home to them. Same thing with a frat house. Its our fucking house! We
make the rules. We buy the beer. We call the shots. Boom! It makes you
feel confident, and thats why a lot of frat guys are d-bags because they let
this power get to their head and act like theyre the shit.

Another amazing, amazing part of living in a frat house is that you live right
above where there are parties. Ive on many occasions walked downstairs in
my slippers only to find twenty sexy sorority girls partying in our front room.
When we would have parties my go to move was to chat a girl up. I would
make it a point to let her know I lived here. I would then inquire as to
whether she had been to our house before. Seeing as most of our clientele
early in the year were freshman girls, the answer was almost always No. I
then asked if they would like a tour. You can see where this is going I
couldve also just as easily asked if she wanted to do shots upstairs.

When you meet a girl at a frat party, house party, bar or club she is usually
going to be with a group of friends. To pull her back to your place away from
her friends is always a major obstacle if at a bar or house party, but if you
live in a frat house you can quickly extract her from her friends, hook up
with her and bring her back in one piece (unless your laying that pipe down
big time nom sayin?).

Within that first semester I would go on to lose my virginity, from a girl I

met in my frat house. Thats 19 years of being a virgin and within two less
than two months in my house I lost it. There were no tricks, lines, routines
or magic tricks I learned. I didnt have to go out and buy new clothes or buy
expensive liquor. All I had to do was put myself in an environment
where there were women and I realized that I could talk to girls all along,
I just never had any girls to talk to.

Now, it would be pretty pathetic to join a fraternity to just get laid. Yea, that
was nice, but it pales in comparison to the friendships I made and the
experiences I had. Do you think twenty years from now youre going to look
back at that time you fucked some random chick? Probably not. What you
will remember, and embrace is the friendships you made and there is really
no better place to make friends than in a fraternity.

Most people would say that people in fraternities pay for their friends. While
it may appear that way at first glance it is hardly the case. People in Greek
Life are some of the most social people I have ever met. I believe that most
people join Greek organizations because they are already highly social
creatures, and want to continue meeting new people and doing new things.
Also, people who dont join fraternities often dont have large social circles.
They hang out with the same, small group for all four years. There is nothing
wrong with that at all, but in many cases it seems like people are friends
with each other just to have someone to do activities with.

In a fraternity you have tons of different guys in your organization, and you
dont have to be friends with all of them; I sure wasnt. I was friends with
guys that I got along with and had similar behaviors and mindsets. In fact, I
had no reason to rely on these guys for social activities, because the
fraternity as a whole would facilitate events. I would spend time with them
because I generally enjoyed their company and we were able to help each
other out with our strengths and weaknesses; a few hundred bucks a
semester cant do that.

Another great aspect of fraternities is the leadership and networking

opportunities it provides. In high school I didnt do jack shit. I played tennis,
and wrestled one year, but that was about it. I spent most of my time in
front of a screen after school. When I joined my fraternity the last thing I
thought I would be doing was work. I ended up taking on a number of
positions throughout my time in college. Its a great way to get experience
working with others, different organizations, managing money, time and
people etc. Not to mention it can look good on a resume.

I really cant say enough about how much I loved my frat, but its time to
shut my mouth because its now time to talk about one of my favorite

Sorority Girls

You can spot them from a mile away. Ugg boots, leggings, a black jacket
(usually a North Face), and a bag with their letters on it. Like frat boys,
sorority girls often appear as if they were mass produced in a factory. If frat
guys are d-bags, then sorority girls are bitches. So is there anything
redeeming about these girls? Absolutely. Ive shitted on them pretty hard,
but again its hard to categorize such a large group of people. Sure in some
of your sororities you will have the rich, stuck up girls, but there are girls in
every house who are sweethearts. In fact, most sorority girls are just like

any other girl. They may be a bit more inclined to gossip, or drink more, but
at the end of the day theyre just 18-22 year old girls.

You would think that understanding these girls is a challenge, but its not.
What is a challenge is the drama that occurs in these houses, and how you
may get caught in this bullshit when hooking up with these girls.

To get an idea of what all this entails, I think its a good idea to get an inside
peak inside a sorority house. I was in some form of a relationship with a
particular sorority girl for well over a year. Id say once a week or so Id
spend some time at her house. The scene there was pretty typical. They
would watch Television shows that I didnt think anyone actually watched
like The Bachelor. Other girls would be sitting on their laptops or phones,
undoubtedly looking at some sort of Social media: Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, or Interest (I still have no clue what that is). There usually
wasnt much activity going on in the house, which lead's me to my
conclusion about women: Theyre boring. They dont have hobbies of any
sort. Guys arent much better, but I feel like guys hit the gym or play
videogames, the latter of which isnt super productive but its something.
Where am I going with this? I have no idea

What Im guessing you care about is how to hookup with these girls. If
youre a frat guy, then the sorority girls you hookup with will be in the
sororities that your fraternity has rapport with and socializes with. I look at it
like this, fraternities as a whole friend zone a sorority, but on an individual
level hookups will happen with the friend zoned fraternity. When you have a
social event together, there is really no cold approaching involved, youre
there to socialize. For example, at mixers I would introduce myself to nearly
every girl and have a little chat. Ones that I found cute, and were overtly
interested in me would become targets. Throughout the event I would rotate
back and forth between the girls widdling them down. I would either collect
some numbers or pull a girl; a lot of times Id do both.

Unfortunately, being in a fraternity DOES NOT entitle you to hookup with

just any sorority girl. If youre in a middle of the line frat like I was, getting
a girl in one of the top tier sororities was a pipe dream. I shouldnt say
that, but it is an uphill challenge. Girls in these sororities are pretty much
exclusive to the guys in the top tier frats, which is why if hooking up is your
top priority in a fraternity, then there is no question that you want to join a
fraternity that associates with these sororities.

While being in a fraternity will afford you many more opportunities to getting
sorority girls then not being in one, it is really no problem getting a sorority

girl. Again keep in mind that the hottest sorority girls are all but impossible
unless youre in a popular fraternity, an athlete, are exceptionally good
looking with good game to boot, or a Big Man on Campus. So if you havent
yet reached the point where youre a BMOC, fret not as the majority of
sorority girls are like any other girl. In fact, these girls are more prone to
going out drinking, partying and hooking up so your odds are actually

For Everyone else, theres Independence

I just spent quite a bit breaking down the whole Greek scene. Even if you
dont decide to join a fraternity its an intelligent idea to still get cushy with
people in the Greek scene to reap the social rewards.

I really enjoyed my life in a fraternity which is why I push it so much. If you

decide to not join a fraternity, thats fine. In fact, most people dont go
Greek so theres nothing to worry about. A lot of guys in my fraternity drop,
usually only after a couple months. Theyll go through pledging and
everything and then just kind of fall off the map. Its not for everyone.
Theres never any hard feelings either. In fact, I try and keep in touch with
those guys and have them around because theyre usually fun and cool
guys. Just dont screw anyone over as it will come back to bite you.

Im a firm believer that any guy can start from scratch and build a cool social
circle and have a blast in their time in college. Lets back up a bit though

We left off at your first semester in college. In your first semester your goal
was to simply get to know a lot of people, mainly cool guys and cute girls.
Even if your social skills are lacking before you get to college, by making a
concerted effort to break out of your comfort zone you will be in a pretty
good spot. For the remainder of your Freshman year continue this process,
although your goal should shift from simply meeting people to organizing
those you have met into a loose contingency of people.

Most peoples social circle in college will consist of either people from their
major, dorms, or high school; theres not much branching out. Assuming you
lived in a shitty dorm, are the only person from your high school, and have a
major with lots of dorks (I was 3/3) youre going to have to take matters
into your own hands. This is why you have to make a big time effort in
meeting people.

If you come across as a cool guy who has a fun social life, people will want
to be around you and they will either follow you and join your social circle or
they will prompt you to join theirs.

First, start small. Lets say you meet a guy in your class. He seems chill, hes
pretty good looking and is looking to party; a perfect wingman. Try and
track down a frat/house party for the weekend and invite him along. If you
have a roommate or guys in your dorm who want to go fine, if not you two
can roll out together. This is perfect as it builds a connection between you
two and youre having fun. Basically like a bro date.

Next week, rinse wash and repeat with a new guy, but bring the guy you
met the week before and now you have a group of three. Keep doing that
until you have a solid group of 6-8. These guys dont have to be from class,
they can be from anywhere. Nor do you have to see these guys each week.
This is all just an example of what you should be doing.

Now, it is only Freshmen that wander around on Friday and Saturday nights
looking for a party. Beyond your Freshman year, youre going to want to use
this same tactic, but ideally youll have a cool crib to host events. Ill cover
your crib later on, but essentially location and size are important. No one will
want to walk in far off, unfamiliar territory just to party. Stay in the heart of
your off campus. Check out my Awesome Party Recipe below on how to
throw a sick house party with virtually guaranteed pussy.

One thing I didnt mention when building your circle is how to incorporate
girls into your social circle. This is one thing I had difficulty doing. Why?
Because anytime I got close with a cute girl I either hooked up with her or at
least tried to. The thing is that lets say you hook up with a girl and want to
bring her into your social circle. Its doubtful that shell show up alone, shell
bring friends (hopefully cute ones). You then befriend one of those girls.
Now, if you hookup with this girl (if at all possible) then its likely that these
girls wont help expand your social network. Doing this will just make them
hate either you or each other. Choose your targets wisely.

Instead of hooking up with a girls friend, go for one of her friends friend.
Basically what were looking at is two degrees of genital separation (patent
pending). Assuming that makes no sense to you is that if you bang Jenny,
and Jenny is friends with Katie, dont fuck Katie. If Katie is friends with
Lindsey who is not friends with Jenny then feel free to bang her, if Lindsey
IS friends with Jenny too then steer clear. Do your best to be discrete. By
not shitting where you eat you can expect a steady stream of pussy.

Remember guys, what Im advocating here isnt Friends. Youre not forced
to hang out with the same five people every day in your apartment. Thats
what most guys in college do and its why their social lives suck. Have one
group of girls over Friday, and hit the bars with another group Saturday.

As for your guy friends, they should be by your sides most nights. Women
are fickle and not to mention their thousands of cute ones assuming you go
to a decent sized state school. Good guy friends though are hard to come
by. When you find a few solid friends, stick with them because you need to
assemble a crew.

Your Crew

The importance of having cool friends that you enjoy being around cannot be
understated. Humans are social creatures, to live happy, fulfilling lives we
need to surround ourselves by people that we enjoy; college is no exception.
In fact, college is the time where you will want friends the most.

I never had too many friends in high school and it was no surprise that I
wasnt too happy during this time. For you see, to be happy you need to do
activities and have experiences that you enjoy. People tend not to do these
things by themselves and thats where friends come in. Most people who
suffer from depression do not have any activities to look forward to and thus
get down on themselves.

By seeking out cool friends you will never be short of things to do. Now, you
could be like most other guys and sit back and wait for others to plan your
social life for you, but you shouldnt do that. Be the guy that takes control.

I already laid out to you how to meet people and develop a small crew.
These guys are going to be your boys, your crew, your Rat Pack. When
going out to bars or parties I cant understate the importance of having guys
that not only enjoy going out and meeting women, but are good at it, or at
least looking to improve these skills.

When I went out in college I usually went with the same guys from my frat.
I went out with them because they were chill guys who I got a long with.
The problem was that these guys didnt have game and didnt have the balls
to approach. This left me to fend for myself. When wed go out together I
couldnt rely on a wingman. It wasnt the end of the world, but when running
solo in college your options are limited.

I value my friends a lot, but if I had to do it over again I would have spent a
lot more time with the party animals in my frat when going out drinking.

I implore you to meet guys who are like minded with yourself and share
similar ideas and aspirations. They say that you are the average of the five
people you spend the most time with. Dont hang out with druggies and
losers or that is who youll become. Find guys who get good grades and get
laid (i.e. Big Man on Campus).

Once youve assembled your crew, its time to learn how to get with these
college chicks.

College Game

This section is probably what you came here for right? How to hook up with
tons of girls in college. Sounds awesome and it truly is. Unfortunately if you
came here looking for a magic bullet there isnt one (at least I wouldnt
consider it to be). I think what I have layed out ahead is a pretty thorough
analysis of college game.

The most important thing though is that you take action. That is
literally the most important sentence in this book. Without action, youve
just wasted your time reading this book. Seriously, you think Im playing
with you son? Huh, do you, you stupid punk ass bitch? You want to get
pussy right? I want you to get pussy! So dont bullshit me you mark ass trick
and go chase some damn tail! Ahem I hope Ive made myself clear.

I have a phrase when it comes to going out in college, When in doubt, go

out. If its a rainy Thursday night and youre debating on whether to go out
or not with friends and youve done all your homework, worked out, finished
all your tasks for the day, then go out! Youre only in college once my friend.
You dont have to get hammered, but by going out and talking to girls you
get in the habit of taking action to improve your sex life and that my friend
is the most important thing. So lets get to it!

Player Profiles

Before I hop into specifics, I think its important to understand the types of
guys who get laid in college. Below you will find four Player Profiles which
will analyze the lifestyle, behaviors, appearance etc. of four guys who got
ass in college. The first three are fraternity brothers of mine, and the last is
yours truly. What youll notice is how different we are all from one another,

but how we all share some common characteristics. Try and figure out what
those traits are (even though Ill discuss them shortly). Also, out of the four
guys pick the one that sounds most in line with your personality, and if none
seem to fit than pick the one that seems most feasible to replicate.

Player Profile #1: The Godfather.

Thats what we called him, or at least I did. I dubbed him the godfather
because was older than everyone his last year by at least a year, he was at
one point President, he was somewhat mysterious, did some crazy shit and
got more pussy than anyone Ive met in my entire life. The Godfather
topped out at well over 100 girls in his 5+ years in college. Sure, he told me
he paid to bang two strippers, and Im sure there were some pros thrown in
there too, but regardless his ability to get girls was impressive.

I didnt know him too well my Freshman year, but Sophomore year we lived
together in the frat house. The first few weeks in the house he was
constantly having his buddies over as well as cute girls to party. And when
they partied, they partied. $100+ bar tabs were the norm. He bought lots of
people drinks, but drank himself into a stupor most nights. The first time I
saw someone do coke was when he and his buddies were nonchalantly doing
it one night during a fairly serious conversation.

And of course when it came to getting girls he didnt disappoint. His

conquests ranged from the Freshest Freshman pussy on campus to 38 year
old chicks caked in ungodly amounts of makeup he met at the bar. Dont get
it twisted, the quality of the girls he took home were remarkable. For years
I would walk into bars and clubs and wonder what type of guys the hottest
girls are banging. Im not talking just about cute girls, I mean the top-tier
girls: Heels, tight dress to fit their tight bodies, hair done, and makeup to
further enhance an already gorgeous face; you know the type. Like I wrote
earlier, in college those girls will bang the following guys: [guys in a]
popular fraternity, an athlete, are exceptionally good looking with good
game to boot, or a Big Man on Campus. The Godfather fit the latter two. He
was a pretty good looking guy, but what exaggerated these looks were his
style. He came from an affluent family, which explains the bar tabs and the
coke fix. He had nice shoes and nice shirts. A typical outfit of his was dress
shoes, designer jeans, a v-neck or button down and gelled/waxed hair (I
never knew the difference). If it wasnt his looks that got him attention, it
was the ruckus him and his boys were making at the bar.

So where did he fall short? He never really came to fraternity social events
with sororities, but when he did he failed. His game was geared towards club

rats. His money and sleazballness was not an attractive quality to the
middle-tiered sorority girls we often partied with. Also, his bank account and
reckless, partying lifestyle are not suitable to 95%+ of college males.

Player Profile #2: The Pretty Boy

Probably one of the best looking dudes Ive been friends with (no homo). He
was tall, good looking, and at one point in time had a unique, hipster-esque
vibe going on. Like the Godfather, the pretty boy had a pretty big party
habit. He drank and did drugs too, but less frequently than the Godfather
(okay maybe he did more coke).

When I met him he was about 21 and had banged twenty something girls.
Pretty impressive numbers, but apparently the quality of the girls was quite
low and he gave zero fucks. While his quality of girls would improve, he
would hit the occasional walrus. My most notable memory of him doing so
was one night I went to his room with a recruit, as he had left his backpack
in there. I go to the door and he opens in butt naked, lights on, dick at full
attention. Lovely. In the background was a girl who I had seen him with
earlier in the night. She was large if she lost about 80 pounds or so shed
be cute. He woke up the next day and he had blacked out only to realize his
great sin.

He would pull lots of cuties though, and his quantity and quality would fall
short to only the Godfathers. While he had a pretty good knack for getting
laid, that wasnt enough. He wanted to be the best. He enrolled in some
expensive PUA endeavors. While he thought highly of them, I thought it was
a preposterous investment. He didnt need any tips and tricks, he simply
needed to just improve the working skill set he had. These endeavors did
nothing to improve his game, and probably hurt it.

He had strong game overall and easily surpassed the half-century mark in
college. His desire to incorporate PUA-style game was one weak point, but
another weak point was the lack of social circle. His game was essentially
lone-wolf style, either always cold approaching or meeting a girl through a
sorority event. Admirable definitely, but it couldve got him a lot more pussy
had he expanded his social network.

Player Profile #3: The Party Animal

He came into the fraternity off a somewhat recent breakup. When he told
me about his relationship he came across as a typical supplicating beta-
male. However, once he moved into the house I realized I couldnt judge this

book by its cover. He was a good looking guy, although not any more so
than the previous two, and quite a bit less. Although, it was notable that
whenever a group of girls came in his presence, there always seemed to be
one craving his dick big time! I doubt this was purely because of looks, but
he had an alluring personality. He always brought you into the party whether
you liked it or not. He would make you do 10 shots in less than an hour
making you puke your guts out at 9 PM (fucking asshole). He craved loud
music. He was an engineering student, but when the weekend came around
he was raring to go. He was one of the most extroverted, idealistic and loud
mouth people Id ever met in my life; almost my exact opposite.

His personality was like the Godfathers although he was more inviting which
is why people loved to party with him. He had arguably a near perfect
personality for college game because he would give girls the experience they
wanted: Fun experiences with a cool, good looking guy. Thats what
nearly all college girls are looking for.

He also had a vast social network, but mostly because he went to high
school close by which is a benefit of going to school in-state, which helped
big time.

As for his weaknesses, he never really got with sorority girls. He was a bit
thirsty at times, which kind of defeats the point of a social event. He also
couldnt get the top tier girls, but that is more a matter of appearance.

Player Profile #4: Yours Truly

What is most astounding to me is that all the PUA stuff I had read over the
years amounted to nothing. All of my successes were not some lengthy,
drawn out sequence. Rather, they were lightning fast. There often werent
slick pickup lines, witty banter, or engaging stories. I simply wanted to get
laid and all my actions revolved around that desire. If you read my article
My FirstBang, youll see how I lost my virginity. Nothing special. I just
simply kept escalating and escalating until I was balls deep.

So how about my second bang? I remember it like it was yesterday(cue

dream music): It was a chilly January night. We had just returned home
from a mixer with a sorority and had brought back most of the girls to our
place for an after party. I was pretty drunk and I stumbled into the front
room where one of the brothers was trying to set up the music. There was
some girl standing in the middle of the dance floor and I ask her whats up?
We chat briefly all the while I have my arms around her hips like were slow
dancing. Next thing I know were making out. We fall down on a couch and

rather than continue I pull her upstairs. I dont remember there being any
foreplay, but next thing I knew I was jack hammering away. Winning!

Unfortunately my boner subsided after about 30 seconds. It was one of my

friends fault; I still cant remember whether it was Jack, Jose, Johnnie, or
Jim. I tried to go at it again, but my dick wasnt having it so I just laughed it
off. She ran off embarrassed and I never heard from her again.

How about my next hookup? Right after having sex with that last girl I
walked downstairs to enjoy the party some more. Literally within 5 minutes
of the party ending I ask some girl about her outfit. We chat for a minute
and then I drag her to the dance floor. Boom, make out. I grab her digits
and she ends up coming over the next weekend for one of our huge parties.
We dance for about three and a half minutes and then we go upstairs.
Within about 20 minutes my kids were dying a slow, painful death by means
of her stomach acid.

I could go on and on to recount the tales of my hookups. While theyre

mildly entertaining, the most important thing I learned from them was that
every interaction I had with a girl who I either banged or got a BJ from
followed the same pattern. Here are some excerpts from my article, My
first three bangs that highlights this pattern:

For reference here is the formula I laid out in the aforementioned article:

1.) Find DTF Girl

2.) Isolate her
3.) Relentlessly push the interaction towards sex
4.) Bang

I never consciously followed this formula; rather it just happened that way.
Its no coincidence this formula is the most effective way to GET LAID. Thats
all that matters, so thats all Im going to discuss. I have no idea how many
women I made out with between the time I lost my virginity to my 3rd bang.
Nor do I have any idea how many phone numbers I got. All I know is that all
the jokes and stories I told, all the drinking, all the nights going out and
trying to get laid didnt matter. All that matters were the bangs. The above
formula is how I did it.

I cant say that every girl Ive ever banged I followed this formula. The 4th
girl I had sex was a virgin, so it took a little more time which is why I end it
at my first 3 bangs.

All my interactions with these girls had a few things in common:

-Make out at initial meeting

-At least get a BJ by the 2nd face to face interaction
-Little communication between interactions except for setting up meet ups
-Fast sexual escalation

These are good indicators that a girl will end up riding your dick.

So, how did these interactions stack up with the formula?

1.) Find DTF Girl: Check. All these girls made out with me at the
initial meet; 1 was in my bed by the end of the night. Also, when
following up on the number they didnt put any obstacles to meeting
2.) Isolate her: Check. When theyre in my house its easy. At the
bar its a bit harder, but doable.
3.) Relentlessly push the interaction towards sex: By not
getting caught up telling the perfect joke or story or building comfort
etc. It was just raw sexual attraction. Attraction+DTF girl= Notch
in your belt:
4.) Bang: You already know cuzz.

Is getting laid all the time as easy as following this formula? No, but it can
be. Again, I cant believe how much time I wasted all for just 3 bangs. If all
you want to do is get laid, then dont beat around the bush. Here is the
formula broken down:

1.) Find DTF Girl:

a. These girls are often dressed to impress.
b. Theyre frequently looking around to see whos looking at them
and sizing up potential suitors.
c. Shes drinking, but not obnoxious amounts.
d. Shes receptive to your opener.
e. She laughs at your jokes.
f. She holds eye contact.

g. She touches you.

2.) Isolate her:

a. If she meets most of the criteria in Step 1 isolate her. You dont
have to pull right away, but at least get her away from her
friends. This allows you to ramp up the sexual escalation and
make out, plus it shows you if shes willing to leave her friends.
b. If this girl wont leave her friends say fuck it. Remember dont
waste time if youre just trying to bust a nut.
c. After you make out (Not too much, she should be left wanting
more) leave with her. Dont ask, just do it. If she declines try to
coax her a bit more, if not settle for a number (but dont expect
it to go anywhere.)
3.) Relentlessly push the interaction towards sex:
a. Assuming you pulled her from the bar or you got her to meet at
your place if you got a number, all your actions should lead
towards sex.
i. Seductive eye contact
ii. Playful teasing
iii. Grabbing her ass, tits, hair
iv. Push her against the wall and kiss her
v. Put her hand on your dick and tell her its her fault and she
needs to fix it
b. All of the above steps should be done in a Two steps forward,
one step back method. This is so that the interaction will always
be moving forward, but not too quickly and obviously so that it
gives her an opportunity to reject your advancements.
c. Move to the bedroom. Start making out and keep following the 2
steps forward, 1 step back until shes in her birthday suit.
d. If she puts up protest which is almost always inevitable, just
ramp it down a bit. If shes in your bed she is already attracted
to you duh! Maybe she wont bang, but if youre persistent
enough she will. She realizes sex is on the table and its just a
matter of how long till you fuck her. Could be minutes, could be
weeks (if its weeks you probably shouldnt waste your time
e. Keep pushing the interaction unless

i. She gets up and leaves

ii. She calls the cops
iii. She finishes you with a BJ
4.) Bang
a. You take it from here chief


That article IS my player profile. Thats how I did it. And while I cant speak
for others that is how most guys get laid in college. College girls are in the
prime of their life. Theyre 18-22 and although they may have shitty diets
and dont exercise, many of them still have pretty tight bodies. Their faces
are youthful and their makeup only enhances it. Their revealing outfits only
add to the allure.

College girls also realize that theyre in college which means that they have
to experiment and find themselves which is often done through hooking
up. As a guy the way that you hook up with these girls is to exploit this fact.
You have to be the guy that is going to step up and give her the college

Okay so shes not just here to ride some cock, but she is looking for fun.
Thats why all of these players Ive highlighted were so successful. These
guys always wanted to party and drink and were often the center of
attention at said parties and thus the reason girls would gravitate to them.

While these guys may be smooth talkers, there isnt really any Game as
many of us have come to understand it. I believe that game is
essentially the freedom to express ones sexual desires. All men want
to bang pretty girls, but not all of us can. The ones who are most successful
are the ones who are shameless and proud of their sexuality and are not
afraid to show it. Women are absolutely drawn to this and it what defines a
successful player, especially in college.

While I am truly fucking awesome, I would be lying through my pearly

whites if I said that I didnt have flaws. When it comes to flaws, I had more
than any of the other players I wrote about. In fact, I basically put myself in
the worst possible position to get laid out of nearly everyone in my frat! A
bold statement yes, but I think its true.

You see, like I just mentioned the most successful guys are the ones who
are the party animals. Problem was I wasnt anything close to a party
animal. Sure I loved to go out to bars more than anyone else, but I would
baby sip (to quote Kendrick Lamar) the whole night. I rationalized this by
saying to myself that, I dont need alcohol to get laid, I want to be able to
do it on my own. That proved to be a fatal move.

Alcohol: Everybodys Closest Friend

Keg stands, 30 packs of shitty beer, and handles of cheap vodka that taste
worst than rubbing alcohol. Ahhhh college. While weed and today Molly
(MDMA) play a sizeable role as drugs on the college social scene, alcohol
always has and likely forever will remain king. Alcohol is a powerful drug
that is perfect for social environments as it lowers social inhibitions and

From the female perspective, alcohol is one of the most significant factors in
them putting out. I strongly believe that if alcohol was completely removed
from bars and clubs, one night stands would nearly cease to exist. Not only
does alcohol blunt some of the social programming women have that tells
them not to put out right away, but also it gives them an excuse the next
day to rationalize why they fucked some rando from the bar.

As you can see, banging a girl when drunk is significantly easier than when
sober. So does that mean I am encouraging you to hit on drunk girls? You
bet your ass I am.

Omg youre so immoral saying to take advantage of drunk girls blah blah

Shut up pussy! While alcohol does lower inhibitions, unless you drink absurd
amounts drinking alcohol wont make you do something you dont want to
do. Yes, it will fuck with your judgment, but you dont see people jumping
off rooftops when drunk (at least that often).

While I have stated my opinion, the court of law sees it differently. If a girl
has sex with you and she is drunker than you, thats considered rape. Even
if shes bouncing on your cock like its the last fuck of her life, moaning and
screaming out your name. If she regrets that decision or thinks that you
took advantage of her its rape. This is an ongoing thing on college
campuses today with innocent men being kicked out of school or worst
thrown in jail.

Also, remember to wear a condom. Im terrible at taking my own advice, but

the first time I hook up with a girl I do my best to put a jimmy on my
schlong. Look, no one likes wearing condoms, but its the smart thing to do.
I think STDs are commonly exaggerated, but why take the risk? And of
course babies are the worst disease of all (kidding!). Plan B is pricey, and
abortions are even more expensive. Remember kids: Dont be a dummy,
cum on her tummy. Its hard to make such an awesome topic like sex with
drunk college girls depressing, but I think I somehow managed to do that.

Now, as for the benefits of guys being drunk, drinking alcohol gives us what
is known as liquid courage. Liquid courage refers to the courage gained,
through the loss of anxiety and inhibitions, through the consumption of
alcohol. In college youll witness many instances of guys trying to mack on
girls at the bar. This is what bothered me. I wanted to be able to approach
girls without having to drink alcohol, and I was able to yes, but not drinking
really hurt my chances of getting laid in college.

The first reason is that no matter how good I got at approaching, alcohol
would always help. Sure I didnt want to depend on it, but a few drinks
couldnt hurt.

The second reason is the big one. You see, when college kids go out they
want to get drunk. While sometimes they want to drink because they had a
shitty final or are feeling just down, drinking alcohol is simply how college
kids socialize. So by not drinking, youre limiting your ability to socialize.

I came across a great explanation of this phenomena. It was Return of Kings

article by Christian McQueen artfully entitled How To Pull A Slut From A
Vegas Pool Party. While the purpose of the article was clear, this excerpt
struck a chord with me:


BE The Party

Now you might be wondering why it matters if people think youre on

[drugs] or not because people do not like reminders of sobriety
while in a party environment. Trust me on this. Its a human
subconscious reflex to reject the tribe member who wont eat the buffalo
tongue with the rest of the tribe.


Read that again. Thats what profoundly hit me. I never dreamed that an
article about sluts in Vegas could resonate so hard with me, but it did.

After my sophomore year I began to drink quite a bit less. After going
through a relationship, followed by a 3 month internship abroad, I returned
to finish my final semester with little to no desire to drink, let alone get
wasted. It is no surprise that during my last semester I had the longest dry
streak in college.

When everyone around you is drinking to get drunk and youre nursing your
2nd beer of the night, you dont fit in; unless youre naturally incredibly
extroverted than it just wont work. Like I did earlier, when I want to see
what works, I look at what worked for me in the past. Almost every girl I
hooked up with in college I met when I was either drunk or my energy levels
were bouncing off the wall (which is a rare occurrence for me).

By the time I left college my approach anxiety was lower than it had ever
been. I didnt have issues going up to girls at bars and chatting them up. I
was often unsuccessful though because I came across in a rigid manner
whereas I shouldve been playful.

I often caught a lot of slack from my peers for not drinking. Sure they were
joking, but they did it because they wanted to include me. They wanted me
to be part of the tribe. Yet, I turned them away and appeared to them as a
heretic, questioning their gospel. My actions should have got me burned at
the stake, but rather I was doomed to miss out on getting pussy.

So as you can see, drinking copious amounts of alcohol is a critical factor in

getting laid if youre not a naturally high energy person. IF youre someone
who doesnt like to drink or is a cheapskate, how can you can reconcile this.
Well you have a few options:

1.) Suck it up: 2-3 nights a week youre going to need to drink. Friday
and Saturday are definites, and then another day if you feel inclined.
Have around 5 drinks or so. 2 to pregame with, and 3 at the bar. This
is not too many drinks. Its enough where it will get you a good buzz
and put you in a energetic state, and if you slowly sip 'em youll be
drinking the whole night. Also, 5 drinks wont get you TOO drunk
which is what we want to avoid.

2.) Find ways to pump yourself up: Blare music, jump up and down,
do some pushups, yell for no reason. Having a fun, party vibe is
critical as we know. Alcohol is perfect for that, but if you dont want to
drink youre going to have to find ways to replicate the effects of

3.) Dont go out at night: Or rather, dont expect to get laid at night. Ill
talk more about this shortly, but its possible to meet girls during the
day time. College socializing revolves around alcohol, so if youre not
willing to drink or be high energy, dont expect anything out of it.

Like I mentioned earlier, I dont recommend using alcohol as a crutch; many

guys do in college. They drink excessive amounts and then finally muster up
the courage to talk to some girl. This rarely pans out well, but sometimes it
does. Regardless, needing to be drunk to get laid is not sustainable. You
need to learn how to chat up bitches sober, or at most buzzed (bordering on
tipsy). Having a few drinks though is not contrary to this. The main purpose
of drinking is to simply fit it; to be part of the tribe. It also doesnt hurt that
it lowers inhibitions and anxiety.

Warning: Never intentionally get belligerently drunk. Weve all been there,
three drinks turns into six and then twelve. Next thing you know youre
kissing the toilet seat or blacked out on the sidewalk. Drinking a ton of
alcohol is terrible for multiple reasons: Its bad for your health, its
expensive, it makes you look like an idiot, and it will hurt your game.

If you go through college and never get super drunk, youre probably a
pussy. Hell, Ive been drunk plenty of times, although among my friends Im
the biggest lightweight. Just dont do anything stupid okay son?

Seths Awesome Party Recipe

For those of you that live in, or intend to live in, a decent sized house during
college, throwing your own parties is a definite way to guarantee that you
have an abundance of girls and fun. Heres a basic recipe on how to throw
a sick college party.

Total Time: 8 hours

Prep Time: 3 hours
Cook: 5 hours
Yield: 1-2 hookups, 2-3 numbers


-1/4 oz of marijuana
-3.5 g of cocaine (8 ball)
-2g MDMA
-6 bottles Top-Shelf liquor
-10 30 packs of beer
-25 cool guys
-75 cute girls
-1 DJ
-1 House


1.) Find a suitable location to throw a massive rager.

2.) Secure a DJ to perform at the event.
3.) Invite 20 cool guys (or less) and 50 cute girls (or more for taste)
4.) Purchase the marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol
5.) Start the party
6.) Mingle with guests
7.) Hit on girls
8.) Take girls to your room to take part in drugs and alcohol
9.) Bang

Voila Pussy! Can you find whats wrong with this recipe? Lets hope so. Not
only do I not advocate the use of illicit drugs, but following this recipe would
cost a lot of $$$.

There are plenty of guys in college who do follow this sort of recipe and I can
guarantee two things: They most likely get laid and they have nothing going
for them in life. This doesnt sound appealing to me, and I hope it doesnt
sound appealing to you (okay its kind of appealing).
So, we can simply make this recipe suitable to all guys by just dropping the
illegal drugs. I suppose I couldve just written up that way in the first place,
but I wanted to make a point about drugs and their prevalence in the college
social scene.

Remember, in college you want to be the Facilitator of Fun. If youre the one
throwing the parties, then youre going to be the one getting the most
attention from the ladies. Plus having your own parties are fun! Sure theyre
a mess. Sure you have to deal with the cops sometimes, but overall theyre
definitely worth it.

You dont have to do this every weekend, and not even every month for that
matter. You can also tone down the size a bit. Maybe limit it to around 15-20
people for a small party or pregame. As the Facilitator of Fun, youre living
space will serve a dual purpose as well your living space, but also a spot to

There is really no better way to have girls and a fun social life on lock then
by having your own parties. I didnt have to worry about this because we did
it through my fraternity, but I had buddies who liked to throw down on the
reg and this is exactly what they did.

College Game In Action: Tips, Techniques, Tidbits, and


Now its time for the juicy stuff right; the part where I actually tell you how
to interact with these hot, young co-eds? Wrong motherfucker! What Ive
already laid out to you about the social circles, Greek life, the player profiles,
alcohol, and being the facilitator of fun is much more important than any line
in the whole fucking world. Period!

Id recommend reading my player profile one more time. I already laid out
the specific sequence on getting laid. Remember, were here to get laid.
Youre reading this to get laid. Sure a make out is nice, but a kiss on the lips
wont drain your sack ya dig. Keep your eyes on the prize buddy.

It is absolutely critical to internalize the characteristics that you should

exhibit in social settings. That will take you oh so far, but to deny that
having a handful of specific lines and routines up your sleeves wont help
would be lying. Although I just used the words lines and routines, I hate
using those words. Its so PUA. Nonetheless they fit the bill. Before I do lay
out any of this stuff is that these lines and routines are not meant to come
across in a rigid manner, it should get to the point where they effortlessly tie
into your conversation. Also, if youre at a ratchet house or frat party,
simply follow the outline I laid out earlier in my profile. At these
environments the goal is to sexually escalate rapidly and push for the bang,
these techniques are meant for bars or toned down events.

Your Night Out: Pregame

No self respecting college student goes out on the town without drinking
first. In relation to the themes of this book, the point of pregaming is to get
yourself mentally and physically prepared for the night ahead. By having a

few drinks, chatting with friends and girls, and listening to some music
youre going to be ready for a night of fun and meeting girls.

I dont expect you to host people every time you go out, although that would
be ideal. If you so choose to do that follow my Awesome Party recipe, just
reduce the serving sizes for everything (it really is a recipe). If youre going
to be hosting on a regular basis make sure that you let people know it is
BYOB, unless you want to be emptying your pockets so others can drink.
Even if it is BYOB, youre going to want to have a little somethin-somethin in
the event new girls are coming over.

Pregaming for most people starts anywhere from 9-10 PM (AM on game
days), so make sure that youve got all your tasks done for the day before
you start drinking. Its time to set up. Throw the beer in the fridge, the
handle in the freezer, and grab your laptop and speakers hooked up. Throw
on some good tunes that will get people in party mode. It depends on your
crowd, but you really cant go wrong with any mainstream pop, rock, or
electronic, as well as any 90s music (everyone loves 90s music).If you want
to do a power hour thats always a good time to.

People will start showing up fashionably late, the girls more so than the
guys. Most people will likely already know one another as everyone is for the
most part in the same social circle. People may bring a stranger or two so if
you see someone you dont recognize make it a point to not only introduce
yourself, but give off a positive, fun vibe and make them feel welcome.
You would think that this is just typical host behavior, but hosts are
oftentimes too caught up in their own good time or petty drama and dont
even go out of their way to be friendly. Do this with a warm smile and
genuine interest and I guaran-fucking-tee that this person will not forget

Drinking Games

There really isnt a better way to incorporate strangers or any group for that
matter at a pregame or party like drinking games can. Everyone at college
will know how to play basic drinking games, but not all drinking games are
created equal. Lets start with the classic: Beer Pong.

Beer Pong is a fantastic game that pits opponents against one another in an
artful test of skill and focus. I love me some beer pong, however it is
probably one of the worst drinking games in terms of socializing. The reason
for this is that only four people can play at a time. Its also a slow game,
with only few instances of excitement throughout.

Anything you do during your pregame should have a purpose that is to get
yourself, and everyone else to get in a good mood and have the energy and
desire to go out and enjoy their evening. Throwing balls back in forth to cups
is an ineffective way to accomplish that goal.

Games that incorporate a large group of people that are intense,

competitive, but most importantly fun are what you want to go for. Flip Cup
is a perfect example of this. You can get up to a dozen people playing at a
time. It is always intense because games are usually quick and competitive.

At my frat house when wed have sorority girls, or any group of girls over we
would always end up playing flip cup. What would happen is that guys would
show up early and want to start drinking. They want to do something fun in
that time so theyd set up beer pong. When the girls would arrive guys
would be playing pong, and many girls would be left talking to themselves as
there werent enough guys to talk to them (#fratboyproblems). If we knew
the girls well it wasnt really an issue, but when you have new girls over you
want to make a good first impression and by having a bunch of dudes circle
jerk around the pong table it makes a poor impression.

Once we picked up on the vibe the girls were giving off we would whip out
our massive table and play flip cup. Wed invite all the girls who were looking
bored to play. There wasnt a simpler solution to this problem. Another
awesome aspect of flip cup is that you work as a team. You will likely end up
playing next to a cute girl you know. Introduce yourself. Then if your team
wins give her a high five (with the extended hand hold duh) or a side-hug or
some shit. If you lose tell her that she ruined it for everyone (playfully of
course asshole).

This goes back to the idea that putting yourself in a position to meet women
is what leads to success. If you just play beer pong the whole night and girls
are looking bored in the corner, your odds of scoring are pretty low, but if
youre to incorporate everyone into a fun game you can literally put yourself
next to a cute girl without effort and have a reason to talk to her and tease

My favorite drinking game is boom. If you dont know what it is Google it. I
love it, bitches love it, youll love it. Its more fun and intense than flip cup,
and if girls have never played it then youll look pretty fucking cool.

By now its probably around 1030-11 which means it is time to wind the
pregame down. Since youre the leader you call the shots and you guide the

sheep. When you want to leave you leave. If you want to finish your Natty
light you damn well finish that beer; they can wait.

Before you leave, know where youre going. Dont spend 20 minutes
deciding what party to go to. On a night out youre likely going either three
places: Frat Parties, house Parties, and bars. Ill overview each of these

Frat parties: For starters Ill be using my fraternity as an example of a

typical frat party. Outside of Freshman year, maybe Sophomore year you
probably wont be going to too many frat parties, unless it is your own
fraternity or a fraternity that has legendary parties. Theyre a fantastic way
for underages to drink, as well as simply providing an environment to party
in for Freshman as they will likely be living in a dorm.

Good frats will have guest lists. At my school all fraternities were required to
have guest lists for liability purposes or something like that. Although the
strictness they adhere to this will vary. At my house we were pretty strict.
When we partied, we partied. We would have 1-2 big parties a semester and
there was an average of about 700 people on the guest list. Now, not
everyone we invited showed up, but for every person that didnt show up
there were 2 that did that werent on the guest list. There was no way we
could let everyone in. The only way you would get in was if a.) You were on
the guest list b.) You were a cute girl or c.) You knew a brother.

Are you taking notes yet? Because you should be. Now there were
exceptions to the rule. Lets say you were a guy that rolls up with four girls
(you fucking stud), sure we could tell you to fuck off, but its more likely that
we, or any fraternity, would want to recruit you and thus wed invite you in
and show you a good time. If you came to a rush event and a brother
recognized you wed definitely let you in and your friends. Friends of friends
would get in often, but dont bank on it. This is why it is crucial to be the
leader of the pack and know people.

If we were going to let you in wed have Big Mike (a former O-Lineman at
our school) and his partner in crime check your ID and mark you X or O
to indicate your age. Now, we did this for liability purposes and wed pretend
to give underage guys a hard time to get a beer, but you shouldnt have any
trouble getting booze at a fraternity party.

As you made your way past our security guards youd walk through the few
dozen people chilling on our huge front porch. Youd then walk through the

front door and immediately have to start squeezing your way through.
Welcome to the Party!

We had our bar in the middle of the house and the dance floor in the back.
We usually had a brother on the 1s and 2s and once midnight rolled around
the dance floor gets crazy. I mean fucking crazy. For reference, after parties
our walls would be covered with stains from jeans. The first time I saw this I
couldnt figure out what it was for the life of me, and then it hit me. Some
guy was grinding hardcore.

If youre a guest, and a Freshman who doesnt know any brothers, your
night should revolve around the dance floor. At a big party like this there
isnt too much room to have pleasant conversation. Either approach a girl on
the dance floor, dance for a bit and then pull her aside to talk for a bit or do
the opposite and talk to a girl and then go dance with her. Also, if youre
rolling with a few buddies, the dance floor is an easy way to make sure there
are enough girls to go around.

This type of party is what I refer to as ratchet. In this environment, dont

worry too much about being witty and charming. Your goal is to get drunk,
down and dirty with some little Freshman. No one ever got laid talking about
majors and study abroad at parties like these. You want to escalate quickly
with a make out. Now, for me pulling at one of our parties was easy because
I would just walk upstairs. If you live in the dorms and she lives in the
dorms it will be a bit of a hurdle to get her to go with you, especially if shes
with a group of friends which will likely always be the case. Theres a
solution to this.

One night me and a buddy went up to his room to take shots with two girls I
knew. As he opened the door I heard him let out a WHAT THE FUCK!!!.
Two people were banging on his bed. He proceeded to take the guys clothes
and toss them in the hallway, the girl was left crying as she was clearly an
innocent little girl with no intentions of hooking up with some stranger,
especially in a place like thatsure sister. Five minutes later another brother
down the hall found two more people banging in his bed. Coincidentally their
rooms were on each side of my room. I was smart enough to lock my door

While I dont advocateokay actually I do advocated banging a girl in some

guys room or the bathroom, or backyard, BUT keep in mind that they may
kick your ass. Youve been warned.

The reason there is so much hooking up in a frat house, even for people who
arent, members is that it is such a sexually charged environment. With the

combination of cheap beer and loud music, Freshman girls get overwhelmed
and properly lubricated which make their panties come off quite easily. Take
advantage of this (within the limits of the law).

When at a frat party, keep in mind that the brothers may very likely be, or
come across as d-bags even if theyre not. Do your best to get to know
them, theyll likely be glad to meet you if you pretend to be interested I in

Having big parties is essentially a way of showing that were cool. Its fun to
indulge a bit as well. I vividly remember at a party we had I got up on a
desk that was on the perimeter of the dance floor. A girl was dancing and I
got up and started dancing next to her. I then started fist pumping with my
bottle of Ciroc Red Berry. I then motioned to some slut dancing. I told her
open wide and poured my expensive, but ever so tasty vodka down her
throat. Good times

House Parties: I was never a huge fan of house parties. This was because
most house parties are highly social circle oriented. If I wasnt in a groups
social circle, and had no intent of entering it then I really had no reason to
be there. However, house parties did appeal to me because of their more
relaxed nature compared to frat parties.

Being a natural introvert, it was hard to be super social twice a week, let
alone once a week. Frat parties could be overwhelming in this manner, but
house parties allowed for me to engage in chill conversations with other
party goers.

When showing up to a house party, its always a good idea to bring booze.
Not only will you guarantee that you have something to drink, but you can
pass it out to girls as well.

When going to a house party where you dont know the host, get to know
them. Introduce yourself and ask them a little bit about themselves. This will
make them much more apt to bring you into the fun.

Maybe Im just a narcissistic d-bag, but most guys I meet at house parties
are losers, or at least come across that way. As you know most guys dont
have huge social circles in college, and when you go to a small or medium
sized house party this is evident. If you come into their house and start
macking on their girls they will probably get pissed. Dont worry though,
they probably wont do shit theyre just made because theyre in the friend

At a house party, run regular game. Get to know them, ask how they know
the host, why is everyone here so lame, and that you two are the coolest
and best looking ones there. Have fun and show her a good time.

Bars: We had large frat parties 1-2 times a semester. I went to house
parties every few weeks. I was at bars 2-3 times a week my last semester of
school. I wasnt even a big drinker I just loved going out. When you go out a
lot, you start to really get a feel for the type of environment youre in. I
suppose this could really be applied to anything.

What I have laid out is a pretty basic guide to meeting girls at college bars.
Dont get too caught up in the nitty-gritty, rather try and take away the
main talking points, but most importantly TAKE ACTION.

Openers and Approaching

Rarely will girls come up to you and initiate conversation. Im a pretty good
looking dude, but it was rare for me to have a girl initiate conversation with
me. Oftentimes they will give you indications either through body language
or positioning that theyre interested in you, but you simply cannot rely on
this alone to get laid.

Approaching a girl youve never met to solicit sex from is a daunting task. It
can induce approach anxiety, which is the fear of being rejected by a girl as
a result of trying to talk to them. The best way to get over a fear is to just
simply do it. Easier said than done yes, but theres just no other way around

So lets pretend were at a campus bar. Youve preselected the bar because
you know it will be a good time and there are bound to be plenty of cute
girls there. You just arrived with a few buddies. Its 11 PM on a Friday night.
Theres about 60-70 people in the bar; a good amount, but not

At this point you should have a shit eating grin on your face. Its Friday night
bitch! Time to party! Time to blow off some steam from classes and get
down. This is the mindset you need to have. Dont go into predator mode
and start preying on girls.

Make your way to the bar, grab a round of beers and post up. Shoot the shit
with your bros for a bit. Dont focus on getting laid, focus on having fun.
However, if a girl happens to come within a few feet of you at the bar (which
is likely) say something? But what do I say you ask? Good question, its
now time to get into openers.

What exactly is an opener? An opener is a statement or question that is used

to initiate conversation with girls that youre not yet acquainted with;
breaking the ice. What I will lay out is not revolutionary. The lines are simply
there to help you initiate a conversation.

So back to the scenario at the bar, the best option here is to say something
about buying drinks. This is because it is relevant to the scenario at hand.
You wouldnt ask her how her classes are or about the weather. This girl
doesnt know you; why would she want to discuss these topics with you?
Here are a few examples of what to say:

1.) What are ya buying? When she answers make a fun comment
about what she ordered. Was it tequila? Accuse her of being a wild
party girl. Whiskey? Say how so few girls drink whiskey. Vodka? Tell
her about last weekend when you had a little too much Stoli.
2.) Did you get me one? Say how you thought you were such good
friends or that youre disappointed because you thought she was trying
to pick you up.
3.) Are those all for you? Playfully tease her here.
4.) Hey there or Hows it going? Simple, but effective. I would
only use this if she is close to you or made eye contact. If shes
halfway across the bar it looks retarded.

Dont get too caught up in locking her in. The night is young. Usually the
first approach of the night will be the hardest and most uncomfortable
because youre not in your peak social state yet. If she bites then keep the
conversation fun and continue on the initial opener for a minute or two until
it dies out.

Now you and your friends want to go sit down at a table. You could go sit at
the empty table, but that would totally ruin any possibility of talking to a
girl. If youre friends are adamant about sitting, fine, do it, but just for a bit.

On your way over to the table you spot a group of girls sitting at the table
adjacent to you. You then use one of my favorite lines:

Youre sitting at my favorite table!

If theyre bitchy, fuck it. Dont bother, but girls often find this funny. Theyll
laugh and sometime start apologizing jokingly how they didnt know. Go into
a ramble about how you talked to the General Manager and he was
supposed to have it reserved, blocked off with velvet rope with a bottle of
Ciroc on ice. Keep the charade going. If theyre feeling it, try and merge
your friends with the group. If not, go sit with your buddies. Approaching
women sitting down can be difficult when youre standing up. It may seem
subtle, but when someone is seated theyre put in a position of power over
people standing. Not a big deal, just something to keep in mind. This is why
you want it to be playful.

You sit for a while and then once you polish off your drink head back to the
bar. Is there a girl at the bar? If so, use the lines previously mentioned. You
can rinse, wash, and repeat this for a while. Lets say a girls not at the bar,
but rather is a few feet away from it standing alone or with a friend. You can
go with the classic Hey or Whats up? Another great line is to use
Rooshs opener from Bang1:

You guys look like youre having the most fun here

This is almost always said sarcastically to girls who look bored out of their
minds. Then you come along, the super fun guy that you are and brighten
up their night. In the event they are actually having fun, compliment them
and tell them how you didnt think anyone could be having more fun than

Remember here what you say is not whats important, although knowing a
few lines can definitely be helpful. Who you are and how you present
yourself in terms of your looks, voice tone, body language, your group of
friends, are important factors in getting a girl to talk to you. But Id
recommend that you think of some clever and funny ones on your own. Try
them out and see how they work.

Bang is an exceptional book by Roosh V. Its foundation is what Im advocating to you
here. While I dont like to follow a rigid structure, it definitely helps out. I cant recommend
it enough.

The Chit Chat

Being a chatty guy is crucial in environments that arent ratchet (I fucking
love that word). Were in a chill bar on a Friday. Most girls probably arent
grabbing your dick after a few minutes; that takes a little more time.
Assuming the girl or girls bit on your opener and youve exhausted it to its
fullest, its time to chit chat.

The chit chat should consist of dialogue on fun and interesting topics. I do
my best to not ask any personal questions such as: Where are you from?
Whats your name? What are you studying? Where are you from? Oh wait I
already said that boring. Youre fucking boring! There are two instances
that it is permissible to ask these types of questions:

1.) She asks you them first: Girls usually ask personal questions, so it
makes sense to reciprocate and ask them.

2.) Shes drunk and horny: Oftentimes I find myself talking about a
girls major or her hometown while my hand is on her ass a few
minutes after Ive met her. What matters here is that youre sexually
escalating, culminating in the make out and then the pull, but Im
getting ahead of myself. This type of scenario wont happen often, but
its alright to talk about whatever when she blatantly wants your dick.

You should discuss all the fun stuff that is going on in your life or theirs.
Here are some examples:

1.) Did you do anything fun or crazy today? Did she?

2.) Do you have any plans this weekend? Does she?
3.) Its Friday. Is there a football game tomorrow? If so, talk about
your guys plans for the game.
4.) Is Spring Break coming up? Talk about your plans.
5.) Is your friend doing stupid shit? Is her friend doing stupid shit?
6.) Does she look familiar? Why dont you know her yet.

This last one is important. Depending on the size of your campus, you may
tend to see the same people on a regular basis. I went to one of the largest
schools in the country, but at particular bars on particular nights I could
count on the same few people to nearly always be there.

If youre at a huge state school this wont matter too much, but its still
important to recognize. Like I mentioned earlier, college is similar to high
school just on a much larger scale. There are still the cool kids and the
geeks. You want to be one of the cool kids. In fact, YOU ARE a cool kid

So when talking to a girl you should be qualifying her to see if shes one of
the cool kids. Shell make an effort to prove she is.

If you do recognize the girl, then she may already be judging one another
based on what you know about them, their sorority, their friends etc.
Regardless, if she looks even vaguely familiar ask Why dont I know you
yet? This comes across as you being a cool guy that knows a lot of people.
Shell start to wonder why you actually dont know her.

After 5-10 minutes of your interaction, you should be making some

headway. If she seems to be just being polite or bored and talking to you for
those reasons, then move on. If she seems genuinely interested, then Pass
Go and Collect $200.

Youre now at a crossroads. You dont want to keep talking about random
shit the whole night. Even if you did it would be counterproductive.
Remember, youre not here to entertain these girls; youre here to
fuck them.

If you have a girl by herself great, but oftentimes shell be with another girl
or in a group. If she is, then youre going to need to isolate her. This serves
two purposes:

1.) Get to know her: It helps to get to know each other a bit as it
builds comfort and attraction that will ultimately allow you to bang

2.) Sexually Escalate: If you kiss her and her friend is there, you can
bet that it wont last much longer.

If the girl is with a big group, then its easy to pull her aside. Just grab her
hand and pull her to a table or to the patio outside. If shes just with one

girl, cockblocking is likely. So how to deal with the friend? Luckily your
friends should still be there. Ask them to join you at your table. Your friends
should take the hint which girl youre going for and theyll fight over the
friend like a hyena on a wildebeests flesh.

Dont ignore the group right away. Introduce the girl and your friends. Take
the lead in the conversation and make it fun and interesting. After a few
minutes, turn to your girl and create a bubble between you two. Talk for a
bit and then do what I said to do if youre in a big group as you now are in a
big group.

While the best option is to simply find a spot where you two can chat more,
if you fancy it you can go to the bar and buy a drink or go dance (if theres a
dance floor). Many guys will advise against buying a drink, but if you and the
girl are having fun and you want to drink, go get one and ask her if she
wants one too. Dont make a big deal out of it. Do a shot, or grab a drink
doesnt matter. What matters is that youve isolated her and are continuing
the interaction. If you decide to dance, excellent choice! Dancing isnt for
everyone, but there is really no easier way than to sexually escalate.

Once you have the girl to yourself it is now time to get to know her on a
deeper and more intimate level, as well as escalate sexually. Escalation
means that you are moving the interaction closer and closer to sex.

You two are now standing at the corner of the bar. Youre facing each other
and talking about life. You ask her about her future and she tells you what
she wants to do. You are truly enthralled with what she has to say and you
ask her questions and make comments that are engaging and show that you
really care what she has to say. She continues in a passionate matter. It
seems that you two really click. You grab her by the waist as she continues
to talk about her dreams. After a minute or two you go in for the kiss. You
continue to kiss, but just for about 10 seconds and then go back to whatever
you were talking about nonchalantly. The interaction has now been
sexualized, but youre not being needy or sloppy in your kiss and come off
as cool and slick. After a few more minutes go in for another kiss and this
time kiss for 30 seconds to a minute; rinse wash and repeat. After about 10-
20 minutes of this you will now have spent anywhere from 20-60 minutes

with her total. Usually the longer the better, but remember quality over
quantity is whats important.

The girl is clearly enchanted with you, and you to her. Sex is on both of your
dirty minds, and if you wish sex to become more than just a thought you
need to close.

When closing always try to push the interaction as far as possible. For
example, you go for sex and she turns you down, settle for a blowjob. You
go for the BJ and she gives you a handsy and so on and so forth. At this
point in the interaction you need to keep the momentum going.

Seeing as she made out with you at the bar and has spent a good amount of
time getting to know you, it is very likely that she wants you to bang her.
Despite that, youre still going to have to take the lead.

Now assuming that her friend is still with your buddies, youre going to want
to bring the group back together. You then suggest heading back to your
place and keeping the party going. Everyone is invited and hopefully one of
your bros will take care of the cockblock. But what happens if your friends
left and her friend is all by herself? At this point I would try and coax her
into leaving saying that you will walk them home. If they dont live together
walk the friend home first. If they do live together even better!

In the event her friend starts being a major cockblock, dont get pissy and
lose your cool. Adapt the mindset that She is a cute little girl, who is jealous
and having a temper tantrum. Laugh it off and try and create a separate
reality between you and the girl that you two are really into each other and
her friend is trying to ruin a good time. No matter how stoic you are,
sometimes her friend will just be too much to handle and youre going to
have to settle for a phone number; not the end of the world, but it is not

When you get back to your place or her place, dont immediately push her to
the bedroom. Keep the fun going, but begin to turn the vibe from a fun one
to a sexual one. The best way to transition to this is to playfully kiss or grab
her. Slap her ass or push her against the wall. This will get her panties
soaking. As soon as you do that, pull back and act like nothing happened.

This push/pull dynamic is something that should be employed as often as

possible and should be started earlier on in the night. After you have teased
her a good bit and you two have the chance to escape, do it as soon as time
permits! Dont give her a chance to second guess herself. Go to the bedroom
and play it cool.

Start with some kissing and then take it from there. Keep using the
push/pull dynamic to keep her on edge and always wanting more. Keep it
playful too as it will remove any nerves she may be having. Then its time to
get down to business.

The single best way to transition the interaction from a make out to sex is
the Hand on boner maneuver. Yes, you must have a boner for this to work.
If you dont its just kind of weird After making out for a few minutes
simply grab her hand and put in on your dick. Nothing says Lets fuck like
an erect penis.

Im not here to give you sex tips, just take everything slow and be smooth.
Also, heres a few safety tips when it comes to hooking up:

1.) Wear a condom: I know, I know they suck, but the first time youre
with a girl its never a bad idea, especially if alcohol is involved. If its
giving you trouble slip it off in the middle of the act (hehehe so

2.) Know where to stop: Like I said before, keep pushing the interaction
as far as it will go. It once took me 90 minutes to get a girls panties
off. Was it worth? Well I had nothing better going on at the time, so
yes. Check this: If a girl is in your bed sex is on the table. Ive
had girls in my bed that didnt put out that night; its happened a lot
actually. Its not a big deal, as long as you did your best to seal the
deal. In the event where a girl is very, very drunk or seems visibly
upset about the current situation, drop it. No pussy is worth the
possible legal trouble, remember that. On that note, I have never got
a girl in my bed that left despite my persistence. Persistence is in fact
attractive to women. It shows youre a guy who goes after what he

Theres probably more, but screw it.

Its not fun to admit it, but I had plenty of issues when it came to hooking
up for the first time with girls. Usually I was unable to keep my boner. I put
too much pressure on myself before the act and my dick retracted like a
frightened turtle. Shit happens. Ive worked on this over time and have
gotten a helluva lot better with it. I have an article posted on my sight for
reference. If your first time sucks, no worries. Its likely that she will tell her
friends, but as long as you dont let your performance get to you she wont
give two shits.

There it is my friend, youve just bagged a college slut!

Day Game
While men realize its possible to meet girls outside of bars in places like
class, the grocery store, and coffee shops, Ive only known one guy (who
WAS NOT in college when we met) in my life personally who made an effort
to talk to girls during the daytime, and he was pretty deep into game

I dont have too much experience with Day Game as I only started
employing it in my last semester of college, but I will briefly touch on what I
do know.

To start with, you need to go out. As obvious as this sounds, most guys
dont even get this far. Instead of sitting in your room all day, even if you
are getting work done, drag your ass out of your house to a coffee shop,
caf, library, student union or any spot where cute girls congregate during
the day.

Once you arrive, simply do your work normally. In the event you just so
happen to sit near a cute girl, strike up a conversation. Have you seen her
around before? Is she wearing letters to a sorority that you know a few girls
in? Is she always here? What is she reading? What is she drinking? So on
and so forth.

Once youve initiated the conversation, just simply have a regular

conversation. This is easier said than done as you probably have never
intentionally started a conversation with an unknown cute girl during the

day, but hey, all good things in life dont come easy. Over time youll get the
hang of it.

After youve chatted for a bit, simply grab her number. Like Ive mentioned
before, the best route to go is to invite her to a social event that youre
anticipating for the coming weekend. If you have no plans just simply say
that you should hang out sometime.

This is much easier said than done. I remember the first phone number I got
from Day Game. As I walked out of the Starbucks I felt more giddy than a
kid who just felt boob for the first time. The reason for this, at least to me, is
that cold approaching a girl during the day can in itself cause a lot of
anxiety, and prove a difficult challenge to overcome. So its not only
initiating a conversation with a cute stranger during the day, but closing,
which is in my opinion a significant achievement that few men will realize in
their lifetime.

This was a very brief overview of Day Game. For much more of an in depth
overview check out Day Bang, by Roosh V. I recommended Bang earlier, and
these two complement each other well. Check em out.

A few last words

As for the scenario at the bar, my outline was pretty much a near perfect
interaction; rarely will this happen. Do your best however to keep the
interaction on course throughout its duration. Youre going to have a lot
more obstacles thrown in your way: Loud music, drunk girls, drunk guys,
cockblocks (cockblocks everywhere!!!), logistics, menstruation etc. The best
way to get around these things is with experience! Dont take any
opportunity for granite.

Phone Numbers
Heres an excerpt from my article Stop obsessing over phone numbers.

When I actually began approaching women on a consistent basis, I always

settled for numbers. My logic was that if for example I get three numbers in
one night, then I will subsequently have three future fuck buddies. A pipe
dream to say the least In fact, if I were to get one of three girls out on a

date or even better to come over and bang, that would be solid. It doesnt
sound promising, but being realistic numbers dont always work out.

After realizing that this method is stupid, I had a paradigm shift. Instead of
going for three number closes and getting one out on a date with just a
possibility of getting laid, what if I were to push those same three
interactions a far as possible that night. Assuming one out of three were
DTF, then Im likely to get a same night lay (SNL). Looking at it this way,
phone numbers are almost useless. Why would I even waste my time texting
girls and going on dates over a period of several days if I can get laid that

Yes, there is a time and place for phone number, but if youre trying to get
laid then why beat around the bush with numbers. I think that when I was
starting out I enjoyed getting numbers. It was validation in the form of a
small win. By settling for a number I achieved a victory. If I were to push it
further and get rejected by trying to go for the bang, then my victory is
moot, and am left with a stinging rejection. In order to succeed with women
however, one must accept these rejections.

If youre approaching women, remember what youre goal is: To get

pussy! Dont settle for less, dont settle for a number. Sure, getting a
number is an accomplishment, but whats the point of getting a phone
number if you dont get laid? You could get 50 phone numbers, and bang
none of them, whereas another guy could simply bang one out of those 50
and his notch count with be 1 higher than yours, without going through the
physical and mental hassle of texting that many women.

Guys need to realize these things and stop obsessing over numbers. While
some situations will require you to get a number (pretty much always you
approach during the day, shes with a big group of friends, on her period
etc.), push the interaction as far as possible, and if all you get is a number,
great! Above all, dont lie to yourself. Dont tell yourself that you couldnt
have pushed it further. You can do it brother!


This not only rings true in college, but is even further exacerbated. Think of
how many guys a cute college girl meets in a week: Throw in a few trips to

the bar, classes, mixers with a fraternity, Tinder and Facebook and youre
looking at least a few dozen guys a week. Sure, she may remember you the
next day or two when you text her, but that is no guarantee. Always push
the interaction as far as possible.

In many situations though getting a phone number is warranted. Remember

though that a phone number is simply a combination of ten digits in a
specific order that will allow you to communicate with someone. The
keyword there is allow; nothing is guaranteed. She may never respond to
your text. Even if she does respond to your text the odds of anything coming
to fruition is 25-50%.

So how to follow up on a phone number? Lets say you got her number on a
Friday night. Text her Sunday with something simple like, Hey its Seth.
Whats up. Nothing special. Assuming she responds jump right into making
plans. None of this How was your day shit. Dont try to be cute and silly,
get to the point. Either she likes you or she doesnt; texting something witty
wont change that. Ask her if she wants to hang out this week. If she agrees,

One thing I didnt mention in the player profiles is that none of us went on
dates; never. Not to my memory at least. Okay maybe a few here and there,
but it was never our intention. There is no need to go on a traditional date in
college. There are so many social activities going on each and every week
that it is pointless. Instead of sitting in a quiet coffee shop on a Tuesday
afternoon, you want to get this girl out in a party environment, similar to the
one you met her in. Even better if you can get her directly to your place.

Like I discussed earlier, you want to be the facilitator of fun. You should be
trying to host social events or at least plan them on a weekly basis. I
wouldnt recommend throwing a party just because you want to bring a girl
around a la Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother. If you have a pregame or
party planned for Friday, invite her to it. If not, then just tell her to come out
and get a drink on an off night like Wednesday.

It really doesnt matter where you meet this girl: The bar, the library, class
etc. Always invite her to either a party, a bar, or your place. By doing
this you get her out when shes looking to drink, party and make bad

decisions. When you do get her out simply follow the outline presented
earlier about sexual escalation.

I havent had too much luck inviting girls directly over to watch a movie
(i.e. Bang) on an off night. Towards the end of my last semester I decided to
try out having a girl over to make dinner with. It went well. We didnt bang
just a make out, but that wont be the case for all girls. If you can cook a
decent meal this is something you may want to try out if you and/or the girl
are chill people. While this is no doubt a good idea and is effective at getting
her directly to your place, I still think inviting her out to a party, bar etc. is
the best bet.

The first time I hooked up with my ex-girlfriend I was texting her Friday
night. I told her we should meet up. Not even at a bar or party, just meet
at some predetermined location; and it worked. We met halfway down a
street off-campus and then we walked hand in hand to my house where she
proceeded to give me a blowjob. She was a bit promiscuous yes, but hey
most college girls you meet at bars are. Aggressively pushing for sex will
never cost you points. Even modest girls appreciate a guy who exudes
masculine, sexual energy and is shameless in his pursuits.

Fuck Buddies

Fuck buddies or Friends with Benefits (FWB) are clutch, and is a relationship
that you should look to obtain; preferably more than one. To get a FWB two
things need to occur: 1.) You both enjoy being in each others presence,
virtually for the sole purpose of having sex and 2.) She needs to see a
potential relationship with you down the road. While the first one is fairly
obvious, the second is something that most guys wouldnt think of.

My ex in college was first my fuck buddy for a period of about 8 months.

This is the length for many relationships and in this time we were just
fucking. If there were events that required dates, we would take each other,
but besides that there wasnt much contact. The reason she was together
with me for so long before getting into a relationship wasnt because I was a
sex stud, a super good looking guy (okay I was a bit of both), and she
couldnt get laid. The main reason was because she saw the potential for a
relationship with me and saw being a FWB as a means to get me to be her
boyfriend. With a bit of persistence on her end it worked.

Getting a FWB is something that came naturally to me. Getting girls did not
however, but when I got a girl keeping her around was a breeze. I wouldnt
say that I was ever the proverbial nice-guy pushover, beta, but I treated

people well. I was well-rounded and interesting, and fun to be around.

Another important thing was that I wasnt judgmental, especially towards
girls and their sexual escapades. Those things were important for them to
see potential in me as a boyfriend, but what helped a lot was being aloof.
Being aloof, non-needy, and non-judgmental are some of the most
important characteristics that one must possess to keep a FWB.

An excellent article on the subject is Retention: Fuck Buddies by Chris from

Good Looking Loser.

Me and him really see eye to eye on the subject, and he lays it out in a lot
more depth than I wish to do in this book, although I have quite a bit more
to say on the topic.

I had another long term FWB and it followed the same principles as above.
In fact I was seeing both these two girls at the same time, and they both
showed up at my house one night; one left crying, I ended up dating the
other one. This isnt me bragging, but I think its important to understand
female thought patterns and this situation highlights it. Both these girls saw
with their own two eyes that I was hooking up with another girl (and likely
other girls). Girls like guys who they know get laid. Actually seeing me
with another one exacerbated that fact.

This is important when it comes to FWB relationships because you need to

give her the impression that youre fucking other girls. Dont come right out
and say it, but do everything up that point. Guys think that hooking up with
multiple girls would turn them off, but its the exact opposite. Not only does
fucking other girls make you look good, but it is crucial to maintain a non-
needy attitude. By having more than one option for sex, you wont be
constantly blowing up any single girls phone.

No girl would admit that she likes a guy who is fucking other chicks. Her
friends would tell her to Forget that loser, but thats not how it works.
Shes just going to keep coming back for more. After the run in with the two
girls, I still hooked up with them both after that night despite the one girls
friends vehement protests. On paper it was a terrible decision on her part,
but hooking up isnt logical. Girls dont evaluate the pros and cons of
banging certain guys on paper (at least I think so). Its an emotional one;
one that is a result of thousands upon thousands of years of evolution. They
have been programmed to bang the alpha male, and one of the most
prominent traits of an alpha male is having multiple sexual partners

While Ive highlighted the importance of having more than one girl on lock,
this doesnt mean Im advocating for you to go around breaking girls hearts.
If it happens, which it most likely will, it happens. As long as you dont go
out of your way to do it thats fine. Ive broken a few hearts in my day, but I
consider myself a real nice, stand-up guy. You should strive to be that too.
Theres no reason you cant.

One last note on fuck buddies is the amount of time it takes up. A lot of guys
avoid having a girlfriend because it takes up too much time, but Ive found
that seeing multiple girls can have the same effect. I recall one Thursday
night Junior year we had a mixer with a sorority. I met a cute blonde girl
and went home with her that night. I didnt get very far; I only got her shirt
off. It was late so I decided to spend the night anyway. The next night I
went over to one of my regulars place and hooked up, and the night after
that I brought over my main girl. Come Sunday I go over the girls house
that I was at on Friday and then that Monday I went over to the girls house
I met on Thursday. Confused yet? I sure was.

I slept in my bed once in 5 nights. Theres much worse things in this world
that I can think of than sleeping in multiple beds, but it can be a headache
hooking up with these girls. I had homework to do, friends to chill with,
meetings to go to and I found myself losing time by seeing these girls. So
the girl I had met that Thursday I decided to stop seeing her. She wasnt
putting out anyway, and I didnt need her. There was no point in trying to
spend time getting in her pants when I was already getting ass on the reg.

As you can see one benefit of seeing multiple girls is that you can drop a girl
like a bad habit and not blink an eye because you have other means to drain
your balls.

A last note on this topic that could solve this problem is to not see girls too
often. Once every 5-7 days should be fine.

Maybe some of you guys wont be bothered by this, but time management is
something Im a big proponent of and will take more about later in this
book; just something to keep in mind.


So you brought a girl home from the bar. Turns out shes a cool chick whos
fun in the sack too. You guys hook up for a few months and then she hits
you with the ultimatum: I want a relationship. I used to think this was
a death sentence. No more freedom. No more random girls, just one. I gave

my girlfriend in college a pretty hard time trying to tie me down. Im an

advocate of waiting a long period of time to enter an exclusive relationship
(several months at least). This is to get to know the girl well and see if shes
relationship material.

When I finally decided to enter into an exclusive relationship it was about 11

months after we first hooked up. Today, it sounds pretty ridiculous that I
waited this long. She was my first girlfriend, so I wasnt sure exactly how to
go about doing the whole dating thing. I also thought I was so cool because
I was banging a girl who I wasnt tied down to. I then realized theres
nothing to be ashamed of when dating a girl, given shes a level headed,
good looking girl whos enjoyable to be around. Many players in college will
end up dating someone, so dont walk around like youre the shit because
youve got a FWB who youre giving the run around to.

Provided youre not whipped, still hang out with your friends, and dont
compromise who you are for this girl then your relationship should be great.
College is a time for growth, and having a girl who you really like and is
goal-oriented can help that process tremendously.

Most relationships in college stem from a FWB relationship that then

transition into a full blown relationship. The experience and amount of pussy
that the guy is getting will dictate the amount of time it takes him to enter
into a relationship. If a guy thinks that he will never get laid again, in a few
short weeks he will likely be tied down. For a guy who is non-needy and can
get girls it will be much, much longer. Aim for the latter.

Also, never ever have the mindset that you need a girlfriend. Anytime I
hear a guy say this I want to slap him upside the head. As I said, theres
nothing wrong with having a girlfriend, but I strongly believe that she needs
to be a FWB first. This presents a problem for the guy who wants a girlfriend
badly. Theyll take anything they can get and will usually end up dating
someone who is a total bitch or not attractive, just to fill that void. Also,
having the mindset of needing a girlfriend will manifest itself when talking to
women as being needy, duh!

If you want a girlfriend now I can guarantee youre not rolling in pussy. If
you were, the last thing youd want is a girlfriend.

Remember: You are the PRIZE. These girls should be chasing you for a
relationship, never the other way around.

A few final thoughts (Im almost done I swear)

Im now wrapping up the section on how to get girls in college. Everything in

this book ties in together, so I cant say that the information provided to you
in the rest of the book will be of no use in terms of getting laid, but it wasnt
written for that purpose.

The last thing I wanted to touch on is discretion and privacy in hooking up.
Like I said before, girls like guys who they know get girls. You want to
communicate this through your behavior and actions, not by overtly saying
it. I actually put effort into hiding my sexcapades.

People talk. Mostly girls, but guys do it too, mostly those who dont get laid
though. I for one value my privacy. I hate people being up in my business.
Being in a frat house of 20+ guys made that difficult, but I did my best. I
preferred to not bring girls over to my place, because obviously that lets
guys know that Im banging someone.

After she leaves Ill be presented with an onslaught of comments: Nice!

(High-five), She was cute!, Dude, she wasnt that cute, Girls got some
tig ol bitties, What sorority is she in?, Where did you meet her?, How
long have you guys been fucking?, Did she swallow? and so on and so
forth. Not only is taking the time to answer these questions annoying, but
its a clear attack on my privacy.

Gossip isnt necessarily a bad thing. I hate gossip, but if others want to talk
about me fine. The reason it can sometimes be beneficial is that when girls
find out that you hooked up with some girl, it goes back to the point that
girls like guys who they know get laid. I still wouldnt go out of your way to
let people know that you got laid. It makes you look insecure, conceited and
just overall an asshole. Sure, some of your friends may not get laid at all,
but you dont need to rub it in their face.

I suppose Ive somewhat contradicted myself in saying that I value my

privacy, but at the same time talking about the benefits of being a player. If
I had to choose one, privacy or a player reputation, Id choose privacy. Call
me crazy, but privacy is important to me. I can be very open with people.
This book is in part an autobiography of my college experience, but the book
is anonymous. Theres something about a person knowing every facet of
your life that disturbs me, and the women I sleep with is one of them.

When I say people talk I mean it. I wouldnt doubt that my ex-girlfriends
close friends know exactly the exact dimensions of my penis, what my
favorite position is, what kinks I enjoy, that I hate eating pussy, and that I

hate condoms as much as I hate pulling out (totally serious). You can expect
the same when hooking up with girls.

While getting a player reputation will contribute to a lot of bangs, I think

that exuding the characteristics of a player should speak for itself, and you
dont need to rely on gossip for that. You wont be perfect though, people
will know youre fucking girls, but hide the details. Being mysterious never

On this subject, if you hook up with a girl in a sorority, how does that affect
your chances at getting with one of her sisters? It helps, a lot actually. Some
may be surprised by this answer, but it should be obvious. Ill say it again,
and Ill keep saying it: Girls like guys who they know get laid. So if
youre pursuing a girl who happens to be in the same sorority as one of your
past lays, it can only help your chances.

This is most often the case, however, it depends how the relationship
ended. If you fucked her a few times and then dropped her that looks good
(that sounds terrible doesnt it?). If she thought you were a loser, thats bad.
As long as you exhibit the characteristics laid out in this book, you should be
experiencing the former a lot more than the latter, if ever.

Even if the other girl talks shit, I still think it helps. I had a fraternity
brother who banged three girls in the same sorority; actually four come to
think of it. This guy was short and had a tiny dick (allegedly). No problem!
With the exception of the fourth girl, he was the one who ended the
interactions, thus leaving the girls with a positive impression of him. My
ex-girlfriend was in the same sorority, and then I banged one of her sisters.
Was that sorority full of sluts? Probably, most sororities are. The point is
though that your reputation matters. While most people think having a
player reputation is bad, its not. Its awesome.

After my ex graduated, my frat had a mixer with her sorority. As I was

talking to some of the younger, newer girls they recognized me as this girls
ex, despite me never meeting them before. Like I told ya, this shit gets
around. These girls looked up to me, starry eyed and giggling. This is what
Im talking about. This is what the player reputation gets you. Enjoy it.

Once you begin to embrace the social scene in college, youll nearly forget
why youre there in the first place. While partying and socializing will make
up a big chunk of your time, buckling down and getting shit done needs to
be your #1 priority. You (or your parents) are paying top dollar to get your
degree and to waste that time and money would be an utter shame.

In this section I want to discuss your major, study habits, time

management, working in college, internships and future career paths. I dont
have any crazy stories about studying or career fairs, but this section should
be read thoroughly and studied diligently as I will lay out advice about how
to succeed during and beyond college.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Im sure they told you that you could be whatever you wanted when you
grew up. Dreams of being an astronaut or cowboy were shattered for most
by 8th grade. Yet, when college rolls around, most college students begin to
fantasize again. They want to be politicians, Supreme Court justices,
doctors, or investment bankers.

When I was in middle school I wanted to be an investment banker. Yep, you

read that right. It wasnt an ordinary dream job, maybe it was because Im
Jewish. Most kids my age still dreamed of being an astronaut, or even more
unrealistically the first female president (this still cracks me up, silly
feminists). I knew little about the job itself, but I knew I wanted to be rich
when I grew up. I wanted to have a closet full of designer suits and have a
penthouse in Manhattan.

As the years went by I began researching business schools. Only the best
ones too: Wharton, Harvard, Stanford etc. Reality sunk in about 10th grade
when I realized the challenge of getting into one of these schools. My GPA,
while not terrible wasnt too stellar and I had no extracurricular activities to
speak of besides half a year of wrestling. Shit out of luck.

My senior year I was dead set on attending a particular university known for
their business program. While not one of the top business schools in the
nation, it was an acclaimed school, especially for being a public school. I had
my meal plan picked out and enrollment deposit paid.

As fate would have it, I had a letter come to my house one day offering me
some hefty scholarships to attend a different school. While money wasnt an
issue, it was intriguing. I decided to visit the school and changed my mind
and ended up going there. It was one of the best decisions Ive ever made.

I didnt end up studying business at this school; rather I opted for two
degrees in the liberal arts. I just couldnt bring myself to do business. While
the allure of a closet full of suits was still there, my heart wasnt in it. I
couldnt see myself sitting at a desk all day crunching numbers and doing
whatever it is that I-bankers do. In fact, as I write this today I still have no
idea what I want to do.

Being a liberal arts major there arent too many prospects for people like
myself. There arent too many employers looking to hire a journalism or
history major. So what was I supposed to do? Study engineering and try and
get a good job? Logically yes, but I have no interest in engineering, or the
broader STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). I
would never force myself to study, and then subsequently be employed in
something I loathed.

Hundreds of years ago people didnt have much choice in their work. If you
were born on a farm, you work on a farm. Was your dad a blacksmith? Your
future would be pretty clear. In the twenty first century and with the advent
of new technologies and fields there is a vast array of fields for employment
and only a few appeal to me.

If I could have it my way though I wouldnt work an office job. I would make
money off my website and travel the world. Live by my rules. And thats the
plan! A pipedream? Perhaps, but Ill do my best.

Most of you however are probably looking for some career advice. And as
someone with no career it probably wouldnt seem logical to offer you
advice. Thats hardly the case. I had a prestigious internship during college
and got good grades, but again I was a liberal arts major. After graduating I
didnt even apply to a single job! None of them sounded appealing. If I had
to do it over again, I probably wouldnt do anything different though.
Although I didnt succeed at the real world I know a few guys who did, and
I will present to you their profiles. In addition to that, if youre looking for a
good paying, stable job I know how you can get one.

Choosing Your Major

While it would be nice to do whatever you want when you grow up, thats
hardly the case. There arent too many male pornstars out there I believe
that an individual can major in whatever subject they want and be
successful, but heres the catch: Different majors have higher rates of
providing good-paying jobs, if any job at all.

For example, Computer Science majors will have a much higher chance of
being employed after college than a psychology major. They are also likely
to be paid more in the event both receive a degree.

Before you decide to be an engineer, ask yourself what you want to do after
your four years? I suggest reading over the last section again, to truly find
out what you want to be when you grow up.

Overview of Majors and Careers

The following section briefly overviews five of the major fields of study. It
will discuss the majors included, a quick glance at the subjects, the reality
and day in the life of a student who studies these subjects, how to succeed
in this field and a look into the future.

Also, please note that the following is MY OPINION, these are not facts. They
are simply observations from personal experience, anecdotal evidence, and

Arts & Humanities

Majors Included: Art, Music, Dance, Film, History, Political Science,

Languages, English, Philosophhy, Religious Studies, Sociology etc.

At A Glance: For the guys interested in the humanities, a reality check is

necessary. If you decide to go this route, you have to be in the top 10% (at
least) in your major to have a shot at getting a job with just a bachelors.
That takes into account internships, GPA, extracurriculars etc. Its an uphill
battle, but an admirable one in my opinion.

Please, please, please take this into account. Its not a good idea to go tens
of thousands of dollars in debt to get an English degree. Sure you may make
it big and publish a book, but odds are you wont. KEEP THAT IN MIND!

As a student of the humanities allow me to give you some insight. I entered

school as a history major. I loved history ever since before I even entered

school in Kindergarten. There was just something about it. When I got to
school, it was a no brainer to study it. I never thought about the future
though. People inevitably ask in college, So what do you want to do with
that? Good question.

Most people suspected I would be a history professor. Fuck that. There

werent too many other options though. Work in a library? Kill me now. So
halfway through my Freshman year I decided to start studying Russian as a
foreign language (which was required for my major). I loved it and it opened
a lot of new doors for me. I could now work the whole International
Relations/Government angle. My senior year I got an internship with the
State Department, which was in my opinion pretty prestigious. It was an
amazing opportunity and struck me as something that I could envision
myself doing full time upon graduating.

Unfortunately that wasnt going to happen. Why? Because theres a lot of

competition out there. While Im just a 22 year old recent graduate, there
are people 5+ years older than me with a Masters or PhD, fluency in the
language, and work experience that have me beat out at all levels. To be
more competitive Id need what they have if not more.

This is the reality for humanities majors. Not all, if any, humanities degrees
are worthless per se, its just that the demand for people with the knowledge
and skillset that this degree provides is slim, especially when looking at the
number of people with these degrees.

Universities were founded initially to cultivate environments for studying

subjects like philosophy and religion. They didnt have the technology we do
today and there were no engineering programs. Medicine wasnt a well
respected profession until a few hundred years ago. People didnt necessarily
go to college to get a job; they did it because they loved wisdom and
knowledge. Of course, the world is always changing rapidly, and universities
have adjusted to the moden world, which is why the humanities has not
necessarily taken a back seat in colleges, but is less likely to present an
individual with employment.

Of course Im biased. I believe that the world needs people with humanities
degrees who have studied history, art and philosophy. These subjects have
been studied for thousands of years, why stop now? Humanities degrees
create intelligent, well read, literate individuals who can convey an idea
effectively; these types of people arent going anywhere, anytime soon.
Have you ever read an engineers paper? Its pitiful, but dont blame them.
People are just wired differently. I could never see myself being an engineer,

and its a two way street. My engineering friends tell me that its nearly
impossible for them to learn a language or to write a coherent paper. I truly
believe that people are just wired differently. If youre on my end, thats
fine, just accept the reality and make the best of what youve got.

A Day In the Life: I was rarely overburdened with school work. Few
humanities majors are. A few classes a day, with a bit of homework at night
was the norm.

What Humanities Majors Think: That their studies are harder than they
appear. That they will be partners at law firms, politicians, or Nobel

Reality: I hit the nail on the head already, but humanities majors will have
an uphill battle once out of school. They can achieve success though.

Keys for Success:

1.) Internships: To set yourself ahead of the rest of the pack, you
need to have a stellar resume, which is best done by having
internships, in the case of a humanities major, with reputable
organizations and institutions related to your desired field of study.
2.) Language: Im partial to languages, but I think learning
something like Mandarin, Japanese or Russian will open a lot more
doors for you in the business world.
3.) GPA: This goes with setting yourself ahead of the rest of the
4.) Leadership: Being a President or Treasurer of an organization
helps. Taking part, or better yet, starting a club related to finance is a
good bet.


Majors Included: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, Human

Resources, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate etc.

At a Glance: Ah business majors. The self-proclaimed cool kids on the

block. Business majors are the guys in school who want to make big bucks.

A day in the life: Business majors dont have it too hard. Accounting and
financing classes will kick your ass, but most business classes arent
overwheliming. Depending on the class, the amount of time you spend in the

library will vary greatly, although business majors are known for their
partying antics.

What Business Majors Think: Some will tell you that their degree is a
joke, others take it seriously. The courseload is not too hard, but they will
always tell you how hard accounting class is. If its so hard why are they
drinking on a Wednesday afternoon?

Reality: The degree of difficulty for business class can vary greatly. The
workload can be tough, but it isnt too difficult. Its middle of the line as far
as difficulty goes. As for their futures, business majors usually have it pretty
good as long as they adhere to the following.

Keys for Success (Similar to Humanities):

1.) Internships: When I saw our former Tresaurers resume my

jaw dropped. Some of the nations biggest banks were on there.
You can guess how his career is going. If youre a business
major your resume is key. Oftentimes companies that you intern
with will give you a job right out of college. If you dick around as
a business major then you can kiss that Wall St. job goodbye.
2.) Language: Im partial to languages, but I think learning
something like Mandarin, Japanese or Russian will open a lot
more doors for you in the business world.
3.) Leadership: Being a President or Treasurer of an organization
helps. Taking part, or better yet, starting a club related to
finance is a good bet.

Future: Again, this largely depends on your resume, but most business
majors do well. Nearly all the business majors I know got jobs out of school.
Business majors are usually go getter types so this is not surpriseing.

Health and Medicine

Majors Included: Biology, exercise science, chemistry, genetics,

neuroscience, biochem, nursing, public health etc.

At a Glance: Its hard to throw all these majors together, but Im grouping
anything related to the human body and science. Most of these majors are
tough and will require a lot of effort and taking some difficult classes. Many
people in this major will be pre- something, looking to go to Medical or
Dental school after college.

What Health/Medicine Majors Think: Like I said, many people in this

field want to go to Med school. So many people are banking on this.

Reality: Only 25% of students who take the MCAT get into medical school.
This is a harsh reality that not many realize. The days of slaving away at O-
Chem will have been for naught.

Keys for Success: These will for the most part only be applicable to those
looking to go to med school.

1.) Internships/Lab Work: Working in a lab is a must, as well as

publishing research.
2.) Leadership: A solid resume with various activities is probably
the best way to distinguish yourself from your competition.
3.) Standardized Tests: A low MCAT score will no doubt
compromise any chance at getting into medical school.

Future: Most students pursuing med school dont get in. This means that
they may go enter a graduate school program. Im a big advocate of dental
school. They make good money and it is not as rigorous as medical school.
Plus everyone loves dentists right?

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

Majors Included: Actuarial Science, Computer Science, Physics,

Mathematics, Engineering (All) etc.

At a Glance: STEM majors today are lauded as the best choice for a college
student, and for good reason. While these majors will be the most
challenging, they will provide the most reward.

While I just discussed Health/Medicine, and biology and chemistry for

instance fall under STEM, this section is more for to look at Engineers, math
students, and related fields.

A day in the life: Engineering students have a tough workload. While the
field varies, for the most part nearly all engineers (Chemical, Civil,
Mechanical, etc.) have large, difficult workloads. Engineers spend many days
and nights in the library getting shit done, yet somehow some of the biggest
partiers I know were engineers. How do they do it? I couldn't tell ya.

What STEM Majors Think: Most engineers arent usually passionate about
their studies; rather they realize the practicality of it and pursue it because
of how much money theyll make. Theyre essentially the opposite of liberal
arts majors who are passionate about their studies, but not overly interested
in the whole making a living thing. Theyll also tell you how much they
studied this week while theyre blackout drunk at the bar.

Reality: STEM majors are the most likely to be employed right out of
college, however, they wont be making as much money as they think. Many
engineers will make around 50-60k out of college, maxing out at around
100k. I grew up in a pretty affluent neighborhood and never met a rich
engineer. If youre willing to work as engineer for a few decades and desire a
stable, good paying job STEM is your best bet.

Keys for Success:

1.) Show up: Okay thats a bit of an exaggeration, but as long as

you take classes seriously and make an effort to get a decent resume,
getting a job after school is very likely simply because the demand for
engineers is so high.

Future: Again, STEM majors have a pretty bright future as long as they
make an effort to keep themselves somewhat competitive as well as seeking
jobs after school.

Finding a Home Away From Home

My formula for success is:

Hard Work + Time= Success

Its pretty straightforward, yet most college students cant seem to get a
handle on either. The problem is that most college kids have piss poor
habits, lack discipline and cant seem to get shit done.

People wait until the night before to write a 10 page paper or to begin
studying for a midterm. And boy, once finals week comes around everyone
is hunkered down in the library for days to make up for lost time.

The easiest solution to this is to simply find a home away from home; a spot
where you feel comfortable going everyday to get work done, as well as to
unwind. A coffee shop or library is a perfect choice and all campuses have at
least one of each so take your pick.

The main purpose of this dojo is to get work done, however, this is college
and we want to exploit the social aspects every chance we get. With that
said, your choice should have a lot of social capital. A perfect example of this
is Starbucks. Starbucks are ubiquitous in American culture, and theres a
good bet you can find one near you. If not, find another big name coffee
shop or just something that resemebles it.

The reason Im a fan of Starbucks is not because of their coffee, which is

alright, but rather because cute girls go to Starbucks and overall its a
pleasant and relaxing environment. Its nice to go to a place where you can
sit for a few hours and get a ton of work done and once in a while taking a
sip of coffee and glancing at the cute blonde sitting across from you.

Im not advocating going to these places simply so you can check girls out,
rather youre going here so you can talk to them. Use the day game model I
laid out earlier to accomplish this.

Once you have your spot, you should plan to go there at least 3+ times a
week for several hours. This accomplishes two things:

1.) Get Shit done: Dragging your ass out of the house will force you to
get work done. You cant jerk off in the middle of Starbucks and youll
feel guilty about web surfing if you made the effort to leave your
house and are just wasting time. The longer you stay here the more
you get done.

2.) Network: Going to the same place on a regular basis, youre bound
to see other regulars. This gives you the ability to simply say, Hey, I
see you here all the time. Whats your name? This is so easy because
its genuine.

Part Time Job

I was grateful to have mom and dad footing the bill for not only my tuition,
but my rent, food and books. This was a privilege which not many students
have. I had a good friend who didnt get a dime from his parents. He worked
a decent paying job full time, while taking classes full time; major props to

While I didnt have to spend much money, I didnt want to make my parents
pay for things that werent necessary such as alcohol and movie tickets.
While I had some money saved up from past summer jobs, that wasnt going

to cut it. While I was never one to have big bar tabs, even if I bought a few
drinks every night I went out, that would be on average 7-8 drinks a week.
If I did that every week it would come out to around $300 a semester (on
the low end of the spectrum), which is pretty small compared to some of my
fraternity brothers.

My solution was to get a part time job. I ended up working at a coffee shop
at one of the buildings on campus. I only did it for a semester, but it was not
a bad experience at all. I made minimum wage and only worked ten hours a
week, which covered my booze budget and then some.

Working a part time job is beneficial for several reasons, not just for making

1.) Anxiety: Working in a job like a coffee shop forces you to interact
with strangers on an everyday basis. While the interaction may last
only 10 seconds, simply the act of getting out of your comfort zone
and opening your mouth is a step in the right direction. Not only are
you talking to strangers, but youre working with coworkers who youll
build somewhat of a relationship with over time just by shooting the
shit with every day.

2.) Building a Social Circle: Getting a part-time job on campus will

surround you with people in your same situation. Once you make
friends with them, youll get invited to their parties and get into their
social circle. Also, dealing with customers its likely youre going to get
recognized outside work. If you work in a coffe shop like Starbucks
youll be face to face with cuties frequently. If you spot one another
outside of work then start up a conversation.


Depending on your major, internships will make or break your future.

Regardless of what you study, the key to succeeding after college is to
always stay one step ahead of your competition. If everyone in your major is
lazy as fuck, put yourself at the top by building a kick ass resume.

When it comes to internships anything counts. While some people may not
want to do an internship with some no name organization it can pay off. I
volunteered at a non-profit one summer. I put it on my resume and it was
the only thing related to my studies. I was able to get a kick ass government
internship and I attribute it to the non-profit.

If youre an underclassman, shoot for the stars. Apply to the best companies
or organizations in your field, but also apply to some smaller ones. Its like
applying to schools: You apply to Stanford as your dream school, but also
some no name state school as a safety.

Try and do an internship every year. Most do it over the summer which is
most convenient, but doing it during the semester means less competition
although that may inconvenience you.

Stay busy. Make some coin. Build your resume. Get an internship(s)!

BMOC Lifestyle

One of the easiest ways to distinguish yourself from your peers is to dress
well. Most college guys dress like bums, absolute bums even when going out
to the bar. Now fraternity guys on the other hand dress nice, but dressing
nice =/= getting laid. You see dressing nice makes you look like a nice guy
and nice guys dont get laid.

The typical frat attire:

Notice the obnoxious colored button ups and polo shirts, not to mention the
khaki shorts. This style looks good in my opinion (sans the short shorts).
However, it should be best left to activities where you want to look nice in a
relaxed environment: Class, club meetings, BBQs, baseball games etc.
When it comes time to meet women though you dont want to look nice, you
want to look COOL.

Id be lying if I told you my closet didnt look like an Easter basket. Brooks
Brothers, J Crew, Ralph Lauren all cohabitate it my closet making it look like
a rainbow of sorts. I do enjoy dressing like that because its presentable. Its
also fun to sometimes dress outrageous, go out and just be a total d-bag.

Later on in college I started to wear less of this style, and go more towards a
cool, edgy look. In fact, all the players I highlighted earlier opted for this
look. It would be rare to see these players dressed like the guys above. Sure
they wore polo shirts and button ups out, but they were paired with dark
jeans and nice shoes, NOT KHAKIS. Coincidence, I think not.

The reason a lot of frat boys can get away with dressing like this at bars, is
because theyre not looking to branch out of their social circle. Most
fraternity guys will inevitably meet up in groups at a designated bar where
they will know quite a few people there. They want to fit in and not stand
out as to show theyre part of the group. If they do take a girl home it will
be either a.) A girl theyve already slept with or b.) A girl they wanted to
sleep with in a sorority that theyre close with. Theres really no cold
approaching going on in these venues.

By dressing in this manner, it lets people know that youre in a fraternity.

Being in a fraternity is a status symbol to some and by dressing this way you
convey that status and let people know youre in the in crowd.

Most of these guys are literally scared to dress differently for fear of being
socially ostracized. If youre a guy whos not in a fraternity or not in one of
the top frats, you want to STAND OUT. Go against the grain. Rock a tight
(not too tight) v-neck whose color stands out, dark jeans, and cool sneakers
or other shoes. This is not just in this type of cliquey bar; this is in EVERY

You have to stand out. Now back in the day of PUA standing out meant
looking like this:

Dress like this anywhere and I can guarantee you will be going home alone

If youre on a budget, I cant expect you to splurge. However, you can find
some pretty cheap clothing around. Dont buy a ton of new clothes, only
buy what you need. Make sure it fits well. Simplicity is your best bet, but it
should make a good outfit if that makes sense.


If there is one single activity that I would recommend to any man it would
be lifting weights. Lifting weights is beneficial for so many reasons. Here are
some important ones and how they relate to what youre trying to achieve
as a Big Man on Campus:

1.) Anxiety: As if going to college and being surrounded by people you

dont know isnt hard enough, having to worry about being
overweight or rail thin only adds insult to injury. By spending time
in the gym doing a combination of lifting, mobility work/stretching,
cardio (if and when necessary) and playing sports you will look
good which in turn will help you to feel better about yourself. Also,
playing sports exposes you to meeting new people.

2.) Discipline: Lifting weights is something that you have to commit

to. Going to the gym to lift, and follow a lifting routine consistently
builds discipline like no other.

3.) Testosterone: In College, youre going to be young and

surrounded by pretty, tight girls. You shouldnt have too much issue
wanting to fill up these biddies, but lifting weights will ramp up T
production and make you want to go apeshit on some pussy.

Any self respecting player puts in his dues in the weight room. If I see a
skiny dude I just have to shake my head. All guys in college have access to
a weight room. Use it! Find some cool dudes to go with and lift.


I can easily count the number of guys I met in college who read on a regular
basis on one hand. Some people just arent interested in reading, but I cant
discourage this mindset enough, especially when in college.

College is a time of learning, and growth. Dont take this for granite. If the
only thing you come out of college with is a piece of paper you did it
completely wrong.

The books you should be reading are ones that will develop you and make
you a better person. They should give you insight about great men and how
they lived their lives.

I personally own a kindle and love it, but maybe you dont want to shell out
cash. Well, there are these places called libraries which have thousands of
free books. Check it out some time.

Grab a book and read it either before bed to help you sleep, or use it to be
productive while at your Home away from home.


Youd be surprised how few guys can actually cook in college; its only a bit
more than those that read. Knowing how to make a few decent meals will
not only make your life more enjoyable, but the ladies absolutely love it.
Having a girl over for dinner is one of the best dates you can do in the event
you need to have a date.

Ask mom and dad to borrow a few pots and pans, or go in with your
roommates to get some. Buy some spices and sauces. Look up recipes
online and go to the store and get what you need. Presto! Dinner. Cook the
same meals over and over and youll get better at making them.

If you want to get in shape, be healthy, feel good, and perform your best in
college you cant be filling yourself with hot pockets and Wendys everyday.
Eat some REAL food.

Your Crib

Living in a frat house is the ultimate bachelor pad in college bar none in.
Living in a frat house is like having a penthouse suite of an urban

Now, unlike a penthouse suite frat houses are loud, dirty and are home to
undiscovered fungal and biological strains, as well as the occasional insects
and rodents. Nonetheless, in terms of social capital frat houses reign
supreme. Why is this?

Fraternity houses are a combination of clubs and hotels, kind of like what
you would find in Vegas. You have your luxury, high class clubs inside
luxury, high class hotels. Now, pretend youre part club promoter/part hotel
owner. Plus you live in the hotel. Do you think it will be difficult to get laid in
this environment assuming you have your shit together? Fuck no.

If you have your own apartment or house and host social events there on a
regular basis, you can undoubtedly have a lot of success as well. Now, not
everyone will live in a fraternity house, but when choosing you crib it should
adhere to the charachterisitics of a frat house, that is:

1.) Logistics: Oh you live in an apartment is a fifteen minute walk from

the bar? Its definitely not a game changer, but its enough to make a
girl change her mind. Get a palce thats close to the center of the

social scene on your campus. Now you already know you should be
throwing parties at your place anywhere which makes logisitics a
breeze, but youre going to hit the bars at some point in your college
career so you better make the best of that situation.

2.) Conducive to partying: Big house>small apartment. Ive been to

plenty of pregames and house parties at apartments; theyre
definitely a lot more intimate than most other social gatherings. Its
not a bad thing, but I prefer larger gatherings. If youd prefer to have
smaller get togethers than go for an apartment, but if you like bigger
events like I do than youre going to want a decent sized house. The
house doesnt have to be anything special beyond being somewhat
big, as long as there isnt shit thats going to interfere with a party.

Your Room

I think I met one guy in college who lived by himself. Nice kid, but he was a
little weird get some roommates. I was fortunate to have my own room in
my frat house every year, but thats not always the case. I cant tell you how
much of a cock block it is to have another guy LIVING in your room. That
shit should be over and done with Freshman year.

Im not going to tell you to clean your room actually fuck that I am. CLEAN
YOUR DAMN ROOM! If you bring a girl home from the bar at 2:30 AM she
probably wont care whether or not your room is dirty, but your room isnt
just for banging.

You should plan on hosting people in your room for shots, mixed drinks,
pregaming etc. No one will want to go to your room if it looks and smells like
dog shit.

Dont be overly concerned with decorating and for the love of God dont buy
the same stupid posters everyone has in their room Freshman year. The
Pretty Boy bought some art work for his room. Whether it was for his own
pleasure or to impress girls I cant say for sure, but it shouldnt be the latter.
No girl is going to decide to have sex with you because of a picture on your
wall. Your room should simply aim to be comfortable; a place where you,
your friends, and women can feel comfortable.

Tip: Dont have excessive furniture in your room. This way, when bringing a
girl to your room, sit in your desk chair (assuming you have one). Shell
have to sit on the bed and it makes escalating much more efficient.

Schedule/ Balance

When you add in class, studying, a part- time job, socializing, club activities,
reading, hitting the gym and more youre going to have a lot on your plate.
This is why most college students do NOT take part in most of the
aforementioned activities. My good friend, roommate, and fraternity brother
who is a Chemical engineer showed me this during college:

I would joke with him and tell him it doesnt count for liberal arts
majorswhich is true. I was easily able to balance all three of these things
over the years. Most students cant, especially ones with time consuming
majors. So how can it be done? It comes down to things Ive mentioned
already: Discipline and building habits.

If youve got a home away from home and arent wasting time with
videogames and smoking weed it is quite feasible.

Sample Schedule

For reference, lets look at a Sample schedule for an imaginary student

named Kyle. Kyle is a Junior studying mechanical engineering. His major
takes up quite a bit of time, but he doesnt have a job so it balances out
nicely. Hes Vice-President of his schools Engineering Honors Society which
takes up a few hours a week. He has to work on applications for internships

this summer. He lifts regularly, and in his down time likes to read philosophy
books. Oh yeah, and hes a horny little fucker.

Lets break it down a bit. Here are things that Kyle, or any college man,
should be doing every day:

-Sleep: 9 hours. When youre young you need more sleep, PERIOD,
especially if youre a lifter. Nine hours should have you covered and includes
time it takes to fall asleep.

-Get Ready: 1 hour. This includes various things like brushing your teeth,
flossing, showering, shaving, getting dressed etc. An hour total per day
should take care of it.

-Classes: 5 hours. Few people have classes 5 hours a day EVERY DAY, but
lets just assume he does. This also includes time walking to class.

-Studying/Work: 3 hours. This is time spent at your home away from

home. Kyle will need to study, but for the remaining time he can read a
book, surf the web, work on a project, work on anything that needs to get
done for his Honors Society, work on his applications, and if theres a cute
girl next to him hell grab her number.

-Exercise: 1.5 hours. You dont need to, and shouldnt be lifting seven
days a week, but you should do some sort of physical activity every day.

-Preparing/Eating Meals: 1.5 hours. For the love of God, please dont be
one of those people that eats Ramen and hot pockets. Learn to cook!

Alright so thats 21 hours right there. Now, Im being very liberal with the
time, but its better to overestimate than be cut short. So thats 3 remaining
hours. That time should be spent on either: Finishing up any additional
studying, projects, or miscellaneous tasks, going to meetings, hanging out
with friends or just relaxing/downtime.

I like my schedules very rigid, because I know Im always getting shit done.
You may feel constricted by this, but its probably because youre not used
to staying so busy. Trust me; keeping busy will benefit you in the long run.
And assuming youre dropping wasteful habits (which actually I suppose you
could still do if you wanted to do during your downtime) youre going to
have more free time that you thought.

Ive broken down essentially what youve been doing everyday, but I want to
give you a few sample schedules:


Monday will follow the model to a near T. You have an Honors Society
meeting at night however.

12 AM- 9 AM: Sleep

9-9:30: Get Ready for Class
9:30-12 PM: Class
12-12:30: Lunch
12:30-3: Class
4-5: Exercise
5-530: Dinner
530-8: Study/Work
8-9: Meeting
9-10: Study/Work
10-1130: Downtime
1130- Get ready for bed

Pretty rigid huh, but those are Mondays. Lets check out what Friday might
look like:


For the most part it will follow the schedule, but its the weekend! Time to
party bitch.

12 AM- 9 AM: Sleep

9-9:30: Get Ready for Class
9:30-12 PM: Class
12-12:30: Lunch
12:30-3: Class
4-5: Exercise
5-530: Dinner
530-8: Study/Work
8-9: Pregame
9-????: Drink, party, fuck bitches, HAVE FUN, pass out

It really isnt that hard to switch up the schedule for a Friday. Opt out of
doing work at night so you can get the party started. Just keep in mind that
you will be making up the work over the weekend.

Fridays are fun, but the chilliest day should be Sunday:


Its the weekend and you know what that means? No class motherfucker!
Sleep in, watch some football, but make sure you get your shit DONE!

2 AM- 11 AM: Sleep

11-12 PM: Breakfast, make a nice one
12 PM-1 PM: Exercise
1-2: Lunch
2-4: Study/Work
4-7: Downtime
7-8: Dinner
8-10: Study/Work
10-1130: Downtime
1130-12: Get Ready for bed

While Sundays while present you with the most time its easy to actually not
get work done. Im a believer in momentum, and when you sit around most
of the morning, your more inclined to sit on your ass the rest of the day.
Thats why Im an advocate of always doing something and always moving.

Dont stress too much. Is your favorite NFL team playing? Invite some
friends over to watch the game, or go to a bar for lunch/dinner and a beer.

There you have it. Im not going to make a sample schedule for everyday of
the week because its pretty straightforward from here. Monday-Thursdays
are the same, you have Friday and Sunday which I laid out, and the
Saturday which is a hybrid of Friday and Sunday because you have no class,
but youll be going out at night. Oh yeah, and if you have a home football
game Saturday dont expect to get much done.

I have a few more recommendations:

1.) Get a Calendar: Go out and buy one of those BIG ASS calendars.
Hang it up somewhere in your room. Go through all of your class
syllabuses and write down the due dates of major projects and papers,
homework assignments and of course midterms and finals.

2.) Create an excel spreadsheet. Write out your daily schedule and
insert and small assignments you have due on a weekly basis. Also,

any time something comes up like a meeting, party or a date write it

down. It should look something like this:

Im not here to tell you exactly how to live your life. If you like this setup,
awesome. If not create your own and use mine to structure your schedule.
Dont skimp on this though.


Gentleman, I have written nearly everything I know about college into this
book based on my experiences and isnights, as well as the experiences and
insights of close friends. There really isnt much more to it. Even if there was
I wouldnt want to write about it. The fun of college, if not life in general, is
to experience it, enjoy it; live!

While being rigid and disciplined is important, the greatest moments in life
are spontaneous. If an opportunity presents itself take it! There are few
other times in life where you can experiment beyond college.

To round out this book I want to talk about where I fell short and how you
can learn from my mistakes.

I had a pretty spectacular college experience. Sure, I didnt fuck a hundred

girls or get a kick ass job once I graduated. Nonetheless, I consider it a
success because of the progress I made while in college on all levels.

One of the major themes of the Play section is to be the life of the party. To
do this you need to be an extrovert, or at least summon vast amounts of
energy on short notice. Im naturally an introvert, and while that shouldnt
be an excuse for not forcing yourself out of your comfort, realistically it is
difficult to be able to party hard twice, if even once a week. For me it was
once, maybe twice a month if I was sober (which was pretty much always).

If youre not a natural extrovert, which Im assuming you arent if youre

reading this, than getting laid via social circle will be an uphill battle
especially if you dont drink much. Thats why it is so crucial and of the
utmost importance that you push yourself out of your comfort zone. It is so
easy to just want to stay and hide and rest in the safety net that is your
comfort zone; FUCK THAT! You cant enjoy life like that. Push yourself and
youll make it. I know you can.

What I didnt mention in My First3 Bangs article was that nearly all my lays
in college came on nights where I was tipsy or was just brimming with
energy. If I was having an On night, I was getting laid that night, or at the
very least a number or make out. I never even thought to explore ways to
bring out this side of me that was super outgoing. Worst of all, I didnt take
advantage of the most obvious means of doing so:

I just couldnt get past that mental block of drinking booze in excess. I am
proud that I was able to regularly cold approach sober in alcohol fueled
environments, but if I really wanted to ramp up my notch count I shouldve
hit the bottle more.

I had a 3.3 GPA in high school. My GPA in college was a 3.6. This was
probably due to the rigor of my classes, or lack thereof, that contributed to
this. It was a decent improvement, but with my majors I couldve easily
have gotten a 3.75+. I didnt come up with the idea of the Home away from
Home until my last semester in school. I couldve done a lot better in
school, and just have been overall more productive had I spent 2-3 hours
every week day in the library or coffee shop.

I also half assed studying a lot of the time. There was so much reading I had
to do over the years, and I didnt do about 80% of it. I could get by, but I
can guarantee I would have done better.

All I Ask...

Before I conclude this book and we enter the appendix, I want to ask three
things of you:

1.) Take Action: I really hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I
did writing it; it was a great way for me to vicariously relive my
college experience. However, I dont want all my work to be for
naught. Take action! Go out and meet people. Study your ass off.

Get a good job. Take the time to build habits and discipline while
simultaneously eliminating clutter and negativity from your life. The
time you spend doing this now, will pay off greatly down the

2.) Show me some love: If you enjoyed this book, then I think youll
really enjoy my site: (if you hadnt noticed it in
any of the footers on every single page). Read the blog, follow me
on twitter, send me naked pi ahem.

3.) Give me Feedback: For the sake of posterity, I implore you to let
me know what you thought of the book; whether you loved it or
loathed it. Were there any particular sections that you find
useful/not useful; sections that had too much/too little information;
sections missing entirely? Etc Hit me up at or drop me a comment on my website.

To conclude this book, Ill leave you with the wise words of Rodney

Hey Everybody We're All Gonna Get Laid


Underage/Criminal Offenses

If you can go through college and not get arrested, or at least a citation,
hats off to you good sir. Ive always been a pretty straight edge kid. As Ive
said numerous times, I dont even like to drink that much. I did like the idea
of going to bars though. So when I was 19 or 20, I got my older brother to
give me his ID. It worked like a charm; I only got turned down once. One
night I was at bar with two friends. Suddenly, a group of cops come in.
FUCK! They made their way over to me and asked for ID. It was over at this

Two weeks later I was in court. After getting a thorough shaming from the
judge and a $100 fine plus court fees I was good to go. Oh yeah, it was on
my record for a year and I still have yet to get it expunged (I dont think I
ever will).

People make getting an underage to be a big deal. A ton of people get it in

college. Its not a big deal at all. I was able to get a Secret-level security
clearance for an internship within 10 months of getting a citation, and still
having it on my record. Dont sweat it.

I by no means condone partaking in illegal activity, but if you so choose to

do so and get caught for being naughty, then its not a huge deal unless you
commit a Felony (Dont do that, seriously).

Changing Majors

Youre a year and a half into school. You always grew up wanting to be a
doctor, but it turns out that the rigor of pre-med has proven to be a bit too
much. You dont want to continue this course anymore, but feel as if youre
already in too deep. In my opinion its really never too late to change paths.

This problem can be mitigated in the first place by picking a subject that you
are sure that you will not only be able to handle, but one that you will enjoy
(Reread the section on changing majors). Sure, you may have wasted a lot
of money taking courses you didnt need, but you cant really put a price on
hating your job (okay thats not entirely true, but it would have to be A


The idea of going to a liberal arts school sounded really appealing during
your Senior year of high school. Unfortunately, they didnt tell you how
everyone is a self righteous, bleeding heart liberal pansy who wouldnt know
a good time if the government gave it to them in the form of a welfare

Just like changing majors, you dont want to end up at a school that you
hate. The sooner you get out of there the happier youll be.

Now, maybe this school is close to home, you have a good scholarship, or
they have a top program for what youre studying. In that case, go over the
material in this book and really make an effort to seek out happiness. Ask
yourself if its really the school, or your lifestyle that you dislike.


Even as an introvert, I often crave being around others just for the sake of
doing so; I cant really explain it. It is important for your well being to be
around people on a regular basis, whose company you not only enjoy, but
can also better your life. Alas, sometimes were not always so lucky. Ive
heard the horror stories my Freshman roommate as quiet as a mouse, but
towards the end of the year, he wouldnt shut up! How does that even

If youre living with a roommate you dont like Im guessing its not by
choice. While youre forced to live with them, youre not forced to spend
every waking hour with them. Remember the Home away from home. Find
a spot and spend time there so you can escape any pestilent roommates.

How about if youre roommate is loud, obnoxious, eats your shit, is dirty etc.
The best way to solve this is to be direct; none of this passive aggressive
bullshit. Most guys are pussies that cant handle confrontation. If you come
at him man to man and call him out he will most likely back down. Dont be
a dick, just be assertive.

No car

The hindrance of not having a car will vary from campus to campus. I never
had one in school and it was no big deal at all. In fact it was just one less
thing to worry about. The only time I really needed a car was to get
groceries in which Id have a roommate drive me. Otherwise I would walk
nearly everywhere, unless it was ridiculously far Id take the bus.

Spring Break/Road Trips

Im sure you know a thing or two about Spring Break: The beaches, the
boobies, the crazy antics. Pandemonium! I told you earlier that the image of
college is largely exaggerated which is true. As for Spring Breakit is
EXACTLY as it is portrayed. Again, beaches, boobies and booze. The week I
spent in Panama City Beach was probably the most fun week Ive ever had
in my entire life.

I absolutely recommend going on at least one Spring Break during college. It

is an opportunity that you will never have again. If you dont know anyone
going on Spring Break remember: Be the Facilitator of Fun. Get a group
together and rent a hotel room for a few nights. Im not a travel agent so I
cant recommend any spots besides where I went, but Id imagine theyre all
pretty fun.

When it comes to getting laid, dont get your hopes up. While Spring Break
would seem like the perfect oppurtnity to bang girls what with all the skin
showing and alcohol flowing, the logistics make it a nightmare. I didnt get
laid on my trip (quite a few make outs, which are a cakewalk on Spring
Break) and I think I only know of one or two guys who did and the girls they
had sex with they already knew.

Hotels give you wrist bands and you cant get into a hotel with out a wrist
band which means essentially youre going to have to hookup with a girl in
your hotel. That doesnt seem too hard, but girls tend to not leave their
friends during these trips. Dont get too caught up in getting laid, pussy is
pussy wherever you go. Enjoy this week as it will be blast. If you get laid
awesome, if not you still will have had an amazing time.

Online Dating

Since graduating school Ive come around a bit to the idea of online dating.
However, when it comes to online dating in college, I am not a fan. There
are two major reasons for that:

1.) Lower Value: The common conception of online dating is that people
who use it cant get laid. Whether thats entirely true doesnt matter.
Thats how people view it for the time being and we have to accept
that. So if you decide to bang girls online in college and that gets
around people will perceive you as a guy who cant laid. Yes, I know
we shouldnt care what others think, but its important sometimes to
consider the thoughts of others when it comes to getting laid through
your social circle. If you fucked nothing but fat girls, would people
perceive that positively? No. Same thing with dating online.

2.) Skill set: Online dating can be a useful tool for guys who are
inexperienced with girls, or have too much anxiety to jump in the deep
end of the college sex scene. I can see the value in this, but when you
take into account the aforementioned point, its something that I dont
think should be pursued. College is a great time to develop your social
skills and a feel that by pursuing online dating it will prevent them
from putting in a valiant effort at building this skills.

Hooking up with friends/girls you know

I never had too many friends growing up, let alone friends that were girls.
Even though I never had a female friend, I didnt see any value in it. If I
wanted advice, someone to go out or chill with, Id hang out with one of my

boys. Plus, if I did ever start hanging out with a girl on a regular basis and
she was cute, why would I not be fucking her? Sure she could be ugly, but
Ive found that I tend to not spend time around ugly girls

I became very close with a girl my last semester. I had known her for years,
but we started hanging out a lot the last two months before I graduated.
She was close with a lot of the guys in my fraternity and even dated one for
a while. She was cute, but I was not attracted to her if that makes sense.
Anyway, our last week together some of us went out, including her. We
ended up dancing at the bar. She was getting down. Where am I going with
this anyway we ended up having sex. Surprise!

It was awful. I was nearly raped haha. I only did it for the notch (thanks
Roosh). It wasnt as big of a deal as it could have been because she left for
break the next day. She started texting me all the time which was annoying,
but I started ignoring it. The full article is here: Amway

Look, if for some reason you end up getting close to a girl that youre not
banging first ask yourself why? Are you attracted to her, but pretending to
be her friend? Thats pathetic and I hope youre better than that. Maybe
shes really into you? Look at it objectively and make a decision to stick with
it or move on


I did take classes one semester and highly recommend it. If you dont decide
to go that route, youre going to want to to put it to good use. Instead of
working back at the Papa Johns where you worked in high school, you
should look to get an internship or work in a related field. Always be building
your resume!