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Calculation of Pipe Rack Under Pass 1

Mechanical Design Calculation of Pipe Rack

Under Pass 1

0 For Approval 19.06.2015 TTP DI ABN

Calculation of Pipe Rack Under Pass 1


A 19-06-2015 For Approval

Calculation of Pipe Rack Under Pass 1

Chapter I

1.1 Description
This document is a calculation report for a new installation pipe rack at under pass 1 PT. ABN,
the calculation scope is limited to analyze and design the steel structure of pipe rack using the
assumed and predicted loading which will be listed on the loading discussion. Location for pipe rack
under pass 1 can seen at figure 1, below:

Figure 1. Pipe Rack Underpass 1 Desain

This calculation report to give detail of loading information, structure modelling, structure
elements analysis of new pipe rack at under pass 1.
Calculation of Pipe Rack Under Pass 1

1.2 Codes & Standards

SNI 03 1727 1989 Pedoman perencanaan pembebanan untuk rumah dan gedung
The software used in the structure analysis for this design is SAP2000 ver 15.
1.3 References
In order to arrange this document refers to references documents as follow:
CSI Analysis Referece Manual For SAP 2000, Computer And Structures Inc.,Berkeley,
California, USA. January 2007.
Calculation of Pipe Rack Under Pass 1

Chapter II
Design Concept
2.1 Design Criteria
General design criteria of pipe rack can seen below.
2.2 Profile Property
Quality of steel which is used in this calculation can seen below:
Quality similar to steel with grade s375.
- Yield strength : 275 N/mm2
- Tensile strength : 410 N/mm2

Allowable maximum deflection for service condition.

Tabel 1. Allowable deflection due to SNI 03-1729-2002

2.3 Design Load

Loading of deck structure and support of beam assigned base on criteria as follow
2.3.1 Dead Load
Dead load covered all permanent or semi permanent structure, include self weight equipment,
as follow:
Steel Self weight
o Equal angle bar (50 x 50 x 6 mm) : 0,142 kN/ 3,75m
o Expanded material : 0,3 kN/ m2
o Railing : 0,25 kN

Pipe weight
o Crude oil pipe (6 ) : 1,038 kN/ 3,75m
o Gas pipe (3) : 0,423 kN/ 3,75m

2.3.2 Live Load Q1 LL
Calculation of Pipe Rack Under Pass 1

Q1LL is live load from volume capacity of the each pipe which take on this case (pipe rack)
Crude oil pipe (6)
o Volume
= 2 = (3,14 x 0.0752) x 3,75 (meter)
= 0,066 (meter3/ 3,75m)
o Massa
= = 913 kg/ m3 x 0,066 m3
= 60,47 kg/ 3,75m
Q1LL pipe 6 = 0,604 kN/ 3,75m
gas pipe (3)
o Volume
= 2 = (3,14 x 0.03752) x 3,75 (meter)
= 0,016 (meter3/ 3,75m)
o Massa
= = 913 kg/ m3 x 0,066 m3
= 0,019 kg/ 3,75m
Q1LL pipe 3 = 0,0002 kN/ 3,75m
Total Q1LL: (0,604+0,0002)*1.25 (impact factor) = 0,75 kN/3,75 Q2 LL
Live load assigns to deck slab as uniform load. Uniform live load is taken as 250 kg/m, that
covers people load and his equipment during maintenance.

2.3.3 Wind Load

Determination of wind load base on ASCE 7-2010 analyze and design wind velocity is 40 m/sec.

Equal angle bar wind load

Calculation of Pipe Rack Under Pass 1

Area Calculations
Item Load
Section Profil Width Length Area
Description (kN/m)
Support WF
Support 150 mm 1,14 m 0,171 m2 239,96
WF 150x75

Vibration Load
Pressure Fluid Flow on crude oil pipe (6)
Pressure Fluid Flow on gas pipe (3)
Natural Frequency system (vibration)