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Zensar - Leading the Digital Transformation

Zensar is a technology services company, with 8,000+ associates and footprint in 29 global locations.
It has been recognized for its exceptional service capabilities and industry-leading solutions, and
has won prestigious awards in areas such as R&D, people practices, and sustainability initiatives.

It is a part of the much-heralded RPG group, and currently is a technology partner of choice, backed
by a strong track record of innovation and credible investment in digital solutions.

Zensar in the past has been a traditional IT services firm with a business model similar to the big
Indian IT firms. Zensars strength has always been its agility, and its ability to meet customer
expectations at any cost. With a new CEO on-board, Zensar is transforming into a digital solutions
provider, rather than remain a traditional technology services company.

Changing Landscape

The IT Industry has seen rapid changes in the recent few years. The Global IT landscape has
witnessed the rise of disruptive technologies in the recent past especially Social Media, Mobility,
Analytics, Cloud, IoT, Blockchain etc. Traditional Indian IT Services industry is known to be
conservative followed a cost arbitrage model of supplying technology and manpower for running
the business and not on growing the business. The technological whitespace created by
disruptive technologies for enterprises have largely been filled by well-funded startups. This has
led to customers perceiving Indian IT Service companies as low tech and as cheap labor providers.

The impact of this trend has been IT Services company losing new business to startups, and with
automation technologies gaining mass adoption, the number of employees per engagement has
reduced. Though IT companies are the ones leading the enterprise automation but it is no more the
staff augmentation numbers game it used to be.

Upping the Game

Zensar realizes the landscape changes and has been working extensively on augmenting their
Digital offerings. They have been educating the clients on adopting Digital through Two Speed IT
model. [1] They have been following the trends, and have been transforming itself as a serious
Digital Solution Providers. In the last one year, there have been heavy investments in building its
capability both organically and inorganically. This has been under the umbrella of Return on
Digital spearheaded by the CEO himself. Apart from this, Zensar has also invested in its first R&D
center to ensure that the capability building process for new technologies can be institutionalized.
Traditional Capabilities

Custom Application Services This deals with custom application building and maintenance based
on enterprise needs for IT enterprises. It has worked on the traditional practice and delivery model
where Practice (competency organization) is responsible for building the technology capability by
training resources on the technology while Delivery units take these resources on to deliver on
client projects

Enterprise Application Services This unit deals with primarily large scale enterprise software
deployment and maintenance like SAP Suite, Oracle Suite, Salesforce Cloud suite etc. Though run
like Practice and Delivery only, it however involves majorly software customization rather than
custom building the software.

Infrastructure Management Services This unit is focused on management of IT Infrastructure for

enterprises including Data Centre Management, Network Management, Asset management etc.

Organic Capability Building

The following new solutions have been built in the last one and half years by Zensar:

Robotic Process Automation Backend Process Automation Bots solution

Smart Blox Cloud based Blockchain solution

Living Digital Set of 32 Enterprise Mobile Apps to assist different organization functions from
HR, Finance, Admin, Sales etc. Each of these apps have been deployed at Zensar first

ZenAnalytica A Self Service Big Data Analytics solution with quick prebuilt plug and play

The Vinci Intelligent Managed Services platform powered by Automation, autonomics and
orchestration using machine learning capabilities. Part of Infrastructure Management Services

ZBot Intelligent Chatbot offerings on messaging platforms like FacebookMessenger, Slack, Skype

For more understanding of each of the solution you can refer to few of the solution video collaterals in the

Inorganic Capability Building

Last year witnessed Zensar aggressively acquiring two companies;

Foolproof Last year Zensar acquired Foolproof; a London based experience design agency as part
of the CMO Digital solutions. (CMO= Chief Marketing Officer). Foolproof has worked with some
of the marquee Forbes 100 customers, and in different domains. (Website:
Keystone Logic As part of strengthening their retail and ecommerce capabilities, Zensar acquired
Bangalore based Keystone Logic for specializing in order management capabilities to augment its
well-positioned ecommerce capabilities. (Website:

Zensars Current Positioning

Geographical Positioning

Zensar majorly caters to US, Europe and South African markets. The revenue ratio from these three
geographies is around 70:20:8.

Domain Positioning

Their clients are in 3 major domains Manufacturing, BFSI with heavy presence in Insurance and
Retail. The revenue ratio domain wise is around 40:35:25.

Your challenge

You are a management graduate who just joined the Strategy team and reporting to the Chief
Strategy Officer Anil Bakshi. Anil has been given charter to prepare a Go To Market (GTM) strategy
for these Digital solutions domain wise. He needs to identify which solutions would be suited for
each domain namely Manufacturing, Insurance, and Retail and how to position each of these

As a management graduate from prestigious B-School, you are tasked with helping Anil plan out
the strategy for one of the domains by identifying the right solutions for that domain and sub
strategy for each of these solution for the chosen domain. You can choose any of the 3 domains
(Manufacturing, BFSI (Insurance) and Retail).

Important points to be kept in mind while proposing solutions

- The solutions have to be realistic, and practical. (Cost considerations if any must be made,
and shown)
- Best practices from the industry if used must be made citing examples
- Please use reasonable assumptions if you feel that some data points are missing
[1]Two-speed architecture. This implies a fast-speed, customer-centric front end running alongside

a slow-speed, transaction-focused legacy back end. For software-release cycles and deployment
mechanisms, the customer-facing part should be modular, to enable quick deployment of new
software by avoiding time-consuming integration work. In contrast, the transactional core systems
of record must be designed for stability and high-quality data management, which leads to longer
release cycles.

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Zensar Annual Reports

Zensar YouTube Channel - for quick overview of all the mentioned solutions