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1 Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga

Kenda House (1, 4, 7, 10) counting from Ascendant/Lagna or from the sign where Moon Placed

No Yoga Combination Consequences Remark

Adolf Hitler - Mars in Aries 7th
( Mars in Own House OR in House, Own House and
1 Ruchaka Exaltation ) AND in Kendra Brave, Arrogant, Victor Moolatrikona.
Many Spots people
( Mercury in Own House OR in
Good Commerce and
2 Bhadra Exaltation ) AND in Kendra Intellectual, Learned, Rich
( Jupiter in Own House OR in
Learned person, Clergyman or
3 Hamsa Exaltation ) AND in Kendra Religious, Very Fortune
a lot of Good Luck.
( Venus in Own House OR in Wealthy, Loves Lofe, Self-
Usually in exist in Millionaire
4 Malavaya Exaltation ) AND in Kendra indulgent, Good marriage,
or Beauty Queen
House Stong
( Saturn in Own House OR in
Powerful, Strict, Position of
5 Shasya Exaltation ) AND in Kendra Usually Politician or Director

2 Parivartana Yogas

Occurs when Planet A in Sign of Planet B; Planet B is in the sign of planet A

No Yoga Combination Example

Sagittarius Lagna.
Mo Lord of 8th House.
Su Lord of 9th House.
Parivartana & One of the
1 Dainya planets is lord of 6, 8 and 12
Mo in Leo: Favourable; Receive inheritance (8th House) from
his father (9th House)
Su in Cancer: Unfavourable; Problematic life of Father;
Bhagya spoiled.

The native would invest a lot of energy and vigour in

improving hs circumstances.

Taurus Lagna.
Parivartana & one of the Mo Lord of 3rd House Cancer.
2 Kahala
palnets is lord of 3rd House Sa Lord of 9th and 10th House.
Mo in Capricorn and Sa in Cancer.

Native put a lot energy into his career (10th House) and
foreign country (9th House)
Parivartana between the lords
3 Maha of 1, 2, 4, 5,7, 9, 10 or 11 Enriches the planets involved.

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3 Scissors Yoga (Kartari Yoga)

A planet/house(empty) is hammed by 2 benefics or malefics planets

Enclosed with benefics planets - Subha Kartari Yoga
Enclosed with malefics planets - Papa Kartari Yoga

No Kartari Yoga Combination Example

A planet between 2 benefics Saturn in Aries. Venus in Taurus. Moon in Gemini.
1 Shubha
planets Venus will function exceptionally well.
A planet between 2 malefics Saturn in Aries. Venus in Taurus. Mars in Gemini.
2 Papa
planets Venus will not able to function optimally.

A house between 2 benefics Venus in 4th House. Jupiter in 6th House. 5th House empty.
3 Shubha
planets 5th House is beneficially influenced.

A house between 2 malefics Mars in 4th House. Saturn in 6th House. 5th House empty.
4 Papa
planets 5th House is awkward consequences influenced.

Scissors Yoga of the Moon

No Kartari Yoga Combination Example

Planets (other then Sun) 2nd Richness, Financial benefits. If malefics planets, the effect
1 Sunapha
House from Moon limited.
Planets (other then Sun)
2 Anapha Religious. If malefics planets, the effect limited.
12th House from Moon
Planets (other then Sun) in
3 Durudhura both 2nd and 12th House Rich and High Morals. (especially benecial planets)
from Moon
Lonely and lead rather difficult life.

No Planets in either 2nd and

4 Kemadruma If Moon either in Kendra or trikona house, Conjuct with
12th House from Moon
another planet or being aspected by Jupiter, this Yoga will
be neutralised.

Scissors Yoga of the Sun

No Kartari Yoga Combination Example

Planets (other then Moon)
1 Veshi Riches and Status. If malefics planets, many problems.
2nd House from Sun

Support Spiritual development and intelligent. If malefic

planets, give problems.
Planets (other then Moon)
2 Voshi
12th House from Sun Example: JF Kennedy. Me and Ma in 12th House from Sun
and 8th House from Lagna. He was intelligent (Me). He was
sexual charisma and murdered (8th House effect).

Planets (other then Moon) in

Brings good fortune in many areas. If malefics, will create
3 Ubhayachari both 2nd and 12th House
from Sun.

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Various Yoga

No Various Yoga Combination Example

Lords of Kendra and Trikona
Exemple: Aries Asc. Mo lord of 4th house and Sun is lord of
houses are in Conjuction,
1 Raja 5th House. Should Moon and Sun Conjuct, Aspects or
Aspected or Reception
At least 2 but preferable
2 Adhi more benefics in the 6th, 7th Benefics in 6th and/or support the 7th House. Benefics in
and 8th house from Moon. 7th House will lead to better functioning of the House as it
aspect the 1st House
Benefic planet in the 10th Philanthropic and benevolent attitude towards mankin,
3 Amala House from Ascendant or carrer in the social sector.
All the benefics are placed in
4 Ashubha Mala Powerless, Misfortune, Difficult Life.
6th, 8th and 12th Houses

Sun and Mecury Conjuction
5 Budhatiya and placed in 1st, 7th, 5th or
Even combustion, Budhatiya yoga remains intact but difficult
11th House
to convince the public of his good ideas.
Moon and Mars in Riches - often caused by women, unscrupulous means.
6 Chandra Mangala
Conjuction or Opposition Caused problem with Mother.
Planets placed in all the Good reputation and good fortune. Will be better if natural or
7 Charussagara
kendra houses temporary benefics.
Natural Benefics placed in
8 Srik Comfort, good luck, abundance.
the kendra houses
Only malefic placed in
9 Sarpa Misfortune, Difficult Life.
kendra house.
Moon and Jupiter either
10 Gaja Kesari conjuct, Square or Good Luck, Intelligence and High Morals.
Moon placed in 6th, 8th or
11 Shakata Fluctuating fortunes. Opposite of the Gaja Kesari Yoga.
12th House from Jupiter
Male: Ascendant, Sun and
Moon Placed in uneven signs
Very fortune
and born in daytime.
12 Maha Bhagya Male: Positive, Masculine, Air or Fire signs
Female: Ascendant, Sun and
Female: Negative, Feminine, Earth or Water signs
Moon Placed in even signs
and born in night.

Jupiter, Venus and Mercury

placed in Kendra houses, in a
13 Saraswati
friendly sign, or even better
If 2nd House: Writer, Learned person, Speaker, Intellectual.
in 2nd House

Benefics placed in Upachaya

14 Vasumathi (3rd, 6th, 10th, 11th) houses Riches.
from Ascendant or Moon.

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