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Series and features of the energy-efficient chiller series

Optimal use of energies.



For chilling: %
QUANTUM Save operating costs:
High-efficiency compressors > no friction
losses thanks to magnetic bearings
Each compressor is fitted with a fre-
quency converter > maximum efficiency
during partial load
Heat exchangers with high-performance

It starts smoothly, then After years of continuous development, ribbed pipes > optimum heat transfer
the QUANTUM is now a chiller that pro- with
RFRENCES COULEUR minimum pressure loss
runs quietly and with vides an astonishingly broad range of
Minimum overheating of refrigerant
low vibration. It fea- services. The different series offer im-
24, rue Salomon de Rothschild - 92288 Suresnes - FRANCE
C100% M60% Y40% K0%
24, rue Salomon de Rothschild - 92288 Suresnes - FRAN

tures excellent energy

Tl. : +33 (0)1 57 32 87 00 / Fax : +33 (0)1 57 32 87 87 Tl. : +33 (0)1 57 32 87 00 / Fax : +33 (0)1 57 32 87 87
pressive solutions for each chilling situ- Web : It is the underlying C100%
concept of anY0%
M0% oil-free
K0%compressor and contact-free
Web :

ation and they can each be individually magnetic bearings C100%

that make QUANTUM so powerful and efficient. There
efficiency and its oil- tailored to ensure that every customer
M40% Y0% K0%
is no material wear, significantly lower maintenance costs and all the reg-
free system operates gets exactly the refrigeration they need.
C60% M00% Y0% K0%
ulations and precautionary measures associated with oil operation simply
without any difficulties. do not apply. Another advantage of oil-free operation is the more efficient
Our expert Service department super- heat transfer (in the condenser and the evaporator), which is not impaired
vises each QUANTUM chiller, from plan- by oil. This increases efficiency and helps to save on operating costs.
It is low maintenance ning, through installation, operation and
and reliable. It sets maintenance, to checking whether the However, it is not just QUANTUMs long-lasting refrigeration and its envi-
chiller complies perfectly with require- ronmental credentials, with drastically reduced energy costs, that im-
standards in chiller
ments or whether it needs to be ad- press. It is also exceptionally easy to handle. It begins with a staggered
technology: the justed. After all, genuinely energy-effi- start-up of the individual compressors, thereby resulting in low start-up
QUANTUM from cient refrigeration depends on two currents, among other things. Then it switches over to quiet and low-
ENGIE Refrigeration. factors: a chiller from the QUANTUM vibration operation. QUANTUMs continuous power control eliminates in-
product family and the technical exper- efficient pulsing behaviour in the compressors, ensuring highly constant
tise of the refrigeration specialists at temperatures.
ENGIE Refrigeration. Result: The network of consumers does not experience negative tem-
Air-cooled perature fluctuations and remains thermally stable; there is no need to
QUANTUM. QUANTUM take measures to regulate and store cold water.
Providing cooling.
Built for efficiency.

02 03
Whats in every QUANTUM

Turbo Oil-free Frequency Open-Flash- Multiple Flooded Durable, Start-up Control EMC class Protection Large
compressor system converter Economizer compres- tube bun- high-quali- current of with PLC B class IP54 range of
on every sor design dle evapo- ty fittings compres- electrical
compressor (up to 8 rator and sen- sors under options
parallel) sors 5 amp
The compressor As no compo- Particularly effi- Built-in Open- Better to be safe: Low temperatures Built to last: the When a com- It all depends on Complies with For secure re- Each QUANTUM
design enables a nents are re- cient during part Flash-Economizers other compres- difference be- excellent quality pressor starts the setting: PLC EMC guidelines frigeration: can be equipped
high full load and quired for oil load thanks to ensure high EER sors take over in tween the chilled of all compo- up, there are offers more con- on electromag- QUANTUM ma- with a variety of
part load EER. The return, there are continuous power values. They opti- case of failure. medium and re- nents guarantees none of the trol and regula- netic compatibil- chines have pro- options to cus-
turbo machine fewer malfunc- control. In gener- mise the entire re- The redundant frigerant improve a low susceptibil- dreaded current tion possibilities ity DIN EN tection against tomise it. These
operates with tions and/or al: the QUANTUM frigeration process design also efficiency. High- ity to errors or peaks. In addi- than standard 61000-6-2 and physical contact include surge
minimum internal leaks and any controller has an without increasing makes it possible performance failures. It is also tion, a staggered solutions and DIN EN 61000- and protection protection, inte-
losses. This results leaks that do impressively high the machines to replace a com- ribbed tubes for easy and effi- start-up is possi- sets a high level 6-4. against spray gration of pump
in excellent energy occur do not in- quality of control. space require- pressor during optimum heat cient to replace a ble. industry stand- water. performance
efficiency. volve flammable ments. live operation. transfer during component. ard. parts, a univer-
oil, which is also evaporation result sal measuring
hazardous to the in low tempera- device, a remote
groundwater. ture differences access option
There is no need between the re- and various BUS
for oil changes. frigerant and the connections.
The EER is in- chilled medium.
creased because The design of the
the heat transfer condenser allows
in the refrigera- minimal refriger-
tion circuit is not ant overheating.
impaired by oil. These two effects
are what make
QUANTUM so effi-

What this means for you

Low operating Clear, compact Low operating Low operating High level Low operating Low mainte- Stable electri- Adaptation to High level of High level Adaptation to
costs machine design costs costs of operational costs nance and cal mains individual cus- electromagnet- of operational individual cus-
Low noise because no Low invest- Small machine reliability Clear, compact servicing costs supply tomer require- ic compatibility reliability tomer require-
emissions complex com- ment costs in footprint machine design High level Low connected ments in public distri- ments
Low vibration ponents are system periph- Low pressure of operational power output High level bution net- Easy to inte-
needed for oil ery loss on chilled reliability needed of operational works grate in exist-
return Steady chilled medium side reliability Avoidance of ing refrigera-
Low space medium tem- malfunctions tion systems
requirement perature in electrical
Simple Fewer periph- equipment
positioning erals in the
Low operating cold water
costs network
High level
of operational
reliability and
safety on site

Green, sustainable, QUANTUM G uses R-1234ze as a refrig- The QUANTUM G profile

erant, which persists just 18 days in the
efficient: QUANTUM G Earths atmosphere and achieves an im- Water-cooled compact machine for
uses the environmen- pressively low GWP value of less than 1. installation in a machine room
tally friendly refrig- Capacity range 300 2,000 kW with
By the way: QUANTUM G also proves
erant R-1234ze with high re-cooling temperatures, sus-
with ease that environmental friendliness tainable and environmentally
Water-cooled QUANTUM in the X-series a GWP value (Global does not need to come at the expense friendly:
with 600 kW refrigeration capacity Warming Potential) of of performance. Like the QUANTUM X, it > Very small ecological footprint

less than 1. takes up little space and has a wide vari- > Refrigerant R-1234ze with GWP < 1
ety of uses, with a capacity range of 300
Sustainability is a legal requirement: the to 2,000 kW.
new Fluorinated Gases Ordinance from
the EU prescribes a reduction in the use
of environmentally harmful gases. One QUANTUM G.
solution: the latest generation of the Green refrigeration with a
synthetic refrigerant (HFO). sustainable refrigerant.


Packs a lot into its and heat utilisation are possible, e.g. for The QUANTUM X profile
heating buildings or pre-warming the hot
small frame: the water system. Unused waste heat can Water-cooled compact machine for
QUANTUM X is be transferred out through a separate installation in a machine room
compact and has a re-cooling circuit. Capacity range 300 2,500 kW
with high re-cooling temperatures
variety of uses. If the QUANTUM is used as a heat pump, Flexible application:
it is controlled in accordance with the > Dry or wet cooling
For dry and wet cooling, for heat recov- desired heating medium temperature. > Heat recovery
ery or even as a heat pump, this all- > Heat pump
rounder operates reliably and efficiently QUANTUM X.
in a capacity range of 300 to 2,500 kW. The all-rounder with a broad
range of uses.
Thanks to the twin tubed condenser
technology, simultaneous refrigeration

Water-cooled QUANTUM in the G-series

with 1.2 MW refrigeration capacity

06 07

If no cooling water is as few components as possible, in an The QUANTUM A profile

exceptionally high quality. Long-lasting
available, a QUANTUM fittings and sensors ensure secure oper- Air-cooled compact machine for
can also be operated ation and significantly reduce mainte- outside installation
with air. nance and servicing costs in the long run. Capacity range of 3001,600 kW
Space-saving refrigeration solution:
Options such as compressor sound- > No re-cooling system necessary
The QUANTUM A is air-cooled, has a reducing capsules and low-noise fans > No heating medium circuit
Water-cooled QUANTUM in the W-series capacity range of 300 to 1,600 kW, and ensure quiet operation. Other options necessary
with approx. 900 kW refrigeration capacity is a refrigeration solution for outside help ensure safe installation in any > No machine room necessary
installation. Its quiet running character- weather conditions, e.g. down to -20 C.
istics also fulfil strict requirements for
low-noise operation. QUANTUM A.
Compact refrigeration with
Like all machines in the product family, no compromises.
the QUANTUM A is also produced using


Can we do even better? the operating range is smaller than with The QUANTUM W profile
the QUANTUM X, the refrigeration ca-
This is a question that pacity and energy efficiency are better. Water-cooled compact machine for
the refrigeration ex- The overall improvement in efficiency installation in a machine room
perts at ENGIE Refrig- under full and part load plays an impor- Capacity range of 400 3,800 kW
tant role in ensuring that operating costs with low re-cooling temperatures
eration ask themselves are reduced to a minimum, when calcu- Reduces operating costs:
all the time. lated over the machines service life. A > Efficient in full and part load
QUANTUM W always provides maxi- > Highest ESEER value
And with the QUANTUM W, theyve mum full load and part load EER values, > Maximum full load and part
provided an impressive answer: Yes, and the ratio between the power input load EER
they can once again, efficiency has (electricity consumption) and power
been increased. Turbo compressors output (refrigeration capacity) is excellent.
with frequency converter, Open-Flash-
Economizers and the completely oil- QUANTUM W.
free machine design are key compo- The efficient machine for
nents of this improvement. Although minimal operating costs. Air-cooled QUANTUM with up to
1,250 kW refrigeration capacity


Airy and green: The

Sustainable refrigeration solutions not
only comply with the new Fluorinated
Gases Ordinance of the EU, making Air-cooled compact machine for
bines the benefits them a future-proof investment, they outside installation
of QUANTUM G and also improve a companys image. After Capacity range or 300 1,000 kW
all, more and more consumers want to Sustainable and environmentally
know how the products, goods and ser- compatible:
single machine. vices they buy are made. > Very small ecological footprint At ENGIE Refrigeration, we
> Refrigerant R-1234ze with GWP < 1
are focussed on refrigeration
With air cooling, it has a capacity range QUANTUM GA. Compact refrigeration solution:
of 300 to 1,000 kW. It is filled with the Sustainable chilling in compact > No re-cooling system necessary
environmentally friendly refrigerant packaging. > No heating medium circuit necessary
R-1234ze, with a GWP of less than 1. > No machine room necessary A QUANTUM S is used where re-cooling has to
be implemented with air and it is not possible to
set up an air-cooled compact machine (e.g. due
to limited roof loads, for aesthetic reasons or due
to corrosive ambient air).

The QUANTUM S can be used, for example, if

condensation heat is used to heat up the inlet air
for a clean air system.

QUANTUM GS Focussing individually on the requirements and

needs of the customer, the refrigeration experts at
ENGIE Refrigeration created the split QUANTUM
S to provide efficient overall systems with a ca-
pacity range of 300 to 2,800 kW.

The separable machine for all-round
Adapts to any space installation and a re-cooling system for The QUANTUM GS profile refrigeration solutions.
installation outdoors. It covers a capaci-
and provides lasting ty range of 300 to 2,000 kW. The sepa- Machine unit inside + condenser
chilling. rately positioned condenser is charged outside The QUANTUM S profile
directly with refrigerant. The QUANTUM Capacity range of 300 2,000 kW
The QUANTUM GS is a variant of the GS does not need any pumps for re- Air-cooled Machine unit inside + condenser outside
QUANTUM S that is operated with the cooling. Efficient overall system, 100% Capacity range of 300 2,800 kW
environmentally friendly refrigerant adapted to customer requirements Air-cooled
R-1234ze. Like its bigger brother, the QUANTUM GS. Sustainable and environmentally Efficient overall system,
QUANTUM GS can be split, when nec- Tailored refrigeration. compatible: 100% adapted to customer requirements
essary, into a machine unit for indoors > Meets all current environmental
> Very small ecological footprint QUANTUM S with 1,200 kW
> Refrigerant R-1234ze with refrigeration capacity
GWP < 1


Water-cooled QUANTUM in the P-series,

approx. 4 MW refrigeration capacity

Water-cooled QUANTUM in the

MARENUM series, with three
In its element when
things get stormy.
The QUANTUM MARENUM is seaworthy and available in many It packs a punch. In a large dimensioning in the mega- The QUANTUM P profile
variants, tailored to individual applications: for ferries, freighters watt range, the QUANTUM P clearly
or yachts, and even for use on non-civil ships. Because re- The QUANTUM P provides a refrigera- demonstrates its energy efficiency Water-cooled compact machine for
cooling on ships frequently involves the direct use of salty sea The QUANTUM MARENUM profile tion capacity of up to 4,500 kW and is when generating refrigeration, and op- inside installation
water, the QUANTUM MARENUM is especially corrosion-re- therefore especially suitable for use in erators can benefit from significantly Capacity range of 2,5006,000 kW
sistant and resilient. It is also stable: thanks to special shock Compact machine for inside installation district cooling networks. In this kind of lower energy costs, or pass these ben- Highly efficient in full and part load
absorbers, the chiller withstands acceleration and rough seas. Capacity range from 300 kW network, multiple consumers are sup- efits on to end consumers. Another 100% adapted to customer
Water-cooled (including salt water) plied through a pipeline system with re- benefit for the end consumer: a district requirements
It is of course water-cooled, and the QUANTUM MARENUMs Specially adapted to maritime requirements, frigeration that is generated in a refrig- cooling network is continuously moni- Powerful and suitable for use in
refrigeration capacity starts at 300 kW everything beyond civil and non-civil eration centre. At the consumers site, tored, ensuring a constant supply of re- district cooling networks
that (capacity range, efficiency, electrics, heating medium) is Seaworthy all that is normally installed is a transfer frigeration.
adapted to the requirements of civil and non-civil shipping. Top material quality (e.g. non-rusting steels) station. This is a highly efficient, space-
Redundant compressors for system stability saving and flexible way to generate QUANTUM P.
QUANTUM MARENUM. Compact construction for high refrigeration power and distribute refrigeration. To sum it The power pack at the heart of
The stable chiller for use at sea. with a small footprint up: its forward-looking! district cooling networks.

12 13
ENGIE Refrigeration
QUANTUM chillers are also available
as a container solution. The customer
receives a fully assembled and space-

efficient refrigeration,
saving refrigeration system that simply
needs to be plugged.

designed in Germany
made in Germany.
We have been operating under our new
brand name since 2016 and we have a
new, modern headquarters meaning we
are better positioned than ever to put our
expertise into practice.

Excellent refriger- Comprehensive A clear eye for Selection of the An efficient refrig-
ation technology service, tailored to detail best components eration solution
know-how individual require- that is 100% tai-
ments lored to you

ENGIE Refrigeration.
The home of refrigeration.


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