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I am a student of Muenchen international Business School, pursuing my MBA

Program. As a Part of the MBA Curriculum, I have taken up a research project on
“Effect on Sales of Wines & Spirits at Standalone due to Modern Trade” In this
connection, I need some information. Below are some questions, kindly give your
response to the questions. I sincerely assure that your response will be kept
confidential and shall only be used for academic purpose. I shall greatly
appreciate your cooperation in completing my research project.

Rajan Bedi
1. Name :

2. Area:

3. Type of Retailer?
Stand Alone Retail( ) Modern Trade Retail( )

4. Do you sell wines?

a) Yes b) No

5. Do you know about Big Banyan Wines?

a) Yes b) No

6. From where did you come to know about Big Banyan?

Newspaper Advertisement


Store Display

Menu listing at restaurants


7. Which other beverage alcohol you sell?

Scotch Vodka Whiskey Rum

Brandy GIN IMFL All

8. How much bottles do u sell every day of 750ml quantity? (Approx.)

100-150 150-200 200-300 300-500

9. Which types of wine is sold the most?

Fortified wine Sparkling wine Red wine White wine

Rose wine Desert wine

10. People buy wines on:

Brand names Grape Varietals

11. How many customers visit every day:

12. Which grape varieties do they prefer?
Red wines

a) Shiraz b) Zinfandel c) Cabernet Sauvignon

White wines

A) Sauvignon Blanc b) Chenin Blanc

13. How many bottles of wine do you sell in a month? (750ml wine)
0-20 bottle 21-50bottle 50-80 bottle

80-100bottle 100 and more

14. Rate Big Banyan product quality from 1 to 10 according to customer behavior.

15. Do you sell Big Banyan Wines?

a) Yes b) No

16. Do you have any complaints regarding the Big Banyan wines?
a) Yes b) No

16. The price of Big Banyan is?

a) High b) Low c) Affordable

17. Do u think that stores like Big bazaar n More are causing some impact on the sale of liquor &
wines on standalones?

a) Yes b) No

18. Do u think that people feel freer to buy liquor & wines from stores like Big bazaar n More than
from standalones stores?

a) Yes b) No

19. How many bottles of liquor do u sell in a month?(including wine)

20. Do ladies come to buy from here? Yes ( ) No ( )

21. Reasons for increasing modern trade retail?

In the above questioner I asked retailer the reason for increase in the modern trade
retail and they answered few reasons:-

• The liquor sold there is sold at the price lesser than the liquor sold at any
standalone retail.

• Offers are available at the modern trade retail shop but no such offers are
available at the standalone retail. The offers like free merchandise, etc.

• People like the surroundings and feel free to go there.

• The place is clean and has a huge variety of liquor, wines, beer, etc.

In the above questioner I asked retailers that on which basis the wine is bought by
the customer than they answered the brand name option from the 2 options given
to him which were brand name or on the grape varietal. So its very well known that
people who buy wine are concerned about the brand name of the wine which they
are buying and are not much worried about the grape varietal.