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Alejandro Raphael Palacios Morales


Since the man has knowledge about himself he has been searching the
answers of many questions that get in our minds. Now I am going to try to talk
about how we can define intelligence. However, a lot of people dont believe in the
power of our knowledge. In my opinion those people are wrong the intelligence for
me is the capacity to learn, the ability to solve a problem and ability to think

Fist, Human history has been marked for the capacity to learn. Since our
beginnings humans have been tried to achieve knowledge using the experience.
For example, when the first humans saw fire they tried to touch it and they were
burned, then they know that the fire could burn them. When you are a baby you
also learn since you were in the womb. For example, babies learn since they were
in the womb his mothers voice. Also humans learn a lot of nature, he try to
recreate it. For example, planes were made thinking how the birds can fly. Actually
humans have a huge capacity to learn about nature, experiences and facts. This
impulse us to create and imagine better things.

However, the man has well developed the ability to solve problems. Also
mathematics were made by humans, those help us to solve the problems that the
nature put on our way. For example, newton could explain how an apple fell of
trees using mathematics, he calculate this based on a theory of all the objects in
the earth feel attracted by the planets center. In Rome they have a huge problem,
how they carry water in to their megacities, thanks of capacity to solve problems of
ancient engineers they could improve this problem. For example they invent the
aqueduct to solve this problem, they carry the invaluable water of a near river,
across those aqueducts and then this finished in the cities. Across the time
humanity has been needed energy, but thanks his amazing ability to solve
problems they could find different kinds of energy. For example when the coal is
not supplied power demand, humans found the oil and replaced it as an energy
source. Thanks, the man has been solving his problems; he has been improving all
the difficulties that the nature put on his way.
Alejandro Raphael Palacios Morales

Finally, whit the ability to think abstractly the intelligence, it is showed at

levels unbelievably amazing. The humankind begin to express his feelings and
also understand in a abstractly way. For example, Pablo Picasso were one of the
best artist of the history he think abstractly to made his masterpieces, any draw
has his own sense, he try to express a feeling maybe anger or happiness. This
help us in the psychology the human mind is very complicated, psychologist need
a point of view abstractly. For example, when you have psychologically problems,
you go to see a Doctor, he show you some abstract pictures, you say him what you
think thanks this he could know what is your problem. Also this ability helps us to
resolve criminal facts you think abstractly to get in the mind of the criminal. For
example, in a murder detectives need to think in a abstractly way to how person
could kill. Improving our abstractly thinking we could stand a lot of situations that
doesnt have sense if you think logically.

Intelligence is difficult to define, it could have a lot of meaning, it have a lot

of meanings thanks that we are very intelligent, he have a lot of abilities, one is our
capacity to understand, problem-solving ability and ability to think abstractly.
Before you read this maybe you want to improve those areas of you intelligence.