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Big Data Engineers Path

Bash Scripting
Bash Guide for Beginners
Big Data Engineer by Machtelt Garrels

Lots of Practice

Python for Everybody Specialization
by Coursera
Learning Path for Data Science in
Python by Analytics Vidhya
Introduction to Programming
with Java 1:Starting to Code with Java
Intermediate & Advanced
JavaProgramming by Udemy
Introduction to Programming with
Java 2:by Udemy
Object Oriented Java Programming:
Data Structures and Beyond
Specialization by Coursera

Big Data Technology Fundamentals
by Amazon Web services
Big Data on AWS by Amazon
Web Services
Practice on AWS / softlayer or any
other cloud provider Apache Zookeeper
Reading Material
Big Data and Hadoop Apache Zookeeper
Essentials by Udemy Documentation
Big Data Fundamentals by
Big Data University
Hadoop Starter Kit by Udemy
Reading Material
Apache Hadoop Documentation
Hadoop Cluster Deployment

The Complete Apache Kafka
course for beginners by Udemy
Learn Apache Kafka Basics and
Advanced topics by Udemy
Reading Material For Both Mapreduce
Apache Kafka Documentation
Book: Covered under HDFS
Learning Apache Kafka

For Big Data Managing Big Data with
MySQL by Coursera Language
Analytics SQLCourse by
Beginner & Guide to
Choose your langauge
PostgreSQL by Udemy
High Performance

Hive Pig
Accessing Hadoop Data Apache Pig 101 by Big Data
Using Hive by Big Data University
Learning Apache Hadoop Programming Hadoop with
EcoSystem- Hive by Udemy Apache Pig by Udemy
Reading Material Reading Material
Apache Hive documentation Apache Pig Documentation
Book: Book:
Programming Hive Programming Pig

Apache Storm Apache Kinesis Apache Apache Spark

Reading Materials: Spark Streaming
Real-Time Analytics with Apache Data Science and Engineering with Data Science and Engineering
Apache Kinesis documentation
Storm by Udacity Apache by Edx with Apache by Edx
Amazon Kinesis Streams Developer
Reading Materials Resources by Amazon Web Services
Reading Material Reading Material
Apache storm documentation
Apache Spark Documentation
Apache Spark Streaming Book:
Documentation Learning Spark