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I) Turn the next sentences into the interrogative form:

My aunt has got a long dress.

You must read this novel.

My cat drinks milk.

You sing very good.

Mary plays the piano.

II) Underline the correct verb form:

1) I speak/am speaking English at school.

2) Grannie tells/is telling us a nice story now.
3) We buy/are buying flowers at this moment.
4) Children drink/are drinking milk every morning.
5) He plays/ is playing the piano in the living room.
6) My father reads/is reading the newspaper every morning.
7) We go/are going in the mountains twice a year.
8) Mary visits/ is visiting Britain every summer.
9) I wash/am washing the dishes right now.
10) I sing/am singing a song now.

III) Choose the right tense: Past Simple or Past Continuous:

1) Yesterday, I went/ was going to the restaurant with a client.

2. We drove/ were driving around the parking lot for 20 minutes in order to
find a parking space.
3. When we arrived/ were arriving at the restaurant, the place was/ is being
4. The waitress asked/was asking us if we had/ were having reservations.
5. I said/was saying No, my secretary forgot/ was forgiving to make them.
6. The waitress told/ was telling us to come back in two hours.
7. My client and I slowly walked/ was walking back to the car.
8. Then we saw/ were seeing a small grocery store.
9. We stopped/ were stopping in the grocery store and bought/ were buying
some sandwiches.
10. That was/ is being better than waiting for two hours

IV) Read the following text and answer the following questions using Yes, he does. or
No, he doesnt.

Mark is a nice boy. He is ten years old. He lives with his parents in a small town near
London. He goes to school every day at eight oclock. He loves playing football but he hates
tennis. In the evenings he reads a lot but he only watches TV in the evenings.

Does Mark live in England?

Does Mark go to school?
Does Mark like tennis?...
Does Mark read many books?
Does Mark watch TV every day?..