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PreCalculus 2017-2018

Contact Information Grading Policies and Procedures

Ms. Sara Korotkow Tests: 60%

Room: C204 Quizzes: 30%
Phone: 469-593-3027 Homework & Daily Work: 10%
Twitter: @MsKmath On any written work, NO WORK = NO CREDIT.
Website: Any work that you cannot explain will not be given
Remind: Text @297b8a to 81010 to receive text credit.
message updates Daily Work includes homework assignments, in-
Email is the best way to stay in contact. Every student is class activities, and participation grades during
provided with a email account accessible through each grading period. Extra Credit will be offered on a very limited basis.

Tuesday 8:15-9:00AM Homework
Wednesday 4:15-5:00PM I expect you to attempt every problem assigned for
Thursday 8:15-9:00AM homework every night. It is okay to not succeed at
Additional tutoring times can be arranged just ask! If I every problem its not okay to not try!!
am unavailable, please see Mrs. Owen in C202.

Conference Period 1st (9:00-9:50AM) Make-Up Work:

It is YOUR responsibility to complete assignments
You may access Edline through the district website on days you are absent. The time you have to
at Grades will be posted at complete work will follow the RISD IOG. You are Additionally, all assignments expected to have the notes completed for each day
and notes will be posted regularly on my class you miss. Calendars, assignments, notes, and
website: helpful videos can all be found on
Communication is key!
Required Supplies
- A 3- or 5-subject notebook Late Work:
- Writing utensils (colors welcome!) Late work is discouraged so that students do not
- TI-83 or 84 graphing calculator* fall behind. Mathematics builds day-to-day so
practice is required for mastery of a topic. You may
Recommended Supplies turn in homework one day late for a 30-point
- A folder to keep returned work in deduction in credit. No late work from the current
- Expo Markers unit will be accepted after the test on that unit.
- Kleenex
- Hand sanitizer
- 4 AAA batteries
Academic Dishonesty is not tolerated and
*A calculator may be checked out from RHS for home use for will face consequences according to RHS
the year once the calculator agreement form is returned. policy.
Calculator emulator applications for phones may be
downloaded and used at home.
PreCalculus 2017-2018

Classroom Expectations Attendance

To be successful in this class, you must be dedicated
1. Be Prompt. Be on time to class. You must to attending class every day and always attempting
be in your seat when the tardy bell rings. your homework. If you are having trouble, please
Handouts will be placed at the front of the make the effort to attend tutorials. Do not wait until
classroom make sure to pick one up the day before the test! You need to actively
before you sit down! participate in lessons and practice until you know
the material. I am always willing to help if you are
2. Be Prepared. Bring all supplies daily willing to put in the effort!
including your completed homework.

3. Be Respectful. Respect all students, Technology

teachers, administrators, and other adults Students will be encouraged to use technology in
present, as well as the classroom and the classroom, when appropriate. Cell phones and
materials within it. This includes raising music players should only be used during
your hand to speak and putting away designated times, such as independent work time
materials properly. or with teacher discretion. Devices besides
graphing calculators are not permitted during
4. Be an Active Learner. Participation in assessments.
class is expected. Follow directions the first
time, stay on task, and ask questions!

After reading and discussing the class procedures and

classroom expectations for Ms. Korotkows Precalculus
class, please have your parent(s) fill out the google form at (capitals matter!)
PreCalculus 2017-2018

After reading and discussing the class procedures and classroom expectations for Ms.
Korotkows Precalculus class, please sign and return.

Student (print): ________________________________________________ Date: ____________

Student Signature: ______________________________________________________________

Parent Name (print): ____________________________________________________________

Parent Signature: _______________________________________________________________

Best Method of Contact:


Email (print clearly):___________________________________________________

____ (Initial) Ms. Korotkow has my permission to communicate with me via e-mail concerning my childs
grades, behavior, and progress at any time during the 2017-2018 school year.

Please list any comments or concerns you may have regarding your child








Please note: Students will be encouraged to use technology in the classroom, with teacher discretion. Please
discuss with your student proper technology use, including but not limited to: texting, internet access, and
application downloads.
PreCalculus 2017-2018