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Overview of EDEM software

In this video we will be giving you an overview of the different sections of EDEM
and highlighting some of the key components of the user interface.

EDEM is divided into three sections: the EDEM Creator, the EDEM Simulator,
and the EDEM Analyst. When you launch EDEM from the Start menu, you are
presented with the EDEM Creator screen.

Each of the three sections of EDEM have similar layouts. On the left there will
be a panel with section specific information, on the right will be the main viewer
window that will display your simulation, at the top of the screen there is a list of
icons that allow you to switch between different sections of EDEM, and also
enable the simulation to be setup. Some icons are active at the start of a
simulation, others are only active once the simulation is partially setup, and
finally you have the display options that help you visualize objects on the viewer

The contents of these sections will vary depending on which section of EDEM
you are currently in. The menu bar at the top of the screen provides you with
further options. In the File menu you can switch between the sections and
perform tasks on your simulation files.

Within the Tools menu you can also access the Options window. This Options
window has a number of sections where you can perform a range of functions.
For example, if you wanted to change the units that you are using in your
simulation, you can use the left and right arrows to go to the Units tab. In this
tab you can then select the preferred units from the list of those available in

Other useful capabilities within the Options menu include: The Mouse
Configuration section where you can decide which buttons do what within the
viewer window, and the Display Options section, where the background colour
of the viewer window can be changed or you can add your own company logo.
Finally, under the Section options tab you can choose specific options for the
different sections of EDEM. For example, under Analyst you are able to toggle
whether items, such as the time-stamp or Axis Key, are shown.
Mouse controls for the Viewer
In this video we will be describing the various mouse controls which are
available for use in the EDEM viewer window.

When you start EDEM, the viewer window in the EDEM Creator will be blank
except for the outline of a red box. This red box is known as the Domain and
will be covered in a separate lesson. You can adjust the view and move around
the Domain using the mouse.

If you click and hold the left mouse button and then drag, you can pan the
camera across the simulation space. If you hold down the right-mouse button
and then drag, you can rotate the camera. If you have a mouse wheel, you can
zoom into and out of the simulation by rotating the wheel.

Should you wish to change any of the mouse control settings you can do this
from the Tools, Options, Mouse Configuration settings. Here you are able to
choose which mouse buttons perform which task, for example reversing the
zoom direction on the mouse wheel. Or you can change the sensitivity of the
mouse for each of the different commands using the slide bars at the bottom of
the window. If you want to undo any changes, you can revert back to the
standard settings by pressing the Default button.