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Read the text. Answer the questions. Write complete sentences.

15th August
Hi, Aram!
Im sending you a letter from Almuecar. Im on holiday here with my family. Im
writing this letter on the beach! Were staying in a really nice hotel next to the beach.
There are a lot of young people here. Theres a disco at the hotel every evening its
really cool. At the moment dad is swimming in the sea. Mum isnt swimming but shes
wearing her bikini and shes reading a magazine. My brother is shopping he wants to
buy some new shorts and a cap. I can see him now hes trying on some funny hats! I
hope youre having a good holiday in Mlaga.
Send me a postcard!
Love, Marta

1-Where is Marta at the moment?

2-How often is there a disco at the hotel?

. .
3-Whats Martas dad doing?

.. .
4-What does Martas brother want to buy?

.. .
5-Where is Aram spending his holiday?

VOCABULARY (10 points)

Write the correct word:

1-You have a shower in the .
2-The opposite of is sad.
C/ Sevilla, Bajo 8
23006 Jan
3-You need these to listen to music and sounds on a computer: .
4-This transport is like a plane, but it doesnt have wings (alas):
. .
5-This animal lives in the desert, and it doesnt need much water:
6-You can play videogames at a . .
7-Aplays the drums.
8-My dad doesnt read the newspaper, but he watchesevery day at
three oclock.
9-Tenerife is an.. .
10-You can swim in the Mediterranean . .

GRAMMAR (45 points)

Complete the conversation. Use the correct present simple form of the verbs in
(8 points)
Greg 1).you(like) music?
Jan Yes, I do. I 2).(not play) an instrument, but I often
3).(go) to concerts with my cousin
Brad. He 4).(play) the saxophone. He
5)(be) in a band, and he 6)(practise) all
the time.
Greg Cool! I 7).(not know)
Brad. 8)..he.(live) near you?
Jan No, he doesnt. He lives in Manchester.

2-Write sentences.

Use the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives. (5 points)

1-The guitar easy- the piano
C/ Sevilla, Bajo 8
23006 Jan
2-Elephants -big-land animals in the world.

3-Eastenders popular-soap opera in England.

. .
4-Picasso-rich-Van Gogh
. .
5-My brother-bad-cook in the world!
.. .
3-Write pairs of sentences. Use the Present Continuous. (3 points)
1-My friends/ not swim (study French)

.. .
2-He / not meet friends (go on holidays)

.. .
3-Grandma / not cook (have dinner)

4-Complete the conversation. Use the correct past simple form of the verbs in

(10 points)
Ali What 1).you(do) last weekend?
Bea I 2).(go) shopping. I 3).(get) some new
Ali Who 4) with?
Bea I 5)(meet) Sara and Raquel.
Ali 6)..they(buy) anything?
Bea Yes, they did. They 7).(buy) some clothes.
Ali Where 8) lunch?
Bea We 9)..(eat) burgers at the caf in town. Then we
10)(catch) the bus home.

C/ Sevilla, Bajo 8
23006 Jan
WRITING (10 points)

Imagine you are on holiday. Write a postcard to a friend.

Use the questions in the box to help you.
-Where are you staying?
-What are you doing at the moment?
-What are your family doing?

KEEP kept kept mantener
break BROKE broken romper
cost cost COST costar
falle falle fallen CAER
Sold sold SOLD vender
beat BEAT beated romper
BE Was were been Ser o estar
begin BEGAN begun acercarse
bent bent BENT apostar
blon blont blond SANGRAR

C/ Sevilla, Bajo 8
23006 Jan