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Australia and New Zealand Banking Group: Statement to Four Corners

August 18, 2017

ANZ Chief Executive Shayne Elliott travelled to Armadale, WA last week to meet and
hear directly from Carlene Stafford.

Shayne and Ms Stafford had a good meeting of minds and Ms Stafford

acknowledged that she was responsible for declaring her estimated expenses and
advising ANZ her financial position was not likely to change in the near future.

Ms Stafford also accepted ANZ was not responsible for introducing her to either the
developer or the broker and that we had written to her advising she was overpaying
for her investment. Ms Stafford now understands ANZ was not able to provide her
advice on her investment plans.

For ANZs part, Mr Elliott recognised she has not missed an interest payment and
had been targeted by aggressive sales tactics by both the developer and broker.

Following the discussion, ANZ has today finalised a revised settlement with Ms
Stafford which both parties are happy with.

ANZ has hardship programs in place for customers who find themselves in
unfortunate circumstances and we encourage them to contact us as early as
possible so we can work with them to find a solution.