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Arnold Hauser (art historian)

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Arnold Hauser (8 May 1892 in Timioara, Temes County 28 January 1978 in Budapest) was a Hungarian art
historian who was perhaps the leading Marxist in the field. He wrote on the influence of change in social
structures on art. His The Social History of Art (1951) argued that artwhich, after a paleolithic period of
naturalism, began as "flat, symbolic, formalized, abstract and concerned with spiritual beings"became more
realistic and naturalistic as societies became less hierarchical and authoritarian, and more mercantile and
bourgeois (Harrington).

1951: Sozialgeschichte der Kunst und Literatur (The Social History of Art and Literature)
1958: Philosophie der Kunstgeschichte (The Philosophy of Art History)
1964: Der Manierismus. Die Krise der Renaissance und der Ursprung der modernen Kunst (Mannerism:
The Crisis of the Renaissance and the Origin of Modern Art)
1974: Soziologie der Kunst (The Sociology of Art)
1978: Im Gesprch mit Georg Lukcs kleiner Sammelband mit drei Interviews und dem Essay
Variationen ber das tertium datur bei Georg Lukcs

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