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ELECTRICAL TESTING - complete electrical testing of active and passive components and
assemblies using analog and digital test equipment.
environmental conditions that a component will be exposed to (i.e., mechanical shock,
thermal shock, vibration, etc.).
DESTRUCTIVE PHYSICAL ANALYSIS - a systematic, logical, detailed examination of a
component, including examination of various states of physical disassembly, to identify
problems or discrepancies and their probable cause.
FAILURE ANALYSIS - a detailed examination of a failed device that usually consists of a
series of nondestructive and destructive tests to determine the failure mode.
MATERIALS ANALYSIS - a qualitative or quantitative analysis performed to determine the
material composition of a component by identifying chemical elements within the
QUALIFICATION TESTING - Approved to conduct qualification testing to selected Military
PERFORMANCE TESTING - tests designed to evaluate the performance of a device.
NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING - tests performed on a component that do not alter the
physical state or destroy the device.

Product Safety in different Countries

Product Safety Compliance in the United States: Intertek is an OSHA recognized

Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). This designation enables Intertek to
test your products and, if compliant to relevant standards, issue you the right to use
the ETL Listed mark with the "US" identifier. To view some of the notable clients who use
the ETL Listed mark for US market entry, visit our Directory of Listed Products.

Product Safety Compliance in Canada: The Standards Council of Canada has accredited
Intertek as a Testing Organization (TO) and a Certification Body (CB), allowing Intertek to
conduct product safety testing through our global network and issue your product
the ETL Listed mark with the "C" identifier.

Product Safety Compliance in the EU: For EU access your product must comply with the
Low Voltage Directive (LVD) - the EU's harmonized product safety standard. If your
product is designed to meet the requirements of the LVD, it's eligible for the "CE"
mark and access to the EU member countries. As a Notified body, Intertek can conduct
the required product safety testing, and prepare your LVD compliance documentation - a
prerequisite in the CE Marking process.

S Marking: Distinguish your products from those that are only CE marked by S marking
your product. By S marking your product you can sell your products throughout Europe
without further safety testing or certification.

GS Mark: Products bearing the GS mark indicates that it is tested and complied with the
minimum requirements of the German Device Safety Act (a.k.a., GSG). The GS mark is a
licensed mark of the German government, which may only be issued by an accredited
product safety testing and certification agency. Intertek is authorized to issue the GS

Product Safety Compliance into over 34 countries: The CB Scheme is an international

program for exchange and acceptance of product safety test results among participating
laboratories and certification organizations around the world. The CB Scheme offers
manufacturers a simplified way of obtaining multiple national safety certifications for
their products - entry into 34 countries. Intertek is a National Certification Body for the
CB Scheme and we are one of the highest numbers of international CB certificates
issuers in the world. It continues to grow and form agreements, partnerships and/or
acquisitions to ensure you access to all global markets.
Appliance & Product Testing

The Appliances and Consumer Products market is diverse.

Testing must offers fast, expert and efficient product testing, inspection and certification
solutions through our extensive global network of accredited laboratories. From
commercial food service equipment to household appliances, electronics, and
amusement and gaming machines, we have the quality testing solutions you need to be

Commercial Appliances
it is important to tests and certifies appliances for global compliance with gas/electrical
safety, sanitation, EMC, and energy efficiency standards including changing commercial
refrigeration regulations.

Household Appliances
it is important to verify the safety, quality and overall value of your indoor appliances,
helping to distinguish your product to retailers.

Consumer Electronics
to meet the increasing demand in this market, manufacturers require accuracy, speed
and efficiency.

Amusement & Vending

Good testing capabilities provide a full range of certification labels and schemes to
certify all around compliance for electronic amusement and gaming machines.

Health & Beauty Appliances

Whether you need testing for pools & Spas, exercise equipment or beauty and grooming
appliances, it must be tested first so it can get you to market fast.