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Hoop Tension 3. A cylindrical container 8ft. high and c) What is the shearing stress at the
3ft in diameter is reinforced with two depth 10m above the horizontal
hoops a foot from each end. base? 128.52kPa
= =
2 2
a) Compute the hydrostatic
pressure?5990lb 6. A dam having a triangular section has a
P = pressure
b) What is the tension of hoop at the vertical side 24m high and 12m wide at
h = height of water
bottom?2163lb the base. Wt. of concrete is
D = diameter
T = Tensile force
c) When it is filled with water, what 23.5kN/3 .
is the tension in the upper a) Determine the height of water of
t = thickness of wall
hoop?832lb water that could rise on the
S = Tensile stress
vertical side of the dam so that the
maximum intensity of pressure at
Dam the base. Neglecting hydrostatic
Dams are built for the purpose of uplift. 20.23m
1. Steel pipe having the diameter of 36 in.
impounding water. b) What is the shearing stress at the
carries water under the head of 750 ft.
bottom of the base. 167.28kPa
of water
4. A dam 4m on top 18m at the bottom c) Compute the max. compressive
a) Compute the internal pressure on
and 25m high has water 20m deep stress of concrete at the base.
the pipe. 325psi
acting on its vertical sides. concrete = 564kPa
b) Compute the wall thickness of
steel pipe allowable working stress 2200kg/3
a) Compute the resisting moment. Buoyancy
for steel pipe is 16000psi. 0.366in
7112050kg-m Anybody immersed in a fluid is
c) Compute the tangential force on
b) Compute the factor of safety subjected to a buoyancy force equal to the
the steel pipe. 5850lb
against overturning moment. 5.33 weight of the fluid displaced.
c) What is the stress at the heel.
2. A 48inch diam. steel pipe 1/4in. thick,
carries oil = 0.822 under a head 39773 kg/ 7. A piece of metal weighs 350N in air
and when it is submerged completely
of 400 ft. of oil.
5. A triangular dam has a vertical in water it weighs 240N
a) Compute the pressure inside the
upstream face 30m. high from the a) Find the volume of the metal.
pipe psi. 142.5psi
b) Compute the stress in the steel horizontal base. The depth of water is 0.0112
required to carry a pressure of 250 27m on the vertical face if concrete b) Find the specific weight of the
psi. with an allowable stress of weighs 23.5 KN/3 . metal. 31.25 kN/
18000psi.13680psi a) Determine the minimum width of c) Find the specific gravity of the
c) Compute the thickness of steel the base such that the resultant metal. 3.19
required to carry a pressure of 250 force falls within the middle
psi. with an allowable stress of thirds, neglecting hydrostatic 8. A prismatic object 200mm thick by
18000psi. 0.333in uplift. 16.55m 200mm wide by 400mm long is
b) What is the minimum coefficient weighed in water at a depth of 500mm
of friction to prevent sliding? 0.61 and found to be 50N.


a) Find its weigh in air. 206.96N b) Determine the weight of wood. 14. A ship has a displacement of
b) Find its specific gravity. 1.32 2.54kN 6000meric tons. A body of 30 metric
c) Find its specific weight. c) Determine the total weight of tons mass is moved laterally on the
12.94kN/ wood and concrete. 5.54N deck 12m and the end of a 1.8m plumb
bob moves 92mm.
9. What fraction of the volume of a solid Stability of Floating Bodies a) Determine the righting arm.
object of = 7.3 floats above the 0.0598m
surface of a container of mercury? The stability of a floating object is b) What is the transverse metacentric
0.464 defined as its ability to return to its neutral height? 1.17m
a) If the volume of the object below position after the external force has been applied c) Determine the righting couple in
the liquid surface is 0.0143 , and removed. kg/m. 360594kg.m
what is the wt. of the object?
1.86KN 12. A rectangular scow 9m wide 15m long
b) What load applied vertically that and 3.6m high has a draft in sea water Relative Equilibrium of Fluids
would cause the object to be fully of 2.4m. Its center of gravity is 2.7m
submerged? 1.61KN above the bottom of the scow. - moving vessel with constant
a) Determine the initial metacentric Acceleration (Horizontal Motion)
10. A block of wood 0.6mx0.6mx h height. 2.18m
meter in dimension was thrown into the b) If the scow is tilted until one end
water it floats with 0.18m projecting the sidewise shifting of the center
above the water surface. The same of buoyancy. 0.75m - Vertical Motion

block was thrown into a container of a c) Determine the final metacentric 1 = (1 + ) moves upward

liquid having a of 0.9 and it height. 1.41m
1 = (1 )moves downward
floats with 0.14m, projecting above the
liquid surface. 13. A cylindrical caisson having an outside
a) Determine the value of h. 0.54 dia. of 9m floats in sea water with its - Inclined Motion

b) Determine the of the block. axis vertical and its lower end = motion going up
0.667 submerged 9m below the water
surface. If its center of gravity is on the = motion going down
c) Determine the weight of the bock.
1.272kN vertical axis and is 3.6m above the
bottom. 15. An open horizontal tank 2m high 2m
11. A wooden pole = 0.55 550mm in a) Determine the value of M . wide and 4m long is full of water.
diameter, has a concrete cylinder 0.56m a) How much water is spilled out
= 2.5 550mm long and of same b) Find the true metacentric height. when the tank is accelerated
diameter attached to one end. Unit 1.46m horizontally at 2.45 m/ 2 in a
weight of water is 9.79 kN/3 . c) Find the righting couple when the direction parallel with its longest
a) Determine the min. length of pole caisson is tipped through an angle side? 4 cu.m
for the system to float vertically in of 8. 119829kg-m
static equilibrium. 1.833m


b) What is the force acting on the c) Determine the volume of the

side with the greatest depth? remaining water of the tank. 60
c) Compute the required accelerating
force. 29.4kN

16. An unbalanced vertical force of 270N

upward accelerates a volume of
0.0443 of water. If the water is 0.9m
deep in a cylindrical tank.
a) What is the acceleration of the
tank? 6.14m/
b) What is the pressure at the bottom
of the tank in N/2 ? 14355N/
c) What is the force acting on the
bottom of the tank in N? 702N

17. An open vessel of water accelerates up

a 30 plane at 2 m/ 2 .
a) What is the horizontal component
of the acceleration? 1.73 m/
b) What is vertical component of the
acceleration? 1 m/
c) What is the angle that the water
surface makes with the horizontal?

18. A rectangular Car tank 20m long 4m

wide and 3m deep is completely open
at the top. If it is initially filled to the
a) How much liquid will be spilled if
it is given a horizontal acceleration
of 0.3g. In the direction of its
length. 180
b) What is the max. force acting on
the side opposite to the direction
of the acceleration.? 176.58kN