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FIITJEE Admission Test

for students of ,

Class 6 PAPER-1
.(29 March 2015)

Time: 3 Hours (9:30 am to 12:30 pm)

1CODE 160041 Maximum Marks: 192


Caution: Question Paper CODE as given above MUST be correctly marked In the answer OMR sheet
before attempting the paper. Wrong CODE or no CODE will give wrong results.

1. You are advised to devote 1 Hour on Section-I and 2 Hours on Section-II and
2 This Question paper consists of 3 sections. All questions will be multiple choice single correct out of four
choices with marking scheme in table below:

Marking Scheme for:eachqueStlon

correct answer "wrong answer,:

SECTION -I IQ 0.11024 +3 -1
Q. 2510 30 +5 -1
SECTION -II Mathematics
Q.31 1033 +6 -2

Physics Q. 3410 39 +3 -1
Chemistry Q.401045 +3 -1
Mathematics 0.461051 +3 -1
Biology Q. 52 to 57 +3 -1

3. Answers have to be marked on the OMR sheet.

4. The Question Paper contains blank spaces for your rough work.. No additional sheets will be provided for
rough work.

5. Blank. papers, clip boards. log tables, slide rule. calculator, cellular phones, pagers and electronic devices, in
any form. are not allowed.

6. Before attempting paper write your Registration Number, Name, Answer Sheet No. and Test Centre in
the space provided at the bottom of this sheet.

Note: Pllfflse thec;/( ttll" QueM/on Paper ton rain" all 57 quest:lonslnunel order. It not "0. elCthllllge with the totn.'Ct Quest:lonPaper.

Registration Number

Name of the Candidate

Answer Sheet No.

Test Centre

MIll Ltd., FIlTJr Houu, ~9.A, K", I, S""""prly VI""'r, N .., lHlhl.ll0016,
S Ph 46106000/10/13/15
_I>, _,ftlt,j_."o
AT.2015-16-T 4-C- VI{Paper-1 )-IQ+M+S~M-2

Section-l 10
Straight Objective Type
This section contains 24 multiple choice questions numbered 1 to 24. Each question has 4 choices (A),
(B), (e) and (D), out of which ONLY ONE is correct.

Directions (Questions 1 - 5): Find the missing teons:

1. 15,18,21,24, ?
(A) 27 (8) 28
(C) 25 (D) 24

" 2. 1,1,4,8,9,?,16,64
CA)21 (8) 27
(C) 25 (D) 28

3. 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, _
(A) 11 (8) 13
(C) 12 (D) 10

4. 100,90,81,73,7
(A) 66 (8) 64
(C) 62 (D) 69

5. aa-baa-bbb-a
(A) baa (8) abb
(C) bab (D) aab

Directions (Questions 6 - 11): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
Eight friends J, K, L, M. N, 0, P and Q all are sitting around the cirde facing at the centre. 0 is sitting
fourth to the right of N and third to the left of L. M is the neighbour of 0 and Q. J is not the neighbour of P
and M. K is sitting fourth to the left of J. K is the neighbour of 0 and P. M is not the neighbour of K and N.

6. Who is sitting in front of M?

(A) L (8) P
(C) N (D) Q

7. Who is the neighbour of J?

(A) N (B) L
(C) M (D) K
Space for Rough Work

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AT -2015-16-T 4-C~VI(Paper~
1 )-lQ+M+S&M-3

6. What is the positionof L in reference of J?

(A) Third to the left (B) Fourth to the rtghl
(C) Sixth to the right (0) Fifth 10 the left

9. Who is sitting third to the left of O?

(A) Q (B) N
(C) L (0) J

10. Who is sitting between Land J?

(A) P (B) K
(C) 0 (0) N

11. Who is sitting just to the right of P?

~J ~Q
12. If in any certain code 'OINESH' is written as 'HSENID', then how will 'MIRACLE' be written in the
same code?

13. A man is facing North - West. He tums 90 in the clockwise direction and then 1350 in the
antidockwise direction. Which direction is he facing now?
(A) East (B) West
(C) North (0) South

Direction (Question 14): Each of these question given below contains three group of things. You are to
choose from the following four numbered diagrams, a diagram that depicts the correct relationship among
the three groups of thing in each question.

14. Bowler, Cricket, Stick

00 o
(A) (B)
000 (C) (0)
15. 'Push' is related to 'Pull' in the same way as 'Throw' is related to:
(A) Pick (6) Away
(C) Jump (0) Kick
Space for Rough Work

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AT -2015-16- T4-C- VI(Pa pe r -1 )~Q+
M+S& M-4

Direction (Question 16): In the following question four alternatives are given. You have to select one
alternative which exadly matches with the mirror image of the word in question.

(A) (B) (C) (D)

Direction (Question 17): In the following question, select the related word from the given alternatives.

17. Psychology: Mind: : Ornithology?

(A) Sanskrit (B) Coin
(e) Mammal (D) Bird

18. Pointing towards a man in the photograph. Rachna said, 'He is the son of the only child of my
grandmother.' How is that man related to Rachna?
(A) Cousin (B) Nephew
(C) Brother (D) Son

19. Arrange the following words according to the dictionary.

1. Sound 2. Socks 3. Shock 4. Sharp 5. Snooker
(A)54312 (B)43521
(C)34512 (D)43251

20. Which of the following number is wrong in the series?

(A)16 (B)10
~~ RB
Space for Rough Work

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webrltlt: WWIlI.jfit;ft'e._m
AT-2015-16-T4.C-VI(Paper -1 ).IQ+M+S&M.5

Direction (Question 21): Find the missing number from the given responses.

21. 27 54 42 84 , 42

14 7
(A) 12 (8) 21
(C) 24 (D) 35

22. In a certain code language 'Coffee is Tea' is written as 'da pa ta' and 'Tea is black' is written as
'ta pa sa'. How is 'Milk is black' written in that code language?
(A) na ach tu (B) la pa sa
(C) cannot be detennined (D) none of these

23. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence fonn a group. Which one does nol
belong to the group?
(A) Laptop (8) Desktop
(C) Mobile (D) Operating System

24. How many S's are there in the following alphabet series each of which is immediately followed by
o but not immediately preceded by A?
(A) Six (B) Four
(C) Three (D) Five
Space for Rough Work

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AT -2015.16.T 4.CNI(Paper-1 )-lQ+M+S&M-6

Section-II Mathematics

Comprehension Passage No.- 1 comprising of 3 Questions (25 - 27)

If two - third part of a tank can hold 80 litres of milk then

25. What is the total capacity of tank?

(A) 100 litres (8) 120 Ittres
(C) 140 litres (0) None of these

26. How many buckets of capacity 8 litres can be filled with milk when lank is three-fifth full?
W7 ~8
(C)9 (D) 10

27. If milk costs Rs. 17 per litre and tank is seven- eighth filled then total cost of milk in the tank is:
(A) Rs. 1785 (8) Rs. 1487.5
(C) Rs. 2082.5 (D) Noneof these
Space for Rough Work

I RlfJElii Ltd., FlITJEE Ho~e, 29.A, Kalu. SarQl, Sarvaprlya vaUlt', New Ddhl-l10016,
Ph 46106000. Fax 26513942
AT.2015-16.T4.C-VI(Paper-1 }-I0i"Mi"S&M-7

Comprehension Passage No.- 2 comprising of 3 Questions (28 - 30)

If sum of two angles is 1800 then the angles are called supplementary angles.

28. Which of the following pair of angles is supplementary?

(A)55', 135' (8) 117',63'
(C)65',115' (D)48',122'
29. If measure of an angle is equal to its supplementary angle then the angle is:
(A)100' (8)60'
(C) 90' (D)60'

30. Which of the following angle is equal to two - third of its supplementary angle?
(A)106' (8)72'
(e) 120' (D)60'
Space for Rough Work

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AT-2015-16-T4-C- Vl(Pa per -1 )~Q+M+S& M"

Comprehension Passage No.- 3 comprising of 3 Questions (31 - 33)

According to Pythagoras theorem, in a right angled triangle:

(Hypotenuse)2 = (Perpendicular)2 + (Base)2

The side which is opposite to right angled vertex is called hypotenuse PerperdCIl~r
and other two sides are called perpendicular and base. Hypotenuse is
the longest side in a right angled triangle.

B e

31. Which of the following can be the three sides of a right angled triangle?
(A) 4, 6, 7 (6) 3, 5, 6
(C) 3, 4, 5 (D) Noneof these

32. In the given figure, length of hypotenuse =1

(A) 9 em
(6) 10 em
(C) 11 em
(D) 12 em

, e

33. In the given figure, length of PO =7
(A) 2 em
(6) 3 em 13 em
(C) 4 em
(D) 5 em
Q 12 em

Space for Rough Work

fllTKti Ltd., FUTJEE Horue, 29.A, Kalu Sara1, Sarvaprlya Vl.har. New Ddhl.l10016, Ph 46106000. Fwe 26513942

bslt :
AT-2015-16.T4.C-VI(Paper-1 )..jQ+M+S&M-9

Section-III Science & Mathematics

Straight Objective Type
Physics contains 6 multiple choice questions numbered 34 to 39. Each question has 4 choices (A), (B),
(e) and (D), out of which ONLY ONE is co"ect.

34. A huge space which contains everything that exists is called

(A) the constellation (8) the galaxy
(C) the universe' (0) the planet

35. Gravitational force ads

(A) only between the earth and the bodies on it.
(8) between all bodies in the universe.
(C) only between the sun and the earth..
(0) only between the sun and the planets moving around it

36. Which of the following is full name of ISRO?

(A) Indian Space Research Organisation.
(8) International Science Research Organisation.
(C) Italian Space Research Organisation.
(0) None of these

37. Scissor is an example of

(A) Lever of first order (B) Lever of second order
(C) Lever of third order (0) None of these

38. Which of the following has chemical energy stored in it?

(A) water stored in the high dam (B) glowing electric bulb
(C) running turbine of a table fan (0) coal

39. Which of the following is incorrect about an earthquake?

(A) It is a natural calamity.
(B) The point of origin of an earthquake is called the seismic focus.
(C) The location on the surface of the earth directly above seismic focus is called the epicentre.
(0) None of these

Space for Rough Work

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AT-2015-16-T4-C-VI(Paper-1 }-iC+M+S&M-10

Straight Objective Type
Chemistry contains 6 multiple choice questions numbered 40 to 45. Each question has 4 choices (A), (B),
(C) and (D), out of which ONLY ONE is correct.

40. The underground source of water among the following is

(A) river (B) well
(C) pond (D) canal

41. The raw material that villagers do not use to construct their huts is
(A) cement (B) wood
I (C) mud (0) stones

42 . The man-made disaster among the following is

(A) flood (B) volcano
(C) war (0) earthquake

43. The fuel that is not obtained from petroleum is

(A) petrol (B) diesel
(C) kerosene (0) spirit

44. Children suffering from anameia are deficient in

(A) magnesium (B) calcium
(C) iron (0) zinc

45. Precious rocks are used as gemstones. Which one among the following glitters but not used as
(A) Emarald (6) Ruby
(C) Sapphire (D) Gneiss
Space for Rough Work

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AT-2015-16-T4~C-VI(Paper-1 }-1Q+M+S&M.11

Straight Objective Type
Mathematics contains 6 multiple choice questions numbered 46 to 51. Each question has 4 choices (A),
(8), (C) and (0), out of which ONLY ONE is correct.

46. Which of the following fraction is largest?

5 3 2 7
(A) - (B) ~
8 5
2 7
(C) -
3 (0) 12

47. If x% of 350 = 105 then x =?

(A) 15 (B) 24
(C) 28 (0) 30
48. If a shopkeeper gains 10% by selling an item for Rs. 660 then cost price of that item is:
(A) Rs. 726 (8) Rs. 600
(C) Rs. 620 (0) Rs. 580

49. In the given figure, value of x = ? A

(A) 54'
(B) 64'
(C) 44' {x + 43~
(0) 97"
B c

50. The length and breadth of a rectangular park are 60 m and 30 m. There is a road of unifonn widlh
5 m along the boundary (and outside) the park. Find the area of road.
(A) 800 m' (B) 1000m'
(C) 1200m' (0) 900 m'

51. In the given diagram LA + La + LC + LD + LE + LF =? A

(A)270' (8) 360'
(C) 540
(D) none of these o E

Space for Rough Work

RlTJU Ltd., FUTJEE House. 29.A, KQlu SQTal. Sarvaprl!JG Villar. New Delhi -110016, Ph 46106000. Fax.26513942
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AT-2015-16-T4-C-VI(Paper-1 )-lQ+M+S&M.12

Straight Objective Type
Biology contains 6 multiple choice questions numbered 52 to 57. Each question has 4 choices (A), (B),
(el and (D), out of which ONLY ONE is correct.

52. Study of relationships between environment and plants, animals or humans is:
(A) Ecology (B) Etho,ogy
(C) Mycology (0) Ethnobotany

53. The plant { plants grown by the method of stem cutting is I are
(A) Rose (B) Money plant
(C) Sugarcane (0) All of these
L 54. Lungs are the breathing organs of
(A) Birds (8) Reptiles

(C) MJmmals (0) All of these

55. Muscles work in pairs by

(A) Contraction only (B) Contraction and expansion
(C) Expansion only (D) Neither contraction nor expansion

56. Voluntary activities like Running, Playing, Moving hand etc are controlled by
(A) Cerebrum (B) Cerebellum
(C) Dendrite (D) All of these


..,' ..
Vitamin A
Vitamin B
j,x Column..J ' ....
{; ...
Match the followina with their deficiency diseases and choose the correct ootion:

, Column~1I ... }.'
iii Vitamin C r Pellaara
iv Vitamin D s Ninht blindness
(A) i - p, ii - q. iii - r, iv - s (B) i-q, ji-p, :ii-s, iV-f
(C) i-s, ii-r, iii-p, iv-q (D) i - s, ii - f, iii - q, iv - p

Space for Rough Work

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