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1. Fabrication Automatic differential unit locking System

2. Automatic PNEUMATIC CONTROLLED bar feeding mechanism for hack saw
machine 1
3. PLC based automatic multi-machine lubrication system
4. Fabrication of packing Control belt conveyor system.
5. Remote controlled car/bus Pneumatic door open/close mechanism
6. Fabrication of automatic Multi-purpose press
7. Quick Lifting Hydraulic jack with gear arrangement
8. Fabrication of Motorized Hydraulic Jack
9. D & F of Pneumatic Four-Axis Material Handling Equipment
10. Fabrication of Motorized Zip Crane
11. D & F of Hydraulic Press
12. D & F of Pneumatic controlled plastic Injection Moulding Machine
13. Fabrication of Pneumatic Bending/Bend Removing Machine
14. D & F of Pneumatic Automatic punching and riveting Machine
15. Accident Avoiding System for Punching Machine
16. Fabrication of Mini Hydraulic Hand Operated Zip Crane
17. Fabrication of Pneumatic Multipurpose DRILLING Machine
18. Fabrication of Pneumatic Slotting Machine
19. Fabrication of Pneumatic controlled sheet Cutting Machine
20. Fabrication of Pneumatic Pick and Place Robot

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21. D & F of Mini Hydraulic operated pipe clamp pressing device

22. Fabrication of Pneumatic Cutting and Grinding Machine
23. Automatic Pneumatic Reciprocating Water Pumping System
24. Fabrication of Solar Air Cooler
25. Electrical Power Generation using Speed Breaker
26. Fabrication of Solar Birds Scrarer
27. Automatic temperature controller with cooling system for car
28. Fabrication of pedal operated water pump
29. Automatic Vehicle Over speed Controlling System
30. Automatic Electro-magnetic Clutch (motor drive)
31. Automatic Electro-magnetic Clutch (engine drive )
32. Fabrication of gearless drive
33. Auto clutch for Automobile
34. Automatic drunken drive avoiding system for automobile
35. Design & Fabrication of Conveyor Automation
36. D & F of Automatic Multi-Machine Lubrication System
38. Portable Circular Saw Machine
39. D & F of Circular Cutting machine
40. Fabrication of Copper Wire Cutting machine
41. Fabrication of HYDRAULICALLY OPERATED SHEET Bending Machine
42. D & F of Abrasive Belt Grinder
43. D & F of Contour Turning Attachment for Lathe
44. Fabrication of Sheet Rolling Machine
45. Automatic hydro pneumatic feed control ofdrilling machine
46. Energy Saving Light Arrangement
47. Fabrication of Tool Post Grinder in lathe
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48. Automatic job sorting system

49. Automatic clamping and drilling machine ---
50. Automatic drilling and reaming machine-
51. Automatic clamping drilling and indexing machine
52. Automatic washing process
53. Automatic dipping process control
54. Automatic stamping process
55. Accident avoid system for heavy cutting machine
56.Battery operated plastic sheet cutting machine
57. Computer controlled job indexing and drilling device
57.Design and fabrication of pneumatic ramming holder
58.Fabrication of solar air cooler
59.Development of cooling system for agro diesel engine
60.Plastic injection moulding machine
61.Design and fabrication of indexing drill jig
62.Pneumatic vice and jack
63.Hydraulic jack
64.Electro Pneumatic belt conveyor
65.Hydro pneumatic jack
66.Hydraulically operated cylinder liner puller
67. Material transporting system control with controller.
68.PVC ball making machine -
69. Hydro pneumatic feed control of drilling machine using plc
70. Fabrication of pneumatic controlled sheet folding machine
71. PLC controlled pneumatic elevator
72.Fabrication of the sand Muller
73. Fabrication of vertical side wall mosaic polishing machine
74. Solar air cooler
75. Job sorting system depending on their height.
76.Sand slinger
77. Fabrication of power generation using wind mill
78. Pneumatic controlled elevator system
79. Design and fabrication of pneumatic punching machine
80.Pneumatic material handling device
81. Fabrication of pneumatic rivetting machine
82.Fabrication of jolting machine
83. Material transporting system using three axis robo
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84. Material conveying and counting system

85. Pneumatic elevator using rodless air cylinder
86.Material transporting conveyor double acting cylinder
87.Fabrication of abrasive cutting machine
88. Fuzzy logic based light intensity controller
89. Flexible manufacturing system
90. On line length measuring instrument using photodeductor
91.Hydraulically operated pipe bending machine
92. Fabrication of mini hydraulic pipe vice
93. Water level control using PLC
94. Automatic material storage system (single coloumn and three rows) (THREE CYLINDER )
95. Automatic material storage system (TWO coloumn and three rows) 24000/-
96. Automatic material storage and retrival system (THREE coloumn and three rows)
97. Digital controlled x &y axis table movement ina milling machine
98.Fabrication of LPG gas leak detector and alarm
99.Fabrication of spring winding machine
100. Fabrication of coil winding machine
101. Energy efficient conveyor with auto dimensioning mechanism
102. Motorisedjack ( for 1 kg )
103. Motorisedjack ( for 50 kg )
104. Pneumatic hack saw cutter
105. Thermo coal sheet cutting machine
106. Fabrication of Peddling pump
107. Fabrication of hydraulically operated washer making machine
108. Fabrication of multipurpose pneumatic grinder
109. Fabrication of indexing table mechanism for vertical milling machine
110. Fabrication of pneumatic controlled minibroaching machine.
111. Fabrication of pneumatic controlled mini slotting machine
112. PNEUMATIC bar feeding mechanism (MANUAL control )
113. Automatic motorized hammer striker
114. Fabrication of PVC pipe cutting machine
115. . D & F of four road side density based traffic signal control system
116. D & F of abrasive jet m/c

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117. D & F of hydraulically operated pipe clamping device -

118. . Digital controller coil winding system
119. Energy saving lighting arrangement
120. Fabrication of room cooler & heater
121. Fabrication of pneumatic controlled drill jig
122. Fabrication of indexing mechanism for vertical milling machine
123. Fabrication of motorized automatic door opening and closing system-
124. Fabrication of automatic sheet feeding and cutting device 22000/-
125. Fabrication of motorized mini hacksaw cutting machine
126. Fabrication of packing line control
127. Fabrication of two axes automatic drilling machine
128. Fabrication of co ordinate (three axes) automatic drilling machine
129. Fabrication of hexagonal turning device 25000/-
130. Fabrication of reverse gear arrangement in a twowheeler moped(tvs xl model ) for handicapped
person.18000/-(MOPED 8000/+FAB10000)
131. Fabrication of gas kit for two wheeler
132. Fabrication of mini refrigerator
133. Energy saving in refrigeration system using brine solution
134. Fabrication of mini bottle cooler
135. Fabrication of pneumatic trainer kit
136. Fabrication of automatic bottling plant
137. .Fabrication of mini motorized planning machine
138. Fabrication of small ice making unit
139. Fabrication of shell core making device
140. Fabrication of unmanned railway gate automatic gate open and close system.9000/-
141. Fabrication of air cooler1
142. Fabrication of air cooler cum heater
143. Fabrication of paper CUP making device
144. Rain activated wiper
145. Hydraulically operated sheet punching machine.
146. Remote controlled screw jack
147. Fabrication of electro pneumatic conveyor
148. Automatic pneumatic controlled sheet clamping and bending machine.
149. Fabrication of single cylinder double acting pump.
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150. Fabrication of hydro pneumatic controlled PVC pipe cutting machine.

151. Fabrication of chalk making machine
152. Fabrication of solar water heater
153. Fabrication of grinding machine using air engine.
154. Fabrication of geneva wheel based auto roll punching machine.
155. Fabrication of rotating base abrasive wheel cutter.
156. cell phone controlled pick and place robot.(coil type)
157. Fabrication lorry body trailer lifting system(manual control)
158. Plc controlled belt conveyor automation system
159. Plc based water level control
160. Plc based packing line control.
161. Pneumatic trainer kit
162. Fabrication of plc controlled pneumatic clamping and bending machine.
163. Plc based riveting and ramming machine.
164. Plc. controlled pneumatic elevator.
165. Plc controlled clamping and drilling.
166. plc. controlled air engine.
167. Plc controlled auto drilling machine.
168. Plc. controlled drilling and reaming machine.
169. Plc. based pneumatic controlled material elevating and ejecting system.
170. Plc. based pneumatic controlled bar feeding mechanism.
171. Plc based pneumatic controlled door open and close.
172. PLC based coil winding and counting machine
173. Fab of internal grinding attachment in lathe
174. Fab of milling attachment in lathe (3 operation )
175. Fab of milling attachment in lathe (6 operation )
176. Fabrication of bucket elevator
177. Fabrication of fork lift
178. Fabrication of whiteworth mechanism
179. Fabrication of geneva wheel based sheet cutting machine
180. Automatic rotating table sequencr for machining operation.
181. Fabrication of geneva wheel mechanism
182. Fabrication of lorry trailer body three side lifting system
183. Fabrication of auto feed pneumatic drilling machine
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184. Fabrication of fire fighting robo

185. Fabrication of line follower robot
186. Fab Of Car Security System With Alcoholic Detector Control
187. Fab Of Solar Lamp
188. Fab Of Hydraulically Operated Sheet Bending Device
189. Fab Of Pneumatic Controlled Hydraulic Vice
190. Fab Of Motorized Tapping Device
191. Fab Of Hydraulic Disc Braking System For Two Wheeler
192. Fab Of Hydraulic Power Pack (Old)
193. Fab Motorized Punching Machine
194. Fab Of Multi Operation Cam Punching Device
195. Fab Of Multi Agri Cutter
196. Fab Of Security Based Fuel Locking System
197. Fab Of Pedal Operated Hacksaw Machine
198. Fab Of Safety Controls In Sheet Cutting Machine
199. Fab Of Hydraulically Operated Pipe Vice
200. Fab Of Hydraulically Operated Profile Forming Device
201. Fab Of Hydraulically Operated Motorized Sheet Bending Device
202. Fab Of Motorized Grease Gun
203. Fab Of Walking Beam Type Conveying System
204. Fab Of Pedal Operated Washing Machine
205. Fab Of Pedal Operated Drilling Machine
206. Fab Of Automatic Pneumatic Controlled Tin Crushing Machine
207. Fab Of Pneumatic Controlled Pvc Pipe Clamping And Auto Feed Cutting
208. Fab Of Wind Mill Power Generation HORIZONTAL
209. FAB OF Wind Mill Power Generation- VERTICAL
210. Fab Of Remote Controlled Pick And Place Robo(Pneumatic)
211. Fab Of Non Conventional Based Power Generation Using Door
212. Fab Of Non Conventional Based Power Generation Using
Shock Absorber
213. Fab Of Hydraulically Operated Vice Using 2ton Hydraulic Jack
214. Fab Of Hydraulically Operated Vice Using Hand
Operated Oil Pump
215. Fab Of Hydraulic Test Kit
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1) Car head light dimmer

2) 2 wheeler lighting system
3) Automatic car turning indicator mechanism
4) Thermostatic control in a cooling system of an IC engine
5) Automatic rain wiper mechanism
6) Car security system Using digital code.
7) Remote control self starter of a automobile engine -
8) Solar operated mobile car
9) Sensor controlled car parking system in reverse driving
10) P.C. controlled mobile car
11) Automatic car parking system in a parking station -
12) Pollution free air engine.
13) Motorized screw jack
14) Car security system with alcoholic detector control
15) Automatic SMS information for car accident
16) Brake failure indicator
17) Brake failure indicator (with oil failure indicator and wheel set up model)
18) Shock absorber failure indicator
19) Pneumatic controlled gear box locking system
20) Pneumatic controlled gear shifter
21) Over speed preventer with fuel lock system/-
22) Over heat control with alarm in a car radiator
23) Cell phone controlled LMV vehicle door lock system.
24) Life saving kit in LMV vehicle
25) Remote controlled car starter
26) Finger print based car security system
27) Over speed control with driver seat belt engagement
CONTACT; 9444863248 / 9444879285.

28) Colour sensing AGV vehicle/-

29) Hydraulically operated bush bearing puller
30) Brake efficiency improvement using disc brake system
31) Car battery charger unit ( lead acid battery 12VDC )
32) Car battery charger unit (MOULDED BATTERY 12vdc)
33) Car security system with fuel lock and ignition lock system
33) Fabrication of pneumatic controlled pumper system
34) Fabrication of reverse gear arrangement in a Two wheeler moped( TVS XL
model ) for handicapped person.
35) fabrication of lighting system for three wheeler.
36) fabrication of tire inflation system
37) fab electromagnetic braking system
38) fab electro magnet clutch -motor drive
39) fab lorry trailer lifter on three side
40) Fab Of Button Operated Gear Shifter In Two Wheeler Gear Box
41) Fab Of Electronic Fuel Injection System In Two Wheeler
42) Fab Of Fuzzy Logic Controlled Electronic Fuel Injector
43) Fab Of Two Wheeler Security System By Locking Hydraulic Disk Brake
44) Fab of power generation using exhaust gas.
45) Fab of regenerative braking system.
46) Fab pneumatic controlled bumper with braking system
47) Fab of Vehicle security with tracking system
48) Fab of power generation using shock absorber
49) Automatic side stand release
50) LPG gas leak detector alarm in a car
note ;
delivery charges extra
Add soft copy (CD ) of project report for each project kit Rs 500/-

CONTACT; 9444863248 / 9444879285.