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New Character Templates

C.O.M.B.A.T. for use with the

A Covert Organization Open D6
Fighting Against Game System!
Terrorism and High Crime!

Mutation Station Opening Night at

Three all new mutant critters, plus
a new Mental Mutation for use the Palace
with the Mutant Future rules from Original fiction by James F Keck
Goblinoid Games

A look at the World Metahuman
Factbook series from
Vigilance Press

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
In This Exciting Issue of

When the world is besieged by terror, the agents of COMBAT are there to set things right.
by James F Keck

4C NPCs pg 10
5 new NPCs . One, a cybernetic vigilante, the others, members of COMBAT Team 37.
by James F Keck

Opening Night at the Palace pg 15

A band of mercenaries, another world in conflict. First half of an original science fiction short
by James F Keck

Opening Night at the Palace Game Stats pg 20

New character templates, a starship, and character equipment for D6 Space
by James F Keck

Mutation Station pg 26
Three new mutant critters for use with the Mutant Future RPG from Goblinoid Games
by James F Keck

Variations PG 29
A modification of Bill Brownes point-buy character creation system, and more
by Curt Meyer

Also Featuring
In Review - A look at two new products from Vigilance Press; World Metahuman Factbook: Ger-
many by Charles Rice, and the World Metahuman Factbook: Australia by Bill Browne.
PG 33

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
Threat Record Volume I, Issue #3

Editors Ramble Layout, editing, design, and character

concepts created by James F Keck
Welcome to Threat Record! If you hadnt already heard,
weve decided to make a few changes with the magazine. Cover Art by
First and foremost, we have broadened our coverage of Peter Szabo Gabor
material to include many different open gaming systems, Eastern Raider Games
independently published games, and those produced by the Some images are copyright
more mainstream publishers of the industry. Threat Re- Louis Porter Jr. Design
cord was originally intended to be a magazine devoted to Used under license
the 4 Color System, with write ups of Non Player Characters,
Some images by
gear, and powers that could be easily inserted into a cam- Maciej Zagorski
paign without much adjustment. The Forge Studios
While 4C is still a prominent focus of the magazine, you
will also find articles, and stat blocks for NPCs, equipment, Some artwork taken from Sci-Fi
Clip-Art Collections Two, and Three,
and other tid-bits, for systems such as True 20, Open D6, Copyright Philip Reed and Christopher Shy.
Savage Worlds, and many others in this, and future issues. Used with permission. To learn more
The content presented within each issue will depend upon visit
the contributors choice, so no one system will be guaran-
Some artwork in this book is
teed coverage over another (aside from the 4C System, but 2005 Team Frog Studios,
even that might be overshadowed by another, if it is suitable). used by permission.
I plan to continue running each issue in a themed
fashion, as it was with Issue #2. That issue had a Martial Some artwork copyright Art of War Games,
used with permission.
Arts theme, with each article having something to do with
the martial arts in one form or another. Not every article Some artwork by
presented will follow the magazines theme explicitly, but Bradley K McDevitt
the majority of the content will revolve around the overall Postmortem Studios
feel as closely as possible. Some artwork copyright
In this issue, our theme is cybernetics, and spy-tech. Ade Smith,
Both are subjects that have seen a lot of coverage in Used with permission
various role-playing games for quite some time, and it
Mutant FutureTM is copyright 2008, Daniel Proctor and
seems that role players are always wanting more. What Ryan Denison. Mutant FutureTM and Mutants & Maz-
weve put together within these pages is just a smattering of esTM are trademarks of Daniel Proctor. These trade-
what can be created using the game systems presented. marks are used under the Mutant FutureTM Trademark
With 4C, cyber-ware is easy to implement, you simply License 1.1 available at:
declare that any powers your character has are derived
from an implant. Super Speed? You have cybernetic legs. Open Game License v 1.0 Copyright 2000,
X-ray vision? You have a cybernetic eye. The list just goes Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
on and on. D6 Space (WEG 51012), Copyright 2004,
Purgatory Publishing Inc
The theme for issue #4 is Armor. Everything from ye olde West End Games, WEG, OpenD6,
trusty suit of mail to the greatest in bio-tech protective D6 System, and logos are
devices will be investigated. Of course, 4C will be represent- trademarks and properties of
ed with the full-suited heroes, and villains, weve all come to Purgatory Publishing Inc.
Used with permission.
love in the comics. There will also be some coverage of the
upcoming 4C Mecha game by yours truly. Open Game Content: The Open content in this issue
So, enough of my ramblings, lets get on with it! I hope includes the monster statistics in the the Mutation Station
you have as much fun reading, and using, this material as article, and the vehicle and equipment statistics in the
Opening Night at the Palace Stats" article, including the
Ive had putting it together. Keep em rolling!
stats of the character templates. All other material is
Product Identity. No other portion of this work may be
reproduced in any form without permission.

The stats for the vehicles, and equipment in the COMBAT

James F Keck article, and the character stats in the 4C NPCs article,
Editor including their descriptive texts, are released under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United
States License.

All original content Copyright 2010 Keck Publishing

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
C.O.M.B.A.T. By James F Keck

An Elite Force of Espionage and Anti-Terrorism Agents

Whenever the world suffers from the injustices of

terrorism, and organized crime, a courageous
group of unsung heroes rises up to defend it
from certain destruction. These heroes are the
women, and men, of COMBAT (Covert Opera-
tions Multi-national Bureau of Anti-Terrorism),
an international task force that acts as a first
responder to terrorist attacks, and a police force
against international organized crime. The orga-
nization was assembled shortly after the events
of September 11, 2001, and has grown consider-
ably since its inception.

Each member of COMBAT is selected from the

top ranks of a member nations military, and law
enforcement organizations. They are highly
skilled operatives, each with his, or her, own
specialty. They operate in teams of as few as
two, and as many as up to one dozen agents,
depending on the nature of the mission. Each
member is on call, 24-7, ready to be deployed to
any location in the world in a moments notice. A
team can be on location in as little as thirty
minutes, depending on the locale.

The prime directive of COMBAT is to hunt down

and eliminate, or capture, terrorist cells and
high-caliber criminals. Typical operations in-
clude extensive surveillance of suspected terror-
ists and other criminals, infiltration of terrorist Hidden cameras are tucked away in many of the
military installations, search and destroy mis- high traffic areas to oversee the comings and
sions, and hostile rescue operations. The teams goings of visitors, and straying regulars, but
often work in conjunction with other military units actual eyes on the ground have a wider view,
in the areas of conflict, but the regular forces are and tend to see more than any electronic device
usually only called in as support when needed. ever could. The personnel assigned to oversee
one of these little towns get themselves appoint-
ed into community leadership roles such as
HQ Mayors, Sheriffs, and Fire Chiefs, but some of
The main headquarters of COMBAT, or Com- them are also store clerks, doctors, and teach-
mand Central, is located somewhere in the des- ers. Being in the former roles gives the opera-
erts of the mid-western United States. The base tives the authority to enforce any legal action
is an underground facility with a network of necessary to keep outsiders away from an en-
tunnels that run for miles beneath the sands, trance, and those in the latter group are able to
with dozens of hidden entrances in various loca- observe happenings in the town without notice.
tions throughout the surrounding countryside.
Some of these entrances are located in aban- The interior of the base is comprised of twelve
doned warehouses, or store buildings, in old levels. The uppermost levels consist of a
small towns that are just short of being classified hangar/motor pool, training facilities, and troop
as ghost towns. The majority of the tiny popula- barracks. The primary command center is on
tions living in these towns is composed of sup- the upper level of the complex, just below the
port personnel assigned to protect the base personnel level, and secondary command cen-
from accidental discovery, and as an early warn- ter was built deeper in the facility to act as a
ing system should an entrance be compromised backup in case the original is destroyed by a
by an enemy force.

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
direct nuclear strike. Other levels include an located on each level for emergency situations,
armory, a commissary, and a communications and the main infirmary is located on the bar-
center. Each level of the complex has a tunnel racks level.
ascending to one of the various secret locations
mentioned previously. Most of these tunnels are
large enough to accommodate passing of troops Command
in single file, and also double as exhaust vents The current head of COMBAT Command Cen-
for the lower levels of the installation. tral is General Walter Kennings, a veteran of
several conflicts dating back to the Vietnam war.
The entire complex is fully shielded to protect The Marine was scheduled to retire in December
personnel, and equipment, from radiation, and of 2001, but the attacks in New York changed
electromagnetic pulse blasts from indirect nucle- his mind. He is a fair leader who is open to the
ar strikes. The facility can also be locked down opinion of his staff, but he is a man who oper-
from either of the command centers, or the ates strictly by-the-book. He believes that disci-
communications center, should any bio-chemi- pline, and order, are the fundamentals to
cal threats be detected. Medical stations are success. Under his command, COMBAT has

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
become the top anti-terrorist organization in the pact resistant polymer that can survive almost
world. any kind of torture an agent is likely to cause
(Material Value 10), though it is not indestructible.
There are eight regional command centers in
operation around the world, each with its own The communicator was designed to be effective
staff capable of making calls on immediate ac- even when used underground where normal
tion happening within their area of operations. devices would be rendered unusable. Its power-
While General Kennings likes to allow each of ful hyper burst technology uses a secret combi-
the regional commanders as much autonomy as nation of standard radio, and microwave
possible, he requires that Command Central be frequencies that enable the comm to function
consulted before any major long-term missions even in deep underground enclosures such as
go beyond the planning stages. caves, or below-ground man-made structures.
This allows a signal to penetrate up to two miles
of regular rock, and soil cover, and up to a mile
C.O.M.B.A.T. Gear of concrete, and steel structures. The comm
Much of the equipment used by COMBAT also has a newly developed anti-scramble soft-
agents is the same as that being used by ware suite that gives an operative a +2 RS when
todays military and intelligence agencies. Vari- attempting to send, and receive, messages that
ous jeeps, tanks, helicopters, and other aircraft are actively being jammed.
are all standard issue to the COMBAT operative,
as are the latest sidearms, and assault weapons.
However, there are times when more special- Weaponry
ized gear becomes necessary, and the research
and development team at Command Central are Argus-6
always busy designing implements that a covert
operative just couldnt do without. The following Availability: Uncommon
gadgets, weapons, and other gear are only Attack Type: Ranged
available to operatives of COMBAT.
Damage: AR: 15 Grenade: by type
Range: AR: 7 Grenade: 5
Personal Gear Fire Rate: AR: 3 Grenade: 1
Manufacturer: Classified
Combat Comm
Designer: COMBAT R&D
Availability: Uncommon First Appearance: Threat Record Issue #3
Manufacturer: Classified Current Whereabouts: COMBAT Armory
Designer: COMBAT R&D
First Appearance: Threat Record Issue #3 The ARGUS is the standard assault
Current Whereabouts: COMBAT Armory rifle currently being issued
to all ground support
All COMBAT field agents rely upon personnel. Every
up-to-date intelligence reports to in- agent receives
sure the successful outcome of their training with
missions. Their communications gear this weapon,
must be able to function as it is the
properly under almost any primary de-
condition. Therefore, the fensive fire-
COMBAT R&D team has developed the COM- arm stored in
BAT Comm, a satellite transceiver headset that the COMBAT
meets these needs adequately. armory.

The COMBAT Comm is a light, simple, but pow- The ARGUS series has grown through to its
erful one-piece headset that can be worn on sixth generation, developing from a simple auto-
either ear. It is not easily concealable when matic assault rifle to what it is today. The casing
worn, so the device is only used on missions and electronics have been designed to with-
that do not require clandestine operations. Its stand extremes of weather, and the rigors of
main construction is of a newly developed im- heavy combat action. Like most of the equip-

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
ment coming out of the R&D labs, the ARGUS-6 The barrel of the CS-9 has been specially de-
was built to take a serious beating, and continue signed to extend the range of the weapon be-
to operate as needed. yond a standard pistol of similar caliber. The
weapon also has a special targeting sight that
The ARGUS-6 is chambered for the 7.62 mm allows for greater accuracy at the longer ranges.
NATO standard round, with a magazine capaci-
ty of 50 rounds. The weapon is also fitted with
the new Multi-Nade launching system, a COM- Vehicles
BAT R&D creation, which fires micro-grenades
to a range of up to 5 Sectors. The system can Most of the vehicles utilized by COMBAT per-
be configured to fire up to five different types of sonnel are the same as those used by the
grenades, which are selected by voice com- military, and federal agencies, of the nations in
mand, or by the push of a button when stealth is which they operate. However, there are a few
a primary concern. The free-spinning rotary specialized transports for use exclusively by
magazine holds up to 25 grenades, and interfac- COMBAT agents. Many of these vehicles ap-
es with the system electronically when inserted pear fantastical, as if they were ripped straight
into the weapon. out of a science fiction movie, and those with
flight capabilities are often reported as UFOs.
CAV Falcon
Availability: Uncommon Vehicle: COMBAT Aerial Vehicle
Attack Type: Ranged Durability: 30
Damage: 10 Handling: 35
Range: 4 Velocity: 20 Sectors per Turn
Fire Rate: 2
One of the latest aerial vehicle designs in use by
Manufacturer: Classified COMBAT agents is the CAV Falcon, a fast,
Designer: COMBAT R&D rugged, and heavily armed transport that can
First Appearance: Threat Record Issue #3 carry up to three agents to their assignments.
Current Whereabouts: COMBAT Armory This futuristic looking vehicle uses the latest in
V-TOL technology to lift it high into the air with
Another standard issue weap- no more sound than a conventional passenger
on for all COMBAT agents, car. This gives the Falcon great stealth capabili-
the COMBAT ties, and makes operating in civilian areas less
Sidearm series of a headache for public relations.
9 is an ad-
vanced weap-
on with greater
range, and dam-
age capabilities, than
many of the common military side-
arms currently available. The CS-
9 is a compact, light-weight weapon made of a
high impact resistant polymer, making it a rug-
ged device capable of taking some serious
abuse. Many agents have reported that
they have retrieved their sidearm after
dropping it over the edge of a building,
or cliff, and being able to fire it with-
out a hitch.

The CS-9 is primarily cham-

bered for 9 mm ammunition,
but can be easily switched out to
receive most of the commonly found
handgun rounds from various nations.

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
The Falcon is capable of reaching speeds of up in the passenger seat, or by the driver (-2 RS
to Mach 2.2, or roughly 1675 miles per hour. unless the vehicle is sitting still).
Flight at these speeds gives the Falcon the
capability to carry an operative to almost any Availability: Uncommon
destination within minutes of take off. Coupled Attack Type: Ranged
with the highly reactive maneuvering system, Damage: By grenade type
the speed and handling of the Falcon makes it a
Range: 4
serious competitor for any opposing aircraft.
Fire Rate: 2
The Falcon is much hardier than conventional Manufacturer: Classified
aircraft, and can take a serious licking before Designer: COMBAT R&D
being knocked out of the sky. The composite
First Appearance: Threat Record Issue #3
materials used to construct the craft also in-
crease its stealth properties, making all attempts Current Whereabouts: COMBAT Armory
to detect it on radar, or other electronic scanning
equipment, suffer a -2 RS penalty.

Vehicle: COMBAT Truck
Durability: 40
Handling: 20
Velocity: 10 Sectors per Turn

The Prowler is a heavily armored urban troop

transport and assault vehicle that is capable of
putting a small squad of COMBAT troopers (6 Standard Grenade Types
plus driver and gunner) into the thick of the fight
safely, and securely. Its six wheel suspension Grenade Type Damage Effect
configuration gives the Prowler excellent han-
dling at high speeds, and gives it the extra Fragmentation 30 -
traction needed for maneuvering in hazardous - -2 RS to all actions
weather conditions. Smoke within target Sector
- -2 RS to all actions
The armor plating surrounding the Prowlers
CS (Tear Gas) within target Sector
crew and passenger compartments is construct-
(see description)
ed of a lightweight titanium alloy, giving the
vehicle superb protection while not weighing it Flash Bang 20 See description
down. The windscreen, and door windows, are 40 Burns for 1-10 Turns,
made from a new bulletproof material, recently Incendiary or until neutralized
developed by COMBAT R&D, and will protect
the driver, and the gunner, from up to 30 points 10 Successful Hold on a
of damage per attack. The interior of the passen- Gloop Minimal Success or
ger compartment is supported by a sturdy roll greater
cage, and is heavily padded to protect troopers
in the event of a rollover, reducing any damage The following is a list of grenade types that are
sustained by half. standard issue for all COMBAT agents, and that
can be used with the ARGUS-6 assault rifle, and
The Prowlers only armament is a turret mount- the CT-Prowler grenade launching system.
ed 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. The Damages listed are the same across the board
launcher has a 360 degree firing arc with an whether the grenade is thrown or fired. All gre-
elevation of ninety degrees, and a firing rate of nades are considered to have an Availability of
twelve rounds per minute (2 rounds per Turn). Uncommon, as they are typically only issued
The weapon is controlled from within the through a government agency, or through a
Prowlers cockpit by either a dedicated gunner criminal network.

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
Fragmentation Grenade - A Fragmentation, or Incendiary Grenade - These grenades spew
Frag grenade is a standard explosive weapon forth streams of molten iron and aluminum,
that causes both concussion, and physical dam- burning at an intense heat of over 3.900 de-
age to those within the blast radius. grees Fahrenheit. A character coming into con-
tact with this cocktail of pain will sustain 40
Smoke Grenade - These grenades fill the target points of fire damage in the first Turn. Unless the
Sector with a heavy smoke that obscures the material is neutralized, or removed, the charac-
vision of everyone within the area, and to those ter will continue taking half of the initial damage
observing from outside the Sector. The smoke per Turn for 1-10 Turns, until the source is dealt
will linger for 1-10 Turns on a still day, or indoors, with, or the material burns out.
and from 1-5 Turns under windy conditions.
Smoke grenades come in various colors, and Example: A glob of molten metal from an incen-
can be used for signaling allies. All characters diary grenade hits Major Reynolds on the shoul-
within the target Sector perform actions requir- der. He immediately takes 40 points of damage,
ing vision with a -2 RS penalty. but in his hurry to take out the three opposing
terrorists across the compound, he ignores the
CS (Tear Gas) Grenade - Tear gas grenades burning material, and keeps firing his weapon.
are similar to Smoke Grenades, but the smoke On the next Turn, Major Reynolds takes an
generated is composed of various compounds additional 20 points of fire damage. Realizing
that are designed to irritate the mucous linings, that he cant go on like this, he calls for a medic
and tear ducts, of anyone caught within the to help him clear his wounds of the glob of pain.
cloud. As a result, all actions performed within
the target Sector are performed with a -2 RS. Gloop Grenade - This is a non-lethal device
Characters can make a Fortitude check (also at used to apprehend opponents by covering them
-2 RS) to ignore the effects of the irritant, but they in a rapidly hardening spray of goo. The con-
will still receive the penalty for actions requiring tents of the grenade are highly pressurized, and
sight. will spray out from dozens of mini-nozzles to
cover an entire Sector. Any being within the
Flash Bang Grenade - Flash Bangs are used to Sector coming into contact with the goo is
stun an enemy so that they may be taken with- attacked by the substance as if being grabbed
out physically harming them, or killing them and held. The gloop has a Brawn rating of 50 for
outright. They are most effective in enclosed determining success on the Struggling table.
areas, such as small rooms or caves, where the Trapped characters may attempt to break free
concussive aspect of the grenade is better con- from the goo, but due to the extremely sticky
tained. The flash of the grenade will blind those nature of the substance, does so with a -2 RS
within the target Sector for 1-10 Turns. Charac- penalty. A special solvent will dissolve the gloop
ters must get at least a Blue result on an Aware- in one Turn, otherwise, the characters trapped
ness check to avoid this effect. The concussive in the goo are held in place for up to five hours.
blast of the grenade does 20 points of Bashing
damage to those within the target Sector of the

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
4C NPCs By James F Keck

Jada after several weeks of intensive surgeries,

gave her a new cybernetic arm. Though
Real Name: Jada Enquest she would likely suffer some psychological
Origin: Technologically Enhanced trauma over the modifications to her body,
Gender: Female she would live, and to both Doctor Jordan
Nationality: USA and Officer Thomas, that was an accept-
Height: 53 able trade.
Weight: 155 lbs
Jada awakened almost two months after
the accident. The expected mental trauma
Physical Description: Jada looks, and
was brief, lasting only a couple of weeks,
dresses, like a typical young adult from and she quickly got used to the idea of
any major metropolis of the United being cybernetically altered. With the help
States. She often wears a jacket, and a of Doctor Jordan, Jada learned to use her
pair of gloves, when in public to help new appendage with ease, and was able
conceal her cybernetic arm. to leave the hospital within a month.

Jada found that her new arm drew many

Primary Traits stares wherever she went, and she began
Melee 20 suffering from anxiety. Though Mack Riley
told her that she could stay at her job at the
Coordination 20 diner indefinitely, she had to quit because
Brawn 6/40 of the stress from being gawked at, and
Fortitude 50 constantly questioned about her mechani-
cal arm.
Intellect 10
Awareness 10 Jada sought out Officer Thomas, and
home alone when a get-away car from a asked him to teach her how to be a cop.
Willpower 30 He eagerly took her under his wing, and
bank robbery being chased by the police
rounded the corner,jumped the curb, and taught her everything he knew about law
Secondary Traits slammed into her. Jada was pinned be- enforcement. She applied to the police
Damage 96 tween the car and the wall of a nearby academy, but was declined entrance due
building. to her medical history.
Fortune 50
Lifestyle 6 The police officer involved in the chase, Angered, but not dissuaded, Jada began to
Officer Anthony Thomas, rushed to her patrol the city on her own. She walks the
Repute 10
side once he realized what had happened. streets at night, keeping her eyes and ears
He followed the ambulance to the hospital, open for any distress calls, or criminal
Powers and waited to see if she would survive her activity, and delivers justice to those that
Cybernetic Arm 40 injuries. Having lost his wife and daughter she catches in the act. Officer Thomas
in a similar incident, he couldnt bear to tells her that vigilantism is an illegal act in,
see such a young woman die because of and of, itself, but he doesnt try to stop her.
Skills his actions.
Guns Whenever Jada requires repairs, or other
The Emergency Room doctors determined medical attention from her run-ins with the
Law Enforcement that Jada would not survive. She had se- criminal element, Doctor Jordan is always
Lifting vere trauma to her right lung, her heart, there to patch her up. He tells her that she
and liver, and her right arm was completely needs to stop what she is doing, but
Contacts crushed, and would have to be amputated doesnt push it any further than that.
at the shoulder. Luckily for Jada, Doctor
Doctor Willem Jordan Willem Jordan was at the hospital visiting Jadas cybernetic lung, liver, and heart
Officer Anthony Thomas one of his patients. He was called to the regulator have increased her physical
ER, and got to work immediately, saving stamina to well above the normal human
Mack Riley her life. level. She is capable of running longer,
and faster, than any of the regular crimi-
Profile Being a specialist in cybernetics, Doctor nals she pursues. Her cybernetic arm
Jada had just finished her shift as a waitress Jordan was able to stabilize Jadas heart, gives her the ability to lift up to 10 tons of
at Macks, an all-night diner, and was walking replace her liver and damaged lung, and weight.

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
and he didnt show any signs of waking up
Major Reynolds soon, so Timothy picked up his partner,
and carried him back into friendly territory.
Real Name: Major Timothy Reynolds
Origin: Skilled Human Both men spent several days in a naval
Gender: Male shipboard infirmary. Zeb had lost his legs,
and Timothy had almost lost an eye. Timo-
Nationality: USA
thy recovered from his wounds with noth-
Height: 6 4 ing more than a nasty scar over his left eye.
Weight: 225 lbs Zeb was sent stateside for recovery, and
rehabilitation. Even though Timothy was
Physical Description: Major Reyn- promoted to Captain after the action, and
olds proudly wears the uniform of an awarded several undocumented medals
officer of the elite organization known for his heroics, he was saddened that his
as COMBAT. He is a tall, and hand- best friend would never get to continue his
some gentleman, even with the scar career.
running down across his left eye.
After the liberation of Kuwait, Timothy was
assigned to several covert operations in
Primary Traits northern Iraq as a single unit to keep an
eye on the movements of Saddam
Melee 30 Husseins generals. He had several chanc-
Coordination 35 es to eliminate many of them, but was
recalled before he could initiate any action
Brawn 35
as coalition forces were called to cease-fire.
Fortitude 30
Intellect 25 For the next ten years, Timothy continued
to operate in, and around, Iraq, working
Awareness 25 with many groups opposed to Husseins
their parents, Timothy maintained his obe-
Willpower 35 dience to his parents wishes, a trait that rule. He was pulling surveillance in a little
has followed him into adulthood, and into coffee house in Baghdad on one of
Secondary Traits his own military career. Saddams cabinet members, when the
news of the terrorist attacks in New York
Damage 130 came across the state-run news channel.
Timothy enlisted in the US Marine Corps at
Fortune 85 the age of twenty-three, after acquiring an Many cheers rose up in the smoke filled
Bachelors Degree in Law. He graduated room, while Timothys blood ran cold.
Lifestyle 20
from Force Recon training as a First Lieu-
Repute 10 tenant just before Operation Desert Shield He was contacted by his superiors shortly
became Operation Desert Storm. He was thereafter, and was told that he was being
Powers shipped to Iraq just as the conflict began to reassigned to a group that would be able
escalate, and quickly earned a reputation to use his expertise. He was loaded up
Weapon 40 onto a transport in Egypt, and flown to an
amongst his brothers-in-arms as someone
youd always want watching your back. undisclosed location. Here he met with
Skills General Walter Kennings. He was briefed
Days before Operation Desert Saber be- on the new assignment, and given the
Guns +4 opportunity to sign on.
gan, Lieutenant Reynolds was scouting for
Law Enforcement +3 Iraqi anti-aircraft missile emplacements
with the intent of demolishing them. He Timothy didnt take long to decide as he
Scholar: Military Tactics +5
and his partner, and best friend, Zeb, a was eager to do his part in putting an end
demolitions expert, had just set their explo- to terrorism, no matter where it reared its
Contacts ugly head. He was promoted to the rank of
sives, and were about to bug out of the
COMBAT area when they were discovered. A fire Major upon transfer, and given command
fight ensued, preventing them from getting of team 37, a group of specialists which
Team 37 included, to his surprise, his old Force
clear of the missile system. The bomb
Various Islamic tribal leaders went off, setting off an explosion that was Recon teammate Zeb. Since his accep-
felt for many kilometers, leaving both men tance, the Major has lead his team on
Profile severely injured. several successful missions, both overt
Major Timothy Reynolds was raised in the and clandestine.
military lifestyle. His father served in the Once the smoke had cleared, Timothy
US Marines, and his mother, the US Air awoke with a terrible headache. Blood was The Major is a silent man, speaking only
Force, so young Timothy learned disci- running down his face, and had soaked his when he has something important to say.
pline, and diligence, at a very early age. uniform. He looked around for his partner, He leads his team via clear thought, and
Even upon reaching his teens, when most and found him lying unconscious beneath steadfastness, and so far it has been a
other boys were busily rebelling against a pile of rubble. Zebs wounds looked bad, successful formula.

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
Alexandra was the first operative to test the
Alexandra latest in energy weapon design, the CS-E1.
The E1 was created by COMBAT R&D
Real Name: Alexandra Simons scientists to replace the more devastating
Origin: Skilled Human projectile weaponry currently in use. The
Gender: Female weapon can be used to deal painful dam-
age that could be lethal, or it can be used
Nationality: Unknown
as a non-lethal stunner when taking pris-
Height: 6 0 oners is a more favorable option.
Weight: 165 lbs
Unfortunately, the lead creator of the weap-
Physical Description: Alexandra, is a on, and sole possessor of the formula for
tall, redheaded, and very muscular the weapons unlimited energy source,
woman. She is always seen in a form- disappeared shortly after Alexandra re-
fitting COMBAT uniform unless she is ceived the prototype. It is assumed that the
assigned to a covert operation. creator either sold himself out to a terrorist
group, or was captured by them while on
vacation (in either case, similar weapons
could be turning up in various locations
Primary Traits throughout a campaign).

Melee 30
Coordination 35
Availability: Unique
Brawn 20
Attack Type: Ranged /Energy
Fortitude 30
Damage: 20 / 6 + Stun Effect
Intellect 20
Range: 6
Awareness 30 New York on 9/11. She lost several friends
Fire Rate: 2
Willpower 35 in the collapse of both towers. It was this
that fueled her desire to put an end to
The COMBAT Sidearm Energy 1 is an
Secondary Traits terrorism once and for all.
evolutionary step forward in combat arms
Damage 115 development. It is the first Laser handgun
Alexandra continued to investigate leads
that does not require a rechargeable, or
Fortune 85 on Al-Qaeda on the internet for the next
massive power supply. It is also the first
several weeks. She was instrumental in
Lifestyle 100 weapon of its kind to be able to fire both
locating several key players in the group,
lethal, and non-lethal energy blasts.
Repute 0 many leading to the eventual arrest of
hundreds of suspects around the globe.
Another of the weapons great advantages
Powers Still, she longed to really take it to them,
is its long reach. Compared to a conven-
and voiced her desire loud enough that
Weapon 40 tional weapon of similar design (ie semi-
she received a discrete offer to join the
automatic pistol), the E1 outdistances stan-
COMBAT team.
dard projectile firearms by at least two
Skills Sectors. This, coupled with not having to
Alexandra was approached by Major Timo-
Guns +4 worry about windage, makes the E1 a
thy Reynolds at the company firing range
near-perfect sidearm.
Computer Operations +5 near her office. The Major watched her go
through several rounds before finally mak-
Martial Arts: Taekwondo +4 The E1 can be selected to fire a non-lethal
ing the offer of a lifetime, a chance to get
wave of energy at targets that need to be
payback from the terrorists. He explained
Contacts taken alive. A simple flick of a switch con-
that she would be leaving behind her ca-
verts the transformer to a lower wave-
reer, her family and friends, pretty much
length that affects the synaptic pulses of a
Combat her whole life if she chose to accept. She
target, rendering them unconscious. This
didnt hesitate.
use of the weapon causes minimal dam-
Team 37
age (6 points), and can be resisted if the
Alexandra was put through a tough training
target rolls a blue result or greater on a
Profile course, one that she was told paralleled
Willpower resistance check. Failure causes
Alexandra joined COMBAT early in its in- that of the US Marine Force Recon teams.
the target to pass out, and remain uncon-
ception. She had been working for the CIA Though she struggled through some of the
scious for 1-10 hours, and wake up with
as a Computer Crimes Analyst for three more physical tests, she excelled in all
one serious headache.
years, assigned to monitor possible terror- categories of firearms. She made it
ist activity on the internet. Information be- through the training with flying colors, and
gan to surface about the possibility of a was assigned to Major Reynolds Special
major attack just days prior to the strikes in Operations Team 37 upon graduation.

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
hellacious fire fights that either of them had
Zeb ever seen erupted. They made their way
into an abandoned building near the
Real Name: Lt. Zebediah Shayne launcher, and took turns laying down sup-
Origin: Technologically Enhanced pressing fire as the free hand searched for
Gender: Male a back entrance to the building through
which they could make their escape. Unfor-
Nationality: USA
tunately, there was no back entrance.
Height: 5 10
Weight: 265 lbs The pair fought on as the timer to the
explosives ticked away. Zeb hoped that
Physical Description: Zeb is always the explosion would cause some confu-
dressed for adventure. He wears a sion amongst their attackers that would
mish-mash of combat fatigues from dif- allow them to make a break from the area,
ferent military branches, preferring stan- but he didnt expect what happened next.
dard camouflage pants, with their baggy The talent of demolitions was passed down
from one Shayne to the next, so it was no Zebs bomb went off, and caused the war-
legs, to help cover up his cybernetic surprise that Zeb was a natural at blowing heads of the missiles on the launcher, and
replacements. things up. He could set a det-charge up the four crates of spare missiles stacked
while blind-folded, and half-drunk, if he up against the building that Zeb and Lt
Primary Traits had to, which was sometimes the case Reynolds were holed up in, to explode with
after a long night on the town. a thunderous roar. The building collapsed,
Melee 25 and the falling debris crushed both of
Coordination 30 At the age of eighteen, Zeb felt the call of Zebs legs from mid-thigh down. He
the road, and made the decision to join the passed out from the pain, and didnt awak-
Brawn 30/75 military. Though his father, and grandfa- en until several days later aboard one of
Fortitude 20 ther, were somewhat disappointed by his the Navys hospital ships.
Intellect 20 choice, they didnt dissuade him from join-
ing. They could see that the mining life was He awoke just before being shipped back
Awareness 20 not for Zeb, and that he needed to get away. stateside to find his best friend waiting at
Willpower 30 his side. Though he kept up a jovial facade,
Zeb signed up, and made his way to Paris Zeb was crushed at the loss of both of his
Secondary Traits Island where he met up with Timothy Reyn- legs, and that he would no longer be able
olds. Though they were obviously from two to pursue his chosen profession. He bade
Damage 105/150 completely different tracks in life, the two the Lieutenant goodbye, and set his mind
Fortune 70 quickly became friends. They helped each toward what he would do with the rest of
other get through basic, and then through his life.
Lifestyle 10 the grueling Force Recon regimen that
Repute 0 followed. The pair was excited to learn that Shortly after Timothy left, Zeb received
they would be assigned to the same team another visitor, General Walter Kennings.
Powers upon graduation. The General presented Zeb with his Purple
Heart medal, and commendations for his
Cybernetic Legs 45 Their unit was sent to Iraq as tensions service to the Corps. He then went on to
Super Speed 40 began to build at the start of Desert Storm. inform him that his service to his country
They dealt the Iraqi forces several devas- was far from over. Confused by this, Zeb
Skills tating blows while gathering information for listened patiently as the General explained
their brothers to utilize in upcoming mis- how new technologies had been devel-
Guns +3 sions. All was going great for both men, oped that would get him back in the field in
until one hot day in February. as little as six months, if he signed on to a
Demolitions +5 new outfit. Zeb agreed, and so began his
in preparation for Operation Desert Saber, transformation to the Tin Man of COM-
Contacts the squad was sent into a quadrant to BAT Team 37.
locate and destroy any anti-aircraft missile
COMBAT battery placements that might hinder air- Zebs new legs gave him new life, and new
Team 37 support. Zeb, and then Lieutenant Reyn- abilities. He is capable of running at incred-
olds, broke off from the main group upon ible speeds, easily outdistancing even the
Profile entering one of the many villages that they fastest Olympian champions, and his legs
Zebediah Shayne grew up in a mining town had visited that day. They stumbled upon increase his lifting capacity, allowing him
in West Virginia. Mining was in his blood, hisa mobile missile launching set up, and Zeb to lift up to 10 tons of weight. Though he is
father was a miner, his grandfather was a quickly placed his explosives with the timer quick to show off his abilities, he still hasnt
miner, his great-grandfather was a miner, set for five minutes. gotten used to having metallic legs. He
and so on. Each generation worked, and does his best to camouflage them by wear-
sometimes died alongside one another in the As the two friends prepared to bug out, ing combat trousers, or sweat pants at all
pits for nearly one-hundred and fifty years. they were discovered, and one of the most times.

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
returned home shortly after the war, receiv-
Gunny Mack ing a stoic, but warm welcome from his
Real Name: Gy Sgt. Maximilian Davis
Origin: Skilled Human Mack returned to service, and quickly be-
Gender: Male gan to shape up his unit. He ran a tight
ship, and nobody gave him any lip about
Nationality: USA
the way he ran things. He loved his job,
Height: 6 6 and turned down several offers of promo-
Weight: 300 lbs tion in order to keep his position. It was a
good life until one fateful day in September
Physical Description: Mack is one big of 2001. That day his life, his entire world,
man. He towers over most of his com- changed forever.
rades, and many of his opponents. He is
always in uniform, and prefers to carry On the morning that the Twin Towers were
the standard issue arms of the US Ma- struck, Mack was busy getting ready for an
inspection of his motor pool by a visiting
general. He hadnt been watching the
news, so it wasnt until he received a call
Primary Traits from his XO telling him that the inspection
had been canceled, that he found out what
Melee 35 had happened. He was ready to take up a
Coordination 45 weapon and ship back out to the desert
immediately, until he received one more
Brawn 45 phone call.
Fortitude 30
Intellect 20 something the boy hated at the time, but The voice on the other end of the line told
now it was something that the man looks him in as solemnly as possible that his
Awareness 15 father, Gunnery Sergeant Willie Davis, had
back on with fondness, and understanding.
Willpower 25 Mack knows that he would have died in the been in one of the towers when the planes
streets if it werent for Gunny Davis. collided with them. Mack confirmed that he
Secondary Traits understood the message, and hung up the
At the age of seventeen, he joined the phone. He sat quietly for a moment, and
Damage 155 Marines, and began a lifetime of devotion then picked up the receiver once again. He
Fortune 60 to the Corps. He trained hard, working his called his company commander, and re-
body through every sort of torture the quested to be assigned to the first unit to
Lifestyle 10 be shipping out for wherever they needed
Corps could dish out, and he always came
Repute 5 out on top. As a result, Mack became as to be in order to take out those responsible
strong as an ox, and even won several for the attack. His CO informed him that no
Powers bets in the motor pool by lifting two engine one would be going anywhere until it was
blocks at a time without breaking a sweat. determined exactly who was behind the
Trait Increase (Brawn, Coordination) attacks.
Mack found that the shooting lessons Gun-
Skills ny had taught him as a boy had really Mack used the time to hold a private me-
taken a hold. He earned Expert status in morial for his father. He continued to run
Guns +5 his company as if nothing had happened.
every weapon that was placed into his
Driving +3 hands, even hand grenades, something Days past, and he was still overseeing the
that got him notice from the brass. logistics of his unit. He was beginning to
Repair (Vehicle) +4
lose patience until he received a surprise
Thrown Weapons +5 Though his MOS had him billed for Motor visit from one General Walter Kennings.
Transport, Mack was pulled to serve in
Contacts several of the armored vehicle crews, in- The general informed him that a special
cluding that for the M1 Abrams. Here he unit was being formed to take the fight to
COMBAT gained a lot of experience in both the the enemy without having to wait for ap-
Team 37 operation, and maintenance of many differ- proval from official channels. The only
ent ground vehicles. drawback was having to leave the Corps.
Profile Mack debated with himself briefly, but de-
Mack grew up in a foster home in a little town He was assigned to the 4th Marine cided that the ends justified the means,
near Memphis Tennessee where he learned Divisions 4th Tank Battalion just prior to and signed on to the COMBAT team.
honor and discipline at an early age. His their being mobilized for Operation Desert
foster father , who eventually adopted the Shield. Though the ground battle wasnt a Mack now serves as a driver/mechanic of
young man, was a Marine who had served in long one, he gained some experience in Team 37. His team has already performed
the Corps since the beginning of the Korean combat operations, and earned the rank several covert missions, and he is always
war. He raised Mack like a soldier in training, he had longed for, Gunnery Sergeant. He ready to get his boots dirty at any time.

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
Night at the
Palace Original fiction by James F Keck
Jord stared out through the can- then she was almost too much of where the soldier, and the girls,
opy into the swirl of hyperspace. a handful for him. were hiding. They lost their pay-
No matter how many times he Funny thing, Slayers. They check for it, but Jord figured that it
jumped, he always marveled at spend their entire lives in training, was worth the price.
the thought of zipping by the hun- learning a thousand ways to termi- Glora checked the chrono.
dreds of thousands of planets, and nate other beings, but they never
billions of stars that inhabited the consider the impact of such a life Two hours to transition. Have you
galaxy, with nothing more than the until they have lived it for a while. prepped your armor?
thin shell of his little freighter, and She was a wanted woman in over
the computations of the astro- one hundred star systems. At the Jord smirked. He knew that Glora
comp, to keep him and his passen- mere age of twenty-three standard had already checked, and likely dou-
gers from colliding with something, years, she had racked up so many ble, or triple-checked both his armor,
and being turned into space dust. kills that it was hard for her to live and her own equipment since lifting
He was shaken from his reverie by a life of peace, and freedom in the off from Sloun over thirteen hours
a gentle touch upon his shoulder. galaxy. She was a serious detri- ago.
The slender form of Glora ment to anyone who sided with
slipped into the copilots seat be- her in any legal fashion, but Jord Ill get to it. Did you get Exor to
side him. She was a beauty, to be saw something in her that he felt check the ventral shield generators?
sure, but deadly just the same. He he could bring to the forefront. She Well need that extra padding as we
watched her peripherally as she was a born and bred killer, but descend.
checked over the Storm Winds there was also a spark of compas-
systems. If he werent old enough sion in her eyes. Glora nodded, Yes, he informed
to be her grandfather, he could In the past dozen or so mis- me that the generators were in opti-
definitely see himself hounding sions hed pulled with Glora at his mal condition.
after her like a schoolboy. side, hed seen that compassion
A Slayer from Alphaas-5, Glora surface on at least three occa- Exor was one of Jords more re-
had joined the crew just one galac- sions. The most prominent was cent acquisitions. A mech-bot to
tic standard year ago. She needed when she had allowed an oppos- help him keep the Storm Winds
to get off-world after a job on ing soldier go when she saw that systems operational when he
Corgus, and Jords freighter just he was protecting a pair of young couldnt perform the work himself.
happened to be the next ship to be girls from the advance of their em- The robot was good, its program-
leaving the port. It wasnt until af- ployers. She actually terminated ming was top of the line, and it had
ter he had made the jump to hyper- the officer that had been sent with pulled their butts out of the fire on
space that he found her hiding in the crew to ensure that they did more than a couple of occasions. It
his exo-vault. It took him a few their job when he ordered her to still needed some upgrades to make
minutes to pin her down, and even launch a grenade into the building it more flexible, especially as an

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
extra security device, but it would Hed lost two of his crew in that another sprang into being on the
do for the time being. battle, so picking up a willing body scopes.
was a boon in and of itself, but to
Good. Keep an eye on things. get one with some form of medical Ten fighters approaching rapidly,
Ill go check my armor. knowledge was golden. Of course, said Glora. They appear to be Ven-
that she attributed her abilities to tran Nationals.
Jord made his way to the vault. some imaginary power was often
He kept the exoskeleton locked the source of many jokes from Jord nodded, but remained fo-
away in the secured compartment himself and the other mercenaries cused on getting the Storm Wind
to prevent anyone from literally aboard the Storm Wind, Triffin into the atmosphere.
walking away with the last token of took it in stride, and often had the
his former life. He was the com- last laugh when one of them came Six fighters rising from the sur-
mander of his familys house crawling to her for help. face. These look to be Dichotti. Yes,
guard, and so was given the finest they are on an intercept with the
exo-armor money could buy. Jord looked at his chrono, Ventrans.
The armor is essentially a small Good. Go strap into number two.
walking tank, with a mini-gun, gre- Were transitioning in twenty min- Jord gave a quick glance to the
nade launchers, and a shoulder utes. There might be some opposi- scopes. It would be close. The Di-
mounted pulse rifle. The armor tion on the way in. chotti ships were smaller than the
plating is capable of taking a direct Ventrans, but more maneuverable,
blast from a 105-mm projectile, Triffin nodded, and slinked off to and faster. Still, the Ventrans were
leaving the occupant stunned for a the ventral cannon turret. Her pro- closing, and at least one or two of
few moments, and likely bruised, fession was that of a healer, but them could get a shot off before they
but alive. Its micro-shield genera- her lineage was that of a warrior. reached the entry window.
tors help to deflect all but the most She didnt know anything about
powerful blasts from pulse weap- starship weaponry when she first Triff, track those fighters coming
ons, and lasers. came aboard the ship, but she in at ten oclock. If one gets within
Jord checked all of the suits learned about them faster than range, dont waste any time, he said.
systems, and rechecked the maga- any other crew member hed ever
zines before turning to head back taken on. She quickly became the Affirmative, was her reply.
to the bridge. He almost jumped best gunner Jord had ever had the
out of his skin as he came face to pleasure to work with. The Dichotti fighters closed with
face with Triffin, their resident mys- Jord returned to the cockpit, the Ventrans. Two fireballs erupted
tic and healer. The cat-like Kari- and took his seat. Glora was finish- at the back of their formation before
chian was always accidentally ing up another diagnostic, and re- the lead fighters could get into range
sneaking up on everyone. ported that all systems were green. with the Storm Wind. Over half of
He transferred control of the dor- the flight turned to face the new
Triff. I swear Im getting a bell sal turret to the copilot control sta- threat while three continued to inter-
for you to wear around here. Are tion, and prepared his mind for the cept.
you prepared for battle? upcoming battle. He would bring A warning chimed on the scopes.
the Storm Wind in hot, and fast, The lead Ventran fighter was now in
Triffin grinned, looking as if kicking in the landing jets at just range, and Triffins pulse cannon
shed just caught her next meal under two thousand meters. After came to life. Glora joined in with the
than being simply amused. switching control over to Glora, he dorsal cannon when the other pair
would move to the vault and don closed the gap. The Storm Wind
Yes Jord, my prayers have his armor. Before touchdown, the bucked as a missile from one of the
been offered, and my herbs have deployment plating in the vault fighters exploded just meters away
been stocked. Your wounds are floor would open up and dump him from the hull.
safe with me. into the battlefield, guns blazing. It
had worked hundreds of times be- GRAKUS! said Jord, Exor!
How about your weapons? You fore, it had to work now too. From Keep an eye on those shields! We
do plan to assist Glora and I in the the reports hed been reading from cant afford to lose them now.
assault dont you? the Dichotti, the Ventran National
League had amassed a significant Jord received an affirmative
My power packs are charged, number of forces, and equipment, squonk from the robot as it wheeled
and my blade is keen. Fear not, in preparation for this little coup. around engineering checking on
warrior. I will not leave you unpro- The transition signal twittered one system after another.
tected. on the control panel, and Jord
gripped the controls. The Storm CHAAARRRR! growled Triffin as
Triffin had been with Jord longer Wind jittered, and the swirling tan- her cannon shredded the lead fight-
than any other crew member hed gle of hyperspace suddenly trans- er. Its wingman swerved to miss the
ever had. She joined him when he formed into the pin-pricks of real debris cloud, and nearly clipped the
assisted her people in the defense space. The sensor panel began Storm Winds sensor array as it
of Karichi over five years ago. chiming out as one starship after blasted passed.

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
Good kill Triff, just dont get The altimeter chimed at two Yes, your crew is being transport-
your fur up yet, there are two more thousand meters. Jord tapped the ed here as we speak. Tell me what
circling us out there. transfer switch, and jumped out of you need, and we will support you.
his seat. He could feel the deck
Aye captain! plates shuddering beneath his Jord checked his sensors. The
boots as the landing jets kicked in. tanks were regrouping, and ap-
Glora tracked the third fighter, Reaching the vault, he slid into his peared to be tracking the air, waiting
and cut loose with her cannon. armor like he had seemingly thou- for him, or others like him, to come
She clipped a wing, but the pilot sands of times before, and locked flying over the wall. He looked at the
kept his ship steady. Probably a himself into the interface. The main gate. It appeared to be large
veteran. deck dropped out from under him, enough for him to walk through.
The fighter doubled back, and and the locking clamps clicked
before Glora could compensate, loose. He was now airborne. Open your gate on my mark.
he returned fire, cutting through As he fell from about one thou- Have your men ready to take out
the weaker dorsal shields, and sand meters, he could see that the any enterprising opponents that
slagging her turret. Ventran forces were close to might try to rush by me on my way
breaching the palace gates with through. I should be able to take out
FLOOSH! she shouted. their tanks. He waited until hitting at least two more tanks before they
Sparks danced on the turret con- the eight-hundred meter mark to realize where Im coming from.
trols under her hands. She looked kick in his landing jets, and then
at Jord, hoping that he wouldnt be trained his pulse cannon on the The commander glanced at the
too angry with her failure to take rear tank. A study of Ventran bat- gate, and then back at Jord, an obvi-
down the fighter on the first pass. tle tactics on the trip to the system ous look of skepticism in his eye. He
Jord didnt break stride. He told him that the commander shrugged, and nodded.
flipped the freighter so that Triffins would be behind his forces to give
cannons could track the errant himself a better vantage point with Youre the professional. Good
fighter. She cut loose once more, which to direct the other tanks. luck captain.
and the veterans craft erupted Taking out the leader would create
instantly. Jord flipped the ship confusion, and give him an advan-
A squad of soldiers flanked the
once again so that she could deal tage as the remainder of the forc-
gate as Jord moved into position. He
with the final fighter, but the pilot of es regrouped, and refocused their
flickered his landing lights to signal
the vessel was giving them a wide chain of command. the commander to open the gate.
berth as he tried to rejoin the rest The pulse cannon thrummed,
The heavy blast-proof doors slid
of his flight. Without his command- and a staccato of super-heated
open with a hiss, and laser fire be-
er to give him instructions, he plasma hammered the turret of the
gan rolling back and forth across the
wanted nothing to do with the command tank. In moments, the
threshold. Jord sprang through the
Storm Wind. vehicle exploded, setting off un-
portal, and opened up with his pulse
spent hard rounds, and causing
cannon, and mini-gun, once again.
Coward, Jord thought as he several of the infantry troops to hit
The first tank he hit went up like a
resumed his descent through the the deck whether they wanted to,
nova. It flipped up on its side, and
atmosphere. or not. rolled over against its squad mate.
Next, Jord opened up with his
His mini-gun made short work of
The Storm Wind raced toward mini-gun, taking out several of the
several ground troops that thought
the surface of the dark green plan- other support vehicles, and they could overpower the armor with
et below. Their landing zone was ground troops, as he descended
their conventional laser rifles. The
a contested section of forest just into the palace compound to the
thousands of rounds that spewed
north of the equator. Jord could thunderous cheers of the Dichotti
from the over and under barrels sim-
see evidence of a battle going on warriors. ply liquefied the soldiers flesh, leav-
near the Dichotti palace. Thats Jord flipped open his visor as a
ing nothing to identify the bodies
where he needed to be. Dichotti commander approached.
except for their DNA.
Jord made a few course correc- The man looked tired, but capable.
The second tank was taking too
tions, and then kept his good eye He carried a blaster rifle just like
long to extract itself from the wreck-
on the altimeter. At twenty-three those being used by the common
age of its comrade. It couldnt get its
hundred meters, he unstrapped, soldiers. That spoke volumescannon turned toward him, and it
and prepared to switch over the about the mans convictions to
couldnt pull forward without rolling
controls. Jord. backward to unhitch itself from the
hulk. Jord wasted no time in dis-
Get ready love. Welcome to Riloh Captain! I patching it with another blast from
see you like to make an entrance. his pulse cannon. The weapon cut a
Glora smirked. She loved it dozen holes through what was left of
when he called her that. Jord smirked, Yes sir. Did my the first tank before cutting a dozen
ship land safely? more through the second. The tank
Aye captain. didnt explode, but no living being

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
could have survived such a butch-
cover in the tree line just south of As the smoke rose over the com-
ering. the palace compound. They were pound, Jord and Glora made their
The third tank in the squadron
taking shots at Jords exoskeleton, way back inside the walls of the
used the death of its comrade to
bewildered that their best shots Dichotti governmental palace. The
move into a better position. Before
were so ineffective. She timed her old mercenary disengaged from his
Jord could set his sights on the
movements with deadly precision armors interface, and popped the
new threat, the tanks cannon as she drew the pair of stutter hatch. He slipped down, and nearly
belched, sending a heavy projec-
daggers from their sheaths. She collapsed on the ancient pavers be-
tile squarely into Jords chest plat-
brought them to life just as they neath his feet. The shot hed taken
ing. The impact rocked him hard,
made contact with the two mens had been a hard one. Breathing was
slamming him against the armors
throats. becoming a bit more difficult now
frame, and knocking the wind out Glora moved silently through that the adrenaline was no longer
of his lungs. Luckily, the micro-
the forest, dispatching Ventran pumping.
perf padding on the interior of the
troops whenever she encountered Triffin appeared from nowhere,
armor helped to keep him from them. The violent explosions of and grabbed Jord by the arm to
taking any serious damage, but he
the tanks being destroyed by steady him. The felinoid walked him
would definitely have a good Jords pulse cannon would have to a nearby low wall, and helped him
bruise come morning. muffled any screams that her vic- to sit down. She rummaged through
Before the tank could reload,
tims would have emitted, if she her pack, and produced several
Jord targeted its turret and would have allowed them to. packets of herbs, and a handful of
slammed it with a blast from his The slayer watched as a driver vials containing various oils and un-
pulse cannon. The turret was from one of the disabled tanks ran guents.
ripped from its track, and thrown at
into the tree line, and considered
least two-hundred meters acrosstaking him out before moving on to You should learn to side-step
the compound. The driver in what
the last tank in the compound. when people are firing big guns at
was left of the tank did his best to
Seeing that Jord didnt cut the you.
get out of the firing line, but the
man down with his mini-gun, she
next tank in the line moved for-
decided to let him live with the Jord grinned, Thanks for the tip
ward, and blocked his escape. shame that running from a battle Triff. Now, would you be so kind as
As Jord was sighting in on the
would cling to him for the remain- to make the hurt go away?
new threat, a rocket trail streamed
der of his days. She turned back to
out from the wall of the palace.
her objective, and pulled a det The Karichian pulled open Jords
The projectile slammed into thepack from her belt. tunic. A large, nasty bruise was al-
unshielded motor compartment of Sprinting across the compound, ready beginning to form. It covered
the fourth tank, and lit it up like the
Glora sprang atop the last stand- most of his left chest, and encom-
swamp gas bubbles on tank, and flicked the timer of passed his solar plexus. She
The driver of the third tank jumped
the det pack. It was set to go off in opened one end of a packet that
clear, and made his escape on thirty seconds, so her timing had contained a purplish hued powder-
foot to the tree line beyond the
to be perfect. She grabbed the like substance, and emptied a vial of
compound. hatch release on top of the tanks oil into it. The power sizzled as Trif-
Jord checked his scopes, and
turret, and gave it a yank. The fin swirled the packet around to mix
Triffins signal blipped on the map
hatch flew wide, and the assassin the contents together. Once she
from the wall. tossed the explosive into the lap of was satisfied with the consistency of
the commander. She dove off the the paste that was formed, she
Glad you could join the fun. side of the tank as excited shouts peeled the packet open like a book,
Wheres Glora? from within could be heard, just and then gently placed it on Jords
before the pack went off. chest.
Where else? was the The old man winced as the con-
Karichians response. coction immediately began working
its way into his pores. The pain was
Jord took another glimpse at his Jord turned his sights to the last still there, and he knew it would
tactical display. He knew that the tank in the compound. He was remain until Triff did her mumbo
former assassin wouldnt be stu- about to fire his pulse cannon jumbo. He also knew that she
pid enough to make a move in the when the tank erupted from the wouldnt begin until he asked her to.
battlefield without her personal inside out. The turret lifted almost
cloak, but he looked for her out of two meters into the air before set- Okay Triff, get on with the spiritu-
habit anyway. He didnt find her, of tling back down on the lumbering ality bit. I wont believe this gunk is
course, but he knew she was out hulk beneath it. The heavy cannon doing its job until you say those
there somewhere. bounced off the hull, and then fell magic words.
limp as flames roiled up and out of
the command compartment that Triffin snarled a grin, and began
the turret once concealed. chanting in her native tongue. She
Glora slipped up behind a pair placed a hand on Jords wound, and
of Ventran soldiers who had taken Theres my girl, Jord said. began to sway from side to side as

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
the pitch and tone of her growling So, when do you suspect they came rambling over his comm, but
rose and fell. The Dichotti warriors will return? before he could make out what she
that had gathered nearby snick- was saying, he was nearly knocked
ered amongst themselves as they That is uncertain, said the com- to his feet by an explosion merely
watched the spectacle unfolding. mander, You delivered quite a five meters away.
Jord inhaled deeply as some- blow to them. Theyve never en-
thing crackled inside his chest. countered anything like your ar- What in Holmar was that?
The pain was dying down rapidly, mor here. And to be honest,
and his breathing was becoming neither have we. It is quite an Jord, incoming! Looks like some-
easier. He figured that Triffins impressive display to behold. one else has come dressed for din-
snake oil was most likely the real ner, Glora said.
cause of his relief, but he also Thank you commander. I sup-
figured that allowing the Karichian pose that I should begin patching Jord dropped his hammer, and
to practice her magic wasnt hurt- up the dents and scratches I took climbed up into his command har-
ing anything. out there. My team will keep watch ness. The armor sealed around him,
Triffin finished her prayers just for the next wave. You can let your and came to life as he connected to
as the Dichotti commander ap- men get some rest. the interface. The scanners flickered,
proached them. Jord buttoned up and the threat flared up immediately.
his tunic, and stood. The com- Excellent. Thank you captain. He couldnt believe what he saw on
mander had a bit of a smile on his the readout hovering before his
lips as he extended a hand to the The commander disappeared eyes.
mercenary. into the darkened inner compound, The armored suit rushing to at-
and began dismissing most of his tack him was registered as one from
Excellent work captain. You troops. Glora had already began House Djanik, one of his familys
and your team have performed setting up the portable scanner bitterest foes. Surely they too had
very adequately, however, Im theyd brought, and was booting it been ousted by the peoples army?
afraid that the Ventrans will return up as he and Triffin sauntered over. He didnt have time to pursue the
soon. They will not hit us with an thought any further. His scanners
air strike, as they want to take the Anything yet Glora? picked up another incoming mortar
palace in as complete condition as round. This time, it was on a direct
possible. No. Dont worry old man, Youll course for his position.
be the first to know if anything Jord didnt waste time. He ran
Whats so special about the pal- breaks wind out there. Go and toward the wall, and initiated his
ace? patch up your armor, Triff and I will jump jets. His exoskeleton respond-
watch the skies for you. ed dutifully, launching him high into
The commander shifted slightly. the air as the mortar round slammed
Jord hammered away at the into the pavers where hed been
It is complicated, really. It has breastplate of his suit. The shell standing. Jords suit landed atop the
much to do with the Ventran belief had embedded itself in the armor, wall between a pair of surprised
in an ancient deity that our species and was stubbornly refusing to let Dichotti guardsmen who were scan-
once worshipped, his eyes go. He swung the breastplate out- ning the darkness to locate their at-
twitched to Triffin, We, the Dichot- ward, and rolled up the micro-perf tackers.
ti, have left behind our supersti- lining to get a different angle on Jord sighted in on the Mark VII
tions, but the Ventran Nationals the problem. After a few solid battle suit with his pulse cannon,
have been using the tradition to blows, the shell dislodged and fell and fired. The man in the armor
win the hearts and minds of the to the ground with a heavy thud. must have seen it coming, because
common folk. Our world broke free The mercenary picked up the he tucked his leg, and rolled to the
from the bonds of religious tyranny projectile, and gave it a scan with right as Jords blast chewed up the
only two-hundred years ago, and his implant. The servos whirred in soil where it had been. Jord cursed,
now the Ventrans are trying to his head as the eye switched from and tried to regain his lock as the
subjugate the people once again. normal view to microscopic. The suit rolled up to one knee, and
shell looked to be composed of a launched a pair of missiles toward
Jord nodded. Hed seen several super-dense material, like a cross his position. With no time for formali-
worlds where religious beliefs between lead and something simi- ties, Jord simply backhanded both
were the cause of conflict lar. Its outer casing was a simple of the guardsmen, sending them
amongst the population, but he aluminum coating, most likely to tumbling backwards into the inner
had also seen several worlds keep the tanks cannon from get- compound below. Before he could
where a balance of belief and self- ting too many deposits from the jump away, the wall beneath his feet
knowledge made for a much bet- core of the shell. exploded as the missiles struck
ter civilization. To him, it didnt He tossed the shell aside, and home.
matter. All he was concerned with began hammering at the dent. He Jord tumbled to the ground out-
was getting paid for a good days was half-way through the repair side of the wall. His mini-gun was
work. Leave the politics to the win- when he heard a strange whistling trapped in the rubble, and he
ner of the fight. noise from above. Gloras voice couldnt get himself upright quickly

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
enough. Another missile slammed appeared to know that the static the line of fire. This gave Jord an
into the left pauldron, spinning him lance would be an effective weap- opportunity to get to his feet, and
around, and wrenching his mini- on against Jords armor told him prepare for his next attack.
gun free from the debris at the that this was indeed a survivor of As the Mark VII spun back around
same time. House Djanik. to face him, Jord opened up with his
Warning alarms chimed in his Jord began looking for any iden- pulse cannon. The energy blasts
ears, and lights flickered across tifying marks that might give him a hammered into the breastplate of
the readouts before him. His left clue as to whom would be inside the enemys armor, sending him
arm felt like it was on fire. He the exoskeleton. The armor had stumbling back a couple of steps.
checked his scopes to find that the been repainted, but there was al- Smoke rose into the air as the
enemy was launching himself into ways one significant feature that breastplate heated up, and began to
the air to perform the death strike each owner would have made melt, ever so slightly.
that the Mark VII was famed for. unique to let everyone know who The warrior spun again, and
Jord twisted his waist at the last he, or she, was. As he scanned, came around with the static lance
second, rolling his armor clear of the warrior lunged at his helmet once more. This time, the tip of the
the spike ridden knee that was with the static lance. weapon slammed into Jords left
coming down at his head. The charge from the lance sent breastplate. It was then that Jord
The Mark Vii slammed into the tendrils of electricity surging remembered that he had rolled the
pile of rubble. The warrior inside around Jords face plate. He protective micro-perf away from the
must have expected Jords maneu- would suffer no damage himself armor while fixing the damage from
ver, because he quickly followed as long as the micro-perf lining the last attack. Electricity surged
up his failed attack with a sledge was insulating him from contact across the armor, and through it,
slam to his back as he continued with the armor plating. The energy straight into Jords chest. He
rolling away. As Jord began to roll from the attack simply ran its smelled his own flesh burning, and
up to a knee, the Mark VII was course, and Jord made a move of felt as if hed grabbed hold of a raw
coming to its feet with a four-foot his own. lightning bolt as the charge rattled
static lance extending from its He knew that the Mark VIIs him through and through. The last
right gauntlet. armor plate could withstand a sus- thing he remembered was the
The lance would put Jord out of tained burst from his mini-gun, but sound of Gloras voice screaming
commission if it made contact with its joints were another matter. He out over his headset, just before
his power generator. His armor twitched his wrist to sight the crashing to the pavers at his
was shielded to prevent cascading weapon in on his opponents left opponents feet.
from erring strikes, but the genera- knee joint, and opened fire. The
tor could be hit by a well-placed whine from the rifle was deafening,
attack through its exhaust port. If and the bullets hammered the ar-
he could keep his assailant in front mored knee mercilessly. Obvious- See what becomes of Jord and
of him, he had no worries. Still, the ly knowing what Jord was doing, company in the next amazing issue
fact that the warrior in front of him the warrior spun away to get out of of Threat Record!

Opening Night at the Palace Stats

The vehicles, equipment, and character templates on the following pages were created to be used with the D6 Space rules
set from West End Games, and Purgatory Publishing, and are included in the OpenD6 project.

Type: Kalistar Series 9 Maintenance Robot
Skills: exoskeleton repair 3D, firearms repair 3D, flight systems repair 3D,
gunnery repair 3D, personal equipment repair 3D, robot interface/repair:
damage only 3D, vehicle repair 3D
Move: 8
Size: 2 meters
Equipment: Various repair and diagnostic tools, plus parts; laser welder (damage 4D
if improperly used)
Cost: Very Difficult
Description: Exor is one of Kalistar Robotics finest maintenance robots in current
production. It is outfitted with many of the best repair, and diagnostic tools available,
and its programming has been touted by consumers to be second to none. New
repair modules, complete with tools and software, are a breeze to install (technician
receives a +2D bonus to Robot Interface/Repair rolls). Exor has been aboard the
Storm Wind for just six months, and has exceeded Jords expectations by a factor
of ten. He plans to improve the robots flight systems repair module after the current
mission is over, and he gets his pay.

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
the Storm Wind
Type: Janison Fleet Systems Modified Light Freighter
Crew: 3 Passengers: 3
Life-Supporting Modules
standard bridge with +2 comm, +1 gunnery, and +1D+1 sensors upgrades, pilot
auto function program (3D each in piloting and gunnery), and ship identifier;
hydroponics; lounge with food processor upgrade; 6 one-person rooms
Cargo Modules
bulk 25 tons
Life-Support Supplies: standard food (5 people/5 months);
atmosphere (14 people-areas/5 months)
2 laser cannons (1 dorsal, 1 ventral)
arcs: turret, range 3/12/25, damage 4D
In-System Drive
Move: 7 (space), 350 (atmosphere, 1,000 kph)
Maneuverability: +1D
Interstellar Drive: 0.5
backup: 0.1
Total Energy Requirements: 119
Power Plant: 160 energy units generated
Hull Toughness: 2D+1
Atmosphere Capability: streamlining; landing gear
Armor: +1D+1
Shields: +1D
Total Tonnage: 282
Scale: 18 Total Area Units: 153
Length: 77 meters (cylinder), 51 meters (ellipsoid), 39 meters (wedge)
Total Cost (new): 111,100 credits/Price Difficulty: 32
Description: The Storm Wind is an old Janison Fleet Systems light
freighter that has been modified several times by its previous, and
current owners. Much of the vessels cargo space has been converted
to passenger quarters, and weapons emplacements. A special cargo bay has been installed in the
rear-most section of the cargo hold for the storage of Jords custom armored exoskeleton. It has been
fitted to be jettisoned in the instance of an accidental overload of the armors power supply, dropping
off the entire tail section between the engine nacelles like a Tolvian razor lizard running from a Varrga.
The ship is a breeze to maintain, and cheap to refuel, and resupply, making it the perfect vessel for a
mercenary crew on a tight budget.

Stutter Blade
Availability: Uncommon
Attack Type: Melee
Damage: +2D
Range: N/A
Fire Rate: N/A Description: The Stutter Blade is a rather nasty little weapon that has been
Manufacturer: Feltar Arms
carried by many spacers throughout the galaxy for well over two-hundred
Designer: galactic standard years. The original blade was called the Feltar knife,
Voton Feltar
Cost: named after Voton Feltar, the blades designer. The weapon has seen
many interpretations in its two centuries, but the basic operation remains
the same; depress the power stud to activate the hyper-sonic actuator that operates the high-speed
sawing motion of the blades serrated edge. This action allows the blade to cut through many materials
quickly, and smoothly. The blade has been used for practically every imaginable purpose from combat
to rescue operations, and even food preparation.

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
Falantran Arms Combat Exoskeleton Falantran Arms was the primary
supplier of powered battle suits
Type: Armored exoskeleton for many of the larger hous-
Move: 25; 20 vertical es of Potus. Since the
Toughness: 8D world-wide over-
throw of the monar-
Maneuverability: +3D chical system, the
Scale: 6 company took their
main operations off-
Total Cost (new): 500,000 credits
Weapons The FA Combat Exo-
Pulse Cannon skeletons are tough, but
often not as heavily armed
Targeting: +2D as their competition. Their
Range: 200 / 400 / 800 primary weapon, the Series
Damage: 8D 7 Rapide Pulse Cannon, is
powerful, but very taxing on
the suits power supply. Knee-
Mini-Gun mounted grenade launchers offer
Targeting: +1D various explosive, incendiary, smoke, and other grenade capa-
bilities that can be interchanged by voice command. Many
Range: 250 / 1k / 2k models also include a hand-held mini-gun that can operate
Damage: 6D+2 equally in a vacuum, or an atmosphere.
Each suit was custom built for the buyer. No two exoskele-
tons are exactly alike, though they shared similar frames, and
Grenade Launcher features. Some of the options that were included in each suit
Targeting: +2 were systems such as the Gorand Quantro jump-jet package,
the TwyLyt night vision visor, and the Vrand Dyno-Systems
Range: 50 / 100 / 200 sensor suite, and comm package. These items can be substitut-
Damage: 6D (fragmentation) ed for other systems, but at a significant price-point difference.

Another supplier of fine powered armor for Quine Industries Kiervalcon MK VII
the nobility of Potus, Quine Indus- Type: Armored exoskeleton
tries served many of the lower Move: 28
tiered houses having tighter bud-
Toughness: 6D+2
gets than their more prominent
cousins. The company was the Maneuverability: +3D+2
leader in its field of mass pro- Scale: 6
duction of armor and weaponry, Total Cost (new): 175,000 credits
and was selling to noble houses
around the globe. However, when Weapons
the populace of Potus began to rise up Pulse Cannon
against the nobility, Quine Industries was Targeting: +2D
the first to begin supplying arms to the rebels.
Range: 200 / 400 / 800
The Kiervalcon line of armored exoskele-
tons was by far Quine Industries most popu- Damage: 8D
lar series. Each generation of armor saw one
improvement after another, mostly in the way Missile Launcher
of bigger, and better weapons systems. One of
Targeting: +1D+2
the failings of the series was arguably its lack of
sufficient armor plating, but the manufacturers Range: 250 / 1k / 2k
maintained that the added weight of heavier plating Damage: 9D
would reduce the systems speed and maneuvering capabilities
that gave it the edge a warrior needed in the battlefield. This,
coupled with the staggering array of available hard points for the
addition of extra weaponry was enough to dissuade further Targeting: +1D
argument. Range: 75 / 250 / 500
The Mark VII variant was the last production model of the Damage: 6D+2 (fragmentation)
Kiervalcon series. It boasted a payload capability of over ten
weapon systems including mortar launchers, missile launchers, pulse cannons, laser and blaster cannons,
grenade launchers, and many, many more. If the owner actually requested all of the slots to be filled, however, the
armor would be too awkward for combat. Most who purchase these suits can only afford up to two or three systems
at once, so this issue is rarely encountered in the real world.

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
Character Name:
Player Name:
Occupation: Assassin
Species: Human Gender:
Age: Height: Weight:
Physical Description:

acrobatics comm
brawling gunnery
dodge navigation
firearms piloting
melee combat vehicle operation
Equipment (R2), Starship
Advantage Flaw (R1).
sleight of hand
You claimed your starship from a previ-
throwing bargain ous target, and now his/her family
con wants it back.
gambling Accelerated Healing (1),
climb/jump hide You have a special tattoo composed of
lift investigation nanobots that automatically begin
stamina know-how working on any injuries sustained. This
gives you +1D to Strength when rolling
swim persuasion
for natural healing.
Machine Pistol 4D+1, Blast-
sneak er Rifle 7D, Knife +1D, Comlink, Cred-
aliens key, Light Freighter
astrography You have always been con-
bureaucracy fused with the bounty hunter. Though
business comp. interface/repair you share similar traits, you arent a
cultures demolitions
licensed professional, and you never
bring your targets in alive. For you, it is
intimidation firearms repair
all about the hunt, and the kill.
languages medicine
security regulations personal equip. repair
streetwise robot interface/repair 500
survival security 2D 10
willpower 32

Stunned 19-26
Wounded 13-18
Severely Wounded 6-12
Incapacitated 4-5
1 Mortally Wounded 1-3
5 Dead 0
Permission is granted to print or photocopy this page for gaming purposes 2010 Keck Publishing

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)

Character Name:
Player Name:
Occupation: Cybernetic Mercenary
Species: Human Gender:
Age: Height: Weight:
Physical Description:

brawling comm
dodge exoskeleton operation
firearms gunnery
melee combat navigation
Equipment (R2), starship,
missile weapons piloting combat exoskeleton
running sensors
Infamy (R2) You are an
throwing vehicle operation unwanted entity on many different
worlds where you participated in one
government overthrow or another.
climb/jump bargain Infravision/ultravision.
lift command You had an eye replaced with a cyber-
netic implant after losing one in combat.
stamina gambling
You receive 1D+1 to sight-based rolls
swim hide in low-light, or complete darkness.
Blaster Pistol 5D, Sonic Ka-
tana +4D+2, Comlink, Cred-key, Light
aliens search Freighter, Combat Exoskeleton
astrography sneak You were once a noble-
bureaucracy man-warrior on your home world, until
cultures the fateful day when the ruling class
intimidation armor repair was overthrown by an army of the
languages comp. interface/repair people. Now you roam the galaxy, hir-
ing out your mercenary services to the
security regulations demolitions
highest bidder.
streetwise exoskeleton repair
survival flight systems repair
tactics firearms repair 1,100
willpower medicine 2D 10
personal equip. repair
robot interface/repair
Stunned 19-25
vehicle repair
Wounded 13-18
Severely Wounded 6-12
Incapacitated 4-5
1 Mortally Wounded 1-3
5 Dead 0
Permission is granted to print or photocopy this page for gaming purposes 2010 Keck Publishing

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)

Character Name:
Player Name:
Species: Karichian Gender:
Age: Height: Weight:
Physical Description:

acrobatics navigation
brawling piloting (atmospheric)
dodge vehicle operation
melee combat
running None
sleight of hand Combat Sense, you are
never surprised. Natural hand-to-hand
throwing bargain
weapon (claws), adds +1D to Strength
con Damage when brawling.
hide Blaster rifle 7D, Karichian
climb/jump know-how saber +3D, Various herbs and medici-
lift persuasion nal unguents from your home world
stamina search You left your home world
swim sneak because of a vision. The galaxy need-
ed healing, and you were chosen as
the doctor. You bargained your way
aboard a trade ship bound for the inner
aliens worlds, and have been traveling
cultures among the stars ever since. You have
intimidation been surprised by the depravity of the
galaxy around you, and you realize
scholar: firearms repair
that to heal the disease that afflicts it
Karichian Mysticism medicine
will take a lifetime, if not more.
streetwise personal equip. repair
survival vehicle repair
willpower 110
2D 10
Stunned 16-22
Wounded 11-15
Severely Wounded 5-10
Incapacitated 3-4
2 Mortally Wounded 1-2
5 Dead 0
Permission is granted to print or photocopy this page for gaming purposes 2010 Keck Publishing

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)

by James F Keck

Walking the wastes? Keep an eye

(or two, or three) out for these
new threats.
No. Enc.: 1d4
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 80 (30)
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 5
Attacks: 2
Damage: 3d6
Save: L7
Morale: 7 (5 vs. fire)
Hoard Class: XVIII
Arboreals are mutated sentient trees that feed surprised to find themselves being attacked by
on the decaying flesh of other creatures. They the living trees whenever they attempt to pilfer it.
are considered scavengers, only feeding on the If the adventurers recognize the Arboreals before
carcasses of creatures that have been dead for approaching the grove, they can attempt to offer
at least two or three days, but have been known a trade for the goods.
to attack passing beings in leaner times. Arbore- Arboreals arent overtly violent creatures, but
als will feed upon other fallen plant-beings, but will defend themselves, and their grove, with
only if there is no other food source available. savage determination. When attacking, Arbore-
Arboreals are usually found in groups, or als use their arm-like appendages like massive
groves, of up to four beings, but are sometimes clubs to bludgeon their opponents, causing 3d6
encountered alone when they are foraging for points of damage each. Their thick bark hide
food. They choose to reside in areas where a gives them the equivalent protection value of
steady food supply is abundant, usually near the Plastic Plate, or Metal-Insert armor.
lairs of other creatures, or just outside of the Although they are not immediately affected by
ruins of cities of the ancients where adventurers fire, Arboreals are still unsettled when it is used
are likely to be exploring. If their sustenance as an attack against them. Whenever a fire-
source begins to dry up, they will move their based attack form is first used against an Arbore-
grove to richer fields, and possibly attack living al in combat, the ML should roll a Morale check
beings as they go. Most Arboreals are descend- against the Arboreals Morale rating of 5. If the
ed from deciduous, or leaf-bearing, trees, and check is successful, any further checks are made
are found in mostly temperate areas, however, against their regular Morale of 7.
some species of evergreen stock have been Arboreals communicate through various
encountered in arctic, and subarctic zones as well. creeks, moans, and rustlings that are difficult to
Arboreals typically bring their meals back to decipher. Few species other than mutated plants
the grove to share with one another. Sometimes ever develop the necessary skill to translate their
their dinner will be carrying valuable objects that language successfully.
will be of interest to adventurers. Sums of silver,
gold, and various artifacts are often piled in the Mutations: Carnivore, Free Movement, Natural
midst of a grove, and left open to the elements. Armor
Passing travelers who see the loot are often

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
Brougal check causes the victim to make all further
action checks with a -2 penalty to their dice rolls.
No. Enc.: 1d2 The victim is allowed another check after 3
Alignment: Neutral rounds of contact with the Brougal. A successful
check negates the penalty, but another failure
Movement: 120 (40)
increases the penalty by another point (-2 goes
Armor Class: 5 (0 Head) to -3). The victim may make another check for
Hit Dice: 4 every 3 rounds of contact until successful. Fur-
Attacks: 1 ther failed checks do not increase the penalty
beyond -3.
Damage: 2d6 bite This annoying, and disturbing, sound serves
Save: L2 another, very important purpose for the Brougal.
Morale: 8 The creature has no eyes, and relies upon its
constant gurgling for echolocation. Coupled with
Hoard Class: X its amazing olfactory sense, this makes the
Brougal a very deadly tracker.
The Brougals main attack is a savage bite
that inflicts 2d6 points of damage. The
creatures teeth are razor sharp, and will sever
a limb on a natural roll of 20 on the attack dice.
On a natural roll of 18-19, the Brougal has
locked its jaws, and will begin shaking its
victim from side to side until it is dead, or
something kills the Brougal. Victims subjected
to this attack take 3d6 points of damage per
The slime that covers the Brougals skin ooz-
es from rows of squiggly tendrils found running
across the creatures back, and down the back-
side of each leg. The slime is a Class 11
contact poison that causes paralysis to those
failing a save versus Poison or Death. The
paralysis lasts for 2d6 rounds, with a successful
save halving the duration, and leaving the victim
in a slowed state (movement rate is halved).
Vials of this goo can be sold for as much as 50
gp each. Up to two vials can be gathered from
one Brougal.
Brougal can be found in temperate to
tropical zones. They prefer to reside near
an abundant water source, and gravitate
toward warmer climates. The Brougal choose to
The Bourgal is an odd creature that appears live in underground caverns and dens, often
to be a cross between a giant armadillo, and taking over the lairs of other creatures after
some sort of amphibian. It stands four feet in running them out, or devouring them. Here, the
height, and is approximately five feet in length creature gathers any golden trinkets it comes
from snout to tail. Its slimy, leathery skin runs across, using it as a nest.
from dark brown to a mottled green in color, and Brougal are highly territorial individuals, and
its armored head carapace ranges from dark are rarely encountered in groups. A pair of Brou-
gray to black when young, eventually turning to gal may be found during the creatures mating
a lustrous gold as the creature matures and season, usually in the late winter, to early autum-
gathers a horde of the precious metal. nal seasons. Once a pair of Brougal have suc-
The Brougal gets its name from the guttural cessfully mated, they will separate, and move
rumbling the beast makes when in combat. This on to wider pastures.
throaty growling often unsettles their prey, forc-
ing an immediate Morale check (save vs Stun Mutations: Echo Location, Dermal Poison
Attacks for PCs) upon first hearing it. A failed Slime (Class 11), Increased Sense (Smell)

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 180 (60)
Armor Class: -3
Hit Dice: 8
Attacks: 2
Damage: 2d8 claw
Save: L8
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: XVIII
The Carak is one of the most fearsome mutat-
ed predators to be found in the wastes. It is a radiation.
highly intelligent creature that uses its mental Once the
abilities to control other creatures of lesser, or eggs have
animalistic intelligence, forcing them to do its will. been deposit-
The Carak surrounds itself with dozens of these ed, and camou-
zombie-like slaves at all times. flaged, the female leaves them to their fate.
The Carak appears to be a mix with a serpen- When the eggs hatch, the young Caraks attack
tine, and arachnid heritage. Individuals can one another. One hatchling either kills all of the
reach up to fifteen feet in length, and can stand others, or runs them off.
upwards to a height of approximately eight feet. Caraks are found mostly in tropical, or arid
The creatures scaly hide ranges in color from desert climes. They choose to dwell in buildings
deep green to a dark, steely gray, and offers the left behind by the ancients. Their favorite type of
beast excellent protection from various attack ancient buildings are the rare high towers that
forms. Its head, and upper body is also protect- once overlooked an entire city. This makes the
ed by a thick chitinous carapace, giving it the creatures feel as if they are gods, an impression
appearance of a giant king cobra. that they tend to promote when facing an oppo-
In combat, the Carak will use as many of its nent.
slaves as possible to defend itself from an ene-
my. Smaller animal types will swarm the oppo- Mutations: Natural Armor, Regenerative Capa-
nent first, leaving the more intelligent, and bility, Toxic Weapon, Mental Subjugation (see
combat capable zombies in reserve, should the below)
attackers make it through the first wave.
While opponents are engaged with the New Mental Mutation!
Caraks henchmen, it will attack them with its Mental Subjugation - The character has the
toxic spittle (Class 6 Radiation). This potent ability to impose its will upon creatures of lesser
venom can be spewed forth up to 30 feet, and intelligence than itself. The character makes a
causes 6d6 points of radiation damage to those mental attack against an opponent with a +2
struck by it. A successful save vs. Radiation will modifier to the roll. If successful, the target
reduce the damage taken by half. becomes totally submissive to the character,
When the battle comes to close quarters, the performing any action suggested like a brainless
Carak uses four of its upper limbs to stab at its zombie. Targets are allowed to make a save vs.
opponents. These appendages are as strong as Stun if they are ordered to end their own lives.
steel, and are very capable of penetrating vari- Targets with a high enough Willpower to avoid
ous types of armor. Each successful blow being automatically controlled may attempt to
causes 2d8 points of damage. On a roll of a break free of the characters hold by fighting
natural 20, the Carak has skewered its oppo- back (making their own mental attack against
nent, causing triple damage. the controlling character) once each day. The
The Carak are solitary creatures, choosing to subjugating character can control a number of
remain separated from their own kind, even hit dice of creatures equal to his/her level, or hit
after mating. The females of the species lay dice (a level 8 character can control one 8 hit die
their clutch of eggs in ruins near areas of high creature, or up to eight 1 hit die creatures).

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
Variations Optional rules and modifications for your gaming pleasure!

A modified variation of Bill Brownes Point-Buy system for 4C Character By Curt Meyer
Creation, and an addition to the optional Skill Levels rules.
Professional Lifestyles A Note on the Magic power: The Magic power as written is a catch-
all power allowing characters to effectively duplicate any power up to the
For use with the optional Skill Levels rules as presented Magic Power Rank. GMs may consider lowering the Character Point
in previous editions of Threat Record. cost of the Magic power by limiting the categories of powers that can be
duplicated. A Magic power duplicating only elemental based powers
might cost 5 points per Rank while Magic only allowing the caster to cre-
For each Skill Level +3 and above in a single skill classi- ate holographic and sonic illusions might cost 1. Ultimately, as with any
fied by the GM as a Professional Specialty, the other aspect of 4C, its entirely up to the GM. Of course, altering the
characters Lifestyle is increased by +5. catch-all effect of Magic raises the question as to what differentiates
Magic from any other power. Again, this depends on the parameters of
the campaign. GMs have opportunity to build a great deal of flavor
Point-Buy Character Generation around the metaphysics of specific takes on Magic.

The following is an expanded version of the Point Buy *Powers: In 4C System, there are two styles of power: powers that do
system conceived by Bill Browne, found on the Year of not have (or need) a Rank Value because any character with that power
gains its benefits, and powers that have and depend on a Rank Value. If
Living Free Wiki, and made available under the Creative a power needs a Rank Value, then purchasing it doesn't cost any points
Commons License. These rules add a lot of crunch to but buying ranks does. If it doesn't need a Rank Value, then it costs 20
character generation, and can tempt closet, or recovering, points.
munchkins to wreak havoc on the game. Please ap-
Obviously, the system is very open to abuse. Game masters should be
proach them with character development in mind, not wary of characters buying only one or two ranks in a power a limit of 5
power gaming. powers per character may help towards this.
Though Threat Record generally presents villain write-
ups, a hero, Golden Boy, is referred to in most of the ex- Power Limitations:
amples given for limitation generation to simulate negotia- A player may wish to increase his, or her, number of
tion between the player and the GM. The GM, of course, starting character points by taking on limitations to the
always has the final word. A complete write-up of Golden powers they have purchased. These points could then be
Boy using these rules is also found in this section. used to increase other powers, or traits.

Character Points to Spend Categorical Limitation: + the number of character

Below is a table showing starting character points for points equal to the powers rank value.
different campaign styles.
Example: If a powers description says that it affects the
Campaign Style Starting Points character and others, the character may choose to limit it
Pulp 80 to himself or herself or to others.
Golden Age 240
Silver Age 320 The inverse of these rules can be used to categorically
Iron Age 160 increase power range, and effect, at the GMs discretion.
Cosmic 400+
Example: Golden Boy can affect those whom he is touch-
Build Point Costs ing with his Regeneration [40] as well as himself, so the
In the point buy method, players choose their power costs an additional 40 points. Now, the astute GM
characters Origin at a cost of zero points. Origins typical- may want to rule that only a total of 40 points may be re-
ly have no mechanical effect on the game. Each other generated in this way per turn, regardless of the number
aspect of the characters build is listed with its cost in the of characters receiving benefit.
following table:
Power or Trait Negation: +1 character point per power
Option Cost rank, or trait rank, of a given power or trait affected by the
+1 to Primary Trait 1 point source of negation. The range and duration (after the
source is removed) of the negation equals 1/10 of the
+2 to Secondary Trait 1 point
highest trait or power affected in Turns. If the source is
1 Skill Level 20 points rare, like an alien mineral, the number of character points
1 Contact 20 points is halved.
1 Power (before Ranks)* free
1 Power (has no Ranks)* 20 points Example: At night, or in complete darkness, Golden Boy
+1 to a power (not including Magic) 1 point has the following reduced physical Traits: Melee, 5; Coor-

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
dination, 6; Brawn, 9; Fortitude, 9. Thus, his Damage be- Obligations can also represent oaths the character has
comes 29, yielding 181 points. taken, i.e. the code of Bushido, the Hippocratic Oath, oath
of military service, etc.
Specific Vulnerability: +20 character points per in-
creased multiple of the effect. Social Stigmas: +5 character points. Social Stigmas
cause circumstantial changes [plus or minus up to 10] in
Example: Golden Boy, whose powers are derived from Repute and, or, Lifestyle when in play.
Surya, the deva of the Sun, is particularly vulnerable to
the Darkness power [See Heroic Moments #1] . While Example: The vigilante-hero Freedom Ring is openly gay.
enfolded in a region of Darkness, all attacks yield triple In San Francisco, this quality might increase his effective
damage, so the character receives 40 character points. Repute by 5 or more. In central Louisiana, it may reduce
Thats assuming, of course, that Darkness is a fairly com- it by at least as many points.
mon power in the campaign, encountered about once ev-
ery 5 game sessions, for less common vulnerabilities, Marked: +20 Essentially the antithesis of a Contact,
GMs may want to consider reducing the number of points someone has a vendetta against the character.
Limiting the Total Number of Character Points Gained
Catalyst Dependant Power: The power will only function through Limitations: Although limitations are useful for
in the presence of a unique catalyst, i.e. magical item etc. customizing characters, GMs may want to restrict charac-
The number of character points awarded varies with how ters to a set number limitations. Otherwise he or she
difficult the catalyst, or the effect thereof, is to replace. might be facing a cadre of PCs with cosmic power, but
The points awarded generally should not exceed one only on every third Thursday, wholl go into anaphylactic
fourth the number of character points spent on the pow- shock if the eat anything but Spam.
ers effected by the catalyst.
Buying Off Limitations: Players may reduce the effect
Example: Golden Boy must be wearing his Band of of a limitation by 1 point by spending Fortune points equal
Surya to access his powers and any physical Trait above to the Limitations current value.
night levels, though his body will not revert to its child
state if the Band is removed. Because the item is excep- Character Advancement
tionally rare, but unbeknown to the hero, can be replaced The Game master must decide on what style of game
if an artisan with the appropriate expertise is found, the he or she is running. This will determine how many For-
GM awards 80 points. tune points buy one character point. Use the following
table to determine the type of game you are playing:
Trait Dependant Limitation: These limitations my repre-
sent specific allergies, psychological disorders, chronic
illnesses, and in some cases, depending upon the
players role playing skills and what the GM allows, even Fortune
Type Description to CPs
social or cultural awkwardness +5 character points for
each color other than black required to overcome expo-
A coming of age story in
sure to the source of the limitation.
which the characters learn
Bildungsroman new trades, develop new 3
Example: Because Golden Boy is a ten year old in an
powers and build new
adult body, he sometimes misses adult social queues. In
these situations he must make a Blue result on an Aware-
ness check to intuit the context, yielding 10 points.
A story in which mighty he-
Obligations: +10 for Moderate and +20 for Major. The roes play out their roles,
Epic 6
signifiers Moderate and Major refer to the obligations sig- achieving great roles and
nificance on game-play. undergoing some changes.

Example: Golden Boy has a roommate Charlene Chuck A story in which powerful
Mackenzie. If she is a prominent figure in the campaign, characters fulfil their roles,
always getting kidnapped, etc, the GM might award +20 Myth 12
performing the duties they
character points; if on the other hand, Chuck only occa- were expected to perform.
sionally figures into the campaign, the GM might award
10 points or less.

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
Golden Boy Point Build
[Initial Character Points: 320]

Real Name: Jeffery Winters (Secret)

Origin: Changed Human [One Primary Trait Raised +10 for free.]
Gender: Male
Nationality: USA
Height: 65
Weight: 240 lbs

Physical Description: Golden Boys signature uniform is a Halloween costume

gone wrong, conceived of the Saturday morning cartoon clichs, and realized in
dance club retro kitsch and camp, though its lost on him. Golden Boy wears white
spandex tights with gold trunks and cape. The Band of Surya, a copper alloy bracelet
with Sanskrit mantras worked into it, is affixed to his right wrist. His body emits a golden
glow as a side effect of his Regeneration power.

Primary Traits
Melee 30
Coordination 40
Brawn 75
Fortitude 75
Intellect 15
Awareness 9
Willpower 25
[Points Spent on Primary Traits: 259; 61 Remaining]
Secondary Traits Computer Operations +2
Damage 220 Mechanical Engineering +1
Fortune 49 Swimming +1
Lifestyle 4 [Points Spent on Skills: 60; Point Deficit: 1
Repute 0
[Points Spent on Secondary Traits: 2; 59 Remaining]
Flight 100
Regeneration 40 (Categorical Range Increase: Also works on other organic life within touch range +40)
Life Support 250 (See Ashcan Edition Issue #1)
[Points Spent on Powers: 450; Point Deficit: 451]

Trait Negation At night, or in complete darkness, Golden Boy has the following reduced physical Traits: Melee, 5;
Coordination, 6; Brawn, 9; Fortitude, 9. Thus, his Damage becomes 29 [+181; Point Deficit: 270].
Power Negation At night, or in complete darkness, Golden Boy losses his Flight; his Regeneration drops to 10 [+130;
Point Deficit: 140].
Vulnerability to Darkness Attacks against Golden Boy while he is enfolded in a region of Darkness yield triple damage [+40;
Point Deficit: 100]
Catalyst Dependant Powers Golden Boy must be wearing his Band of Surya to access his powers and any physical Trait above
night levels, though his body will not revert to its child state if the Band is removed [+80; Point Defi-
cit: 20]
Obligations Roommate [+10; Point Deficit: 10]
Trait Dependant Limitation Socially Awkward: Because Golden Boy is a ten year old in an adult body, he sometimes misses
adult social queues. In these situations he must make a Blue result on an Awareness check to intuit
the context [+10; Point Deficit: 0].

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
Profile: Jeffery Winters never really was a typical ten lost consciousness and with it, her smoldering cigar. Jef-
year old. Bored with the multi-player video games that fery awoke to smoke and flame. Instinctively, he bolted
enthralled his classmates at the choicest private academy for the unconscious Chuck, now visibly suffering from
that Denton had to offer, he began the insatiable quest to smoke inhalation. As flame engulfed the house, Jeffery
design his own at the age of eight. He devoted his uncan- grasped her with an unknown strength and lunged for a
ny intelligence to anything related to computers and me- second story window overlooking the pool. As the window
chanics. His only respite was his fascination with vintage gave way, Jeffery realized that he was holding his cousin
hero cartoons. He amassed a collection of action figures, with hands the size of a professional wrestlers. Jeffery
DVDs, lunch boxes and Shrinky Dinks to turn the heads caught a glimpse of his reflection as they plunged into the
of the most ardent fanboys at the local university. water. His body was now that of an Adonis, his once dark
These obsessions were enabled, if not encouraged, by hair now oddly white blond, but that was the least of his
Jefferys mother Dr. Pamela Winters to compensate for worries for the moment. Swimming was the only sport
long stints of absentee single-motherhood. An associate Jeffery was ever any good at. Even holding his cousin, he
professor of archeology jockeying for tenure, Dr. Winters hit the water just right. As they surfaced, he could literally
spent many a month on digs on the other side of the feel Chucks struggling lungs. He felt energy pass into her.
world. Her breathing eased a bit. His body glowed golden for an
On one such dig in South India, Dr. Winters allowed instant. Miraculously, no one had seen them. Fire trucks
herself an afternoons distraction at an open market. and emergency vehicles sped in at full force but not soon
There she purchased what she took to be a simple curio, enough to stop the explosion. Jefferys home, his life,
at best a facsimile from a salaciously authored text claim- erupted in blue flame.
ing to be of the Vedic period. The band was dull copper With a strange sense of purpose, the new Jeffery
with Sanskrit etching, one among many in the nondescript walked up to the EMTs on the scene and laid the barely
stall. She recognized some of the sigils as the name of conscious Chuck on a gurney. He could not explain it, but
Surya, the Shining One who oversees the day. Feeling he knew he was a hero. In the confusion onlookers as-
particularly guilty for having missed another birthday, Dr. sumed he must have been her lover, having somehow
Winters took the bracelet as an opportunity to connect rushed her out of the house before the gas line ruptured.
with her son. She mailed it with a letter explaining that But what of eccentric young Jeffery? No remains were
Surya must have represented an ideal hero, like the found. He was presumed dead.
Greek Apollo or so many of the caped figures adorning Charlene Chuck Mackenzie awakened to full con-
Jefferys room. sciousness with the indelible memory of the Golden Boy
Jeffery didnt think much of the gift when he received it, who saved her life. She found him, still in tattered rags,
but that would change. Within days all communion from hovering above her, as she was discharged from the hos-
his mother stopped. Her contacts within the academic pital. Still in shock from the loss of Jeffery, a flying golden
community as well as various international agencies were man didnt phase her. Instead, she asked him if he need-
of no help. Jeffery put on the band and did not take it off. ed a job. Golden Boyhe feigns amnesia and gives no
It was his mothers last gift to him. other nameis the hero in residence and spokesperson
Jeffery was staying with his mothers second cousin for club Kink, which is more than a little age inappropriate
Charlene Chuck McKenzie, a bar tender and part owner for a ten year old. But, try as he might Jeffery can sore
of a local movie theater converted into a danced club through space on a good day, but cant revert to his ten
called Kink. Chuck jumped at the chance to house sit year old body, no matter how many times he takes his
and had always had a soft spot for Jeffery, who, like her, mothers bracelet off, even though his powers seem to
was a misfit in his own right, even if he wasnt aware of it depend on the band.
yet. An arrangement that was intended for a month be- Jeffery still hopes that his mother is alive somewhere,
came six, and Chuck began to crack under the stress of and just before evening dawns in the Western hemi-
de facto motherhood. On faithful night, she took solace in sphere, he launches toward the East, searching
a bottle of aged tequila and a couple of carefully imported provided he has no media engagements. Adulthood can
cigars. be a drag.
Like a scene from a badly scripted public service an-
nouncement, three quarters of the bottle down, Chuck

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
In Review other nations, are considered to be the reason
for the sudden increase of the world's metahu-
man population. It goes on to show that the
number of metahumans saw a steady growth
A look at a pair of products rate throughout the Cold War that followed, and
in a series from Vigilance Press a continual rise through to the modern day.

by James F Keck Next, the WMF gives us six NPCs of German

origin. Each has an interesting description of
In this issue, we are proud to present not one, their origin, some with fewer details than others,
but two products for review from Vigilance but still imaginative. One of my favorite descrip-
Press; the World Metahuman Factbook: Germa- tions is that of an ex detective from Berlin who
ny, and the World Metahuman Factbook: Austra- was framed, beaten, and left for dead by the
lia, the first two releases in a series of setting secret criminal syndicate he was attempting to
supplements for use with the 4C System. The expose. He uses his "death" to take the fight to
books are laid out to resemble an official report the syndicate under his own terms as a masked
prepared for the fictional organization dubbed vigilante who uses various weaponry, and gad-
the United States Headquarters for Emergency gets in his quest for vengeance.
Response, or USHER. The reports present sev-
eral NPCs, and suggested hooks with which to WMF: Germany also introduces a new power to
include them in a campaign. New powers, and the lineup, Robots. Not really a power per se,
rules options are also offered for use by players. more along the lines of a weapon, or vehicle, as
listed in the 4C Rules Power list. A character
Now, let's break down each book separately. with this power is in possession of a number of
robots that will follow his, or her, every com-
World Metahuman mand. The number or robots is determined by
Factbook: Germany the power rank, and how powerful the character
By Charles Rice wants them to be. Basically, you can have one
From Vigilance Press mega-bot that's super tough, or a small army of
13 Pages (Including Cover) mini-bots with lower abilities, but capable com-
Original Price: $2.25 batants nonetheless.
On Sale Now: $1.25
At all OBS Retailers Overall, this book is a great addition to the 4C
arsenal. Being an early production from Vigi-
The WMF: Germany, lance Press, the quality of some of the design
written by Charles elements (mostly imagery) is a bit rough, but the
Rice, presents the layout, and editing are very good. I rate this
reader with an intro- product with three asterisks. ***
duction to the United States Headquarters for
Emergency Response (USHER), and its mis- World Metahuman
sion to gather intelligence on the world metahu- Factbook: Australia
man population. A history of the development, By Bill Browne
and growth, of the metahuman population is From Vigilance Press
touched upon, offering the suggestion that some 12 Pages (Including Cover)
of the world's historic heroes, and religious fig- Original Price: $2.25
ures, might have been super human. The intro- At all OBS Retailers
duction goes on to point to the late nineteenth,
and early twentieth centuries as being a period The WMF: Australia,
of rapid growth in the metahuman population written by Aussie na-
due to various wartime experiments in both tive Bill Browne, is the
world wars. second installment of
the World Metahuman Factbook series. Like its
The book next begins a brief rundown on the predecessor, WMF: Australia begins with a
history of metahuman population growth in Ger- "report" from the current head of USHER's re-
many. The report presents us with the idea that search department, offering an updated theory
the events of World War II, and the genetic of the origin and evolution of metahumankind,
experimentation of the Nazi war machine and correcting some of the former director's calcula-

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
tions and suppositions. The background for the dead; a more than modest modifier to both
Australian metahuman situation is brief, but of- Fortitude and Willpower, at a cost of beginning
fers an insight into the public, and government, with zero Repute and Lifestyle. Though these
opinion about metahumans, and vice versa. It adjustments do make sense for the origin, I
would seem that metahumans living in Australia would personally penalize the character a bit
are more "normal" than those found in other more, with maybe a negative modifier to his/her
nations. Intellect, and possibly Coordination.

After the report, we are presented with seven A handful of new powers have been tossed into
Australian metahuman NPCs. Each NPC has a the mix as well; these being Hate, Fear, and
handful of adventure hooks for the GM to utilize, Darkness. Hate and Fear are used to influence
and some of them are doozies. Each is also another characters, or group of characters',
written up with fabulous descriptions of their emotions. Hate has a chance of causing the
origins, none of them lacking in detail. One of target to attack the nearest bystander, and Fear
my favorites is of an undead being that attempts can cause the target to suffer penalties to action
to annihilate any form of civilization it encoun- rolls for a number of turns. Darkness is an area
ters. Said to be born of pure hatred, and the of effect type of power that blankets a number of
failed hopes and dreams of the people of the Sectors in a mystical darkness that can render
land, it is drawn to contention, and disrupts the lesser detection-type powers useless, while al-
lives of anyone in its path. lowing the darkness generating character to
function normally. Great stuff!
The next goodie offered in this supplement is a
brand new origin, Undead. Truly, it is an interest- I was impressed by the improvements in image
ing foundation for a character, but not unheard quality, and even the layout seemed to have
of in the four color world. I do wonder, however, been tightened up since the first installment of
at the gains the character receives versus the this series. The writing, and editing, is very good
drawbacks for being a member of the walking too. I give this product four asterisks. ****

Want to help build a city? The 4C System has been needing a central city to revolve around
for a while now, and wed like to put one together, one NPC, one billiard hall, or one city
block at a time. How can we do this? Lets find out.

A small group of dedicated fans have come together at the 4C 4Ever fan forums and
decided to assemble this great city as a community project. The plan is to release each
piece of the project under a Creative Commons Attributive-Share Alike license that will allow
anyone to borrow the elements created by others to implement into their own projects. We
are hoping to make the city grow quickly, so if you are interested, please swing by.

its better than good, its EXCELLENT!

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)
Have you been looking for adventure?
Well its found you!

Heroes of Legend
Powered by the 4C System
Coming Soon!

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)

Jerry Nuckolls (order #11608833)