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To be completed by the person legally authorised to sign on behalf of the applicant organisation

I, the undersigned, certify that

the works proposed for translation have been previously published;
the works proposed for translation have not been previously translated into the target language (except where a new translation corresponds to a clearly assessed need and a fifty
year time limit since the last translation is respected);
the works proposed for translation have been written by authors who are nationals of or residents in a country taking part in the Culture Sub-programme (with the exception of
works written in Latin and ancient Greek);
the target language is the translator's mother tongue (except in cases of lesser used languages if the publisher provides sufficient explanation);
the publishing house or publishing group commits itself to use the translator(s) mentioned in the application. Should the application be selected, the applicant shall provide the
Executive Agency with a copy of the contract with the translator for each book proposed for translation and this within 2 months of notification of the award decision;
the translation activities will not start before September 2015. In case an early start is needed, an adequate justification must be provided in the cover letter enclosed in the
application package. This justification will be assessed by the Executive Agency. In any case the translation activity cannot start before the date of entry into force of the Creative
Europe Programme;
the publishing house or publishing group has undertaken the necessary steps to ensure that it will obtain the rights to the literary work(s) proposed for translation, and that it will be
able to counter-sign the formal agreement on the rights and provide them to the Executive Agency within two 2 months of notification of the award decision.

Done at: Date / / (day/month/year)

Signature of the legal representative: Stamp of the applicant organisation

Name and position in capitals:

* The declaration of honour commits the applicant organisation to comply with the mentioned eligibility criteria. In case of selection and in case these declarations are found not to be
complied with, the grant allocated will be cancelled and the amounts already paid, if any, will be recovered.