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HALF YEARLY EXAM 2016-17 M.M.=100

Q. 1 Choose the correct answer from the options given below:- (10)

1 If the side of a square is 12cm its perimeter is:-

a 48m b 42cm c 48cm d 42m

2 The ciriumference of a circle whose diameter is 14cm is:-

A) 22cm b) 33cm c)44ccm d) 55cm

3 The range of 3,4,5.5,6.5,8.5 is :-

A 4.5 b 5 c 5. 5 d 4

4 Themean of first five multiples of 10,is:-

A 15 b 20 c.25 d 30

5 The mode of the following observations 2,5,6,4,7,4,4,8 is:-

A 6 b 5 c 4 d8

6 The probability of getting an even number when a die is thrown is :-

A 1/3 b 1/2 c 0 d 2/3

7 The mean of the irst five whole numbers is:-

A 2 b 5 c 4.5 d 3

8 The smallest sational number is:-

A 0 b 1 c 10 d not determinable

9 the conversion of 14.25km in mm is:-

A 1.425m.m 142.5m.m c14250m.m d 14250000m.m

10 On dividing 1.21 by 11 we get:-

A 11 b 0.11 c 1.1 d 1.11

Q.2 Fill in the blanks with suitable answer (05)

I Every fraction is a --------------

II If a die is rolled the probability of getting an even number is----------------

III The number of times a particular observation occurs is called------------

IV The distance around a circular region is called its --------------.

V The measure of the region enclosed by a plane figure is called its-------------.

Q.3 Write whether the statement is true/false:- (05)

A Perimeter is the distance around a closed figure,

B A redius of a circle is 7cm.its circumference is 48cm.

C The sum of a rational number and its additive.

D Atriangle can be constructed when its three sides are given.

E An algebraic expression has only like terms.

Q.4 match the colums'A'with column'b' ( 05)


1 Perimeter of a rectangle 1

2 Perimeter of a square of side 5cm 15

3 Probaility of an observation of sure chance is 0

4 probility of an observation of no chance 20

5 the mean of the first five multiples of 5 is 2x(1+b)

Q.5 Shorts answer type questions.Solve the followings (10)

1 Convert 25m into kilometers.

2 Solve it (4.50+2.5)3.5

3 If the perimeter of a square is 64m.find its side.

4 Find the ciruimference of a circle whose whose diameter is 14cm.

5 Find the mean of first six natural numbers.

Q.6 Solve(any four) of the followings (12)

A Find the median of the following numbers 15,6,16,8,22,21,9,18,25

B The sides of a rectangular park measure 35cm and 20cm find its perimeter?

C The redius of a circular field is 210m. find the cost of fencing its circumference at the rate of Rs1.25 permeter?

D If lm45cm of cloth is required for stiching 1 shart. How much cloth is needed for stiching 35 shirts?

E Pankaj pat 84.4kg of oil into jars.he pat 400g into each many jar did he use?

Q.7 Long answer type questions solve (any sevan) of the folleings. (28)

1 Construct a triangle ABC in which AB=5CM, / A =40 AND / C =45.FIND THE MEASURE OF / B ?

2 The breadth of a rectangaler park is of 48m.if 3km 72m long wire is required for fencing it.find the length of the

3 A piece of wire is bent in the shape of a square of side 11cm. it is rebent to from a circular ring what is the
diameter of the ring?

4 The area a right triangle is 50sq.m. if one of the legs is 20m.find the length of the other leg?

5 A beg contains 12 red ,10 blue,21 green and 7 white balls.what is the probability of taking out a blue ball?

6 The radius of the wheel of a car is 21m. how many times will it revolve to travel a distance of 66 km?

7 The produet of two retional numbers is-4/5.if one of them is 8/35.find the other rational number.?

8 Draw a bar graph to represent the following information.

years 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997

Number of computers 20 25 35 45 30 50
sold by a dealer

Q.8 Solve (any five)of the followings with prper diagrams and assumptions (25)

A A car makes 50,000 revolutions to travel a distance of 121km.find the diameter of the wheel of the car?

B The area of a rhombus is 28cm.if its perimeter is 28m.find its altitude?.

C Find the cost of leveling a square field with 20m long side at the rate of Rs 9 per square metre.

D the area of triangle is 50cm.if the altitude is of 8cm,ehat is the length of its base?.

E The following number of goals were scored by a team in 10 matches:-=27,0,3,5,0,9,3,8,3.find the mean,median
and mode of these scores?

F Construct a triangle ABC in which AB=3cm, BC= 5cm and / b=60.find the length of third side?