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My history
My name is Sizwe Mntungwa, I am from Kwazulu-Natal in a place called
Pongola. I was born at itshelejuba hospital and I grew up at itshelejuba area
where I attended primary at itshelejuba and went to siyazwnzela secondary
school where I did my grade5, 6 and 7 I then went to sigqamise high school
from grade 9 to grade 12. I was a shy person during my lower grades in such a
way that kids would bully me and I would keep quiet and sometimes a teacher
would teach and I would feel like I could go out to the toilet but I wont
because am afraid to ask to the teacher, everything changed when I was at high
school I was active in many activities that were happening at school I even
joined school Christian organisation where I was elected to be a chair person,
sometimes I would preach in the assembly in the mornings and I was doing
well in my studies that was 2012 not until I met bed friend whom influenced
me with a wrong life style I then decided to live SCO, I started drinking alcohol,
chasing girls, disrespecting teachers not attending classing miraculously I
passed and all my friends failed it was gods grace. I continued with my bad
behaviour even in grade 12 and completed my matric 2013 at sigqamise high
school due to financial constraints I spent three years at home, during this
three years I was not just relaxing I was searching for job opportunities.
itshelejuba is deep rural area where everything happens young boys and girls
are more into substance abuse including females and I never wanted to be like
them, I decided to go back to school to upgrade my results in 2016 because I
wanted a change I my life, to my family as well as to my community. Physical
science was the only subject that gave a serious problem where I obtained
47%, but 2016 I was doing well I managed to get 65%. I was an example to
those students who were upgrading and to those who thought they would
never make it. 2017 I did a self-application at Tshwane university of technology
and the courses were full only beeds7(FET)natural science was an available
space even though I wanted to do an intermediate phase, I was happy to
qualify as they needed 50% in maths, physics and English so it was an
advantage for me.

13/04/2011 sigqamise high school Christ lovers quire

This is the first group that I have joined when I was at high school, a group of 8 boys and one
girl it was a successful group I have ever met, we competed with all the neighbouring
schools and obtained position 1 we were about to compete provincial the problem was the
lack of school support they did not take us seriously we had to pop out money from our
pocket if there competitions, our [parents we unable to pay for the transport, what I have
learned from this team was unity and participation everyone was given a chance to express
ones point of view, our leader was such a great leader he acknowledged individuality, we
were creating our own songs or some times change the popular song and let it be sang in
our own version, not that we were so talented but our leader was able to recognise our
potentials and for me I have learnt a lot about him. The group is still there we were the
founders, am proud of myself to be part and parcel of the CHRISTIANs LOVERs QUIRE
Matric statement (05/06/2013)

My 2013 matric national senior certificate for obtaining the minimum

requirements for admission to bachelors degree. This was the
happiest moments of my life receiving such a document because I
knew that am done with matric and I am about to face the world, I
never thought about university I only wanted a job looking at my
family situation. Every morning I would wake up and watch my
certificate kissing it every morning, even though my teachers were so
disappointed of me because they believed in me a lot, my parents
were exited as I was the first at home who did science and passed
with a bachelor they were so proud of me. All the subjects I got
above 50% except maths where I got 47%.
Matric statement (05/01/2017)

My matric statement in 2016 with two subjects whereby I

upgraded English and physical science. Previously on my
statement I got 47% in physics and I improved to 65% I was so
proud of myself passing this subject which everyone is
complaining about. And this statement opened the
opportunities for my further and education training at
Tshwane University of technology.

I believe that behind every profession there is a teacher behind that doctor there is a
teacher, behind that economics there is a teacher, there is me. I wanted to be a teacher from
my young hood the reason is that at home no one is educated and also in my community
few people who want to be teacher everyone look at teaching as a waste of time. For me I
love to work with people I care, am patient and I am a good listener. My teachers use to say I
would make a good teacher in future because they saw the way I dressed at school I use to
be formal all the time. I love teaching because it gives one an opportunity to express his or
her point of views. This days teachers rape students and they are in love with students so as
a teacher I want to lead by an example by respecting dignity. I believe that as you are
teaching the future of the kids lies in your hands and half of a students lives they spend at
school, so in this world we need teachers who will be bold enough and speak the truth and
be a professional.

Attending physical science association programme (18/08/2017)


An Ideal teacher
the different
learning styles
of the learners
Observe learners as they
were writing a class work
(22/05 -/2017)

Top 7 science student (25/05/2017)

This are the top seven learners
in grade 12 who were doing
well. This year has been an
amazing year at sigqamise high
school, grade 12 science
learners we the only ones to
occupy the position of
excelling in their studies. The
two ladies were my colics they
were both doing their second
years we just met at sigqamise
during my first year teaching
practice, and it was my class.
Cleaning the school (31/07/2017)

We were at Phumzile primary school helping the school were they

needed help, what we did in the picture above we have observed
that the school was so untidy so our first duty was to clean the yard.
Leaners cant learn in the dirty environment because microbes are
found everywhere like bacterias and fungis, they need a favourable
condition to survive for example they need a dirty place to multiply
through the process of binary fusion. And we ensuring the learners
health is maintained
Me and my class mates (31/07/2017)

Me and my nine friends at Phumzile primary school before

our community project, as we were about to clean the
environment. We were distributing the duties because others
had to clean the windows while others were to clean the
Community project certificate (31/07/2017)

This is the certificate that we were issue at Phumzile

primary school after we had completed our duties of
cleaning the school. They were so happy for our help
stating that may god be with us and help us during the
journey of our course to pass with flying colours in the
record time.

Human skeleton (20/03/2017)

This is the human skeleton observing the different part of the

skeleton bones. It was an amusing day to see how bones
joined each other and how a person moves what forms a
human structure.
First biological science experiment (18/03/2017).

We were using the microscopes to observe the

structure of the nucleus of the leaf. The reason why bi
wont forget this day is for the fact that we were using
something that we know to get something that we do
not know, as I was observing in the microscope I saw
something that I never knew before the parts of the
leaf nucleus.
Physical science practicals.

10/03/2017 first physical science experiment at tut.

The first thing our lecture did is to teach us about the lab precautions before we did our first
Physical science chemistry experiment, here we were testing the membrane permeability
using apple (starch), iodine and glucose solution. We were adding iodine in the three test
tube containing water, glucose and starch, we boiled the three test tubes to see a colour
change. What was the most exciting thing about this experiment is that we saw the colours
changing in our eyes and we did not believe since most of the us came from are lacking labs
so to me it was the first time to mix the chemicals just to observe this things practical. This
above picture shows the result I and my two class mates has obtained after the experiment
and we were comparing our results. With the rest of the class, so it was an amazing day I
would never forget also to learn the instruments used to do practical.