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How it is typhoon-free and cold

5. Home to the Philippine Eagle and the Rafflesia
Products: 6. Mt. Kitanglad, 2nd highest mountain in the country
1. Rice
3. Sugar
5. Rubber 1. Lucky 9 Resort
6. Pineapple 2. Victorias Pizza and Burger
7. Banana
8. Tomato DON CARLOS
9. Flowers 1. Lake Pinamaloy
10. Cassava 2. Sinangguyan and Kahulugan Falls
11. Rattan, bamboo, and wood 3. Linking Caves and Spring

Corporations present in Bukidnon: KADINGILAN

1. Del Monte Philippines
2. Lapanday Diversified Products Corp. KIBAWE
3. Mt. Kitanglad Agri-development Corporation 1. Place where Manny Pacquiao was born
4. Dole
5. Mt. Kitanglad Agri-Ventures MARAMAG the provinces eco-resort capital
6. Bukidnon Sugar Milling Corporation (BUSCO) 1. Adtuyan Plateau
7. Crystal Sugar Milling 2. Musuan Peak
3. Pulangi River
It is the 2nd largest producer of corn in the country 4. Maramag Falls
It exports fresh fruits and vegetables to Japan and other 5. Waig Crystal Spring
neighboring countries 6. RR Family Spring Resort
The Bukidnon Investment Grid establishes a trade 7. Edlimar Farm Spring Resort
route among different municipalities in Bukidnon 8. MGM Mountain Resort
9. Kahalawan Te Sebseb Festival
Selling Points: 10. Deer Farm and Aviary
1. Food basket
2. Highland Paradise in the Heart of Mindanao Food:
3. Rolling Uplands Plateau 1. Kharlas Manokan
2. Atecles Grill d. Matigsalug
e. Tigwahanon
QUEZON f. Bukidnon
1. BUSCO Sugar Milling Company g. Umayamnon
2. Loom Band Factory
3. Luan-luan Spring Resort
4. Blue Water Cave Doon Po Sa Amin: 7 Sites to Explore in Bukidnon
5. Overview Park
6. Kiokong White Rock Wall 1. Biggest pineapple plantation
7. Kiokong Tourism Park 2. Talaandig Ancestral Territory
3. Bird Watch Tower
4. Sumalsag Cave
5. Lake Apo
7. Center for Environmental Development and Recreation
Its More Fun in the Philippines (CEDAR)

1. Mt. Kitanglad 4th highest mountain peak, 2nd to Mt. TREKERO

Apo 1. Mt. Kitanglad
2. Pulangi River 2. Mt. Kalatungan 5th highest peak in the country
3. Dahilayan Adventure Park longest zipline in Asia, 3. Mt. Dulangdulang 2nd highest peak in the country
ATV rides, family fun 4. Mt. Capistrano
4. Kampo Juan 120-meter hanging bridge suspended 5. Mt. Palaoapo Sumilao
165 meters over a river 6. CEDAR Multifalls
5. Sumilao Caves 7. CINCHONA Multi-tiered falls
6. Baungon home to two of the worlds rarest flowers 8. Kibalabag Multifalls
7. Natural springs 9. Lake Apo
a. MGM Mountain Resort 10. Lake Napalit
b. RR Family Spring Resort 11. Dahilayan Forest Park
c. Waig Crystal Spring Resort 12. Kampo Juan
8. Culture Trips; home of seven indigenous tribes 13. White Rock Cliff Climbing, Bluewater Cave Trekking
a. Manobo 14. Seagull Mountain Resort
b. Higaonon 15. MGM Mountain Resort
c. Talaandig 16. Binahon Agroforestry Farm
17. Communal Ranch
18. Sumalsag Cave
19. Musuan Peak
20. Monastery of Transfiguration